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The Sleeping Woods are alive! With the sound of muuuuusiiiic! [Snow White, Cinderella, and Cupid]
Who: Snow White, Cinderella, and Cupid.
What: Pentamerone's newest arrivals try to suss things out and seek shelter.
Where: Sleeping Woods, but heading south towards Ozland

"It can't end like this!", Snow White thought to herself. She was running determinedly away, but the black dragon was closing in. "Once again, I'm terribly sorry!" She shouted between heavy breaths, for she was beginning to run out, "It was a simple misunderstanding, please!" She was just taking care of the sweet little hatchling; She wasn't going to keep it forever! But the dragoness paid no heed and kept hot in pursuit.

"I'LL SAVE YOU FAIR MAIDEN!" A baritone trumpeted boldly from out of nowhere. There was the sound of a galloping horse approaching from her side and before she knew it, a knight in shining armor (well, um... literally) jumped off his mount and right in front of her. Unable to stop her momentum, she plowed into him. They tumbled down together, accompanied by a symphony of metallic clanging. Snow, with her lovely dark hair all a-mussed, smiled sweetly at her savior as she picked herself up off the ground. "Run along, little lady! I will fight this dragon for your honor!" He proclaimed, readying himself in a battle stance.

After an offering of a kiss on the cheek and a little curtsy, she was off again, gaining several hundred yards before she heard a terrible scream. The air smelled of sulfur and smoke. "Oh dear!" She thought, "I hope he's alright!" He must be alright. Didn't armor protect from dragon fire? Would be awful silly to be running around fighting dragons otherwise! With this affirmation, she ran along without fear.

There was a gorge up ahead, with a small roped bridge for crossing. Somewhere, deep inside, a prickling sensation told her that all she needed to do was cross it and she would be fine. But the formidable black dragon was approaching once again. She could hear it gaining on her, the loud flapping of the wings and the violent currents in the air. Another roar, and this time she felt the temperature rise from behind.

The bridge was so close... so close... Almost there. And... she's on the bridge! Don't look down, Snow... Don't... What was that sound?!

Snow stopped dead in her tracks. The rope was ancient and musty, and the bridge was coming undone! "Oh no... please." She began to raise her voice in song, a desperate song, but it was too late. The bridge was broken and she was falling...


.... falling.....

There was a white, blinding, and all-encompassing flash. Then, a very odd sensation, as if her soul was torn from the fabric of the space around her and.... dumped somewhere els---OOF!

Snow had fallen on something soft. It was... snow? Hm. Feeling relatively unharmed, she picked herself up, and brushed off the pretty white particles from her body.

"Where have I fallen?" She wondered aloud, and continued on in song... ~/ What is this place? /~
~/ So dreary and so cold, without a friendly face! /~

"Helloooo? Anyone there?" She called out hopefully, but was only greeted by her own echo.

~/ What twist of faith has rescued me
There's just one way to see... /~

Somewhere, an imaginary orchestra began its accompaniment to a cheerful, upbeat melody.

~/ If you never look, then you'll never find
what you were meant to see...
If you never take a step, you will never go.
That's not the way to be! /~

Snow skipped and hopped to her song, twirling gracefully in her flowing green dress. Little woodland creatures began to peer quizzically at the crazy girl from their hiding places.

~/ So I've fallen hard, to this strange land
Not sure if it's a dream
In this winter wonderland
where nothing's as it seems /~

"Oh! Hello new friends!" Snow exclaimed rapturously, as a winter finch perched on her finger. "Nice to meet you!" Deer, rabbits, and birds frolicked around her.

Soon, the speaking animals began to join in chorus.

~/ Ahhhhhh ... ahhhh ... /~
~/ I have a feeling.../~
~/ Ahhh... ahh... /~
~/ Just a little inkling.../~
~/ Ahh... Ahhh... /~
~/ That here I may find what I seek, as sure as stars are tw--- /~

Somewhere in the forest, a twig cracked, and the music stopped suddenly as the animals dispersed in a panic. Alone once more, Snow peered out into the forest, wide eyed and trembling as the cold began to hit her again.

((PS - I am not on crack. I promise!))

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From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 13:55:43  

The music is what drew her close- the strange cacophany of animal twitter somehow twisted perfectly around the bell-like voice coming from the snow.

The cold didn't cut Anne so much anymore- whether it was from actual decreased temperatures, her body's adjustment, or the woolen breeches and heavy shawl that she'd gingerly pulled from a dead man twice her height lying slain in the snow, it didn't matter. She wasn't shivering, so her voice sounded it's usual warm husky tones as she came upon the young creature.

She couldn't be any older than she... looked. Anne held her chin up and moved towards her, the animals dispersing.

"Good day."

From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 14:43:40  

Snow let out a sigh of relief, her breath visible for a few moments before dissipating in the air. By the animals' reaction, she would have thought it was some sort of monster that was approaching, but thank goodness it was only a girl, and a lovely one at that.

"Oh, hello!" She bounded exuberantly over to the stranger. "I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone in this place!" She trembled still, and toyed with her pouch absently. "Where ever this place happens to be," she added as an afterthought before stopping suddenly to chide herself. "Oh, where are my manners! I am called Snow. Snow White." Having calmed down a bit, she offered Anne a slow, perfected curtsy and a gentle smile.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 15:47:04  

Still too used to being queen, Anne returned her curtsy with a gentle bow of the head.

"Anne. de Tacloban." She added her maiden name as an afterthought. "The pleasure is mine. You have found yourself recently in this... area?" Anne's eyes scanned the blanketted fields she'd not stopped walking in for nearly a fortnight.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 17:13:26  

Not one to notice minor discourtesies towards her, Snow nodded eagerly in response. "I fell down a deep gorge and somehow landed here in the snow." She gestured at the Snow-White-shaped dent in the snow over yonder as realization suddenly dawned on her. "We're not dead, are we? This isn't what I thought heaven would be like..." She mused as she stuffed her arm into her pouch. Although it only appeared to be a few inches deep, she was elbow deep in the thing, rummaging for a while before retrieving from it a woolen hooded cloak. Quickly, she put it on.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 17:34:03  

"Nor I," she murmured in reply. Then, a little louder, she added," I shouldn't think so. This all seems... wrong. I myself found myself here after finding myself in a life-or-death situation, as it were. But I did not fall..."

