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Who: Epona and ... [Open!]
What: Epona has taken to the wilds of Estervale (otherwise known as the forest...) as she waits her appointment with the Council.
When: Two days after her meeting with Shuhei, early morning.
Where: Forest of Estervale, near a part of a stream well hidden by trees.
Rating: PG-13
Status: Incomplete

Since having been turned away from the palace, with an appointment, Epona had exited the city and went straight into the forest. She had no job, which meant no money and no way of paying for a place to stay, let alone eat. But, as a horse, she could provide for herself when it came to food, and sleeping was not really something she needed to worry about either, she could easily find decent shelter under a tree. And so, for two days she has lived simply, providing for herself.

And now, this morning, Epona was down at a stream, her only gown laying in the morning sun on a rock as it dried. And Epona stood in the middle of the stream in a simple white shift as she used the rocky sand of the stream to scrub the oils her body produced from her arms, legs, and finally scrubbed it into her hair down to her scalp. It was a crude way of cleaning one's self, but effective none the less. And within the shelter of the tree, she was sure that she would escape the notice of many people. Of course, she knew she would not have complete privacy which was why she never removed her shift. Just in case someone did happen upon her.

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From: [info]floradora Date: 11/28/2007 22:46:06  

"There was an old woman who lived in a shoe"


"who had so many children she didn't know what to do"

Floradora was an odd one to take up such a peculiar hobby at such a strange time. The Boot seemed like a sensible place to live for the absent-minded fairy godmother. She had read something about flipping properties for money. Flordora had no need for money but she liked the idea. As she renovated the boot into a home that bordered upon mansionesque, she noticed the familiar pitter-patter of feet. Children had found the boot and were beginning to take up rooms in it.

Floradora was the motherly type this week apparently as she set about to making sure each child felt one hundred and twenty percent comfortable in their new home. She baked cookies, she cooked geese, she sewed mittens....within a week she was exhausted.

No one knew where the children came from. She might have subconsciously poofed them to the boot. They may very well have been figments of her imagination. She might even be taking up with a kidnapping ring.

Whatever the case she was being slowly driven insane with the incessant noise that comes arm in arm with child rearing. In a fit of exasperation Floradora did a simple teleportation spell and found herself once again ten feet above the Estervale river.

"What is with my spells and this place?" She said to no-one in particular as she fell to a splash in the river
From: [info]equinegrace Date: 12/01/2007 02:40:17  

Epona was unaware of there being anyone else near her until she heard a voice shortly followed by a splash. She quickly looked up, one hand moving her wet hair from her eyes and muscles tensing. She did not have any idea who it would be, and she was not exactly immortal now. And when she saw an elderly looking lady in the stream Epona's eyes widened.

And so, with hair dripping wet, she made her way over to the lady and made to help her up. "Are you alright?" Epona was concerned, especially since, with but a glance, there where not prints left on the banks of the stream on either side. Which meant she fell? It would not be good for an elderly woman to fall.
From: [info]floradora Date: 12/03/2007 00:31:19  

Floradora was used to this situation having literally fallen into it before. She simply crawled out of the riverbed and sopped some of the water out of her dress. Fishing for her feathered hat she turned abouts to the sound of another voice asking if she was alright.

"Oh..I'm fine and dandy my dear...can you help me get my hat?" she asked sweetly pointing to a rather loud looking pink and purple polka dotted hat with massive peacock feathers protruding out of it floating away in the riverbed.

From: [info]equinegrace Date: 12/04/2007 12:43:28  

One slender eyebrow raised up upon the elderly lady stating she was fine. Epona new that if she had taken such a tumble she would be hurting. But if she insisted, then who was she to argue? After all, people here where not what they seemed. "Of course." She said before wading over to the odd hat. She lifted it up wincing at the water that dripped from it. She hoped it was not ruined.

She turned and made her way back to the elderly woman and up onto the bank. "Here you are, Grandmother." she said as she held it out to her. "You may need to let it dry in the sun before wearing it."
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