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[Thread] Love That Is Not Lost Cannot Be Found [Titania and Cupid] Finished
This…this was not Olympus, nor was it the land below. From high on up floated a figure, peering down on the new land with shining blue eyes. Pearl wings flittered and closed, the male dropping to the forest floor with graceful steps. Where was this place? How had he come to be here? The god was not sure how to answer his own questions, the riddles to which he needed to resolve. These trees looked foreign, not from his land. Pale fingers reached out, touching the bark and feeling it with the pads of each digit. They did not come to mind.

He turned his eyes up to the leaves, seeing their fading color. Winter is approaching, thought he. Nodding softly, a look of curiosity and wonder on his face as he turned away and started to walk. His bare feet drifted over the ground, the toes lightly touching the earth as he fluttered. Those gorgeous wings sprouting forth from his back kept him off of the chilled ground, their white so glorious like freshly carved marble itself. The appendages then snapped shut, pressing to his back as a cool breeze weaved its way through the trunks of the trees and his legs.

Shivering, Cupid crossed his arms over his bare chest and let his hands hold fast to either bicep. As he moved, now walking and feeling the prick of fallen branches and rock under his feet, his eyes searched further. There seemed to be no one around, animals gone from the cold. But, strangely, as he moved along his skin noticed a subtle change in the temperature. How odd, he thought, for this is not how winter was meant to go. Has Zeus chosen to defy what he already ruled so? No. It was something else. Eros could feel in his feather tips it was something else. Someone else.

Crunch, the young male picked up his foot and looked down at a now snapped twig. If he had been trying for silence, it was ruined. Those in the vicinity, if anyone around of course, would surely know someone was upon them. Opening his wings, even in the chill, the creature rose into the air and went to hide behind a rather large tree, hands behind him as his wings closed once more after moving the distance. He swallowed, senses alert and hands ready to grab at his bow and arrows. They would do no good as weapons, but he could delay attack by shooting the few magical figures left. The god hoped it would not come to that.

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From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/05/2007 20:44:49  

Perhaps the subtle change in temperature was a signal that there was magic, a great deal of magic just ahead, for that was the case. Titania's bower was one of the sole warm places left in the Sleeping woods. The woods responded to Mabb's strength as it had to her own, and now the winter was encroaching.

Titania retired to her bower to feel the warmth against her skin. Again she'd shut out her closest servants, choosing to be alone to think. She knew she should be with Peaseblossom, but at the moment she could not fathom feigning concern at the death of the fairy's best friend, the traitor Mustardseed, and so she kept herself away. It was comfort Peaseblossom needed, comfort Titania could not give.

No, Titania was self-concerned at the moment. Well self-concerned and curious as to who was encroaching the boundaries of her bower. On light feet cushioned by the grass and flowers, Titania approached. She was clothed in an unsaturated dark green gown, a gown that made her seem almost in mourning. Her hair, long and red hung down her back, unadorned and curling gently.

She heard a snapping twig, and knowing someone was close called in a gentle-sounding voice, "Who goes there?"
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Freezing in place, Cupid listened to the woman's call. She sounded kind, but one could not always be so sure. Peeking around the tree, brows raised slightly in question, he stole a look.

She did not look like anyone he would know. She did not look like she was from around his lands either. Clearly, Eros thought, he was not back in Greece (or Rome, it depending on who fawned over him more sometimes!) and was in a bit of a spot.

In his brief glance he had noticed her clothes, a nice green dress. The woman appeared sad as well, but Cupid could not be so sure. Sometimes he looked sad when he was merely in thought. Well, she had asked of a question, but he never liked to give himself away. Mortals swooned at his glorious gold curls and handsome features.

"I go there," he replied out in a deep not-so-much-his voice. "What are you called?" The young man god then called back, feet drifting off of the ground as he rose up several yards.
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Initially amused at his dogding reply, Titania stepped gracefully from behind the sleepy tree she rested her palm against. She was no mortal certainly and did not quite swoon, but she did let her eyes sweep over and rest on what was likely one of the most beautiful men she'd ever seen. She did not know who he was, only that he clearly was not mortal himself. The wings that sprouted from his back was sign enough.