Anne watched in a bit of a surprise at the cloak appeared from a rather deep pounch, very nearly taking a step back. A light of hope sparked in her- could it be??? Would she be so fortunate?

"Are you of fairy kin?" she asked, almost breathlessly.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 20:57:47  

"What? Oh. This?" Snow giggled, waving the pouch. "It's enchanted, but not by my power. It's just a little... gift." She paused a beat, and for a fraction of second she looked slightly more serious.

"I'm no fairy, but I could sure use one right now. I'm not sure why, but my father wouldn't let me have a fairy godmother when I was young. He used to say that they were horrible malicious creatures, but they're always so charming and helpful in the stories, so I figure they can't be all that bad." She shrugged, smiling softly.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 21:04:01  

Anne smiled gently, easily covering the small sigh of disappointment. "Fairy godmothers are, without a doubt, the least malicious of creatures I can think of. They are kind and giving and surely we would be fairing a great deal better if we had one in our presence."

Anne examined their surroundings once more, the hopelessness replaced with a sense of determination: partly due to the turn on conversation to fairy godmothers but mostly due to this new charge she found herself with. She reminded her of her own daughter.

She held out a hand, smiling warmly. "Come. Perhaps together we will better attract a fairy's attention."
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 21:14:19  

"I hear that they like princesses. I was born one, if that helps!" Beaming, Snow took Anne's hand, clasping it gently. She was glad to have made a new friend. Together, they walked south, leaving behind a trail of small footprints in the powdered snow. "Where did you come from, Anne? And what sort of life-or-death situation did you escape from?"
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 21:26:13  

Anne chuckled a little to herself at the girl's effervescence and continued to trudge south, spirits lightened some.

"It was not nearly as exciting as yours. I can only claim consumption as my downfall. I thought I should be dead- I certainly saw my life flash before my eyes before there was naught but darkness..." she trailed off thoughtfully.

"But I am from a village in Aquitaine, in France. You?"
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 21:52:14  

"Consumption." Snow repeated solemnly. "It must have been very painful for you." She looked genuinely sad, and remained silent for a few moments, which is a few moments more than she generally does.

As Anne continued to speak, Snow became less somber, as if the heaviness was wearing off. "I'm from the kingdom of Lywen, which I assume is very, very far away from France, because I have never heard of such a land before!" She grins.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 21:56:36  

Anne patted her hand gently in solace. "It's fine. Apparently I seem to have been reborn anew here- I hardly see myself fit to complain. But you are right, they must be! I have never heard of a place in all my travels. What sort of place was it? Mountainous? By the sea?"
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/10/2007 22:09:06  

Snow was easily distracted, and Anne's expertly placed question did just the trick, sort of. "Lywen is hilly, at most, and we have no sea. There is one in our neighboring country to the west, though." She didn't seem completely comfortable talking about her homelands.

"Oh, look!" She pointed ahead, eager to change the topic, at a small, beaten path, leading further south. "I wonder where that would take us."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/10/2007 22:52:08  

Anne's brows furrowed ever so slightly as, for the first time, Snow showed uncomfortability. She gave a small squeeze of her hand.

"I think we should follow it- it's the first path I've seen since I've come here. I would sorely enjoy finding an inn at the end of it."
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/11/2007 03:39:03  

"I have a very good feeling about this," Snow responded brightly. Indeed, the snow on the ground was thinning. At the very least, they were heading towards somewhere less cold.

"I can't wait for a warm bath... and a soft bed. And some bread... and cheese... and mead..." Just when it seemed like she was done, she would tack on more to her list of comforts. "and a hot bowl of soup!" She added, sighing dreamily.

The new friends followed along the path, hand in hand, hoping that it would lead to all of the above.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/12/2007 19:16:01  

Oh it all sounded so wonderful in her head. Especially the hot bath, the hot soup, the mulled wine...

She needed to put it out of her head or she would never get out of this place. "Now that we are friends, I must admit to being a little jealous of your voice- you sing beautifully," she commented to distract herself.
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First it had only been Snow being followed, though at quite a distance as the golden haired male was wary. As a second woman met with the first, however, he flit closer and closer. Standing still behind a tree now, he listened to their conversation quietly. One hand was reaching over his shoulder, fingertips laced around the feathers of an arrow, the other gripping his bow. These women did not seem like a threat, but one couldn't be too cautious.

"Indeed," Eros finally spoke out in his angelic voice from where he hid. Only he moved, pearl wings spreading and lifting him up higher into the trees to stay hidden.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/12/2007 21:41:47  

Surprised, Snow gasped and turned to locate the source of the mysterious voice. She saw none, but the rustling in the trees did cause a bit of snow to fall to the ground. Clearly, someone or something moved up the trees, after speaking. It was definitely an odd way to present oneself.

Without a hint of fear, Snow called out sweetly and somehow exuding modesty. "You're both too gracious! I'm glad you liked it, though." She first made eye contact with Anne and then peered up into the trees, in the general direction of the voice.

"I like to sing," she continued, "It comforts me, and helps me along. Sometimes, I just feel it bursting out from inside of me and I can't help but do it!" She giggled, as if it were a silly notion and she realized it.

"So are you a ghost, stranger? Or perhaps a talking tree!" She asked, curiosity piqued. "Or maybe a talking bird... or squirrel!"
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/13/2007 10:40:38  

Annes eyes snapped immediately to where she heard the sound. Fingertips tightened around Snow's hand though she did her best not to look outwardly concerned.

"Yes," she added to Snow's commentary, a steel edge to her pleasant voice, "please, make yourself known. Company is scarce in these wilderlands." Her voice lifted up a bit along with her chin as she looked for more movement in the trees, taking a step forward to put herself just between Snow and the trees. "We would be glad for the companionship."
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Silence returned to the two women for but a moment, Eros considering showing himself. Not yet. This place was different, indeed, but gods were not meant to just show themselves. He'd already done that with the queen, but she had been an exception.

