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Midgets and Rabbits [Open to the White Rabbit]
There were midgets everywhere. They were not children. Well some of them were children, but they were mostly midgets. This Yellow Brick Road was an odd place indeed. The midgets didn't like being called midgets. They liked Munchkins, or Munchkinlanders. Alice didn't know what either of those were but she did know what midgets were. She'd been to the circus once, long long ago. They were midgets there. Elephants were also cool. Some of the midgets talked about another young girl (not that Alice was a girl anymore!) who had red shoes and battled a witch. Made sense didn't it? Alice didn't mention she was going to battle the ruthless queen but she did smile in an oddly masochistic way.. That scared them all off.

Was she going to be their hero one day? Maybe. Maybe. Still she continued on down the brick road. Lined with heart banners and painted flowers. Card men and the like. What a stupid place to be in again. Midgets everywhere. cards. Animals and the like. Rabbits and hares and.. RABBIT. Alice perked up at that. Was he late again? He wasn't exactly a rabbit but she saw him and she knew who it was.

"Mr Rabbit!" Alice called from down the road, and ran after him. She almost dropped the apple she'd taken from one of the munchkins. But held on steady and ran right at him. "Mr RABBIT!" Alice hoped that maybe she could rally the rabbits help as well against the evil oppressive queen!

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Something about the cheerful, colorful Munchkins unnerved Rabbit on such a primal level that he was absolutely horrified to be near them. Regrettably they produced some of the finest ingredients for confections this side of the Great Sea, so Rabbit had no choice but to visit their district when he did his shopping for his baking.

He was doing just that, minding his own business and trying not to actually touch the little creature selling him a pound of candied almonds when out of nowhere heard someone calling his name. Well, not so much as 'calling' as 'shouting like a lunatic', and Rabbit whipped around with wide, frightened eyes.

The voice was familiar, unnervingly so, and so was the young woman racing towards him.
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