Green eyes slid from his perfect face down his perfect and naked form. By the time they climbed back up to his eyes, a smile was curving her lips. "I am called Titania," she replied in her lilting voice. "I am queen of these woods. And who are you that graces my woods with such beauty?"
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Blast, he'd been caught! Though he had to smirk slightly at her compliment. Eros really would rather have not given out his name so freely, but there was something about this woman and this place that soothed his worry. He let his feet touch the ground and approached the female, admiring her own beauty for but a moment.

"I am Cupid," said the blond as he crossed his arms over his chest. His wings twittered behind him briefly before settling down. "God of love and intercourse." Crystal eyes ran over Titania's body once more, her strange and sad dress, then her face before staring into her own eyes. "Where is this place?" Asked the man finally. He had to know, was he near home or far away?
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 14:40:39  

Titania's lips curved at his introduction. "God of love and intercourse? Well that sounds like quite the wonderful profession. My subjects would be sure to have sung your praises many a time were they to be the sort to pray at all."

She stepped forward then, and it because clear that though her gown was long, it was slit up both sides and her feet were bare. They settled firmly into green grass, the verdant growth seeming to curl against her. "You are in the Sleeping Woods, home to most of the fey who now dwell in this world. Have you no knowledge of these woods?"
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Eros laughed, pleased with himself. His smile was something to behold, a grin to try and be captured. Proud of himself, yet again, he shifted on his feet and watched Titania move across the plain.

"No," he replied with a small shake of his head. "I know not where I am." This conversation felt very formal, but he realized in the presence of a queen that perhaps it was best. Though he would have liked to speak casually, she seemed like one he could talk to. Mayhap it was her smile that made him feel welcomed and a little less lost. "I was on Mount Olympus one moment, and here another."
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 14:53:09  

Titania's eyes rested on that perfect smile for a good deal longer than necessary. He was beautiful, simply put, and hadn't she thought that already? "I know not where your Mount Olympus is from here. This world is called Pentamerone. There are many countries and kingdoms herein, but none that I know of by that name."

She moved closer to him, her own smile growing. "Tell me how does a god of love and intercourse come to be lost in my woods?" Not that she minded one bit.
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Stepping forward two paces, he stopped and looked down on Titania. "I know not," he replied. "I left in anger, only to find myself lost among the clouds. When I returned to land, here was I." It was, to be honest, the abridged version. The longer story consisted of information he would rather not divulge.

Cupid was still in a rut of sorts. He was angry with Psyche for her betrayal, but he did miss her, if only a smidgen. She would pass, he was sure. If he had to stab his own heart with an arrow of hate, so be it. He did not wish to recall memories of that woman.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 15:01:26  

"Odd indeed," Titania mused. "Oh forgive my questioning and lack of hospitality. Are you tired? Hungry? Thirsty, perhaps? My bower is nearby and if there's anything you need that I could offer... You seem a bit at a loss, if you forgive my saying so."
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The man was not offended by her words, but rather, he was relieved. A place out of this cold would be lovely. Maybe a fire, oh, some ambrosia. Delicious. The wine of the gods, did these people even have that? They were in the wrong if they did not.

"I wouldn't mind a bite," Cupid gave a small shrug. His arms uncrossed and fell to his side as his feet shifted around on the cold earth again. It was too chilly, even with the woman's warmth radiating from this bower of hers. Whatever that was. He assumed it was her castle.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 15:19:35  

"Come with me," Titania said softly, reaching for his hand to pull him behind her. His skin was incredibly smooth, not at all a surprise to her, and yet still she couldn't help letting her hands trail along his arm before taking his hand. She tugged gently, and started off toward her bower.

As they walked, it grew warmer, the growth more lush. Her bower was not at all a castle, but rather a huge willow tree with a fairy ring beside it. As she approached the tree leaves parted, opened like curtains, and she led him inside.

Her bower was brighter on the inside than one would have expected within a tree to be. It was also tiered, covered in flowers, and almost tropically warm. There was a large hollow within its base and there were places to rest, to lounge. "I have nectar, wine, fruits, cheeses, breads - what is your desire?" Her hand again slid up his arm, lingering and then staying on his bicep.
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While the man might have been god of love and intercourse, it did not mean he enjoyed being touched by those he had yet to fully trust. Casually, after allowing himself to be led into the bower, Cupid stepped away from Titania as if to look around. Very slick.

"Do you have ambrosia?" He asked with hope, turning his face to smile at her softly. "Otherwise wine is fine." Cupid very much hoped there was ambrosia to be had, but by the looks of this place not even Mother Earth herself could conjure the sweet flavor. Shame really.

