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Hare comes to visit! (Hatter and/or Alice)
Hare stood on Hatter's doorstep, fingers clasping the door knocker. In her free hand she held a basket of all of Hatter's favorite teas, jams, and breads. It had taken her a full day to prepare.

Hare was highly offended, regardless.

Most of the time, tea parties were held at her house. Standing at the fork in the road, Hare had looked to the left, the bunny eared chimneys visible through the tree branches. She thought her home looked rather ominous, looming behind the leaves. To the right she had seen Hatter's, a lovely table set out in the yard for tea. The smell of scones drifted into her twitchy little nose from Hatter's. She would have loved to head over to dear Hatter's that very instant, had it not been for the girl.

Hare had remained rooted to the spot, clinging the empty bag of hay desperately between her clutched fingers. Normally Hare would have delighted herself in pleasant and polite conversation with the visitor. Normally Hare would have gallantly strode past Hatter's gate and sat in the chair to his left (her favorite, no matter what chair so long as it was the left), and helped herself to the tea Hatter undoubtedly prepared for her. Normally Hare would have done these simple things.

But it was Autumn, and already Hare was feeling down. She was weary from running errands on behalf of the White King, as well.

Sluggishly, Hare had turned left, down the winding path to her cottage. She found her own tea table still cluttered with tea things, though the birds and Dormouse seemed to pick the leftover crumbs dry.

Hare had gone straight to bed, quite confused. She didn't know why she felt so affronted and sad. She decided she would discover tomorrow.

So that morning, Hare dressed in some of her favorite attire. A Victorian, green and gold affair with buckled heels. Her hair was done in a lovely manner, piled elegantly on the back of her head with dark trendils falling down her neck. She had prepared a gift basket for Hatter, and had set out with a white, lacy parasol.

Now she stood at his door. Fingers clutching the doorknob. Trembling.

She knocked. Once. Twice. Three times.

"Hatter, dear? It's me, Hare!" She called out beseechingly. She felt very nervous indeed.

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From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/17/2007 03:34:01  

Alice had been reading. There were a great many wonderful books in the Hatter's home. Some of which he didn't even know he posessed it had seemed. Since they were covered in dust.. dust kitties to be exact. Fighting them away from the books had been such a chore. But once she'd gotten them she hadn't let them go. Alice adored reading of all things, but now the house was empty. Dread filled she and she didn't know why.

Maybe it was because she was alone.

Maybe it was because he'd gone.

No. No it couldn't be that. He was dreadful and absolutely mad.

And then a knock came. Springing from the couch Alice flew to the door as fast as her feet could carry her. Ever the normal, blue little dress, white apron, white tights, and black mary janes. Though today instead of a ribbon holding her blond hair back, she put it into pig tails. She didn't even look. Just opened the door.

...A girl.

There was a girl, a lady, or something.

At the door. In front of her.

Alice blinked once, twice..

"Um, Hello there. Reginald isn't here..?" Who was this? His girlfriend? Ohgodhedoesn'thaveagirlfrienddoeshe?

Why do I care?
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/17/2007 07:37:25  

Hare was absolutely shocked. And a little terrified.

Her nose twitched slightly. She gulped.

The little girl from years gone past was standing before her, in Hatter's house, twice the size she had been when the Hare had met her.

...Had she eaten Hatter? Was that why she was big?! Little girls do not become bigger, all the sudden!

Then again Hare supposed this might not have been 'all of the sudden'. It had been some time since Hare had seen the girl. Still, why on earth would she have grown? She was a little girl, that's what everyone had called her. She had no business going around going up.

So Hare was almost absolutely sure this little girl had devoured her best friend and was currently taking residency inside his home. The little trespasser! She hadn't been invited to the tea party so many years before, and Hare was almost positive she hadn't been invited to eat Hatter and steal his house.

Hare cleared her throat. She would have to distract the littlegirlatrocity, as she was know thinking Alice as. It was too late to run, Hatter was a splendid runner yet know he was burrowed deep within the girl's stomach. Hare would have to sneak away. After all, the little girl didn't seem to realize who Hare was. Perhaps Alice had been taken away by Hare's very hare like appearance when she met Hare all those years before, that she thought all Hare's were hares. That was like saying all mayors were mares. Preposterous. Although some kings did enjoy quite a bit of hay, not unlike mares and the sort.

