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Searching for one very mad hat. (Leaving Ozland, toward Jungles) {Open- White Rabbit possibly?}
Hare was crouched over the kitchen table, observing the map in which the Dormouse had found for her. She did not question where or how he had obtained it, for she didn't much care. She had a long journey ahead of her.

That Alice girlwomanthing didn't know where Hatter was and then had ran away. Hare had courteously done Alice the favor of leaving Hatter a note explaining Alice's intentions. She had placed it near the chunky green tea cup she had given Hatter as an unbirthday present.

Hare was still pleasant enough to do Alice a favor, despite the fact she could list about one hundred rude offenses the girl Alice had committed in their short, awkward session. Past Hare's anger, however, there was a small spot of...

"Tea!" Exclaimed the Hare, scratching at a stain on the map with a rather sharp nail. She lowered her face so her nose hovered inches above the blemish, and sniffed. Yes, she had already been able to detect the darjeeling tea by its distinctive shade of light brown, but one could never be too sure. Also, it was tea. Tea was always worth sniffing.

Hare tried to regain focus on the map. She didn't know if it would even help her find Hatter, but she had to start somewhere. She had already stuffed her bag normally used for the White King's hay and sandwiches with an assortment of tea cups, fresh tea (don't ask Hare how), a jar full of jam, toast, plenty of sugar and honey, a book entitled "The Art of Losing" (she had found it sitting neatly on a shelf at Hatter's), and the Dormouse. The flower beds had been informed to hold down the fort and take any deliveries sent to The March Hare's residence.

Hare had even prepared herself for the biting cold that had swept over hers and Hatter's cottages. She was wearing an odd, Victorian version of her messenger suit: black leggings and flat black ankle boots, though with an intricate, jewel encrusted coat that stopped just above her knees and bundled up at the neck. It was pomegranate purple, with ruby red strewn throughout. The texture of the coat was not fur, although it looked extremely comfortable, light, and fluffy. Hare avoided sporting fur, even in the cold. Her hair hung in a braid tied at the back of her head with a black ribbon, for Hare intended to be running quite a bit and couldn't have her hair whipping about her face.

She picked up the bag with black gloved hands, ignoring the succession of squeaks as she equipped it over one shoulder. "I suppose it's time." She stated, making her way out of her cottage. Hare drew the key from the depths of her coat, only to find it was attached to a leather string encircling her neck. She had forgotten she put it there. Tugging it up and over her head, she locked the shabby door and turned, leaving. Hare returned the key to where it had been, around her neck and didn't look back. Clutched in her hand was the map.

What she didn't realize was that the "map" happened to be an extremely detailed handkerchief, and that the honey was dripping lazily between the seams of the bag. Hare rarely remembered that the bag was to be used specifically for deliveries and hay and sandwiches, but for the time being did not seem to notice. She had subconsciously copied Hatter's fashions in so many ways that she had also forgotten that Hatter's hat was stocked full of hidden power, to precisely preserve any given object. While she could copy Hatter’s ways, her bag could not.

Hare strode past Hatter's cottage, wondering if Alice was cold, unlike Hare. She hadn't exactly meant to upset Alice, she had merely been more focused on Hatter. Thoughts of the pitiful Alice were becoming less and less as the cobblestoned path on which Hare walked also became less and less, and the shrubs became more and more. Hare also noticed the more brush and trees, the more warmth. The sun shone weakly through the leaves cast overhead, though thankfully there was no breeze. Just very cold, and rather dry.

Pulling a stack of papers hidden pocket in her coat, Hare began slapping them onto the trees she passed. They sported sketches of Hatter and his Hat Hare had drawn, with messages such as "Have you seen this Hat(ter)?" She was trying to attach a rather stubborn poster to the bark of and old tree, when she heard the disturbance of fallen, dead leaves from nearby. She stopped harshly and sniffed the air, then with great grace and agility abandoned her work and jumped into the shrubs to her left, hiding from possible danger or attack.

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If it was danger or an attack the Hare was expecting, she was to be sorely disappointed. Because walking - or rather scurrying - along the path heading North, was Rabbit. The little herald was about the least dangerous person one could find in Ozland. The Munchkins were more dangerous than he, with their beady little eyes and their disturbingly cheerful songs...

Rabbit shivered against the chill, hugging his bundle closer to him. He never much cared for coming this far South, but the little tailor that lived nearby was the only one he'd found that could get the stitches on his uniform as precise as Rabbit preferred. He'd just had to get his breeches let out a little in the rear. Not because he'd indulged into too many sweets. No, of course not. Rather Rabbit's cotton tail had had the unfortunate audacity to get fluffier. Couldn't be helped. It always happened this time of year when the weather got colder.

He shivered again and pressed on, determined to get home and make himself some lovely blueberry tea and lemon zest scones. The thought brought a flush to his cheeks and made his stomach give a little gurgle of anticipation.
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Peering out from behind dying leaves, Hare sat motionless. She watched as a figure moved into her line of vision, truly expecting to see an enormous monster of sorts.

Hare was indeed sorely disappointed. It was no monster. No, not at all.

