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Arborial Hazards - The Sleeping Woods [open]
Gin was running. Why was he always running?

Right. Things were scary and things tried to hurt him. That Schmendrick character he met hadn't hurt him and neither had the strange fairy thing, but maybe that was just the minority and he certainly was not about to find out now. Except that there wasn't anything chasing him. In fact the only thing that set the panic deep in the core of the Gingerbread Man known as Gin at all was the sound twigs snapping.

Scary things lived in the Sleeping Woods. Scary, dark and evil things and he was not about to wait around and find out what was or was not going to try to eat him. Because that would just be silly. Instead, he ran.

Gin, by this point in his life, must have had the strongest leg muscles in all the world from all the running he did. Not to mention rather stiff neck muscles from him continuing to glance sharply over his shoulder in hopes of spotting whatever had been behind him. Trouble was... nothing was following him. He turned his head again and still saw nothing....


His human form collided with a large, aged, strong tree thanks to his distracted mind not allowing him to watch where he was going. Stupid stupid stupid. But before he could even register exactly what had happened, Gin was suddenly lying flat on his back and everything went black.

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Tiny was using that exact tree to lounge in. She had picked a nice little bed of twigs and nestled herself in them, using a few leaves as padding. A leg was flung over the side of one of the twigs, and she had just about dozed off (a rather dangerous thing to do in the tree, with the birds lurking about looking for fresh insects) when the tree shook.

Tiny blinked, and then peered down. What the-...Was that a person? She sat up, waiting to see if said person was moving. He was not. Her eyes widened, and she fluttered down to the bottom of the tree, darting all around his head.

"Are you dead?!" She asked frantically, as though expecting an answer from a corpse. "Oh, no. The tree KILLED HIM!" Tiny wailed, and then sat atop Gin's chest, crawling up toward his face and resting her hands on his cheeks. "Wake up! Hey..." She moved up to sit just on the bridge of his nose, and gave his eyelids a gentle poke.
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Someone was talking to him, it seemed. Or was that what things always sounded like when you were dead, because Gin was very sure he must be dead. Whatever had, or in reality had not, been chasing him surely had caught him by now and gobbled him up... human form or no. When he had been in the fox's belly he had heard voices too, but that was different, he was so very not dead, then.

It was all black wherever he was. It had been black in the belly, too. So, to one of not the highest amounts of intelligence, it seemed likely to reason that he was inside a belly.

Gin flailed his arms around before saying anything, the pressure on his face had to be some kind of strange innard, right? Except that all his arms came in contact with was not the moist dark squishy surface of inside a belly, but the feeling of leaves and twigs and things. He was still in the forest, but how come he couldn't see.

Oh, right. His eyes were closed.

First, one eye opened slow and cautious, then the other. Both landing on the very small young lady perched on his face. The last time this had happened, he had fallen out of a tree and it was that naughty fairy thing who couldn't speak that he would understand. “Uhhh...” was not his most coherent response, but how did one respond to a very tiny woman sitting on your nose?
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"Oh, you're alive!" Tiny exclaimed with a large, dramatic sigh behind the words. "You're alive! The tree didn't kill you after all! I was so afraid you had died and then I began to wonder what I would do with such a thing. I mean, I'm so small, I couldn't very well carry you off to someone who could help and besides I don't know that many people anyway! I suppose I could have taken you to Swan or-" Tiny suddenly realized she was rambling, and stopped talking for a second to tilt her head and look at Gin.

"Are you okay? Do you hurt? You have a bump on your face. Two, I think." She lifted from his nose, fluttering over and hovering above his face now.
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“Uhh...” he answered again. At least this time the small thing talking to him was asking about his well being. Then again, the previous fairy thing might have been doing that too, except that Gin couldn't understand a word she had said. That fairy thing only spoke in bells and tinkle sounds and it always sounded like she was laughing at him.

But... this girl was so small. So incredibly small that she really couldn't be any sort of threat to him. Could she? Most likely not. Even at her current size and if by some strange course of events he went into cookie-mode, it would take many her-sized bites to 'gobble him up.'

“I uh... Yes, I hurt, but I think I'm ok.” After all, it wasn't the first time he had been in such an accident and it wasn't likely to be his last either. “How come I can understand you and the other fairy-lady, I couldn't? Can you get really big too like she did?”
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Tiny waited patiently while Gin regained his composure, through his "uhs" and "ums". She wondered if the 'other fairy-lady' he was talking about was Tink.