"What is companionship?" Called back the male as he rose higher into the trees until he could stand upon a branch and hide among the remaining greenery. "Is if friendship, or more? Do you know the difference?"

Games again it seemed. Ah well, it was partially Cupid's job. But he would reveal himself to the pair soon enough.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/13/2007 20:59:16  

The voice was definitely moving up the trees, and Snow's line of vision followed the sound. She did not notice Anne's tightening grip on her hand.

"Now now, mister disembodied voice," Snow chided pleasantly, hand on her hip, "I don't know if you know this, but it's quite rude to be hiding yourself that way and expecting us to talk to you! As for your question, it is rather open-ended and pointless, is it not?" There was no malice or mockery in her tone. She just had a tendency to say exactly what she thought.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/13/2007 21:45:12  

Anne's eyes looked faintly alarmed upon Snow and then followed her gaze back to the trees.

"Not pointless, no..." she trailed off, wondering if there might be a weapon in Snow's magical purse.

"Less than friendship, I would say. A small band working for a common interest. Does that definition suit your purposes?"
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Eros did not like to hear that Snow found companionship pointless. Or, rather the question pointless. Either way he didn't like her answer, and had already begun to favor Anne for the time.

"I am not being rude, and you are not being nice." He said, clearly to Snow as he crotched in the tree tops. "Companionship and questions relating are not pointless, no. It takes on many shapes, yours had but only begun to form."

Finally he dropped down from the trees, pearl wings expanding to lower him gently. He was a breath of beautiful fresh air, golden curls upon his head and the smoothest skin to be seen.

"My purpose is to get safely from here to there, and yours?" He gave a cheeky little grin to Anne.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/14/2007 09:28:20  

Snow pouted, hurt--and it showed--that someone would call her mean, as she did not have a mean bone in her body, but she did not respond to the accusation. Though, she thought, perhaps it was mean to be scaring two harmless girls in the forest?

As Eros exposed himself to the women, she began to blush at his nakedness, his insult and trickery beginning to fade away in her flighty mind.

"You're awfully pretty." She finally spoke breathlessly, after moments of silence. "and those wings! Are you an angel?"
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/14/2007 10:37:29  

There wasn't hiding any of her reaction- Anne took a step back, eyes as wide as a fish, pink cheeks cruelly going a fair bit pinker at his 'cheeky' grin, to say the least.

She'd seen beauty such as his only in marble statues... wings and to be dressed in such a fashion despite the chill...

"Are you?" she asked just as breathless as Snow was.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/14/2007 15:10:55  

Dressed, or therefore lack of. The young man ran a hand through his hair as he grinned despite himself. He quite enjoyed watching mortals gaze at him in awe, it gave him a kick for the moment.

"No," Cupid replied as his arms settled by his side. "I'm Cupid, god of love and sex." He spoke so casually about his job, but then went on. "Angels do my bidding." Not really, but the devious smirk upon his lips hopefully gave that away.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/14/2007 16:58:50  

Ever gullible, Snow squealed happily, jumping up and down with glee. "A god, with angels under his command!" She looked to Cupid, ruby lips parted in a brilliant smile. "Have you been watching over us all this time? Surely, then, with all your power, you can help us seek warmth, food, and shelter! Perhaps you can call forth angels to carry us swiftly to a place of comfort! Oh please help us." She implored, as a little girl might ask a parent for a pony.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/14/2007 17:36:41  

Anne was never one to look gift horses in the mouth. She dropped down into a low curtsy, difficult with the woolen breaches on, and held for a few moments before rising again.

Where she wasn't as excitable as Snow, Anne's sentiments hardly diverted from hers. finally, something familiar.

"An do us a great honour..." How did one address a God? "...your Grace. We are but two travellers, new to this land. Your assistance in our safe passage from these barren winterlands may mean our very lives." Her shrewd blue eyes were nearly as imploring as Snow's. "Please," she completed and then curtseyed low again for good measure.
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Cupid laughed softly, the back of his hand covering his mouth as if he were coughing.

"The angels can't carry you," he said. "They're not slaves. As for helping you, I'm just about as lost. I know the direction to travel, but as for being there. I've not been." The blond male shook his head lightly and stretched, walking by the pair of ladies as he did so.

"This way. And call me Cupid. Or Eros. Whatever." Formalities dropped, he hoped they would disregard them as well. He really hated it.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/14/2007 21:01:59  

Following Anne's excellent and proper example, Snow dropped into a low curtsy, lingering for a few seconds before rising again. The act seemed to have calmed her down.

"Thank you so much for helping us, your Gr--err... Eros." She smiled, full of sincerity. "Your kindness will not be forgotten." She linked arms with Anne affectionately and began to follow him. "You mentioned being lost. If I may ask, are you new to these lands as well?"
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/16/2007 20:10:51  

His words struck her as strange- a God lost? It sounded... well, rather unfathomable to her mind. She wondered if he has perhaps found himself here as suddenly as they had. At any rate, a God on their side was certainly better than their previous standings and for the first time since she had come to this strange place, Anne took a deeply relieved breath and relaxed.

She waited to see if her wonderings would be allayed.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/16/2007 21:28:34  

In a beautiful sadness that could not be put into words or art, the young god nodded. His blue eyes downcast on the cool ground, his lips slowly parted and he explained his tale as to how he managed to get to Pentamerone. Eros skipped over the whole bit about Psyche, these lovely ladies not needing to know about her, but went into brief detail about flying for days without seeing a thing. Lost amongst the clouds, and then...


"But fortunately Titania told me which way to go. The other way would lead to somewhere called Calmann, or something. Bad place apparently."
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/16/2007 22:35:44  

Snow listened to Eros' story, eyes following him with concern. It wasn't anything he said specifically, but the sadness and loneliness in the way he said it that both moved and concerned her.

There is more to the story than what he's telling, and it must have caused him a lot of pain, she thought dolefully. With the intent to comfort, she reached out to stroke one of his wings. It was something she might not have dared to do, had she not forgotten that he was a god in her moment of compassion.