Letting his wings stay flat to his back, his eyes took in the sight of this strange tree-home. It was not that he could not like it, a fair handful of goddesses and gods themselves lived (or were) trees. It was just different from the various residences he was used to. And what in the world was that ring outside? He'd make sure to ask later.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 15:28:25  

Titania tilted her head at his question. "Ambrosia? I'm sorry to say I do not." Whatever that was. She poured him a glass of a deep red wine instead, handing it over as she watched him inspect her bower. "What do you think of it?" She poured herself a glass, crossing the room herself to settle on what looked much like a lounge-shaped log, but far more comfortable. "My bower, not the wine, though after you've had a sip you may tell me that as well."
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Taking up the glass, he took a last view of the place before turning back to Titania. "It isn't my cloud," he replied honestly with a small smirk of teasing. And after a sip he nodded, though not at all satisfied. It was something he could drink, perhaps grow to like over time if given the chance, but he was not caught in rapture.

"The wine is nice, thank you." Cupid nodded at her, falling a little less formal. Walking over to her, his free hand motioned to the log-like seat where he assumed one was to sit. She was. "May I?" Eros sat anyway.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 15:42:56  

"I do know the feeling. Once these woods were not my home, but for me there is no going back to what no longer was," she responded, almost flippantly. She shifted, crossing her legs, one slit in her dress exposing one pale leg. She brushed the material out of the way and nodded. "Please do. I wish I could be of more service to you. Is there anything else I can do for you?"
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He thought of what she said, wondering if her old home had somehow been demolished. War, he thought. Couldn't mortals just learn to get along? It would save some gods trouble, though others would then have nothing to do. Vicious cycle, he mused mentally. Cupid did not realize he'd looked down to her leg, too deep in thought, though a part of him did register it as a very nice looking leg.

But then, considering what she could do, he leaned back rather comfortably and shook his head. After a sip and a swallow of the crimson wine he replied. "No, thank you." Eros was not sure where he would go from here, but he could not ask of her hospitality any further. Requesting a place of stay was just too much!
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 15:53:05  

Titania sipped at her wine and sat up just a bit. "Are you certain? A stranger in a strange land? You don't know of what these woods are like to strangers. You're lucky I found you before others did. Some animals, some plants themselves, creatures, other fey... The woods are very unsafe at night and even more so now in winter. Where were you going to go?"
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"I don't know," he said as his eyes fell to look into the wine. "But I could not impose on you." Eros reasoned, almost sadly. Now that she brought it up, she was right. There were things out there his arrows could not battle. He was not built for such an activity in anyway, only able to do such when in dire needs. Cupid had been born with wings, not a sword.

Sighing, he brought his face back up to the woman's and gazed at her. "It would not be trouble if I stayed a night?"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/07/2007 16:12:44  

"I would not consider it an imposition. My bower is safe from weather and threats alike. It is one place here in these woods you will not be harmed by the wild magic and creatures." In fact, no one could really enter Titania's bower without her permission, and so anyone within was safe from everything. From everything but her at least. "You may stay, assuming of course you do not mind my company for the night." the last was said with a lilting tease in her voice.
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"I don't mind company," responded the man as he stood up once more and brought the wine glass over to a table. Leaving it there, he turned and looked a something upon the wall-like surface while beginning to speak.

"Thank you for your hospitality. I will tell mother of your good deed once I return home." In payment for his stay, which might be longer than planned (at least within Pentamerone), he would grant Titania more beauty than she might already posses. Or try. He knew mother was not always the kindest with her gifts, but surely she could conjure something for this woman's sweetness. However, Titania didn't give Cupid the impression of needing his mothers gift. She could have his own. Inwardly, he grinned.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/10/2007 12:04:22  

Titania shifted, pale eyes following Cupid as he moved. She liked witching the lines of his body as he shifted, and since he wore nothing, every line was clearly visible. "You are quite welcome," she murmured, finishing her wine. "And who may I ask is your mother?" The way he said it seemed as thought passing along word was important. If he was a god, certainly his mother was one as well, right?
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The man smiled at Titania's question, as if he both pitied her for not knowing and thought it was cute. Mulling over how to best satisfy the question and his mum, though he feared she no longer knew all in this strange place.

"My mother is Aphrodite, goddess of all love and beauty." Cupid said this proudly, being quite the "mommas boy" on the occasion.