"Becuase I'm not a fairy. I'm just a girl. Well..a really small girl. With wings." Okay, so that didn't make much sense, and so Tiny bit her lip and tried again. "...Only I wasn't BORN with my wings, they were given to me, and so now I have them. But I talk just like you!"

Big? Did he say Tink-or this other fairy-lady-had gotten big? "Big? Little fairies can get big? How did she get big? I want to be big." Tiny sighed.
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“I... I don't know. I didn't know they could get big either.” Slowly, Gin sat upright, trying not to harm the small lady-who-looked-like-a-fairy if he could avoid it. If she wasn't a fairy, then maybe she didn't have any magic... and then maybe she was absolutely no threat to him at all. He had thought the other fairy-lady had been a threat, and then she seemed like she wouldn't be... but then she had chased him and..


But this not-quite-fairy-lady seemed very sad to not be able to grow large. Was she the victim of some kind of magic too and that was why she was so small? Much the same way that he was cursed to live a dual life as a cookie. “How come you are so small?”
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She sighed again, finding a place on Gin's knee to sit and prop her chin on her own knees. "Oh, well. I suppose it's just fate that I remain small. I don't know what I can do to be big."

At his question, Tiny furrowed her brows, frowning a bit as she thought. "I don't really know...My mother wished for a child, and a magical lady-...maybe she was a fairy, I don't know...-gave her a flower. I came out of the flower. I guess the magical lady made me small, but I don't know if I CAN be big. My mother always said I shouldn't wish to be something I'm not can one enjoy life as someone so small?! Especially you know how many birds try to eat me?"
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So, she was small because that's how she was created. Creation seemed to make more sense than birth, if she came out of a flower. That was kind of similar to how he was created, except that Gin came out of an oven... not a flower. “My... well, I suppose you could call her my mother... she wished for a child too... but... I ran away from them a long time ago. I'm usually very small too, but not as small as you.”

Why was he telling her all of this, Gin never told anybody about how he was created. He didn't trust people. But this girl really couldn't harm him, right? She seemed like she couldn't.

And... things tried to eat her, too! Not that it was good, because it wasn't. It was actually quite bad to think that birds would try to eat a small girl. “I don't know how many try to eat you, but I was eaten once... by a fox.”

Oh, now why did he tell her that?
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"Why did you leave them?" She asked it curiously, not in a accusing tone. "I didn't want to leave my mother...but the toads kidnapped me. I wish I could find her, but I haven't been able to. It doesn't help that I don't really know where I am." Tiny played with a tuft of her long hair while she spoke.

"A fox ate you!" Tiny sounded shocked and sympathetic. "You poor thing! How did you make it out alive?" She was truly interested now. "A lot of birds TRY to get me, but they haven't yet. I think becuase I fly pretty fast. But they always think I'm some sort of insect, I think."
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“It's uh... complicated.” That was about all he was going to tell her for right now. After all, Gin had no idea who this very small woman was. Just like she had no idea who he was. “I just thought they were going to hurt me... that's all.” And that was all the detail she needed right now.

“But yes, a fox ate me. Actually, a lot of things tried to eat me, but he was the only one who succeeded. I shouldn't have trusted him to help me get across the river.” Oh, that was too much information, now wasn't it? And yet, he couldn't stop talking to her. “Well, once I was in his belly, I just beat him up from the inside until he got sick and I came back out whole.

“And here I am now... sort of. There was some changing and growing in there though.”
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"Oh." She didn't press...there was no need to. Tiny wasn't the type to continually bother people for details, especially when they didn't offer any up. "Then that's a good reason to have left."

Her eyes widened at the tale of the fox and how Gin valiently escaped. "You're so brave!" Tiny gasped, pressing her hands dramatically against her chest. "You escaped from a fox's belly! I wish I were that brave..."
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Brave? She thought he was brave. Gin almost blushed. It was a rare thing for anyone to say anything like that of him, let alone to him. Actually, it was the only time it had ever happened. “It's not brave,” he said quickly, fighting the embarrassment that was rising with a pink tone into his face. “It's a healthy will to live. You would have done the same if you found yourself in the belly of a fox, I'm sure.”

Would she? Maybe not, Gin didn't know. He didn't even know who this girl was. “I just run away from things now, easier for self-preservation.” Alright, before he said one more word, he should probably find out who this girl was. What if she was a spy?