Then, he spoke about someone whose name she didn't recognise. "Titania?" She inquired.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/16/2007 22:43:36  

If he trusted Titania, Anne did as well.

"It seems we have all come from tragedy to this place."
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/17/2007 14:35:06  

"Queen, Titania, actually." The blond gave a sort of cheeky grin once more. "I met her last night. She explained to me where we are, which is the Sleeping Woods and where I need to be going." His long, slender arm rose and pointed in the direction ahead of the trio in a "keep going this way" motion. He failed to mention the part where he slept with the Queen, but it hardly seemed important.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/17/2007 16:15:08  

Eros' white feathered wings were very soft to the touch. Snow smiled wistfully, remembering the fluffy white kitten she had in childhood, the one she had to leave behind.

"Queen Titania... Is she queen of these... Sleeping... Woods? I should have liked to meet her. She sounds like a kind soul." She mused, head tilted absently. "So where do you need to be going, Eros? What is your plan, now that you've ended up in this strange land?" Maybe his answers will help her find her own.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/19/2007 09:09:37  

His wing twitched, as if only just realizing Snow had touched it. Blue eyes looking to her delicate fingers, Eros then looked back to both women's faces.

"I plan to go toward Oz, from there I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do, being here out of my own will." He gave a smile, as if it wasn't so bad being lost. Though, in his position, he realized how all those mortals must have felt when they were torn away from their home by angry gods. Cupid was glad he was here by accident.

"I might stay there, might try to find a way home." The blond paused and his wings closed tightly against him with a snap, a cool breeze moving through the wood before dying.

"What do you two plan to do, then? Seems a shame such lovely women are so far away from their homes."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/19/2007 11:08:27  

Anne tightened the woolen shawl around her at the breath of wind. "I suppose I shall wait here for I am sure... I am sure that I cannot go back."

Could she go back? Would she be as she was now, or merely her elder self, death-bedded by consumption? What if He was here...?

Her love was here; her mind was perfectly firm on the subject. She was alive in a new place and there was no doubt in her heart that he was here too... somewhere...

"I shall most likely find employment in this Oz, I imagine. Or go south perhaps for more temperate weather." Anne chuckled slightly. "Although, my mind is more directly set on the more present future of warm bed and stew than on purposeful settlement."

She gave Snow a bit of an elbow. "And you? Continue to quest will you?"
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/19/2007 13:42:22  

Snow was listening thoughtfully to her new friends' responses, not quite having gotten around to thinking about her own. She stirred from the mild bump, and figured she'd just figure it out as she talked.

"Quest? Maybe. There is a lot to explore in this unfamiliar place. But going home is not an option for me, for there has been no home that would take me in and leave me unharmed, ever since I was a small child." She gazed pensively into the distance. "I've been on the road for years now, and I admit I have developed a bit of a taste for wandering." Wandering, or running away? But what was she running from? The past was so very far away now, and she remembered it with the fuzzy quality of a bad dream.

Following a more cheerful train of thought, her smile burned brightly again, like a dying ember revived by fresh wood. "There's always new places to see and new people to meet, so it's not so bad. Someday, maybe I will find a place I fall in love with enough to call it home. Or," she giggled girlishly, eyes dancing, "perhaps, a prince."

"But for now, my immediate priorities are the same as yours, Anne. The rest can be determined later."

Snow stopped suddenly, lifting her hand to shield her eyes as she squinted at something in the distance, grinning. "Is that what I think it is?"
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/19/2007 20:33:31  

This Anne was clearly more developed in the mind than Snow. Prince. Ha. Eros rolled his gorgeous blue eyes with a smirk, trying to cough and turn his face away to hide it. Gods were the only way to go. Princes were mortal beings who fought valiantly but died in the end, slain by that they had tried to slay. The blond shook his head, clearing the thoughts from his mind as the fair of skin princess spoke out at last.

He turned on his bare feet, fists resting on his hips gently. "What is what?" He asked out loud, squinting and stepping aside in to the shade of a tree. "I don't see anything."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/19/2007 20:41:20  

Anne paused in her step, leaning into Snow to check things from her angle; she couldn't see anything either from her vantage point.

"I'm not sure I see..." she trailed off, head tilting a little. It was hard to tell on a quick glance, but if one watched a spot of white for a few moments...

"Smoke?! See, the white is whispy and it moves! Oh gracious, something must be alight." Immediately her eyes went to Snow, then to Cupid for confirmation.

From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/19/2007 20:55:00  

"Are you well, Eros? That's not the first time I've heard you cough. I'm beginning to worry for your health!" Snow watched Cupid with concern in her pale blue eyes. "But I didn't know that gods get sick..." She added as an afterthought.

Then, as Anne affirmed her suspicions, she bounced with glee, worries momentarily washed away from her mind. "Yes, that's what I saw!" She gave Anne, who was still attached to her, a playful, joyous tug and began to hurry towards the smoke. "What are we waiting for? Let us find the source of the smoke and hope for some hospitality!"
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/19/2007 21:17:51  

Cupid nodded at Snow, smiling his warmest at her. It was as radiant as her light and almost transfixing. "I'm fine. This air is different." It was, but sadly it was not the reason why he coughed.

And then Snow was romping away at a rushed pace. Not so much running, as far as Eros was concerned, but fast enough that she could probably trip over Anne. Shaking his head at the immature girl, he grabbed his bow from his pack and flit up into the air. Beautiful pearl wings opening, he flew over head and just back behind the pair of ladies below. Running was such a task...

"I hope you know what you're doing," he offered as they went. "If they're unkind I can't say I'll offer protection. My arrows don't work as weapons."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/19/2007 21:21:08  

Anne's eyebrows shot up as she was suddenly wrenched forward.

