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The Sleeping King Returns (Open!)
Where... am I?

Through the canopy, pale sunlight filtered through and down onto where he lay. The birds were just beginning their morning song and the air had a chill that permeated his cloak and armor. The mist hung low over the moss-covered ground, and he nearly fell back down as he braced his hand on a stone to prop himself up. He took in his surroundings slowly, unsure what had happened.

I was... sleeping. But not here. I was also king of Camelot, and this is not Camelot. Nor is it the woods of any place I have been to. Where is this place? It is not England, that is one thing I know for certain.

He sat up fully, and then just as quickly stood, his hand reaching for a sword that was not there, his eyes looking for enemies, allies, or those in between. His senses struggled to keep up with his brain, having not been used in some time. He started when a morning dove sang from a nearby tree. This got him thinking quicker. As he tried to remember what had happened, he had a sudden desire to speak, as if he wanted to be sure that he still could. The name he spoke was his own.

"I am Arther, the Pendragon. Arthur, king of the Britons."

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The very currents in the air bothered her. Morgan moved through the woods at a gentle glide as she attempted to clear her mind. Mordred wished to speak with her that very afternoon. The very idea sent chills through her.

How was she to explain to her darling nephew that she had not wanted him to wake up? The pain it would cause dear, sweet Guinevere enticed her, but the loss of power paled that victory. A marriage between the two would be most pleasing, Morgan was sure. Mordred did like pretty things, and Guinevere was as power hungry as any maiden.

But still, she was restless. She had thought with Mordred awake the feeling would ease and pass, but it grew stronger with every step she took. Deeper into the Sleeping Woods she traveled, feeling dew from the leaves of trees streak paths across her arms.

It wasn't until someone spoke, in a voice that was horrifying in its familiarity, did she allow herself to open her eyes and gaze upon her surroundings.
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He heard someone coming before he saw them. A shape off to his left, mostly behind a tree, that appeared to be a woman, from the way the curve of the hip went. So this place was populated. Good. Perhaps this person could help him gain his bearings and help him to... what? To do something more than stand in the woods at any rate. He called out in what he hoped was a gentle voice, though it was probably gruff.

"Who is there? Please show yourself. Perhaps you may be able to help me."
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"I am sure I could be a help to you, brother dearest," Morgan murmured, stepping out into the small clearing. She tossed her head back in a defensive gesture.

The thought that he, like Galahad, might not recall her rankled. Morgan arched a delicate brow as she waited for Arthur's response. It was all she could do.
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For a moment he did nothing but stare. At those features, so like his. The hair he remembered the smell of. The skin like cream and the color of her eyes. He remembered too the magics she used, and his wife's aversion to them.

"M...Morgan? But my sister! Of course! I.. what are you doing here? Where is here? How did I get here? There are a thousand questions I could ask, but this one to be answered first; will you embrace me? I feel as though I have not seen you in centuries!"

And with that, he opened his arms in welcome.
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Morgan gaped. There was no helping it. If he hadn't looked so earnest she would laugh. She should laugh, but all she could do was stare. "I-You wish to..."

Swallowing back her unease she took a step forward, "How do I know this is not some clever ploy?"
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He lowered his arms and grew wary almost immediately.

"Of course. Why would you want to forgive and forget, dear sister when you were the one to help the treasonous brat in the first place. I suppose you were altogether too happy to see me dead, though I was willing to let it go. So how did the brat fare as High King? Were you his mistress? His whore?"

He snarled the last word and spat on the ground, and then his mood shifted so swiftly, it was almost as if he had never had the outburst.

"My sister, Morgan, I am in a new place, and I have had a long time to think about what I did wrong, as well as the wrongs of others. No one is innocent. I am willing to let the past be the past, and move on from here. Are you?"

He opened his arms again and smiled slightly.
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Morgan licked her lips and cocked her head to the side as she thought. An alliance with Arthur would mean a chance to remove Mordred and his wretched attitude from her sight for good, but would this be good enough for her?

It would have to be.

"I pray your forgiveness, brother," Morgan murmured, bowing her head in fairly false contrition, "for now I see you meant no harm to come by me. Although your words are harsh, they are not true. My lovely nephew to has, until recently, not been with us as well and now your wife is seeing to his needs."
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He walked over to her and put his arms around her, leaning his head slightly on hers.

"My poor sister. No forgiveness necessary. I truly mean... you... no harm. Mordred has not been with you? But he..."

Arthur paused, broke the embrace and stepped back. His eyes narrowed and he again reached for a sword that was no longer by his side.