Running his hand through the golden ringlets on his head, he then shook out the strands. Shifting on his bare feet, he then spoke out again in his crystal yet masculine tone.

"If I am to stay the night, where will I stay?"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/10/2007 18:35:57  

Titania made a sweeping gesture. "Wherever you wish. My own bedchamber lies through there. You may join me or if you wish your own space, I can will you your own chamber wherever you wish it." She smiled at him. "That's up to you dear. And that's impressive linage to have. I'm certain that explains your own beauty, I should think."
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Briefly the man thought of Psyche.

And then the thought was gone. Cupid was still furious with her. He was hurt from her betrayal, how she had tried to kill him and doubted him only when he had given her love. He'd seen couples go through these pains, he'd brought it on from time to time with a fire of his bow. The god felt impervious to this sort of thing, having no problem moving on. It was how things went. It was what he learned over the years as harbinger of relationships.

Cupid moved around, as if fidgeting or something was on his mind. Then he chose a course and started along in the direction Titania had motioned to was her room. As he walked, back to her, his wings stretched like extra arms stretching out the muscle before going to collapse onto the bed. Looking back to the faerie then as he stood in the doorway, Cupid smirked.

"Are you coming now, or later?"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 11:04:28  

The smile that spread across Titania's lips as she rose was nothing short of pleased. "Plays your cards right and it will be both." She followed into her own bedchamber, in one swift motion let the green gown she wore slip from her shoulders straight to the floor. Titania had little sense of modesty herself and confidence to the point of conceit in her own beauty. Especially naked beauty.

She'd had plenty of men in her bed before, but not so beautiful as this god of love and sex. She slid into bed, a plush grand affair with deep greens and gold, soft pillows and silky sheets. "Would you like to try your luck?" Luck nothing. He was a god of sex. Titania expected he knew well what he was doing and how to do it better than any lover she'd ever had.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/11/2007 13:13:37  

When she had gotten in front of him, he wasn't sure, but he was sure of something else. No matter where in the entire big, old universe you were, one language could always be spoken.

Eros happened to be fluent in this language. So fluent in fact, he may as well have created it. But that was another story for another night. Currently he was grinning, his feet lifting off of the ground and he moved through the air quietly toward her.

"I'll try my hand at it," he joked. Letting himself down his knees touched the bed, palms following and pinning Titania's thighs down on either side. "Though, I must admit, I'm not very good." Lies, all of them. But he liked to play tricks, remember. Jokes were a manner of tricks, in speaking.

Leaning forward on his hands he caught up her lips without another word passing between them. His were so soft, like velvet, moist but not wet. The kiss, too, was very good. Not practiced but known, as if he understood what sort of kiss every woman wanted, no matter who she was. This was Titania's kiss.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 15:44:05  

That was some kiss. It was as though Cupid knew exactly how Titania liked to be kissed, and she didn't put it past him that he did. His lips were soft and hers were pliant, opening and yielding to him. She slid hands up his skin, eager to touch him, for him to touch her more. If his mere kiss was so perfect, Titania had no doubt she would enjoy the rest of her night.

And enjoy herself she did. She lost count of how many times she sang and moaned her pleasure at Cupid's skilled hands, and lost track of time as well. She knew it was a good deal of time later she lay curled against him now, one hand resting in the middle of his chest. "I'm certain you've heard this before, but your title of god of sex is quite well placed." The smile on her face was nothing short of pure bliss.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/11/2007 16:12:21  

The man had part of his back leaned against the headboard, eyes half closed as he slumped comfortably back. For a lack of better definition, Cupid felt warm and cozy. The last time he'd enjoyed himself so thoroughly was several weeks past with Psyche, a woman he would not be thinking of. He banished her from his mind whenever the inkling struck.

"You make it sound like I have sex all the time," he replied with a smirk. Really, the god was trying not to laugh. This woman here, mortal or not, had been quite wonderful herself. Better than Psyche, but he wasn't thinking about her. Through his half-lidded eyes he looked down on Titania's form and reflected upon how she'd felt under his palms. A different woman, but he felt like they'd known each other for so much more than a few hours.

"I really don't." Cupid was speaking casually now, in his usual manner. "I shoot people with my arrows, watch them enjoy themselves. Though I have been around."

