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Shiver Me Timbers! ...No Really... (Lake Raienia, Closed to Blue)
Pandora was really getting used to the pirate's life...Okay, maybe not really...But she has fully enjoyed her time on the boat ship with Blue. She generally got to pick where they went to next, and he had that fabulous map! She was indeed having the time of her life.

Or at least she was until she stepped out of her cabin and felt how dreadfully cold it had become! A rather cute, but annoyed, look came over her features as she tugged her jacket closer to her body. She pushed some curls out of her face as she looked around for Blue while the winds picked up around her. It made everything even more bitterly cold, and for the first time since they left for their trip, a touch of a frown had settled on Pandora's lips. "Blue?" She called, again dragging the dark curls from her face since she hadn't bothered putting on her large pirate hat today.

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They were nearing the Sleeping Woods; the peculiar cold did not escape Bluebeard's attention. He hadn't lived here long enough to know for himself, but he was a pirate who listened to stories in taverns and asked pointed questions. He knew tales of the weather here and had set his expectations accordingly. Something was off in the faerie infested woods and now wouldn't be a very good time to venture in and play around. He didn't exactly rely on intuition, but this time he was going to trust to it.

He almost didn't hear Pandora's call, so deep in thought on the matter at hand. "My lady," he called back after a moment, raising his hand as if to welcome her over to the ship railing where he was gazing out across the stretch of lake between the ship and land.
From: [info]curiosityslover Date: 12/17/2007 17:48:03  

Wrapping her arms tighter around herself, she moved forward to see where he was calling from, and finally spotted him. A smile touched her mouth and she headed towards him, stepping up to the railing beside him. "It is absolutely freezing!" She gave a little pout and looked up at him, blinking ever so lightly.

"What's wrong?" Concern touched both her features and her voice as she looked over his features. "Is there something the matter?" She looked out over the railing at the water and towards the land. It didn't look as if there was anything dangerous, and so Pandora brought her eyes back to Blue instead.
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"'Tis no worry my lady," he said cordially enough, but his easy smile didn't match his mood. "I do think it best that we do not tarry here," he added quietly. "It is far too cold and we did not pack the appropriate gear for such weather."
From: [info]curiosityslover Date: 12/21/2007 15:11:36  

Tilting her head up to eye him suspiciously, Pandora let a calm smile come to her lips. "Whatever you think is best, dear Blue," she nodded in approval, and wouldn't argue. "Where shall we go to next?"
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 12/22/2007 21:34:17  

"Where ever you like dear," he replied with a smile warmed by her acceptance of his advice and her own gentle smile which set him at ease. "There are a number of places we've yet been."
From: [info]curiosityslover Date: 12/22/2007 23:36:38  

"What about Mehrdadstan? It should be warmer than here, shouldn't it?" Any place that didn't involve Pandora freezing would be nice at this point. "Or the jungle?" Her eyebrows arched before she stepped closer to Blue, seeking warmth. "Just so long as we go somewhere that doesn't have snow, I'd be happy." Her smile grew once more before she glanced out over the lake.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 12/29/2007 06:35:54  

"You know, I'm actually very much inclined to go to Mehrdadstan. It's quite a bit warmer and lovely in terms of desert places." He grinned back. "I'll inform the men."
From: [info]curiosityslover Date: 12/31/2007 20:40:50  

“Wonderful!” Pandora beamed. “It’ll be a nice treat, I’m sure of it.” She nodded, rather enthusiastically, as her eyes danced. “I just know we’ll have a great time there. I can feel it!” Never mind the fact that she couldn’t feel her fingers or toes, or that the tip of her nose has turned a lovely shade of cherry red from the cold.
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