Putting on her most charming smile (some of her teeth were pointed a little, and her two front teeth were slightly bigger than was normal), she began politely with "Good morning." Her stomach seemed to drop when the girl mentioned Reginald's absence. The nerve of some people, Hare thought, irritated. But she went on fluidly. "Reggie isn't in? Oh, my. And here I've gone and brought for him this lovely basket of sweets." She said the last four words rather loudly, bending a little to aim them at the girl's stomach. She thought that if perhaps Hatter heard what Hare had brought for him, it might give him strength to make an escape. When no movement came from Alice's stomach, Hare lifted herself rather jerkily. Raising the sweets to Alice, Hare continued "Here you are, then. All yours." Hare thought sadly that at least if the girl ate the sweets, Hatter would in the end have a bit too.

Hare waited impatiently, clutching her lacy parasol between lace gloved hands. If Alice were a polite person, which she most certainly was not, Hare would soon be invited into the house. Hare wasn't sure if she wanted that. Alice didn't seem to recognize Hare, and she didn't know the reasons behind her eating Hatter. Did she have a quarrel against the both of them? WAS THE DORMOUSE GONE AS WELL?! Oh, not Dorie!

Or was Hatter just a spontaneous snack? Maybe the girl wasn't hungry anymore, maybe she was willing to compromise now that Hare had brought her treats. An image of herself pulling Hatter out from the atrocity's stomach floated across Hare's mind, and Hare thought it was a rather good one. Yes, that's what she would do. Slide her arm down Alice's throat until the tips of her fingers felt Hatter's hat. Grip. Pull.

Hare made a note to give herself a clap on the back later. In the meanwhile, however, Hare stared at Alice expectantly.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/19/2007 12:20:21  

"He's mad at me. Because I cleaned his home. I was only trying to be nice because he took me in because I had nowhere else to go. You'd think after spending my life looking for wonderland I'd be happy with what I found. No, I found the crazy hatter and the.." She stared at Hare for a moment, it only took a second. "And a very female March hare. I thought you were a boy. Maybe you just dressed like one before." Alice looked over the sweets, but foudn she wasn't really hungry for them. in fact, she wasn't hungry at all. She was miserable because Geginald was angry at her.

Why was he angry with her? At her? About her? What did she do wrong?

"By the look on your face though, you're not happy to see me here at the door. I'll go back in and shut the door if you like, or you're welcome to come back in and look for him. Maybe he's hiding somewhere. maybe a teapot because a mouse has the sugar bowl."

Alice moved out of the way of the door, not that she wanted the woman in, no, by the way she was dressed, was that a dress? Or was it a come-and-get-me sort of outfit?

Did she want Hatter?

Not without a bloody fight.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/19/2007 13:54:32  

Hare became dazed by Alice's stream of words. Hare tuned the girl out until she heard her own name sound.

"A boy?!" Affronted, Hare snapped out of her fearful state. Her tone raised a notch. "A boy?! I've always been very, very female, thank you very much!" Hare decidedly skipped over the bit about dressing as a boy. Hare had gone through some pretty interesting phases, after all.

Hare wasn't exactly happy to see Alice. At first she had been suspicious, then scared, and presently apprehensive. The "little" girl had devoured her best friend and was now insulting her. She didn't even take the basket from Hare, merely looking it over. The girl was as rude as ever.

"You're as rude as ever." Hare stated, deciding on the spot to share her thought. Hare tucked away her lacy parasol in the basket, stepping past Alice into the Hatter's home. Hare was still fearful that Alice might try to eat her, but when the girl had mentioned a mouse, Hare plucked up what little courage she had left and decided to seek the Dormouse out. Perhaps this is a trick, Hare thought ominously, looking around at her surroundings. She had been in Hatter's home plenty of times, but none of her visits had been recent.

Hare set the basket down on highly polished end table, then turned to Alice. "I want Hatter." Hare said simply. She wanted Hatter out from the depths of the girl's stomach. She wanted Hatter to give her tea. Now.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/21/2007 13:42:20  

"And you're expecting me to just magically make him appear out of thin air? I told you he wasn't here. Go on, look around." Snooty Hare wasn't she? Before, he' She'd seemed the only one who made some sense. But now? Not so much.

Alice dropped back onto the couch, ignoring the vicious looks from the March Hare, and opened her book back up.

