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Camlaan, By the shores of Lake Raienia, [Open to anyone]
Morgan tightened her thick black cloak around her shoulders to block out the chill wind that had picked up the closer she got to the lake. There had been a time when she wouldn't have had times for these types of walks, but now that she had the time, Morgan found herself roaming as far as possible. There was nothing to tie her down, except a kingdom ruled by her nephew. The very thought made her snort. Ruled indeed. It amazed her the citizens hadn't taken to resistance against their dearly frozen in time king. She rarely spared a thought for her nephew any longer. He'd served his purpose well, in the end.

A small, flat white rock caught her eye, and she picked it up, testing it's weight by tossing it in the air a few times. It was perfect. She gazed out across the shining surface of Lake Raienia, watching as the current caused small waves to crest near her feet. Bouncing the rock a few more times in her palm, Morgan flicked her wrist and sent it skidding out into the murky depths of the lake.

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From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/16/2007 13:38:51  

Galahad was still utterly confused by this place. Everywhere he turned it was something new, something different than what he was used to. Infuriating women with arrogant attitudes that only ever seemed to push his buttons rather than be any semblance of helpful were around every corner. It was nearly enough to drive the poor young knight mad.

There was a comfort that came with the lake, as odd as that was. It was where he had woken up, and despite having the run-in with the Amazon that he had, Galahad often found himself coming back to the lake over and over again. Today was no exception, but today there was someone else there -- another woman. Galahad stopped in his tracks and rolled his eyes to the Heavens, hoping and praying that this one wouldn't give him as hard of a time as the last one did. He took a step forward, paused, and debated on not even trying. Women were crazy, after all. Especially here.

"Nice day for it," he found himself saying, and then immediately wanted to take the words back. He could feel the odd sensation of awkwardness stirring within his stomach, but he merely wrapped his tanned colored cloak tighter around his body as he moved forward, but kept a bit of distance between him and the woman. "Bit chilled, but not overly bad..." He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes before looking back to the lake.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 15:13:59  

Morgan's eyes flickered over to the intruder into her thoughts. Loath as she was to admit it, his company, however sudden, gave her something concrete to think about.

"It shall only get colder," Morgan murmured, finding another flat rock to skip across the choppy surface of the lake.
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 18:18:01  

"That would be a pretty safe bet, yes," Galahad agreed, his eyes still out on the lake. If he looked to her, he would only get nervous. More nervous than he already was.

"If I may be so bold...What is a lady such as yourself doing out here on your own?" He almost winced when he asked the question, and his eyes darted to her quickly once more to make sure she wasn't getting ready to...punch him or anything.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 18:33:06  

A faint smirk appeared at the corner of Morgan's lips. She certainly never expected to be unrecognizable, but perhaps that was for the best. However, it was oh so much fun to torment people until they recalled. "So concerned about a strangers fate, Sir Galahad?"
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 18:53:57  

He was doing fine, absolutely fine, up until she spoke his name. Then his attention snapped to her fully, and he stared with wide-eyed surprise. "H-how did you know my name?" Oh! It was yet another woman with trickery! Sir Galahad looked away again, this time to his boots as he tried to pull the pieces of his mind back together.

"It should only seem right...That a knight be concerned for a lady's well being." There, he answered her question, and managed to not make a bumbling fool of himself.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 18:57:24  

"But of course. That is a noble quest indeed." Morgan was proud of herself for keeping the words neutral and not said in her normal mocking lit. "I have to wonder though, why it is you fear people knowing your name?"
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 19:26:03  

"I do not fear it!" Oh, those words came out far quicker, and far higher-pitched than he meant them to. To suggest that the brave Sir Galahad, the Greatest Knight in the World, was afraid of something so silly... He cleared his throat, and addressed the rest of the question. "I do not fear it, m'lady," his voice was calmer now. "However, I believe there are certain way that such things should be addressed." He looked to her again. "I find it rather unfair that you already know my name, but I do not know yours."
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 19:56:21  

"Oh I am quite certain you know my name," Morgan laughed, tucking a stray curl behind her ear. "It is just a matter of recalling it."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 20:00:57  

This wasn't a comfortable place for Galahad to be in. Not at all. He gave a frown, more because of her laughter than her words, and glanced at her again. It was unfair that she was at the advantage, yet that just seemed to be how it worked -- the women always had the upper hand with Sir Galahad.

