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Rajani Jungle: Hare and OPEN
Who: Hare & Open
What: Hare being a baby.
Where: The Rajani Jungle
When: Some time after Hare's encounter with Rabbit.

Hare had traveled deep into the Jungle, feeling as though she had been trudging through it for weeks, possibly months, when in reality it had only been a few days since bumping into the Rabbit. But that was enough to leave Hare in her own pool of tears. She had delivered messages to and fro, but had always had a destination in mind. Now, she had one destination, and that was whatever Hatter's happened to be. Seeing as how she didn't know where Hatter was, she was in quite the predicament. So, sitting down exhausted beneath a large palm tree was understandable. The crying was inevitable.

Hare felt very lost. Of course, she was quite lost, but she felt lost in her own mind. Having always considered Hatter her other half, she not only felt lost but partially empty.

Her insistent crying filled the jungle, and it was not a pleasant sound to or sight to behold. Her cries were not the delicate type in which young damsels sported, nor were they loud, dramatic wails. Mostly, it was a combination of hiccups and whimpers. Hare's nose and eyes were quite red, her expression one of utter dismal.

She felt the Alice Atrocity was partly to blame for this. For Hatter's disappearance and Hare's misery.

With another hiccup, Hare drew her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, lowering her head in the hallow crook and crying some more. If anyone were to approach her at this time, she would be totally unaware, being so submerged within her own thoughts.

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There'd been some rumblings recently in her court, a subtle undercurrent that hadn't really concerned Scheherazade, but had made her uncomfortable and short of temper. That also probably had something to do with the fact that her Hunter was away again and she missed him terribly.

Needing to get away from the palace, to clear her mind and ease her spirit, she'd fled to the jungle, her one true refuge. There she'd spread out her little carpet and intended to engage in some meditation and yoga exercises she'd learned from a wise woman who'd passed through the kingdom last year.

Her plans were interrupted, however, by the faint sounds of weeping and sniffling. With a frown marring her brow, Scheherazade rose gracefully from the lotus position and followed the sound, her footsteps soundless in the thick underbrush.

It didn't take her long to find the source and whatever remnant of irritation that lingered was immediately replaced by concern when she came across the crying woman.

She approached carefully, voice soft when she asked, "Are you all right?"
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Though the voice Hare heard was gentle, it surprised her none the less. At first she thought the jungle itself was speaking to her, to which she would have responded "No! NO, OF COURSE I AM NOT ALL RIGHT! I am lost within you, now spit me out at once!" However, it was obviously not the jungle's words, although Hare would have immediately known that if she had simply looked up from the beginning. But being the Hare that she was, she had become momentarily still and perked her ears slightly. The voice was definitely not threatening, although if it was one of danger it would already be too late for Hare.

Slowly, she lifted her head slightly up, her large eyes finding a very beautiful woman. She had not been aware that the Jungle had contained any other human, especially one so composed. Composure lead to knowledge of one's whereabouts, in Hare's mind.

"Right? No, not at all. Nothing is right. In fact, I'd say everything is quite, quite left. Including me. Well, at least the tea. I've no tea left." So did that make tea right? Tea was always right, 'right' even included 'tea'. Although, it was evident something was wrong (not right), even if Hare's babble didn't quite indicate so (or perhaps, it indicated very strongly so.)
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/16/2007 11:06:33  

Scheherazade's brows furrowed in confusion as she tried to make sense out of the woman's words. There was a little bit of a puzzle in them and Scheherazade loved puzzles.

She crouched down in front of the woman, head tilting so she could meet her eyes. "Are you lost, then?" It was a logical assumption to make. Scheherazade had never run across any inhabitants in the jungle before and this woman certainly wasn't from Mehrdadstan. She's mentioned tea. Perhaps she was a tea merchant from the floating kingdom of Shangdi? The only way to find out was to ask, and she did. "Where are you from?"
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Hare stopped her sniveling for a moment to consider the questions. Was she Lost? No, she was Hare. She was sure of that. Where was she from? That she could answer with certain ease. Wonderland, of course.

"I am from Wonderland." She said, choosing to not to answer the first question, for it confused her too much. If the woman wanted to think of her as Lost, that was quite fine with Hare.

