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The Sleeping Woods (open to whomever
After having secured a shop in Mehrdadstan and concluding business with the very interesting Hunter Howl decided to leave the desert city to continue exploring this new world. Placing the seven league boots upon his feet Howl took the required amount of steps to ensure his exact arrival at his moving castle still stationary in the Mehrdadstan desert. With a motion of his hand the door opened and Howl went inside.

"Calcifer, Michael, Sophie its so good to see you all again. I have seen just a small portion of this world but it has enchanted me. I would love to stay but I have received a magical bulletin which intrigues me. I have only come back to see the family which I hold so dear and to bind two new doors to the castle. Calcifer prepare yourself."

After the required magicks were complete Howl bid good bye once more to his family and castle. Placing the boots back on his feet Howl took the steps required to traverse the distance to the field outside of Camlann. Out of sheer preference he decided to use the seven league boots to get to Camlann instead of the door he recently bound to the castle. A few steps later and Howl was in the field outside of Camlann.

"My first journey here the Captain Bluebeard and I decided to explore Camlann instead of the wood. Now that we have parted ways its high time I investigated the magical energies that seem to emanate from this forest. Before that however I think the proper attire is called for."

What was once brown and tan became a hunter green suit and vest with a black brocade. To match his suit his eyes shifted to a beautiful green while his hair became jet black once again. "So much better. Now off with me."

Howl walked on into the wood to begin a new adventure.

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Magic was everywhere lately, it seemed. Between the arrival of Mabb, the strange green faces in the leaves, and now this new strange force she could feel when she stepped out of her bower, Titania was getting suspicious. Where were all these forces and people coming from, and why all of a sudden? She wrapped a cloak around her tightly, wrapping herself in her own warmth and set out. She wanted - needed - to know where this new strange magic was coming from, who to attribute it to. It was strong, and reminded her vaguely of Schmendrick. She wondered idly if it was another magician as she picked her way through the forest.

The feeling was only getting stronger and she knew she was close. Aha, she thought to herself as she spied a neatly dressed dark-haired man. The magic emanated from him as surely as if he'd just cast a grand spell. Tossing her hood back, Titania lifted her chin. "Who goes there?" she called, her voice gentle and yet commanding.
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