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When In Doubt (Sleeping Woods: Open)
There were strange things about, and even stranger surroundings. This wasn't Neverland at all was it? She'd hoped, no she'd prayed it would be but it simply wasn't. Wendy was no longer at home in England, nor was she in the Neverland she sought. if only she had a bit of Pixie Dust. if only she could second-star-to-the-right herself. But there was no doing that at all. Instead she was setting out on her own. At least the home she'd visited had clothes that fit her. She wasn't... She wasn't old any more. She wasn't.. She must have been somewhere in her twenties now. It was odd. She wasn't who she used to be but who she was. It didn't make any sense at all.

But Wendy kind of liked it. She could run again. She could jump again. She did cart-wheels down the path. Adventure was around every corner! Oh if Michael and John were here to see! But what about Peter? The Lost boys? Would she ever find them? How was she suppose to fly if she couldn't find Tinkerbell? Wendy felt a little downhearted now. No, she shouldn't. She needed to cheer up.

The path was twisted and the woods heavy, but Wendy kept on until her feet were aching. She settled herself against a tree, opened the pack that she'd commandeered... OH she was a pirate wasn't she? And took some bread out of it...

If only this were Neverland. If only she could find him. Would he accept an apology? She hadn't meant to hurt him. She just.. She'd needed to grow up. Oh what were her children thinking? The more Wendy thought about it, the more she couldn't remember their names. And her grandchildren. Had she been a grandmother? Had she ever been married? What did he look like?

All she could remember clearly, was school after she left Peter. She remembered everything clearly up until she graduated. Everything there was clear. What was wrong with her? "This makes no sense!" Wendy dug out the small diary she'd also taken.. cause writing helped her feel better and wrote everything she could barely remember down so she didn't forget anymore.

"Where am I?" She wondered aloud as she scribbled down everything she could think of.

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Tink left Peter in what she thought might have been a safe place in the woods. She needed to find the Lost Boys, remind them who she was, although at the moment she was wondering whether she should bother trying. Maybe it was the loss of Neverland. Maybe it was this strange new world, but everyone kept forgetting her and there was really only so much one tiny fairy could take.

She thought she should find Robin. He knew more about this place. Maybe he would know if there was some kind of crazy magic interfering with memories. But if so, why could she still remember the important people? She remembered Peter and Nibs and Slightly and Tootles and Curly and the twins. She remembered Hook and Smee and Tiger Lily and the mermaids and all the other pirates. She even remembered the Wendy-girl who showed up with her brothers and ruined everything. It was somehow Wendy's fault Neverland was fading. It was her fault Peter had grown up. Everything was all her fault.

Rage replaced confusion, rage directed at the girl-woman-thing who'd shattered Tink's perfect world. Little did the angry little fairy realized that she was flying right toward the object of all her concentrated anger. Jingling sounds preceded her as she flew, sounds that Peter and other fairies would have known were vile curses directed at a usurping little girl.
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Memories were leaving her! How was that possible! She'd always been so good at remembering. Wendy couldn't remember how old she was, or how old she should have been. College? 20's? 30's? It was fuzzy. She was scribbling down as fast as she could in hopes of catching the memories.

Ha. Catching. She pictured a few little bufferflies fluttering around her with tiny nets. Trying to catch the falling memories as they fell out of her head.

Ooh. She wrote that down.

Jingle jingle.


...Huh was that an ice cream truck or oh.



"TINKERBELL!" Wendy nearly launched herself at the fairy. So eager to see someone she knew! "It's me! Wendy Darling!" She hoped Tink was in a good mood.
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