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Not All Who Wander Are Lost - But Gin Is - Edge of the Sleeping Woods [tag: Tiny/open - come play!]
Unknowingly on the way to Camlann

They were quite the unlikely pair. A fair man of average built who was anything but average in that he quite often found himself turned into a cookie, and the very small -but not a fairy- woman with wings. It was even more unlikely that such a mismatched pair would find any common ground with which to nurture a friendship. But that was to the naked eye of the passerby.

Truth was, Gin found himself quite taken with the little woman. Which wasn't that surprising. Tiny was the first individual he'd felt comfortable enough around to not want to flee. Comfortable enough, apparently, to agree to bring her home with the promise of food.

Except that he wasn't entirely sure where home was, in respect to where he was now. This was the problem you had when you tended to dart of in the opposite direction of any danger. "Uh... I think it's this way," he said to Tiny as he stood and gave a nod to his shoulder, letting her know she was welcome to sit there if she wanted. Too bad nothing around him was looking familiar the more he walked along.

In fact, it was looking less and less like the parts of the Sleeping Woods he knew.

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Tiny was thrilled with her new friend, and was quite happy with the invitation to sit upon his shoulder while he walked. As much as she enjoyed flying, sometimes it did grow tiresome, and why turn down a free ride?

She sat where he indicated, letting her feet dangle as he walked. "What is your home like? I miss my was such a nice little cottage. I wonder if it's still the same."

Tiny wasn't paying much attention to the surroundings, nor to the fact that they weren't in the most familiar of areas.
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“My home?” Gin was a little startled by the question, but more put off by the lack of familiarity around him. “Well, it's up high in the trees, you know, so no one can get to me. I've gotten good at climbing and since you can fly, you shouldn't have any trouble getting up there.” It really wasn't much of anything to brag about, living up high in the trees, but it was one of the few things he had to grasp onto in his life. He didn't have family to go to.

But at least now he seemed to have made a friend and that was a nice change.

“It's not very fancy, mostly twigs and stuff that I've found lying around,” which translated very roughly to things he had stolen through the years.

“I want one of those nice houses on the ground, some day. When I don't have to worry about someone trying to hurt me.”
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"It sounds wonderful." Tiny loved sitting in trees, although she usually had to be very careful of the birds and small creatures. "My home is under a bush. It's nice and cozy, but to live in a tree..I would like that."

She stretched a bit, resting her palms behind her on Gin's shoulder. "Well...maybe someday, you can. I miss my mother's house, too...she had a house like that. But at least your house is your own, and you can do what you want with it!" She smiled, always the optimist.
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“Maybe I'll have to do that soon, look for a house not up in the trees. Maybe not in the woods either, I dunno. I've not been out of the woods in a long time. Have you?” Gin was getting a bit more concerned with each step over where they were headed. This was definitely not a familiar location. Not at all.

Maybe he should ask Tiny. Maybe she knew where they were. Maybe...

Always the maybes. He would need to figure this out. He wasn't alone now, he had a sort of friend, so, things would be ok. Just so long as nothing spooked him into gingerbread shape and then tried to eat himself, Tiny or the both of them.
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"Not this far..." Tiny mused aloud, staring around them. Come to think of it, not much of this looked familiar...Who was she kidding? None of it looked familiar. She had been having so much fun talking to Gin and riding on his shoulder that she hadn't been paying attention. Plus, she figured Gin knew the way.

"Hmm...Do you know where we are?" Tiny sounded slightly worried now.
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Well, now Gin hardly wanted to sound stupid or useless, so his immediately reaction was to lie to Tiny. "Yes, we are..." but then he paused, not wanting to lie to her at all. Which was a peculiar thought at best. This very small woman was having very strange effects on his behavior. Effects he wasn't altogether certain he liked. Telling the truth, telling her much about himself. Even if it was nice having a friend, there was only so much someone new should be trusted with.

Except that, it was becoming compulsive at this point.

Sighing, Gin felt like he should hang his head in utter shame. "No. No, I have no idea where we are. But it looks like we are coming upon a city or a town or something." Which, in and of itself was a bit alarming. The woods was starting to thin a bit and give way. "Do you know what's... um..." His eyes went to the sky, trying to puzzle out where they were in term of directions. He was no great genius, having mostly the canopy of trees overhead from blocking him from telling direction properly.

But moss only grew on one side of rocks and trees, usually, so they had been travelling, "north of the woods?"
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