"What do you mean they don't work as weapons. They're arrows!? That's what arrows are- weapons! Snow--" she breathed heavily, "please, we'll get their just as soon walking as running!"
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/19/2007 21:29:36  

"Oh, alright then!" Snow slowed down to a brisk walking pace, pouting in a mock sulk. "But a little running never hurt anybody! And does, despite what you say, get us there a TEENSY bit faster." She grinned, giving Anne some time to catch her breath. Snow has had a lot of experience with running. Recently she almost outran a dragon. Slight exaggeration, but you get the gist.

"So if those arrows don't work as weapons, then what is the point?" Snow puzzled lightly over this, completing Anne's interrupted question.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/19/2007 21:36:27  

Landing in front of the girls, Cupid turned around and took long steps backward as they went. "I'm the god of love and sex, what do you think they do?" He asked with more venom in his words than he'd meant. Really the fact that he was useless in battle bothered him sometimes. So many of the other gods could fight, but he only had the chance to hit a target and let them fall in love. Love hardly stopped war. In some cases, it started wars.

"Sorry," Eros said softly after he realized his harsh tone. "What I meant was. I have arrows that make mortals fall in love, or ones that make them hate each other." If he had been given some regular arrows, then he could fight, but that really was far out of his mind.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/19/2007 21:44:42  

Anne frowned at his tone, more out of pity than out of anger; he regretted something, that much was obvious.

"Well, you, Snow and I know that, but it'll hardly be common knowledge. To be sure... well." Anne blushed prettily. "I'm sure they may be too surprised by your arrival to engage too fiercely."

She kept her tongue to that, but the idea of love arrows, hate arrows... oh, her curiosity begged to be allayed.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/19/2007 21:58:50  

Snow pouted at Cupid's harshness, her lips barely visibly trembling. She had not expected him to lash out like that, and certainly did not understand why he would do such a thing, but there was something subtle in his tone that made her unbearably sad. As if she did understand, at some level, far beneath the surface of her thoughts.

"Anne has a point. I'm sure that your presence is protection enough for us." She smiled reassuringly as she instinctively gave Eros another gentle stroke on the soft feathers of his wings.

Meanwhile, the building emitting smoke was slowly taking shape in the horizon.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/19/2007 22:04:19  

Yes. A naked man with wings was protection. Hardly. But Eros didn't say anything on it, for he could do some harm, he supposed, if he tried. With that aside, however, his wing twitched under her touch. It was almost a shivering twitch, it both enjoying the feel and wanting it to stop simultaneously.

"Lets just go and find out. Something is bound to happen." Cupid said, turning to walk with his back to the women. "You'll be fine. I'll poke their eyes out or...something." Very optimistic for an angelic god. His battle skills must really bug him.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/19/2007 22:23:41  

"Right," Anne said decisively and began to stride a little more forthright.

The house in and of itself seemed rather dilapidated, with a few horses roped to a long bench staked into the snowy ground. "Quite a few horses," she commented quietly. "That is a fair sign of an inn. Though I do not see an actual sign."

But if it were an inn, things were very somber inside; no sounds seemed to be coming from the interior.

From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/19/2007 22:38:35  

Snow, oblivious to the obvious creep factor, entertained herself by petting the horses and cooing sweetly at them. They didn't seem to mind at all, and nuzzled her with affection. She kissed one between the eyes before walking away from the stable and towards what appeared to be the main entrance to the building.

"Well, let's see if someone's inside!" She chirped brightly, making a few brisk paces before knocking loudly on the door. "Hello! Anybody there?" Whether that was a wise choice or not, we will see...

From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/20/2007 09:20:59  

Cautiously, Cupid watched the girls. Mostly he watched Snow, as she went around the horses and gave them a quick bit of TLC. He could think of a few goddesses who would love to meet her. Bah. And then, as he was about to call out to Snow and have her come back, she did. Eyes shifting to Anne, he knew she was fine. The blond female was quite more sensible.

"It doesn't look it," Eros murmured to himself as he glanced back at the horses. "Stay here." He motioned to the women and opened his wings again and drifted over to a window. First he looked in one that had a curtain half shut, then a second that was open to a room with the fire.

"I don't see anyone," he said as he moved up to a second floor window. "But someone had to have been here." It only made sense. Fire didn't just start itself neatly in the fireplace.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/20/2007 11:15:02  

"Perhaps the owners have gone to hunt."

Doubt crossed Anne's mind, unsure of how to proceed. The part of her that was freezing and tired a nd hungry wanted to go in, ravage whatever stores it kept and collapse into a heap in front of the fireplace. But she was until very recently a Queen, the keeper of law and order within her realm, and the idea of breaking in and burglarising sat poorly in her stomach.

But GODS was she frost-bitten and to have warmth so close was a temptation she could hardly bear.

You're supposed to be dead, do not compound it by actually dying of cold.

"I do hope the owner is as hospitable as I would be had our situations been reversed," she murmured quietly and gestured to Snow. "Try the knob."
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/20/2007 12:45:13  

Not one to question, especially someone like Anne, who obviously knew better than she did, Snow turned the knob and gave it a push. The door, in turn, responded by creaking as loudly as imaginable, a ghostly groan that became more high pitched as the hinge was pushed further in.

"Hello? Anyone?" Snow took a few steps inside, gingerly. It was dark. "We don't mean to trespass, but we're road-weary travelers in need of shelter!" She called in gently, in a sing-songy tone.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she remembered another situation that began somewhat like this. Not knowing exactly why, her mood shifted a little for the worse, and she stayed silent for the next few moments.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/20/2007 13:46:52  

Eros felt as though he should have asked to let him go in first, but seeing as there was nothing it was alright in the end. Looking behind him as he stood in the doorway, also very cold for he had less clothing than either of the women, he gave the grounds a once over. It seemed pretty void of people, and so he backed up while closing the door.

"I'm sure they'll understand," he said lightly. Party of him agreed with this statement. Part of him did not. He saw this awkward and somewhat disastrous situation in two ways. On one hand, these people could be very kind once they realized they had a god on their hands (a handsome one at that). Or, they could take the trio and kick them out into the cold where Eros would proceed to murmur mean, evil things and hope his mother heard.

But he was sure they would be the former.