It was then Hare realized she had no idea who this woman was. She had never seen her around for tea, or around Wonderland, or wherever her cottage resided now. Hare had never spotted her on her journeys for the King, either. Therefore, seeing as how Hare had never been in the jungle and had never seen this woman, she assumed the latter belonged here. "Is this your home?" She asked, a bit hesitantly.
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/16/2007 14:09:36  

"You could say this is my home away from home," Scheherazade said with a warm smile as she settled in front of this curious stranger. "Wonderland, you say? I'm afraid I've never heard of it. Is it very far away from here?" As queen she was aware of the various lands surrounding Mehrdadstan, but never had she'd heard of this one. "Perhaps you mean Ozland to the North?"
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/16/2007 18:09:37  

A home away from home... Did Hare have on of those? She didn't think so, but perhaps. Home was where tea was. And Hatter. And Dormouse. Speaking of which, the latter made some obscure noise from Hatter's bag, crawling out and scurrying about in a circle. "Dormouse!" Hare's tone demanded the mouse's attention and he looked up at her. Dormouse was a strange creature, quite large for a mouse. In actuality, probably as big as a house cat, with large, expressive, oddly human eyes.

"Dormouse, where are your manners?" Hare gestured toward the woman before her. The Dormouse made it's way over to the woman, and actually stood up on his hind legs. Even more strange, the Dormouse took a bow. "This is the Dormouse." Hare stated, making the introductions. "And you are--" before she had time to question the woman's name, Dormouse's sleepy bow dripped to the floor. The mouse had fallen asleep, again.

Hare sighed, though expectantly, and picked the mouse up from the scruff of the neck and burrowed him back within her bag. "He tends to fall asleep now and then." She explained apologetically.

"Never heard of Wonderland? That's strange. I can't say I've heard of Ozland." The last bit was probably not true. Hare had most likely heard of Ozland, and had possibly been aware of the fact she now resided there. But Hare had the annoying habit of changing the subject, and her thoughts, about flippantly.
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/17/2007 16:57:11  

"Oh!" Scheherazade jumped in surprise at the appearance of without a doubt the largest mouse she'd ever seen in her life. Her initial surprise wasn't replaced by fear however, but rather that intense curiosity that often overtook her when she encountered new and strange things. And this Dormouse was certainly very strange.

Unfortunately he was asleep before Scheherazade could speak to it and the woman had the creature tucked away before Scheherazade could examine him any closer. Oh well, perhaps later.

"Well, I'm sure there are many places neither of us have heard of," she said easily, then remembered something else. "I'm Scheherazade, by the way. I'm sorry I failed to introduce myself properly before."
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/17/2007 17:48:08  

"Yes, I suppose you're right. For instance, I wasn't even aware there was a jungle almost next door." The hare shook her head dismally, for she did not like not knowing.

"My apologies as well." Hare remarked sincerely; she found the lack of proper introductions thoroughly irritating, and here she was condoning it. "I am The March Hare."

"Scheherazade." Hare repeated slowly, enjoying the feel of the name. "It's a lovely name. Where do you come from?"
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/19/2007 19:07:33  

Scheherazade beamed at the compliment. "Thank you. My mother named me. I hail from Merhdadstan to the south of here." She paused, as if considering. "March Hare. That's such an unusual name. Though, I suppose not so unusual for where you're from?"

She blinked as something occurred to her. "A jungle next door? But that means you must be from Ozland. The only places that border the Rajani jungle are Mehrdadstan to the South, Lake Raienia to the East, the uncharted sea to the Weast, and Ozland to the North."
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/19/2007 19:22:09  

The March Hare considered the statement. Was her name really unusual? It was more of a title, certainly. Then what was her name? If the Hare hadn't be so busy looking for the Hatter, she might have had gone in search of her name instead.

Hare mirrored Scheherazade's blink, though in a dumbfounded fashion. If what the woman said was true, then Hare was extremely confused. Scheherazade was insisting Hare must be from Ozland, so it must be true. How did she end up in Ozland? Hare had no idea.

"Well," Hare started slowly, her brow furrowed. "All I did was follow Hatter. I don't know how I got to Ozland. Perhaps they changed the name? No, that can't be it..." Her words folded into incoherent mumbles. It was time to change the subject, that much was certain.

"Merhdadstan? What sort of tea can be found in Merhdadstan?" And what a perfect change of subject Hare had chosen! Tea! Tea always got you out of trouble, always saved your neck. She asked nonchalantly, though her expression was now impassive. Her tone was a tad bit serious, for it was imperative to drive away questions of Oz/Wonderland. Plus, tea was an important matter.

From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/19/2007 19:37:03  

It was a little dizzying trying to keep up with the way Hare leapt from subject to subject, but Scheherazade was doing her best. The woman was certainly one of the more interesting people she'd met recently. It was refreshing. And it kept her mind of off missing Hunter.

