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(Log) Fading (Hansel and Gretel)
Who: Hansel and Gretel
When: Friday night
Where: Hansel's cabin
What: The brother and sister fight

Disclaimer! Dear everyone, sorry I haven't been on-line in quite some time, I've been ridiculously busy, but... I'm back and Hansel and Gretel have some plot! Hooray!

"Son of a bitch!" Hansel yelled, grabbing his head and smashing his hand against the wall. "Gretel we're not going out tonight!"

"Come on you big baby!" Gretel screeched inside her head. "Get over it! We're going out now put on the damn dress and heels!"

"NO! If you want to wear a pretty dress and heels you're going to need to get your own dress!" Hansel crossed his arms in defiance.

"I would get my own body but I can't because I'm stuck in yours, idiot! I'm still dying Hansel and it's all your fault!"

"My fault? How's it my fault? You're the one who grappled with the witch!"

"It was your idea to make a trail of bread crumbs in the forest where the little birdies live you fucking idiot!" Gretel made Hansel uncross his arms and walk toward the door. "This is all I have left, probably a few days Hansel, just let me go out."

Hansel wiped the tears away from his face. "Stop crying Gretel," he said lightly. "Please stop crying."

"I'm fading Hansel, I can barely possess your body anymore. It's been far too long," she said weakly. "If we don't find some way of getting me a body, I'm done for. So just let me enjoy my last few days, okay?"

Hansel closed his eyes and tried to think without letting Gretel in on his thought process. "Fine," he said defeated. "Fine, we'll go out, but I'm not giving up. I'm not going to let you die again."

If Gretel had eyes, she would have rolled them. "Are you going to let me go out then?" she asked annoyed.

"Yes," Hansel said, he opened the door and left the cabin. "But I'm not cross dressing anymore."

"Whatever, you're no fun anymore Hansel."

"At least I'm letting you have your fun."

"Try having fun without a red cocktail dress and racy heels."




"I always do."

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