"Why don't we just stay a minute, then leave." He proposed. Eros knew that if someone had walked into his own domain he would not take it well, but after hearing the reason why he would forgive those too ignorant.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/20/2007 14:33:27  

Anne proceeded immediately to the smoldering fire-- a few embers still glowed a bright orange, but the heap of wood for the most part has been charred quiet well. She picked up a log from the small stack next to the fireplace and stoked the end until it caught alight. Then she tossed it in and sat down before the grate.

"Little cinder girl," she chuckled under her breath at her present state, folding her legs under her to put her hands up to the fire. Then she grabbed another log and did the same as before. "I am not sure... I would like to stay in case to thank him for the use of his home in our time of need. It's really only polite."
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/20/2007 17:02:32  

Snow followed Anne towards the fire, gently tucking the big skirt of her gown around her as she sat, so that it would stay unruffled. Then, she removed her cloak and folded it neatly over her lap. She leaned on Anne's shoulder, and her eyes began to droop. The warmth was slowly spreading to her heart, melting away any doubts, fears, and any unpleasant memories that were harboring there.

(( nap time! she will stir if needed though! ))
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/20/2007 19:42:33  

The man sighed and crossed his arms, standing in the middle of the living area with his feet slightly spread. "Is she taking a nap?" Eros asked, slightly irritated. This was hardly the time--or place really--to be taking a nap! Shaking his head he turned away, walked to the window, and stood at it with his arms continuing to cross.

"We shouldn't stay long," he said to Anne. She was the only one awake it seemed, the only one to talk to. After he gave a good long look out the window, Eros began to investigate the rest of the house. He found a back door they could escape out of if he deemed the person who lived here unpleasant. There was some food stored, some water and a bit of ale. Cupid wouldn't touch it, even if it was to be eaten by someone who intended to live. It was below his class.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/20/2007 20:04:56  

The fire was starting to feel less nice, sharp tingles in her toes and fingertips firing with every passing moment as the warmth defrosted her. Anne didn't want to move too much, in case Snow woke up... poor girl. Running from dragons then running through snow must have taken such the toll upon her. She gently led Snow's head to the ground, pulling off her shawl to make a small pillow for her so she could rise and move to Eros.

"Give her a break, where last she was a dragon was on her trail," Anne replied, looking back at her with a fond, motherly look. "Besides, we have no way of knowing how far the next place to rest may be. It may be safer that she rest here than in the night out of doors."

But the fact that she wasn't resting herself gave way to her words; she wasn't quite comfortable enough with the situation to relax.

From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/20/2007 20:15:35  

Practically seeing through Anne's supposedly comforting words, the man nodded once. "We move if there's trouble," he said firmly. Cupid then turned his head to look at Anne, see the weary that may have been upon her features.

"Sit," he instructed as kindly as he could. He was quite picky about this whole thing, but had to see to these two now. After last nights rest, and his wings, he could go for days with his stamina. Anne and Snow, he was not so sure. Dragon's sounded harsh, and whatever had brought Anne here might not have been quite so delicate. He himself had walked for what felt like an eternity.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/20/2007 20:38:56  

She did just that, but it was no means a slump onto the bench in what looked to be the dining area of the kitchen, it was a graceful descent onto the wood.

Anne folded her hands over her lap and looked up at Eros, placid despite his firmly set frustration. She reached down and pulled off the woolen breeches she had taken. A fair bit larger on her, she offered them silently to Eros, thinking they may be less large and more welcome on him.

"May I ask what other knowledge the Queen gave you during your visit, aside from going south?" Anne asked, rustling her skirts back into place.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/21/2007 06:55:31  

Once he realized Anne was holding something out to him, Cupid took several steps towards her as he replied to her question. "No," he shook his head. "Titania told me about the different lands, but that was about it. People seem to be coming here without want or reason. As far as we know." He took up the trousers, confused, and turned his wary eyes on Anne.

"What do I do with these?" The blond asked, for he was Greek. No Greek from his time wore pants. They wore toga's and liked it. Pants were...ahead of them. Of course he had seen Anna wearing this clothy structure, but that did not mean he was supposed to don them.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/21/2007 11:25:19  

Anne looked up at his earnest confusion and had to laugh a little, a bell-like giggle.

"I imagine your Mount Olympus must be of a much more temperate climate to not require a covering of some sort." She sidestepped the real issue, not wanting to offend his sensibilities. "But they are intended to be drawn over the legs and tied at the waist to keep your warmth better. I wasn't sure if warmth was something terribly consequential for Gods."
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/21/2007 22:16:59  

A slender brow raised as he looked down at the cloth and nodded, but handed them back to Anne. "You" Eros said with another single nod. "I'm fine. I've been in worse conditions before." He had, and really the idea of wearing these things irked him. Why cover perfection? Cupid was much like women and their heels or cropped shirts. They might be in pain, might be freezing, but they looked good.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/22/2007 02:04:55  

So much for that inclination. Anne folded the woolen breeches in her lap and reasserted herself to Not Look.

"It sounds as if there must be a fierce story in those words," Anne remarked, trying to draw Eros out of his shell a little, relax him some towards her person.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/22/2007 02:31:51  

Anne and Cupid's voices, even in their normal conversational tones, carried over to the fireplace from the dining area. Snow slowly began to wake, but continued to lay comfortably by the warmth, with her head cushioned on the soft shawl. She was content to listen, for now.
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"Have you one?" Eros asked from his standpoint, not noticing her avoiding glance. He didn't much have problem with her looking or not, it was how he'd lived his life after all. But as for a story, his had been shared. He had no more, not of this land. Perhaps if they asked kindly he would tell tale of his mother and how she went about her goddessly existence. Those were some very interesting stories, if Cupid would be so bold to say. His were rather boring in comparison, only being able to describe how mortals bickered at one another under hate or fell into clumsy love.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/26/2007 12:31:28  

"A fierce story? I think so. I will admit to leading a rather charmed life in parts and a rather doomed one in others, but really, who cannot say the same of their life? To be sure I have fallen upon both of your arrows in my time," she replied easily a slightly sly but genuine smile.