"Do shut the door behind you though. Wouldn't want the Cheshire cat coming in would we?" People who called her rude got the rude treatment.. Simple as that.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/21/2007 13:50:39  

Hare glowered at Alice. Of course Hatter isn't here, she thought, because he's in THERE. The last emphasized thought drew her eyes viciously to Alice's stomach.

"I'm expecting you to regurgitate him!" Hare moved in front of Alice, glowering down at her. Her mannerisms infuriated Hare.

"Alright." Hare said, calming down. She turned, her back now facing Alice. "I suppose I'll resort to Plan B." Peeling off her lace gloves and setting them besides the basket, she turned about face to Alice. She crossed her fingers and cracked her knuckles, ensuring complete flexibility. "Be a dear and open wide. I'll have to get him myself."
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/26/2007 13:01:39  

Alice's face broke out into a contorted sort of smile, where the skin is so taunt that it might just rip apart because she was smiling so hard.

"You caught me. I ate him.." Alice suddenly stood, fingers slipped into the pockets of her apron..

"You know what goes great with hatter though?" Alice leaned closer to Hare, careful not to let her mouth open too wide. "Stewed hare." Alice grinned a moment, then dropped back onto the couch.

She started to giggle. "You all are mad, aren't you?"
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/26/2007 14:35:08  

Alice's twisted grin frightened Hare a great deal, but she stammered out in response to Alice's confession "You admit it! You little, foul..." The rest of Hare's insults were broken off when Alice stood, leaning closer and suggesting to make a meal out of Hare.

Hare took a step back, her hands now clutching at a small brooch that lay just above her collarbone. Her nose was twitching at an alarming rate, looking as though it was trying to pry its way off Hare's face. She couldn't help but agree vaguely, in a silent, frightened murmur "Well, we do compliment one another..." Referring to Hare going great with Hatter, even if the former were stewed (although, some would say the term "scrambled" was a more suitable definition).

Hare raised an incredulous brow at Alice as she returned to the couch, giggling. The image disturbed Hare, and the words "We're all mad here" floated lazily across her mind in silent reply to Alice's last statement.

Either way, Alice seemed to be jesting about the 'stewed hare'. Which led Hare to finally believe...

"So," She began slowly, her nose halting it's frenzied gestures, "You... didn't eat Hatter." Her question came out as a statement in an attempt to seem well informed. "How did you get so big then?" Hare demanded.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/26/2007 15:20:37  

"Reginald asked me the same thing. In fact, he tried to get me to eat mushrooms because he wanted me back to being small. Why would I want to be small again? I like my size just fine, it fits me perfectly. I'm not that tall either way." Alice settled her hands in her lap and folded them.

"I grew up. Outside of wonderland we have Birthdays. Birthdays were we get older and older. So i'm older than I was before, but not too old thankfully. it's been.. Oh.. Nearly ten years? Maybe already? Since I've been around. So I'm an adult now instead of a child." Alice smiled.

"And no, I didn't eat Hatter. I doubt Reginald would taste good. He'd taste of Mercury and tea leaves strained twice."
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/27/2007 00:16:24  

Hare visibly relaxed when she was finally told that Hatter had not been eaten. The little (?) girl was right, of course, the Hatter was full of Mercury and so forth. Pluto, for all Hare knew for sure. But then again, Alice was no ordinary girl (?). Perhaps her kind fed off mercury, perhaps she was immune to it. Either way, Alice was no longer threatening to eat her, so Hare chose to give in and believe the girl(woman?). For the time being.

"I would say you fit your size, not the other way around." Hare said, a little wearily. It seemed she was always correcting people and their rhetoric. Hare was more interested in this growing business. "You grow? How? How come? What sort of fertilizer do you use?" Hare pondered aloud, now walking about the room. Alice had cleaned the place. Regardless of where Hatter was, Hare didn't doubt him for not being here. The place, at least, the room she was in, was absolutely spotless. Hare didn't know exactly when she'd be driven out due to the purity.

Hare eyed the door to what she remembered to be the kitchen. Without asking (she didn't have to ask permission, after all) she strode into the kitchen, in search of a certain sugar bowl containing a certain Dormouse. Opening a cupboard Hare thought to hold the sugar and such, she gave a little yell of horror. The tea cups were... everything was...