"He is here? And my wife is with him? Where? When did this happen? And how can I stop him?"
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"Slow down your thoughts, my darling," Morgan cooed, stroking Arthur's arm gently, "and I shall answer as best I can. Mordred is here, and has been crowned king," She held up her hand to stop him from speaking. "Guinevere, the poor lass, has been pining for you for a year now, and is positively horrified at the prospect of her future engagement to your son. They are currently in Camlann and we are, at this moment, partaking in the beauty of the Sleeping Woods.

"I do not know how this came to be, and I fear I haven't the slightest thought on how to stop him from reclaiming his crown."
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Arthur stood and thought for a moment, thousands of gears turning in his head. When he at last spoke it was quietly.

"So Mordred is king. My wife misses me, and does not wish to marry him. The place that he 'rules' is called Camlann. We are in the sleeping woods, though I have no idea where either of those places are in relation to each other. As for the so called 're-claiming of his crown' I think I know what to do."

He thought for a moment, then spoke again.

"My sister, I wish to ask you a boon. A favor to me, and you shall have all that will be in my power to give you."
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"I am at your disposal, my lord," Morgan answered, tilting her face up so she could see his eyes. Intrigue and excitement paced through her body, making her feel more alive than she had in months. This was what she had been waiting for and feared.

Never in her wildest wishes had she thought Arthur would take her into his confidence even over the most trivial of matters.
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"This boon has many parts," he said, pacing slowly but never turning his face from hers, "and each one is as important as the next. For now, I need you to promise that you sill not reveal my presence to anyone in these lands. I will need a map of this place, and a sword. I will also require the services of a poster of bills. Or a sign maker perhaps. When is the wedding?"

The gears turned in his head as he thought more.
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Morgan smiled beatifically. "If it is concealment you wish, I shant breath a word." She folded her arms over her chest, drawing her cloak around her as she did so. It was a pity she couldn't torment Guinevere with this news, but the best of plans required sacrifice. "I shall see what I can do about a sword, but, my darling, you cannot live in these woods. You shall catch your death if you try."
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"Then where can I go? What other places are there? This is why I am in need of a map. Can you get an advertisement out to most of this world? A bulletin of sorts? I am in need of a wizard."

He thought about her phrasing with 'my darling' and 'my dearest' and smiled inwardly. If she only knew. He then continued, saying:

"I also certainly can not live in this Camlann you spoke of. I must keep my presence here secret until such a time as it is needful for my identity to be known. Now, what is my time table here? When is this wedding of which you spoke?"

The wedding was the most important part. If it was too soon, then his plans would be of no use anymore.
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"In a months time." You're looking at a sorceress, my deluded brother.

Morgan tapped her lips in thought. A map she could procure, a sword would be tricky and the bulletin would be the easiest of his requests.
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A month. Hmm. Not enough time then. But if she had any influence over the brat...

"Could you see about postponing the wedding by 2 or three months then? We should have everything in place then. For now, then, a sword, a map, and a place to stay. And the bulletin. Would it be able to go far across this land? To other countries? How widespread can it go? It is not immediate that I need it, but it is central to my plans."

He stepped back to a fallen tree that was at the edge of the clearing and sat, leaning on his steepled fingers and looked at her thoughtfully.
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"I will see what I can do."

Morgan leaned against a thin birch tree as she watched Arthur think. In the softest of tones she said, "The message will be heard through all the lands although I am not in favor with many of the other magically inclined peoples. They may not listen to me, but I shall try."
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"Do not fret. I meerly wish to have you as a relay this first time, important to me though you are. Ant this first one is simple. 'Wanted: Wizard. Wizard needed who is worthy of royalty. Serious inquiries only. Please contact however you wish.' That sort of thing."

Arthur stood, and offered his arm to Morgan, cape fluttering in the slight breeze.

"Now, My dear sister one last question. Where is my sword? That is one thing that I cannot recall."
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Morgan slipped her arm through Arthur's and exhaled in a sigh. "I fear I haven't the faintest clue where your sword has been laid to rest, Arthur dearest. However, I can send one of your knights to hunt for a hint of its layabouts. Galahad was so very loyal to you after all, he would do anything for you."
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"Galahad is here as well? This is most excellent news!! I would most like to speak with the seeker of the Grail. Come sister, let us away to find me suitable lodgings, and post my wanted advertisement. There is much to do, and not much time to do it!"

And with that, Arthur led her in the direction that she pointed to.
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