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(Thread) Beyond the Mountain (Open to Carabosse)
"Dear brother, I have found a solution," Gretel said in Hansel's head bright and early Saturday morning.

Hansel shook his shaggy head and sat up in bed. "What is it?" he asked groggily. He looked around to make sure he was alone.

"I know what we need to do about out problem," she said brightly. "Last night I..." she decided to omit the part about how she hooked up with some random guy at the bar. "I found out about a Faerie Godmother who lives beyond the mountain and she never does anything half assed. If we went to her and told her of our plight she may grant us our wish, to have separate bodies."

"You can be brilliant sometimes."

"See it's not always about sexy time. I am quite a clever girl," she said smartly.

"I didn't need to hear that," Hansel got out of bed. "So you're telling me we, or I, have to hike through the mountains to get to this Faerie Godmother? And we're not even sure if she'll fix our problem."

"If we bring her a gift I'm sure it will work."

"What kind of gift would a Faerie Godmother want?"

"I don't know, whittle her something."

He rolled his eyes. "We should get ready, it will probably take us all day and then some to get there and I don't know how much time we have left."

Hansel packed a bag of provisions and ready himself for the journey. He hiked all day with Gretel in his head, telling him which direction to go and when he should stop to eat. They cut through the foothills as the stranger at the bar had suggested, near the lake since the weather was not favorable. By the end of the night Hansel had grown exhausted and set up a camp for himself. By Sunday morning Hansel was refreshed enough to finish his treacherous hike through the foothills. The afternoon came quickly and he had already gotten himeslf onto level land. "Where do we find this Faerie Godmother of yours?" Hansel asked Gretel as he settled down on a stump to whittle a small piece of wood.

"Well, the man in the bar told me that she lives outside the city in a cabin and she wears huge hats," she said weakly. He was giving her that look. Hansel was not pleased with this information. "We'll figure something out dear brother."

"I need to take a break before we continue on," he sighed and continued to whittle away at the block of wood in his hands. He shaped it artfully into mortar and pestel.

"Why are you making her that?" Gretel asked impatiently when she realized what he was doing.

"I don't know," he snapped. "Everyone could use one of these things," he stuffed it into his pocket. "Let's just go, there can't be too many cabins out here, this place is desolate at this time of the year," he grumbled. He continued walking, mildly agitated until Gretel made him stop walking. "There's smoke over there," she said and made him point his finger toward the sky line. He looked to where she was pointing and saw the smoke. "Huh," he said cocking his head to the side. He continued to walk to toward the curling smoke until they saw a little cabin and a woman outside in the garden.

"That's her," Gretel said knowingly as she noted the huge hat and the long black hair that the man in the bar had described. "This is our chance!" she said suddenly getting excited. Hansel's heart raced as he quickened his pace. "What do I say to her?" he asked her as he stumbled through the final stretch to the Fairie Godmother's cabin. "I don't know I'll figure something out," she said.

He stopped in front of the fence and looked at the woman. "Uh... hi," he said, he slapped himself in the forehead after he realized how dumb and insane he must have looked.

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From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/19/2007 16:50:25  

Carabosse looked up, shielding her eyes with her hand, despite the wide brimmed hat of black silk. Once her eyes adjusted she found herself entirely unimpressed and turned back to the flower bed which she was working on meticulously, her gloved fingers gingerly picking out weeds.
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Gretel rolled Hansel's eyes and grimaced. "You're hopeless," she whispered to him. She took over control of his voice. "Faerie Godmother Carabosse, we desperately need your help," she said holding out the mortar and pestle. "We brought you a gift if you could just... please help us."
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Although it wasn't commonly known that she wasn't a faerie anymore she was rather ingratiated by being called so. She was then instantly soothed by the offering of a gift. "How very wise of you to bring an offering. You do realize it is often the godmother who choses those she wishes to help," she said, speaking in the most condescending voice possible for someone who had been hiding in her house, protected by a cat for weeks.
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/19/2007 17:13:41  

"Naturally," Gretel said. She knew that Faerie Godmother's choose their godchildren, but this was a desperate attempt, she didn't know how to put her thoughts into words. She was terrified that the Faerie Godmother was going to turn them away. "I realize how insane this must sound," she said breathlessly. "But I had not have any other choice, you're my only hope."
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"Go on," she said, darkness under her urging tone. She smiled mildly, daring this intruder to push her just a hair in the wrong direction. She wasn't having a very good time of things since being turned mortal and she'd jump at the chance to take it out on someone else.
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"Well great Faerie Godmother, my dear brother are in quite a perdicament," she laughed lightly. "For the past ten years we've been sharing a body since a wicked witch killed me. The problem is rather immediate though because I can feel myself fading. I need my own body and although it's not your obligation, you're the onlye person who can help us."
From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/19/2007 18:10:18  

