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[Log] The Missing Curly, Found
Who: James Hook, Curly
What: James Hook's plan begins to unfold
Where: Mehrdadstan, James' home in the desert
When: Sometime in the latter half of November (no specific date)

James' home within the desert land of Mehrdadstan was very much alone. No neighbors for miles, James lived by himself and liked it that way. Upon returning to Pentamerone, the second time, the desert was James' ideal place to live.

The desert, to him, was the cleanest place to be. It was a vast, empty land, and very far away from any open water that could be inhabited by large reptiles or amphibians. Inside James' home were many spotless rooms with every little thing and piece of furniture in it's place.

James didn't travel into town often and he rarely even spoke to other people other than Smee, the only visitor that cared to venture out to James' home. James, deep down, knew he wanted only to find Pan but his want and need to clean and keep everything tidy in his home kept him confined for days.

As of recent, though, James has been frequented by Smee more than usual. Upon their last visit out of the Hook residence (when Smee actually managed to get James out of the house) the two ex-pirates ran into someone from their past...


"Let me go!" The boy cried as he struggled to free himself from the ropes that bound his limbs together to an uncomfortable, wooden chair.

"Now, now young chap, no need to raise your voice," James replied with a cheeky grin. Sitting just a few feet away from the boy, James watched the boy in amusement. Smee would be arriving within the hour, he had been visiting more often since the two men decided to kidnap the young boy. The two men were using the boy to get information out of, "You will be set free, in due time, once you tell me where-"

"I will tell you nothing!" Curly bellowed cutting off James, "I don't know this Pan that you speak of!"

James rolled his eyes, "Why do you insist on lying for him? Can't you see he is not coming to rescue you, you have been here for days." James chuckled to himself.

The boy, flaring with anger, screamed at James more, "I told you I do not know who he is! I don't even know you in fact! I had never seen you or that other chump ever in my life until the other day!"

James sighed and leaned his head into his fist, his arm resting on the arm of the chair. Does he actually not remember Peter Pan? Did he forget his great hero? That is too comical. James laughed to himself at his own thoughts. "Well, you better start remembering, boy, because you aren't going anywhere until you tell me what I want to know!" James quickly stomped back up the stairs out of the basement.

"Please! No!!" Curly whimpered.

James just rolled his eyes, standing at the top of the flight, he put the only light in the basement out before slamming the large door shut and locking all twenty-something locks attached to it. James, once finished, took a deep breath and smiled to himself. Reaching over to a nearby shelf on the wall, James picked up a feather duster that he had set down before his morning interrogation and continued with his tedious cleaning while he hummed cheerfully.

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