Around indeed.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 16:21:14  

Titania laughed softly at his comment. "And I must admit I have as well." Been around, that is. Quite a bit, in fact. Sex was an incredibly enjoyable pastime for Titania and she sought it with those she deemed worthy of her attention as often as she could. "Hundreds of years by how mortals count time give plenty of opportunity for experience." She smirked up at him. "Some far better than others."

She might have continued in that vein, but she was intrigued by something he'd said. "Shoot people with your arrows? Ah, I see. Your arrows, they induce attraction then?" That was a handy thing. It could be used either to give comfort, pleasure, rewards to people. And it could just as easily be used to create strife, havoc, even war. The things mortals did for what the considered love...
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Grinning back down at Titania, his eyes then moved away and over to his quiver sitting rather alone on a chair not far off. Well, it wasn't so much sitting as leaning precariously against the backing with the leather butt of the case attempting not to slip off the edge of the seat. Cupid felt sorry for his companion, and the arrows inside. The bow had not had to shoot a thing in, what felt like to him, forever.

"That they do," the golden haired male replied. "Or bring about indifference and hate. Depends on how I'm feeling," really it did. But if he was one to have loose lips today. Mentally he was telling himself to shut up, but Titania hardly seemed like the type of person to betray him.

The woman he wasn't thinking about hadn't seemed that sort either.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 16:36:14  

"Intriguing gift that is," Titania mused, locking the information away for later. She had little idea what she could use the information for right now, but she was certain it would come in handy later. "I'm certain it could come in handy, especially around these parts. Any gift, any thread of magic helps, both in these woods and the lands nearby. I often wonder how mortals even survive as long as they do." The comment wasn't meant to be rude or callous, merely flippantly curious.

"I should warn you more of these lands. For instance, were you to walk into Camlann as I found you, you'd find yourself surrounded by mortal guards attempting to place you under arrest. Or at least question you. They have no love of magic in Camlann, at least not obvious or fey magic." That of course had been Oberon and Puck's fault, something Titania suspected but did not know for certain.
From: [info]love_lust_sex14 Date: 12/11/2007 16:42:41  

Eros mulled this over, deciding not to mention that he only have the arrows left within the tube. He could not create his own here, though rarely did he make them back home either. Others did that for him. Ha.

"I'll try not to go there then," he offered out. The man didn't find his sort of "magic" obvious, but the wings surely gave him away. Pity, he would have liked to fit in seeing as he couldn't return home.

Absently his right hand, which was attached to the arm around Titania's shoulders, coursed through her hair. It was a slow motion, one he didn't realize he was doing until his eyes fell upon her and saw the appendage moving. He did not stop, fingertips liking the feel of her silken hair between them.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 16:54:24  

"That, however, is just Camlann. There are other lands as well, places that my knowledge of is unfortunately limited." Titania leaned into the caressing touch, smiling as she spoke. "Ozland borders these woods the southwest, in the opposite direction of Camlann. The creatures there are... odd, to say the least, so odd your wings would seem most normal. I hear the queen is quite insane however. There are lush jungles further south, and then a grand desert kingdom called..." She paused. What was it called? "Mehrdadstan to the very south. The lands here all seem to circle the great Lake Raienia. I hear east of that desert is a blasted magical wasteland, and that it is dangerous, but that is all I know of it."

She closed her eyes as if picturing the very map of the world in her head and opened them again. "Estervale is the kingdom to the east. It has no king or queen, and I know little of its society and rules. Between Estervale and Camlann lie the Koude Reizen mountains. They are cold enough year round, but positively frigid in winter. I have not been there, and I doubt that will change soon." Her fingers drew small and intricate circles on his chest as she spoke, the movement distracted and lazy.
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While the man heard what the queen said, it didn't quite register. Cupid wasn't paying as much attention as he could have, mind reflecting on previous events. He was also considering how tired he truly was, the trip having been a long and arduous one, but now that Act on top of it. It really wore him out, all things considered.

"Would you mind telling me anything more tomorrow?" Asked the blond as he pushed his hand once more through her hair before sliding down and laying comfortably upon the bed. "I'm very tired." Gently his other hand tugged at hers, as if beckoning for her to lay down beside him.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 12/11/2007 23:20:58  

Titania curled against him, hearing the weariness in his tone. "Of course." She rested her head on his shoulder, her hand still against his chest, resting flat now. Her day had been exceedingly restful, but her limbs and body were pleasantly tired now, her lips still curved with the last remnants of endorphic highs. Conversations could come tomorrow. Rest and sleep were good ideas for now.
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