"On high, you must have seen the whole of human life on endless repeat."
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/26/2007 14:49:32  

The man could only smile at her comment about being hit by her arrows. It was easy to see it too, as if Eros could see into her soul and into the past relationships she may or may not have had. He shook his head, however, in reply.

"I don't, really. As much as I have watched the lives of others I do not have any story of my own." He explained. "But if you really want a story, I'm sure I could give you one." The beautiful blond man gave a small smile still to Anne, sitting himself down cautiously on a bench.

"There once was a woman named Atlanta. She didn't like the fact that she was a woman and after her father left her alone int he woods to die, she was raised by bears. She grew to be a huntress and was the most skilled of all. She was an amazing archer and later entered a wrestling match. She won that too." Eros seemed to be enjoying the story he told, his eyes looking around the room as he moved his hands while speaking. "After winning, her father took her back. He forgave her for not being the son he wanted and set her up for marriage. She proposed that any man wanting to take her hand would have to beat her in a foot race. However, she was the fastest among the mortals." The man leaned back as he thought over the rest of this story before nodding and continuing.

"There was a man who wanted to wed Atlanta. His name was Melanion. He knew he couldn't beat her in a foot race, and so he prayed to my mother, Aphrodite. She took pity on him, as my mother will always take pity on those in love. She made a deal with him. Three golden apples and a plan, for a sacrifice given Melanion to her." He stopped and smiled, looking to Anne. She probably wouldn't want to hear the end of this for it were his favorite part and went into some detail.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/26/2007 16:03:03  

Already partially reclined in her chair, she looked dismayed when his tale ended with a smile.

"Oh come now, that cannot be the end! A story began must be finished!" she laughed, legs crossing at the ankles.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/26/2007 17:25:08  

Snow followed along with Eros and Anne's conversation in the other room with some amusement as she slowly took in her own surroundings. The room was filled with shadows, with the fireplace as its only light source. It was an unremarkable sitting room, furnished only with three chairs and a small table, but it had a certain rustic charm.

Snow picked herself off the floor, dusting herself off a little before neatly folding and putting Anne's shawl away in her pouch, making a mental note to return it later on. She made her way to the first chair and sat down. Hmm. It was a humongous chair and far too hard for her delicate bottom, so she scooted over to the next chair which looked a little smaller and less austere. She sat down on it and frowned slightly. It was much too soft!

She got up and walked to the last chair remaining, which was the smallest of them all. She sat herself down gingerly at first, and then smiled, sinking herself into it with full abandon. It was perfectly comfortable. She leaned onto the back, about to doze off again, but it was much too small to support that kind of sitting from a normal sized girl! The whole ensemble, chair and girl, toppled over backwards, causing a crash and a shocked scream that could be heard from the other room.

(OOC: The chair's broken. Snow's fine but a little disheveled. And please feel free to finish up your story first!)
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Shaking his head, as if mentally making fun of her. "Alright," he said and then continued on.

"Melanion then entered the race while holding onto the three golden apples. In the race with Atlanta he threw one down early on, she stopped and picked it up. The beautiful shine was too much. Then she got back on track and caught up to Melanion, who released another apple. This time he threw it farther away. She went after this fruit as well and steadily lost pace. By the time he threw the third apple she had lost the race." Eros then laughed, finding the whole thing funny.

"Atlanta found she actually liked the married life, but Melanion, so wrapped up in the joyous occasion forgot about my mother. He did not pay sacrifice to her and she became furious. One night when they were out for a walk, passing by Zeus' temple, Aphrodite put a great desire upon them. There, they lay in the temple and had passionate sex on the tile floor. Zeus, in turn furious by their action, turned them into lions."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/27/2007 11:29:27  

Anne's jaw opened in surprise. "Did he turn them back when he found out they weren't under their own devices? That seems a gross--"

She jumped a foot of the bench at the sound of the crash. "Snow!?" Adrenaline shot through her and she reached out to grab the first heavy thing in sight- a large ceramic bowl- not thinking that alerting the caretaker of this estate to her presence may not be the wisest decision.

Immediately she looked to Eros to take point.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/27/2007 12:11:30  

By the time Anne's eyes had made their way to Eros, he already had his bow and arrow drawn. He held the items at the read, but not pulled to full stretch and ready for firing. He was quite a sight in the midst of the dingy room with his pearly wings and naked body, holding a bow.

Feet picking off of the ground, his toes barely touched the ground as he moved quickly from one room to the next. When he saw the princess on the ground in her broken chair he shook his head.

"It's alright." Called the god back to Anne in the other room. "She just broke a chair." He glanced around warily before putting away the weaponry and helping the fair of skinned girl to her feet.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/27/2007 14:22:25  

Snow sobbed helplessly on the floor. She was a mess--but somehow, still lovely--to behold. Pieces of splintered wood was scattered all over her dress and in her hair. She wiped a few tears off her eyes with her sleeve and began to brush herself off. One would think that she cried over the pain or shock from the fall, but instead, she spoke with a wavering voice, "That was such a sad story..."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/27/2007 14:42:35  

Anne sighed in relief, finally noticing she picked up a bowl and giving it a tiredly amused look. She set the large ceramic bowl down and walked over.

"I think we'd best be on our way. Perhaps we ought to leave a note about the broken chair..." she thought aloud, looking up.

Anne suddenly neatly side-stepped, darting out of view of the window, a look of shock on her face.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/27/2007 15:49:32  

Eros seemed a little on edge as well, one hand around Snow's wrist as he steadied her. He glanced over his shoulder and then pulled the girl forward and led her across the room to a wall. "Stay," he commanded and then pointed at Anne to get against a wall as well. Whatever it was outside that Anne had seen and he had sensed, he would take care of it. One hand was leading toward the quiver on his back, wings tense as he backed away from the entrance.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/27/2007 18:40:08  

"I'm not a dog." Snow pouted, but stay she did, clinging onto Anne for comfort. There was a clip-clop of hooves outside, and it was approaching the door.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/27/2007 19:16:18  

Anne had seen a lot of strange things in her past. Having a fairy godmother in her experience required certain coping mechanisms involving the suspension of reality for short breaks in time.