"That's a long time to go without being corporeal. I imagine you've accomplished quite the feat," she said, peering at the boy as if he had two heads (which by all rights he probably should). She gave the boy and his sister an appraising glance. "It is no simple magic you ask for," she said, one eyebrow raised in challenge.
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/19/2007 18:24:35  

"If there is anything we can do..." she started, she was beginning to realize that she was going to get her own body.
From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/22/2007 10:13:37  

"Oh children, children. I think I can come up with something, eventually," she said, slow and calculating. "Something quite grand really."
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/23/2007 01:30:47  

Hansel shrank before the woman. He was not sure why but he thought that something was going to go wrong. Doubt weighed him down, but he had to continue on for his sister. It couldn't go that wrong... could it? "Anything," Hansel said confidently.
From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/23/2007 07:47:43  

"Wonderful," she said. "I do suppose you are in a hurry to have the process done with." She smirked and tapped a finger on her jawline. There were several ways she could go about this, but the easiest was halving Hansel's form and making a girl out of the other half of her brother. They'd be children again, but she was certain these two wouldn't think to ask on the side-effects of the process. Besides that they'd called her a faerie and had the audacity to come to her (as opposed to how she usually ran her operations); it seemed a just sort of punishment for such behavior.
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/23/2007 14:27:10  

Hansel nodded. "Not to rush you, but we don't have much time," he said lightly.
From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/23/2007 14:42:52  

"Silly boy, I would not deign to make you wait when you have already waited so long."

She made quick preparations, a few chants and some herbs burning around the garden. She smiled, cast open her arms and with them the magic that would forever alter Hansel and Gretel.
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/23/2007 15:06:54  

Hansel felt a strange sensation as Carabosse cast the magic upon them. He felt himself getting smaller and something was changing inside. He kept his eyes closed as the magic washed over his body. It's working, he thought, we're going to be seperate again.

Gretel felt an odd sensation as if she were being taken out of the body she had grown accustomed to. It was an odd itching feeling, not painful, but annoying. This was strange magic. She could feel herself growing into a new body. The skin stretched over the limbs and the hair grew longer. Her eyes were closed, like a child in anticipation of Christmas morning.

The brother and sister were not aware of how they looked or of what Carabosse had actually done to them. They were too afraid to open their eyes and too afraid to look at each other.
From: [info]wicked_sleep Date: 11/23/2007 15:21:35  

She smirked proudly, brushed her hands on her gown as if they had been covered in dust by her hard work. It was no easy piece of magic that she had accomplished, breaking Hansel's body into two pieces so that both siblings stood much shorter than he used to be.

"You're welcome," she said and turned back to her garden as if she needn't say anything more to the children she had helped.
From: [info]lost_neverfound Date: 11/23/2007 15:28:59  

Hansel and Gretel both opened their eyes and immediately looked at each other. The huge smiles on their faces quickly faded as they realized the once tall Hansel now stood about three feet high next to a three foot high Gretel. Their faces were that of children, they both looked as if they had reverted back in age, about half of their previous ages. Gretle opened her mouth with an angry grimace. "Hey what the f..." Hansel quickly threw a hand over her mouth.

He knew if Carabosse could rip his body in half and give one half to each sibling then she could do much more damage if they angered her. "Thank you for the new bodies!" he said over enthusiastically. "We hope you enjoy your mortar and pestle! Thank you! Let us know if there is anything we can do in the future!" he dragged Gretel along behind him as she muttered things into the hand that covered her mouth. "Have a lovely evening and thank you again for the new bodies!"

She was so angry about what just conspired that she did everything she could to fight off Hansel, but his grip was firm in fear of their lives. He dragged her a good ten minutes out of the way, while she fought the whole way. He finally let her go. "What the FUCK?" she screamed holding her shortened arms out.

"This was the only chance we had and now we have separate bodies you should be happy," he said.

"I look like an eleven year old girl! How am I supposed to live like this?"

"You did fine when you didn't have a body of your own."

"Let's just go home. I can't believe this shit."

Hansel giggled at the sound of the small girl swearing. "What are you laughing at?" she asked stiffly crossing her arms.

"You swore," he giggled.

"Fuck off," she said angrily. At the sound of her own voice though she cracked a grin. "It is kind of funny," she giggled. "You do it."

"Shit," he said quickly covering his mouth and turning red in the face. Gretel and Hansel giggled in the woods for a few minutes before deciding to return back to the route to the cabin. She threw her arm around her little brother.

"Whatever," she said. "We'll make it work. I just need to get home and have a stiff drink. Let's celebrate when we get home, it'll probably take us a few days to get home because of our newly shortened legs."

"Yeah, hopefully I can still catch food."

"Are you kidding, you were a woodsman from day one, we'll be fine," she said confidently.

They continued on their journey, stopping for short breaks all the way. Their legs were small and unable to carry on as they had the previous day. When they made it back to the cabin they were too tired for any celebrations. The beginnning with their new bodies was not turning out the way they had hoped.
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