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Outside of Camlann (open to Morgan and or Arthur)
After having received the dove with the note from Morgana, Howl continued exploring the outskirts of the woods, savoring the magicks as one would a fine wine. Time passed and day eventually became dusk and onto evening. Howl left the outskirts of the woods and headed toward Camlann to await Morgana.

I wonder who this Morgana is and more importantly her compatriot? What fun this new world holds. Howl thought to himself.

"Well I can't meet her looking like this one needs to make a good first impression. Lets see what I can do about my dreadful appearance."

Spell after spell Howl wove together trying to find the right outfit/hair and eye combination to meet his perspective new employers. Eventually after changing every color of the rainbow Howl settled on a simple three piece all black suit and cloak combination still with jet black hair but with silver eyes. Howl reached into his newly colored jacket and pulled out a beautiful carpet that he unrolled upon the ground. No sooner did he sit down on the rug than it ascended a few feet in the air.

"This will do nicely. I'll just lounge here until Morgana arrives. Oh wait tea would be nice."

Another quick spell and a tea set floated alongside the carpet with two cups. There Howl patiently waited for this company to arrive.

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This was the sort of thing she had been trying to avoid, being subservient to men, but Morgan knew that by doing this she would in the end pull out ahead. It was what she kept telling herself as she left the keep in the middle of Camlann for the border of the Sleeping Woods.

The greater good.

She shivered as the lands cooled rapidly as darkness began to fall and hurried herself forward, more intent on getting to the meeting. She had informed Arthur of it's occurrence, but she had no way of knowing if the man would arrive in time.

Men were notoriously late all the time.

Morgan scanned the edge of the woods, looking for movement when she felt the warmth of neutral magic hit her skin. She was close then, finally.

She followed the warmth forward like a moth to light, hoping she would not be walking straight into another trap, but people of magicks such as these never posed much of a threat.

"Hello?" she called out.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 01/05/2008 23:14:39  

Howl waited patiently for Morgana arrived. Off in the distance he saw some movement. As it got closer he noticed a beautiful women somewhat chilled by the cool of the darkness. He heard her call out.

He replied "Morgana is that you? Please I am over here by the fire. Come sit on my carpet and have some tea. We'll make our introductions and discuss the matter at hand."

No sooner did Howl say that did a small ball of fire erupt from his hand crashing into the ground causing a small but controlled fire to conflagrate.

"This way follow the sound of my voice and dancing light of the fire. How do you take your tea? One lump or two?"
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 01/05/2008 23:24:45  

"Tea?" Morgan wrinkled her nose in thought as she arrived at the edge of the carpet. She did not, however, sit on the thing. "Master Howl, I presume?"
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"Yes I am he, The Wizard Howl. Do you not know the wonder of tea? It is a delightful beverage made essentially of leaves and hot water. Quite good with some sugar and cream."

The carpet Howl was sitting on in a flash became a very comfortable looking chair. It floated in the air for a second until it with Howl comfortably resting in it descended to the ground on one side of the fire. The floating tea set began to pour two cups of tea with cream and sugar. One cup floated over to Morgana and patiently waited to be taken and sipped. A wave of his hand and a second chair appeared behind her.

"Please do sit down, let the fire and tea warm you. Unless that is, you have somewhere else you would like to talk? Please do tell me about your friend to whom you referred in your bulletin."
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Morgan took the cup with great hesitance, but it warmed her fingers and did nothing more. She had half expected it to bite her. But he was young, and didn't feel malevolence. He seemed, clean, she supposed was the proper term for him.

Sitting gingerly on the edge of the chair, she took a small sip of the tepid liquid and blinked. It was good.

"My friend?" Morgan set the cup on her lap, holding it there carefully as she tried to think of flattering terms for Arthur. "He is very aware of what he wants and is quite used to getting it."
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Howl watched Morgana with delight as she so delicately held the tea cup.

"I have dealt with people of that nature for a long time before coming to this world. That is no issue for me. What is exactly entailed? What sort of services would be required for your compatriot and yourself. I am entirely at your disposal."

Howl shifted in his chair and took a sip of tea.

"Would you perhaps have somewhere else to talk? As comfortable as I am here, it might seem suspicious to the residents of Camlann to find a two people just sitting outside of the city limits in the dark discussing business. With a floating tea service no less."
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"I doubt any of them would care, nor give us a second look, but if it would make you feel more at ease, there are plenty of taverns where we could be afforded some privacy."

Morgan drummed her fingers along the rim of her cup as she thought about it. Arthur would get lost, without a doubt. Poor man. She'd send him a message.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 01/08/2008 23:18:26  

"Come to think of it my dear lady I must agree. No one here would give a second look to our presence. We will stay here for the time being. Please do enlighten me as to what your associate requires of me, and when we can meet?"

Howl sipped his tea slowly eagerly awaiting what Morgana had to say next. The prospect of being someone's wizard secretly thrilled him. Howl liked being his own lord and master but did love to show off his skill at his art.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 01/08/2008 23:23:04  

"I honestly can say I have no idea what he is going to wish of you. What I do know is he shall rely on you heavily and seek your opinion on many things," Morgan paused and took a dainty sip of her tea. "He will actually be arriving sometime this evening. He has a bit of trip to get here."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 01/08/2008 23:32:22  

Howls eyes lit up at the sound of this.

"You see I can be of assistance there once I am in your associates employ. I have instantaneous methods of travel between two major cities in this world and I have my seven league boots for any other journey that would be undertaken. Shall we wait for your compatriot and drink some tea? I can conjure some snacks to accompany our beverages."

Howl couldn't wait to be an adviser. The more this lady spoke the more Howl became enraptured with the whole idea.

"How do you fit into this equation, if you don't mind my forwardness?"

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