"Will you at least give me a hint?" He almost pouted, but refrained from doing such. He had met so many women back in Camelot, and yet he still found himself searching through his memory trying to place her.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 20:04:08  

Morgan's smirk melted into a false pout. Oh, but he was too easy to tease. Oddly, she was feeling very little ill will towards him, but that didn't mean she wouldn't have fun with him while she still could. Once he remembered her, she doubted he'd be so easy to mock. "Am I that forgettable?"
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 20:09:21  

Sir Galahad's eyebrows shot together, and then up when she gave that pout, and he wanted to kick himself for not being able to remember her name. When she asked her question, he suddenly felt as though he couldn't breathe. His eyes dropped to the snow once more, his voice coming out softer than he meant for it to. "A lady with such beauty should never be forced to say such a thing..." He actually blushed as he spoke. "I have sustained a rather nasty head wound recently, though, so perhaps that would be why your name has fallen from my memory." He glanced up at her, almost shyly, as he admitted about his accident that brought him here.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 20:20:59  

Her eyes widened in shock. Not that he truly didn't remember her, that was the least shocking thing he said, but the fact that he flushed when he admitted it.

"I fear the head wound won't prevent you from changing your fine opinion of me should I give you my name."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 20:24:39  

Sir Galahad could feel his stomach twist and his throat go dry when such a look came to her features. Again, he looked away...Hoping that somehow the snow around them would give him a hint at what her name might be.

"Then only give me your first name, so that I may know what to address you as." His eyes shifted back to her, hoping she would give him at least that.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 20:30:15  

Morgan gazed up at him with mild regret. Such a scandal she had caused over his father... No, it was best that he knew nothing about her at all. "Even that may be too revealing, and it is nice to be in such good company."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 20:36:49  

For a long moment Sir Galahad was quiet, his eyes kind as he watched her. "Then I shall call you Lady Raienia." He offered a light smile, his eyes shifting to the lake that he had named her after. "I cannot help but to question why you would fear me knowing your true name, m'lady." His eyes went back to her. "Is it so dreadful?"
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 20:48:44  

Morgan's lips quirked into a soft smile at the name. She wondered how soon he'd come to regret naming her after something he seemed so fond of. "Worse than you can possibly imagine."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 21:11:23  

Galahad watched her for a long moment, taking in the curves of her lips before his eyes nervously shifted to the lake once more. Again his throat felt dry, and as he folded his arms across his chest beneath his cloak, he realized that his palms were slick. He searched for something else to talk on.

"Should I be concerned that you know me, Lady Raienia? I have not fought your husband nor son nor loved one, have I?" Perhaps that was why she didn't want to tell him her name.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 21:13:58  

"No," Morgan said with a breathless chuckle. "I am fairly certain you have never met my husband before."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 21:19:30  

Another bit of a smile came to Galahad's features, and he gave a nod. His mind was still working, still trying to figure out who the woman was. Again, he was quiet for a moment while trying to think of something clever or witty to say. Instead, what came out of his mouth was, "winters here sure are cold."

...Which immediately had Sir Galahad rolling his eyes at himself as he turned his head to look off in the distance, as if searching for something...Which meant he was merely mentally kicking himself.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 21:25:34  

"Aye, they do indeed," Morgan agreed. The knight had turned his back to her once again and she could practically feel his mortification at the inane comment without ever needing to see his face. "I'm sure my husband would have hated it...if he were still alive.
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 21:33:35  

I am such an idiot...Why do I even try to talk to them any more?

Galahad was seriously debating on simply taking his leave, as it would probably be for the best before he would be able to make an even bigger fool out of himself. Her next words, however, made him turn back towards her. "I am sorry to hear that, m'lady...If it...If it isn't too bold of me, may I ask what happened?"
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 21:40:14  

Morgan shrugged. She didn't want to say too much about it. She'd rather forget the whole sordid affair. He hated her and she loathed him and then he died. "He was old, and cruel. It was nothing more than he deserved."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 21:49:32  

Galahad tilted his head back and stared up at the sky, as if asking God for some help down here. He wasn't having much luck on his own at the moment. Looking to Lady Raienia once more, Galahad offered a bit of a smile. "Then you must be happy to be free of him. Are you all alone here?"
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:01:19  

"Not as such," she answered, giving what little she could. It would not do well to mention her dear sister-in-law, nor her recently frozen nephew. Morgan exhaled. Her breath crystallized and hung in the air in a small cloud before her. She drew her shawl more securely around her shoulders.