"Oh, Mehrdadstan has an excellent variety of teas," she said, filing away the name 'Hatter' for later. "We specialize in black and spiced teas, but many foreigners find them too strong for their tastes."
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/19/2007 19:53:47  

Hare's face brightened instantly at Scheherazade's statement. She clasped her hands together, and her mouth widened into a smile. Just as the conversation was keeping Scheherazade's mind off Hunter, it was keeping Hare's off Hatter. "It sounds absolutely lovely. I'm a connoisseur of tea myself. I would love to visit Mehrdadstan some day and try the tea."
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/19/2007 20:12:44  

"Well, you're headed in the right direction," she said cheerfully. Hare certainly loved her tea, didn't she? "There are a great many tea houses in the city proper. I'm sure you'd have many lively discussions with the proprietors. Perhaps you'd learn a great deal from each other." Scheherazade loved encouraging such discussions. It enriched the knowledge of those involved.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/19/2007 23:32:07  

"Hmm..." Hare considered the situation at hand carefully. Lifting her hand, she rubbed her chin thoughtfully, while her opposing hand gripped her elbow.

Hare could trek on, in the direction indicated by Scheherazade. It was not as though she knew where she was heading to begin with, she was simply in search of a very Mad Hatter. But it had been days, and still no sign. She thought she had detected whiffs of his tea scent here and there, but her tracking lead her to no avail. Hare was no hunter, after all. Perhaps Mehrdadstan had attracted Hatter, who was just as much a tea connoisseur as Hare (if not more so), as well. It would be the ideal place to find him.

"Oh, yes. I'm certain I could learn much from the tea merchants of Mehrdadstan." So it seemed as though Hare had made up her mind. And though her bag was an absolute mess, she was sure she could show the proprietors concoctions of her own. Hatter was better at storing things physically within his hat, but Hare had a whole dictionary of tea recipes locked up in her head.

"How should I go about getting there?" The Hare asked the other woman.
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/21/2007 14:11:35  

"Well, it's about a half a days walk through the desert before you come to the city proper," Scheherazade said, a little frown marring her brow. "You'll want to stop at a stream to collect water before you head that way. There should be one..." She paused to look around, getting her bearings.

"Ah, yes. There should be one about an hour's walk that way." She pointed Hare in the direction she should follow.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/21/2007 16:09:32  

"Dessert? That sounds like it should be an easy trek. I hope it's not as easy to become lost there than it is here." How infamous Hare and Hatter were for their word play! It could be a good thing, but currently it served as Hare's future downfall. Having endured in a garden full of tea and scones and sweets, Hare had no trouble believing she would be wondering next through a vast land of delicious desserts. Why would she need water when there were sweets galore? Oh, of course! Water was cleansing, and tasted so sweet and pure after a few spoonfuls of ice cream and gelato. This Scheherazade was quite good at dishing out advice, it seemed.

Hare looked in the direction in which the woman pointed. Seeing as how time effected Hare outside her garden, an hour was not that long of a walk. She turned her head back to the woman, nodding slowly. "Thank you so much! I believe that will be my first stop." And it would be nice to clean the sticky residue of honey from her hands before venturing further.
From: [info]keepsyouwanting Date: 12/22/2007 12:31:30  

"Ah..." 'Desert' not 'dessert,' Scheherazade wanted to correct her, but Hare didn't exactly seem to be listening any more. Well, so long as she did indeed stop at that stream first.

"Good luck in your travels," she said instead, a rather bemused smile on her face. "And take care you don't let the heat get to you." Hare certainly seemed hearty enough, and with a good supply of water, she should do just fine.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 12/22/2007 23:49:37  

"Thank you again. I wish you well in any adventures of your own." She rose, swiftly sweeping up her belongings. The dormouse grunted. "I do hope we meet again. Perhaps in your own home, Mehrdadstan."

"And I'll be careful to avoid 'Heat'." Was Heat a person? A group of certain creatures? Hare knew the temperature, she wasn't stupid, but again, rhetoric was sometimes over analyzed by Hare. Either way, if Scheherazade recommended avoiding it, Hare would be sure to do so.

She waited politely for Scheherazade to rise herself, not wanting to be rude and set off without a gracious goodbye. Of course, a handshake was out of the question, for Hare's hands were in quite the 'sticky situation'. Instead, Hare performed a slight curtsy, and repeated "I really do hope to see you again, one day!" Hare wouldn't repeat her thanks, however. That would be rude and appear insincere!

Then, Hare turned and headed in the direction the woman had pointed for the water. She only stopped once, after a few yards, to turn and wave. After that, she succumbed to the trees and shrubs.
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