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A lonely me, a lonely you (Sleeping Woods, Open*)
Peaseblossom was heart broken. It had been weeks since Mustardseed's death, but it felt like a lifetime to poor Peaseblossom. She had disappeared, simply went off on her own to try to come to terms with losing someone that had been so important to her.

She knew she should go back; she had no doubt that her Queen would have missed her by now, yet Peaseblossom was dragging her feet. She knew that Mustardseed's death was coming, and she tried to build herself up to realize the truth of the matter, but it didn't help her in the least. She hadn't been looking for the face in the leaves, or much of anything really. It was hard for her to focus on anything except for the pain.

Tears were still lining her eyes as she walked ever-quietly through the woods. She had thought that she had cried enough tears to fill the lake, but they didn't seem to want to go away.

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