She thought turning mice into horses was a strange turn of event. Nothing prepared her for the sight of three bears, dark brown fur bristling through fabric and lumbering towards the house with angry bear faces towards the house. Mice, after all, were small and friendly and adorable when their nose twitched. Bears were angry and big and heavily clawed and, in her uneducated mind, ate people.

"No, no staying- time to go, go, GO!" she said hurriedly, voice pitching high with fear. She grabbed Snow's hand and Eros's shoulder, pulling them back into the house, towards the back door in the kitchen.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/27/2007 19:21:20  

"Why? Snow asked as she was being pushed along by Anne, "What's the hurry? Our hosts are coming home and I think it's rude to run off now." Wide eyed with curiosity and completely lacking the sense of urgency that's apparent in the other two, she moved rather reluctantly. "I already left a note to thank them but I think I should apologize in person for breaking their furniture." She pouted slightly with guilt.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/27/2007 19:29:39  

"The note is fine," Eros said as he tried to pull Snow along by her waist. "I'm sure they'll understand. It was not all that great anyway. Time to go." He told her quickly, dragging her along and glancing back at Anne who was farther away. This was taking too long. As he turned to Snow his beautiful eyes looked outside.

"By Gods..." he whispered in a breath, almost stopped in his tracks. "Definitely time to go. Anne, go faster! Snow, watch out for the arrows." With that he picked her up, by far stronger than he looked, and threw her over his shoulder. Running was just not efficient, so his wings opened and the moment he stepped out the door flew. Women. This was why he had to shoot them. They couldn't just let it go!
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/27/2007 19:40:42  

Anne took off, running right into the door, hands fumbling the knob before breaking back out into the snow. She didn't have time to feel the twinge of jealousy as Eros bore Snow up to the skies, she just kept running, running from the clearing back into the comparative safety of the dense trees, hair whipping at her face.


She doesn't get far before she sinks to her knees, chest heaving from the sudden exertion, wear compounding the lack of sleep from the last week, the meager food, the frigid temperatures. It overwhelmed her and tried to extract tears out of her, but Anne kept herself from it, hands balling into fists in frustration.

From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/27/2007 19:47:13  

Oof! Snow was tossed onto the shoulder of the hot naked man. Before she even had time to blush, she gasped at what she saw through the window. "Bears!" She exclaimed, "How wonderful! Perhaps they'll invite us to stay for teaaaaaaaaAHHH!" She cried out in fear for the first time as she was airborne! It was scary, but it was.... AWESOME! She began to laugh and squeal with glee, already having forgotten about the cabin in the woods, the broken chair, the bears, and the note left on the sitting room table, written in a neatly elegant script on a piece of parchment.

"To whom it may concern,
Rest assured, we mean you no harm. My friends and I did not mean to trespass, but we are weary travelers deposited into this land against our will, seeking temporary shelter against the cold. There was nobody home, and we felt that we had no choice but to come in for a few moments to warm our souls, lest we perish from frostbite.

I leave you this bauble, not as payment, for I don't think a price can be put on your help to us. It is merely a token of our appreciation. My only regret is that we did not get a chance to thank you in person, and to apologize for entering your lovely home uninvited. I hope you understand the urgency of our situation and forgive us this rude gesture.

Snow White, and her friends Cupid and Anne de Montmorency"

Next to the note is a brilliant opal, about the size of a fist.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/27/2007 19:59:43  

And then the flying stopped, Eros landing on his bare feet easily on the dying grass outside. Gently he set Snow down once they were in a clearing of trees and turned back to make sure Anne was alright. They had, after all, passed her in the process of their escape.

"Are you both safe?" The young god asked to the pair, glancing back to Snow before returning gaze to Anne. She looked disheveled and he had no idea what to do. This sort of thing was not covered in his job description.
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 12/27/2007 20:06:31  

Anne put an unclenched hand against her forehead and pushed the escaped strands of her hair back from her face, frowning and heaving a deep sigh.

"I don't know, are we being followed?" she asked clearly, trembling a little from the waning adrenaline.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 12/28/2007 14:49:25  

"Safe? I'm better than safe!" Snow, giggling, ran over to Anne and gave her a quick hug. She shielded her eyes with a hand on her forehead to peer into the distance behind them.

"I don't see anyone following us." She responded cheerily, as if it wouldn't be a big deal even if they were. Then, she straightened up her gown and retrieved a comb from her pouch. "So," she wondered as she ran the comb through some tangles in her hair, "what do we do now?"
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/29/2007 10:44:25  

Eros lifted himself into the air to check, height was by far better. But it was true, they did not seem to have been followed. "They must have read your note," he said and landed quietly on the ground. Wings folding behind him as he set down, he looked between them before his eyes lingering on Anne.

"Are you sure you're okay?" He asked of her, hand reaching out and touching her pretty blond hair. There was nothing romantic about his touch, but it was so soft and sweet like that of the god he was it may have been difficult to think otherwise. "You don't look too good."
From: [info]ashes_everafter Date: 01/02/2008 19:14:15  

"I--" Anne started, then bit it back, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

"I'm fine," she said to the ground, and then looked up at Eros. "I think I could use about a week of quiet, peaceful existence. All this running about in snow is not my usual fare."

She rose up and brushed the snow from the ends of her skirt, pushing her hair back out of her face. "Really," she repeated, setting a hand on Cupid's arm, "it's all just nerves and exhaustion." She set away from him and linked her arm in Snow's free one. "Now, I think we should find a residence not so inhabited, yes?" she answered her with a smile.
From: [info]the_fairest_one Date: 01/03/2008 14:36:43  

Snow wasn't sure why they had to leave the cottage in the woods so quickly, in favor of a more 'uninhabited' one, as Anne said, but they might as well keep pressing along. She put away her comb as she accepted Anne's arm gently, adding, "or perhaps an inn. With some warm, savory, delicious food--oh, excuse me!" Snow blushed with embarrassment as her stomach growled in response.

"But it would be nice to eat..." She sang under her breath, and began to hum.
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