"What of you? Are you here alone?"
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:06:50  

"He was cruel, yet you are not happy to be free?" This is why he didn't understand women, and probably never would. Always talking in riddles and confusing him. They do it on purpose, he's certain of that now. When the conversation shifted to him, Galahad gave a light smile. "I am never alone, for I walk with God by my side." It was a perfect knightly answer to give, and one well suited for the young man.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:10:30  

A smile reappeared. "Oh, I am overjoyed to be rid of my late husband, but there are many things that can still make you unhappy. Do you not agree?"
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:12:36  

"I would not know, m'lady, for I have yet to marry." He looked to her with a soft smile on his mouth. "Though I would have to assume that you are correct."
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:15:20  

"You have a wise mind." Morgan inclined her head, and reached out to touch his arm. "One day you shall find that you are unhappy as well, but for one such as yourself that unhappiness will not last long."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:24:54  

"Thank you, m'lady," Galahad bowed his head humbly at her compliment, and then froze when she touched his arm. It wasn't that it was unwelcome, it just...Surprised him. He cleared his throat. Again. "I have been unhappy before, I assure you Lady Raienia." He gave a soft laugh. "Your words are quite the treat for my soul," he admitted softly as his eyes lowered to the ground once more. It had been a while since a woman was so nice to him, and Galahad found once more that he wasn't sure what to do with himself.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:31:00  

"I keep forgetting how very young you still are," Morgan murmured, staring into his forlorn face.
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:33:51  

"I am nineteen, m'lady. Practically an old man," he gave a soft smile then, but it was true. In Camelot, there were a lot of men who died at his age or younger.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:35:55  

"It is not a fault being young, good knight," Morgan chuckled. "It is a virtue. Do not force yourself to be older than you truly are, or you may go the way of me and end up miserably skipping rocks by an angry lake, alone."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:38:18  

Galahad's smile grew as she spoke. "I fear you are mistaken. The Lake Raienia is not angry." He shook his head, and glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes again. "And, you are not alone, for I am here with you."
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:41:07  

"That you are," Morgan said, eyes flickering back out across the lake, "and you are not afraid of me. That is most refreshing."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 22:47:52  

Galahad kept his eyes on her, watching her face. "You have not given me a reason to be afraid of you." Which was a little white lie -- he was afraid of her, just not in a manner where he thought she would physically hurt him.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 22:58:08  

Morgan grimaced. She needed to go back. She needed to find herself once more. This was not her. This was some farcical version of herself when she was younger and still as naive as the knight before her was. "I would not be so sure of that."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 23:19:44  

Galahad gave a frown and looked away again. "Why does it disturb you so that I am not fearful of you?" Yet another thing he couldn't understand -- even being a knight, he knew the power of fear, but he has never known a woman that wanted people to be afraid of her.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/17/2007 23:22:21  

"It is not that it disturbs me," Morgan told him, patience wearing thin. "It is the fear of when you find out who I truly am."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/17/2007 23:26:12  

Her answer made his eyebrows draw together once more. "Do you wish me to take my leave then, m'lady?" He motioned back the way he came, but he found that he didn't want to go.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/22/2007 17:07:51  

"I," Morgan smiled at him and shook her head. She knew he was confused and that was for the best. "There is no point in us both freezing out here, but I cannot banish you from my sight."
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/22/2007 17:15:07  

Galahad tilted his head ever so slightly, and couldn't help the charming grin that came to his features. "Then perhaps you should let me escort you home." He quickly held his hands up as his eyebrows shot up. "I'm not saying that you couldn't walk yourself back to your home, but uhm..." He gave a little helpless look then, knowing that he wouldn't be able to simply toss away his knightly way of living simply because he was in a new place.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/22/2007 17:22:55  

Morgan chuckled. "How about you walk me back to the center of Camlann and we separate to go our own way from there," she suggested lightly. He was nothing like his father, she mused. Aside from physical beauty, there was nothing of his father in him. It was a startling and intriguing revelation.
From: [info]blessedboy Date: 12/22/2007 17:26:21  

Galahad's smile grew, and he nodded. "The center of Camlann it is, then, my Lady Raienia." He offered his arm to her then, thankful that he wasn't making too much of a fool of himself now.
From: [info]vengeful_fay Date: 12/22/2007 17:30:02  

Morgan looped her arm through his, reveling in the inimate feeling it gave her. No one had touched her in anything less than anger and irritation since Mordred, and even he only did it out of common courtesy rather then affection. While Galahad was no better than her own nephew in terms of the gesture, at least she knew Galahad had no reason to hate her in that moment.

"Thank you," she mumured with polite sincerity as they started back through the woods.
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