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(Thread) Another Night on the Town (Open)
Gretel looked at herself in the cracked mirror that now hung lower than it had before. She turned over to Hansel who sat at his usual spot near the fire, whittling away. "How old do you think I could pass off as?" she asked putting her hands on her hips.

Hansel looked up from the block of wood. "Eleven," he said simply.

"I really need a drink," she said pushing her hair back. "I'm going out tonight."

"Where are you going to get a drink?" he asked. "No one is going to give you anything, you look like an eleven year old."

I'll just tell them the truth," she resolved. She was really beginning to resent the man who had pointed them in the direction of the "Faerie Godmother." What did I do to deserve this? "Do you want to come with me?"

Hansel grinned. It was the first time that he wouldn't have to go with her. "No thanks," he said brightly. "I'm going to stay home tonight!"

"Whatever," she said annoyed that he still didn't want to live. She turned to the door and opened it. She gave half a thought to ask him if he was sure but she already knew the answer. She huffed and left the little cabin. She set off on the familiar path to Estervale where all the action would be.

The pubs were as busy as ever as she arrived." As ready as ever she hopped up on the bar stool and ordered a pint. The bar tender looked at her strangely with a quirked eyebrow and turned around, ignoring her. "Excuse me," she said annoyed. "I just ordered, aren't you going to get me what I want?"

The bar tender continued to ignore her. "I'm not a little kid you know? I just look like one. The customer is always right damn it! I want to get drunk and forget that some witch gave me the body of an eleven year old girl!"

The bar tender laughed and left her to sulk alone at the bar. She dropped her head to the counter. "Why me?" she muttered.

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