It was an absolute mess. Everything was set about in an orderly, nice fashion. How dreadful.

Hare stomped back into the room in which Alice sat, waving an awkwardly large, green teacup in one of her small hands. "WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH THE TEA CUPS?!" She voiced at the top of her lungs, her eyes frenzied. "This," Hare shook the teacup under Alice's nose, "was a gift to Hatter! FROM ME!" Hare jabbed the cup to her own chest. "What's it doing shut away in the bookish dark?"
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/27/2007 12:23:10  

"No fertilizer. Don't children grow here? You can't be a child forever, who would want to be. Reginald wasn't always as old as he is, he had to begin somewhere, like as a baby. And then come to this age. It happens over time. Not..with potting soil." But already the Hare was moving on, and further into the house.

Alice should have warned her that she cleaned the kitchen..

...And then the screeching came.

Alice watched Hare's tyrant blankly, blinking a good few times. "I cleaned. I put things away. Away in proper places. I know better than to do it now, but I thought he'd like it.. more neat. he didn't. And now he's gone." Alice said this all awkwardly. Trying not to hint that somewhere she did miss him.


Buried under the fac tthat he was completely insane.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/27/2007 19:20:43  

Hare listened to Alice speak of growing and so forth, though barely. The girl was contradicting her, stating there was no fertilizer necessary. That indicated that either the potting soil was superb or Alice was lying. How could little girls just grow?

Hare tried to imagine Hatter as a baby. She thought of the Duchess' pig child with a top hat. But she dismissed the idea as she became distressed over the teacups.

Hare glared down at Alice as she explained herself. "He's gone." She repeated somberly, crossing her arms across her chest. "Well, then. Do you happen to know in what direction he went?" Hare completely ignored Alice's expression, one of mingled awkwardness and... the second she couldn't quite describe. It looked as though she was lost, or sad. Or something.

Hare slipped her gloves back on, waiting for Alice's response. It was then she remembered the Dormouse. Scurrying back into the kitchen, Hare made a mess of the sugar bowls in search of the mouse. She reemerged into the sitting room with the Dormouse, stuffing him into her basket. She glanced at Alice, daring her to protest Hare removing the Dormouse from her company.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 11/28/2007 18:44:40  

Alice was rather sick of being asked about Hatter, the more she thought about it the more it drove her insane. "I don't know where he went but I know why he went." Alice stood crossing the distance between herself and the door. "And it was because of me."

Softer now, almost a tremble. "I should never have agreed to stay when he asked me. So i'm going to go now. You be sure to tell him I won't come back either. Not for tea or anything silly like that. I'm going to come here and do what I planned to do in the first place." Alice opened the door. She had everything she needed with her, no reason to stay.

"I saw some nice trees on the way anyway, fine for climbing and sleeping and the like."

Alice threw up her hands.

"He'll probably come back the minute I leave. Good day." Slammed the door behind her and off she went.
From: [info]m_hare Date: 11/28/2007 19:28:42  

All Hare could do was blink at the shut door. Just a moment ago, Alice had been on the other side of it, with Hare. It was strange to see her go again, after all these years.

Hare approached the window, watching the girl, no, woman make her way to a cluster of trees. She wondered if Alice knew how desperately Hatter had wanted to find her, how often the little girl apparation of Alice had haunted his thoughts. And there she was... leaving. AGAIN. Hare thoroughly contemplated if Hatter would really be the one to leave first. She didn't really think so, then again, she didn't really think little girls could just "grow up".

"How can I tell him you won't be coming back," Hare started, watching Alice's figure disappear, "when I don't even know where he is?"

Hare decided it was time to leave as well, though not after Alice. In search of Hatter!

All this was so very strange. Hare picked up her basket and parasol, making her way to the door. She took one last glance about the room, then realized something.

A few moments later, Hare was seen leaving Hatter's house, but not before dropping the basket, scones and the like littering the floor. She had also been sure to drag all the tea cups from the cupboards and scatter them about the counters. She even knocked over several candles and an end table.

Hare closed the garden gate securely behind her and opened her parasol to shield her face from the bright sun. "Ready for a grand adventure, Dormouse?" She asked, peering down at said Mouse, who was stuck in the crook of her arm again. Dormouse said nothing, for he had fallen fast asleep. Hare gave him a vigorous shake before setting off to her cottage.

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