Hare crawled out from the brush, which proved to be extremely difficult due to her sticky back and huge coat. She finally made her way noisily out, tiny scratches now marking her face. "Rabbit?" She called out to the figure, who had already passed the bush in which she had been hiding. "Is that you, dear?" She suspected it might be the White Rabbit, not because of the appearance, but due to the hurried fashion in which he walked. Only the Rabbit traveled as if he were constantly late.
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Rabbit had heard the rustling in the brush and was instantly on high alert. From what, he didn't know, and he certainly didn't turn to look. If I don't look, maybe it will think that it's not really there and leave me alone. Stranger things happened in Ozland every minute of every day.

Unfortunately for him, whatever it was did not in fact leave him alone, but instead called out to him - it knew his name! - and Rabbit squeaked, expecting to be pounced on with razor sharp claws at any moment.

And then Rabbit realized he knew that voice and he turned about careful, holding his neatly bundled clothes in front of him like a shield. It was no beast, but Rabbit wondered if he would have been better of if it had been.

It was that chatty Hare and while Rabbit had no time to be getting into conversations, he knew it would be terribly rude of him if he didn't at least acknowledge the salutation.

"He-hello there, Hare," he offered weakly, eyes wide and package still at the ready.
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Hare wiped what debris she could off her coat and face, closing the distance between her and Rabbit. He looked quite startled.

"Cold, Rabbit?" She had mistaken his fearful stutter for a chilled one. "Don't worry, I have tea!" She began to dig through the contents of her bag, only to dismally pull her honey, tea, and sugar coated hand out, grasping the Dormouse's tail between sticky fingers.

"Dormouse! Look at the mess you've gone and made!" Angrily, she pushed the sleeping mouse back into the bag, before looking at Rabbit apologetically. "I'm dreadfully sorry, Dormouse can become cranky while traveling." She took a step closer to Rabbit, her attention changing rapidly from serving him tea to the package he was holding.

"Is this what has dragged you out into the cold, Rabbit?" She gestured toward the package. "What is it?"
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"Nothing," he said quickly, shoving the package behind his back, his tailoring was no business of hers, none at all. "And I'd very well ask you the same thing. What are you doing out here in the cold, covered in..." He trailed off, brow furrowing in silent horror as he took in her appearance for the first time.

My, but she really was a mess. He took a small, precautionary step backwards in case she felt the urge to touch him with those filthy fingers of hers. "What are you doing?" he asked again. "Shouldn't you be having a nice cozy tea back at Hatter's?" He tried not to get distracted by how good an idea a nice afternoon tea sounded just then.
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Hare smirked at Rabbit, recognizing the desire to hide something. "Oh, come now, Rabbit. You can tell me."

"Tea at Hatter's..." She repeated the question in a dazed fashion. Tea sounded delicious. It always did. It sounded, looked, smelled, tasted, and felt delicious, at all times. She would have cherished some tea, especially with Hatter, just then. Why wasn't she, anyways? The Rabbit's appearance had diverted her from her mission, but now that he had asked, it all slowly came back to her...

"OH!" She nearly shouted again, pulling from within a pocket her "Wanted" poster for the Mad Hatter. She took another dangerously close step to Rabbit, shoving the poster into his face. "I'm looking for Hatter! Yes, that's what I am doing! Have you seen him? Why, I'm sure you've seen him with all the prancing about you do!" She dropped the hand holding the poster, so that she was looking pleadingly into Rabbit's disturbed eyes. "Please tell me!"
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Rabbit jumped and squeaked again at the sudden cry and scrambled away from the unpredictable Hare as she thrust something under his nose.

He blinked rapidly at the poster, the rush of Hare's words slowly starting to make a sort of sense and he frowned at her feeling both confused and a little concerned at that look on her face. "I, er, no I haven't seen him. In quite some time actually, which I admit is rather poor of me. I should stop by, shouldn't? But I've just been so busy what with settling in after the invasion and all and are you looking for him? Why? He's where he always is, isn't he?" Something else just occurred to him and his brows snapped down in scowl. "I do not prance, thank you very much."
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Hare sighed and hid the poster away again. "No, he isn't where he always is. The little girl... well, I mean Alice. She's not quite so little anymore, you see. Anyways, she's scared the Hatter off." Hare frowned. "I can't seem to find him! We've missed several afternoon teas already."

Rabbit was scowling at her, however, obviously insulted about his prancing (or lack of). "Oh, right... Of course you don't prance." It was obvious Hare was attempting to mend the effect of her statement, but to little avail. Instead, she eagerly jumped on the Rabbit's suggestion. "We do love company, you really ought to stop by sometime. When I've found the Hatter," she added meekly.
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Appeased by the weak apology, Rabbit let his irritation give way to his more natural state of dismay.

"This is most distressing," he said, hands kneading the package he still held behind his back. If he hadn't been holding it, he would have been worriedly wringing his hands. "Most distressing. Alice, you say?"