Wait... be realistic. A spy from where? She wasn't a fairy, she said as much... didn't she? His brain was all flustered, too eager to talk to someone who wasn't threatening that he was forgetting what he knew and what he didn't. “Who are you?” Was that too abrupt and rude?
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" I think it's brave." Tiny said fondly, frowning stubbornly at him. "I don't know if I could beat on a fox enough to make him spit me out. I would probably be stone scared."

Tiny played with the bottom of her hair as Gin spoke. "I know about running away. Sometimes it's all you can do. It's scary, but it feels great when you feel free, even if you're not sure that you are." Who was she? "My name is Tiny...and I'm just a girl, a regular girl. Well...maybe not so regular. I'm a small girl. A very small girl. I'm not a fairy." She reassured him once again. "I've met some...not so nice fairies, and I don't think I like being mistaken for one."

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"I don't have any kind of a proper name," he said, figuring that it was only fair he gave her some kind of name. Though 'Tiny' was a very strange name to have. It wasn't so much a name as an adjective, right? A descriptor. Maybe it was a name she gave herself... or maybe her mother gave it to her. "No one gave me one."

Gin shrugged and watched as she fiddled with her hair. "So, I've just been having people call me, Gin. Sounds good enough... so I guess that would be my name."

Tiny kept insisting she wasn't a fairy, but she was small like a fairy and had wings like one. Though, he probably wouldn't have been able to understand what she said to him if she was a fairy. Right? "I didn't mean to offend you, if I did."
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"How sad not to have been given a name!" Tiny held names in very high esteem, since she loved the one her mother gave her, and was quite annoyed when the flower fairies tried to change it.

"Gin. I like it." She smiled, and then shook her head. "You didn't. A lot of people think I'm a fairy. I guess it's hard not to, with my wings. But my wings were a gift."
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It seemed a strange gift to receive, or even to give for that matter. Did Tiny's mother want her to be a fairy? Very, very strange.

“Well, they are very nice wings. Do they work? Can you use them to get up into the trees?” Gin didn't know that she had been in the tree he had smacked in to, he hadn't really been paying much attention at the time. Focus had been placed entirely on what he thought was chasing him. Which apparently, turned out to be nothing.
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She beamed at the compliment. "Sure they work!" Tiny fluttered up, and then zoomed up to the tree, stopping at the branch in which she had been sitting. She looped a few times around it, and then came back down to Gin, landing upon his knees again.

"I love to fly."
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His eyes grew unnaturally wide as she rose up off his knees for a moment before returning with a softness that made the whole thing seem a dream. Maybe he was dreaming this. Maybe the small girl sitting on his knees wasn't really there. Maybe he had just gotten into some really strong mushrooms. That was it. It was the mushrooms.

Except that he didn't have any mushrooms.

“Flying seems like it would be awful nice. You could get away from those who chase you easier.” And maybe even faster, too. That also seemed quite likely. At least Gin thought so. He didn't know for sure, as he never had wings.
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Tiny nodded. "It does make it a bit easier. Sometimes I'm not as fast as the birds, though, and I can barely get away. I usually end up hiding..." She fluttered her wings a bit in thought. "If there's ever a way I can be big, I would still want to keep my wings. I wonder if that's possible?"

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“Why not? If becoming big ever becomes possible, I can't see why you couldn't keep your wings.” Though, wouldn't they get in the way? Hit things as you walked along, bumping into people.

It seemed the Gin was finally making a friend. His first friend in a long life of distrust and while he didn't quite trust the little woman enough to let her in on any of his secrets, at least the more important ones, she was quite nice company to have. But he was growing weary of sitting still on the ground. Maybe they should go somewhere and do something. He wasn't sure what, but it beat just sitting on the ground.

Gin's stomach rumbled. Perhaps he should head home, to his house hidden high in the canopy. He had something to eat there. But Tiny was nice company to have. Maybe she'd want to come with him. “Do... do... I'm thinking I'm going to try to find my way home and get something to eat. Did you maybe want to come with me?” It was a very forward thing to ask, but he didn't really have any experience of how to deal with these sorts of things.
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Tiny certainly hadn't thought that far, but no matter. She didn't truly think there'd ever be a way for her to be big anyhow.

The small girl's eyes lit up. He just invited her to his home! For food! It was such a sweet gesture, that it took Tiny a moment to respond as she flustered over her answer. "Oh! You! Me? Thank you! I mean, yes, I would love to come with you! It's not often I meet someone so nice..."

Tiny let out an excited laugh, and fluttered next to Gin's head.
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