He thought for a moment, trying to figure out if the name was familiar or not, but shook his head. "I don't know any Alice. Oh, but perhaps you mean Mary Ann?" His voice held an edge of panic at that last bit. Just the thought of the blonde girl gave Rabbit palpitations. Never had he known someone to disrupt his carefully ordered world so completely.
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Hare nodded vigorously. "Yes. Alice has scared the Hatte-- Mary Ann?" She stopped abruptly. "A-L-I-C-E. Ah-less. Alice." Where did the Rabbit get Mary Ann from? "I say what I mean, Rabbit." She added icily. "Who is Mary Ann?"
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"Mary Ann's my maid. Former maid," Rabbit sniffed, obviously displeased. "She was the most useless girl. Caused me nothing but trouble when she was around - which wasn't often. Walking chaos that girl was." He waved a hand dismissively. "But that's neither here nor there. I don't know your Alice. But I will keep an eye out for the Hatter and I'll let him know you're looking for him if he should cross my path."
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"Your Mary Ann sounds a lot like my Alice." Hare commented, although she meant "my" in a truly possessive and distasteful fashion.

"Alice appeared at a tea party I was hosting, uninvited," here Hare raised her brows at Rabbit, expecting him to empathize with her, "and acted very rudely. Then she left... it drove the Hatter mad." Oblivious to the irony, Hare's tone had adopted a jealous edge to it. She didn't like how much attention the Hatter had given Alice during the years. And now that the girl was back... what would that mean, exactly? The Hatter had already invited Alice into his home, yet had ran away. It made little sense to Hare.

Drawing her coat tighter about her, she nodded gratefully to the Rabbit. "Yes, yes... please do. I miss him terribly." Hare had no trouble informing others of this simple truth: Hatter was like her other half, after all.
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Rabbit did empathize. In fact, he looked positively horrified at the idea of a ruined tea party and he actually went so far as to reach out and briefly - very briefly - pat the Hare's shoulder. "There, there. You poor thing. I'm sure he'll show up soon. You know he can't go long without his tea. And when he does show up, we can all have a lovely unbirthday party to celebrate his return."

It didn't occur to Rabbit at all that Hare's worry went beyond simple friendly concern; the edge of jealousy in her voice went right over his head.
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Hare nodded in agreement. The Hatter couldn't go long without his tea, and Hare had always been happy to provide it for him. It hurt the Hare that the Hatter would treat her like this! Of course, he was probably oblivious to it and she was probably overreacting. Typical male and female Hatter and Hare.

She smiled at the Rabbit's gesture and kind words. He had always seemed too busy, or too late, for tea and company. "Really?" She asked beseechingly, her eyes widening happily.

And then, because Hare knew, or at least forgot, no boundaries, she reached out and embraced the Rabbit, coating his package and torso in a sticky concoction of honey and sugar.
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"Yes, real - what on earth are you ack!" The last came out a rather undignified squawk as the Hare hugged him. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, she covered him and his freshly tailored trousers in all sorts of mess in the process.

Rabbit whimpered pitifully, trying to extract himself from Hare without coming across as being rude. With the way he was squirming, though, he was probably failing miserably.
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Hare pulled away from Rabbit, strings of honey now clinging to her hair (to say Hare was messy would be the understatement of the century). Rabbit had been squirming too much for her to actually enjoy the momentary hug. Not only that, Rabbit had managed to let loose all sorts of disturbing noises. It was rather awkward.

"What is wrong with you?" She demanded, dropping all pretense of being polite. "Wonderland is going absolutely mad!" She stated, actually stomping her foot. It was a strange action, but it came naturally to those called "Hare". Probably just as naturally to the "Rabbit"s which inhabited the world. Regardless, Hare had no idea of the name /environment change of Wonderland. If she had been told of it, she had simply forgotten or had pretended to be listening. Either way, Hare was one who went with the flow, or rather, moved down a chair. Constantly following Hatter.
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"What's wrong with me?" Rabbit sounded an awful mix of indignant and tearful. How could he not when his always impeccable clothes were now filthy and he'd have to make his way through Ozland looking like he'd been attacked by a rabid confectioner. It was enough to make Rabbit lightheaded with distress.

"I - you - oh, fudgemuffins!" Rabbit swore as he futilely wiped at his jacket. "This is all just too much. Too much, indeed." He reached for his pocket watch like it was a life line - and for him, it was. "I be your pardon, Hare, but I must run. I'm a sore sight, thank you, and I very much need to get cleaned up. Not to mention, I think I might have left the oven on."

The last was added as an afterthought, but it was a very real possibility. Rabbit had nearly burned down his little house more than once.
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Hare watched has Rabbit muttered and fidgeted about, it was all noise to Hare. Although she was there were absolutely no muffins around.

"Fine!" Hare said, snootily jutting out her chin and pointing her nose slightly into the air. "Have a fine day!" Haughtily, she turned in the opposite direction, quite not knowing where she was going, and trudged off into the woods.

Grudgingly, she hoped he would at least have to replace a very burnt oven.
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Rabbit was left staring after Hare, open-mouthed, wondering not for the first time just what had happened. It was a common occurrence when one was engaged in a conversation with the Hare.

His brow wrinkling and his quivering lip curving down into a rather pathetic frown, Rabbit figured there was nothing to be done and turned on his heel, continuing on his original course. He could only hope no one saw him in this state before he got home.
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