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[Thread] Late Tuesday Night, the Sleeping Woods (Open)
Very upset with the way things had gone with the rest of the Lost boys earlier that evening, Slightly had run off. Alone deep in the Sleeping Woods, Slightly kicked at the ground as he filed between the trees.

"I am never going back there," He said to himself, "Not ever." Slightly still couldn't believe what had happened nor could he believe some of the things that were said about him. "No imagination, puh!" He said as he kicked a rock, tramping through the thick of the woods. "How dare he call me a Dad, puh!" He grunted as he kicked at a thick root.

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From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/14/2007 13:20:15  

The root happend to belong to the tree Puck was currently lounging in. If the loud grumbling hadn't already disturbed him, then the tree's discomfort certainly would have.

Rolling on to his stomach on the low-hanging branch, Puck scowled down at the intruder. "Oy! Leave off, will you? Before the tree hits you back."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/14/2007 13:42:38  

Slightly, a bit startled, stopped walking. "Whatever," He grumbled looking to the boy. "Maybe I am hoping one will so then I don't have to be in this place anymore."

Slightly let out a breath and then continued walking through the woods.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/14/2007 13:57:01  

"Well, that could be arranged," Puck muttered as he jumped down from the tree, landing in a graceful crouch like a cat. He caught up with the boy in a few nimble steps. "Why would you ever want to leave this place anyway?"
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/14/2007 14:04:23  

Surprised that the boy actually continued talking to him, Slightly was caught off guard and instantly intrigued. "Well, I suppose I just want to go home," Slightly responded with less attitude.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/14/2007 18:50:20  

"And where's home?" Puck asked with genuine curiosity and the first wheels of an idea starting to turn in his head. It was obvious this mortal youth was distressed, and that made him vulnerable, pliable.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/14/2007 22:33:09  

Slightly sighed, "Neverland," He answered him in almost a whisper. "But... well, I can't actually go back. No one can... but I wish I could."
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/16/2007 20:41:48  

Puck had never heard of this Neverland, but he didn't bother mentioning that fact. He just put on a sympathetic face and nodded. "Must be awful, not being able to get home." He shrugged. "But this place isn't so bad, is it?" Puck had come to like Pentamerone quite a lot and he hadn't even gotten to explore it all yet.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/20/2007 19:16:24  

Slightly shrugged, "I suppose I could... eventually," He let out another deep breath, "but I am all alone and I won't be able to enjoy this place alone. Don't get me wrong," He said looking to Puck, "I have had friends, I'm not weird or anything, but I don't want anything to do with them anymore."
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/23/2007 00:00:14  

Oooh, seems there was some trouble. And nothing quite attracted Puck's interest like trouble.

He skipped out in front of his new companion, walking backwards in front of him, feet familiar with the terrain and deftly avoiding roots that might trip him up.

Puck put on an expression of curious concern. "Why not? Being far from home, you'd think you'd want your friends now most of all."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/23/2007 14:08:49  

Slightly huffed, "Not these friends. Not them. Not those idiots that always blame me for everything and never want to do anything different and they... they are just so, so, SO stupid!" He bumbled and fumbled out.

Slightly's face was hot and he quickly thought to apologize, "I don't mean to yell about all of this to you. We just met and I am spewing all of my complaints to you."
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 11/23/2007 14:15:36  

"Doing things the same all the time gets boring, don't you think?" Puck said with a mix of understanding at Slightly's plight and scoffing at these friend of his who just didn't understand. "I bet they're just jealous that you have all the good ideas and they don't. Because they're stupid."

The fairy was telling him what he wanted to hear; this was how the game always went. Be agreeable, friendly, gain their trust, and Puck would end up with a prize. Or some fun at the very least.

"It's not bother," "Puck said with a shrug. "Who else would you complain to? The trees can't talk back. Unless they feel like it."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 11/26/2007 10:31:35  

Slightly laughed, "You know, you are right!" He exclaimed, "They are just stupid and jealous and... and so stupid!"

Slightly was surprised at how much the boy was making sense, "I am glad we met," He smiled.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 12/04/2007 09:15:18  

"As am I," Puck said with a broad grin. The boy was falling for it. "Here I was just about to say you should find yourself some new friends. And look! There you go."

He buffed his nails on his chest and gave the boy a glance. "And I must say, I'm one of the best friends you can have around here. Though, if we are to be friends, we should probably exchange names." he stopped suddenly and thrust out a hand. "Robin Goodfellow, at your service."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 12/05/2007 13:30:18  

Slightly quickly returned the gesture in putting his hand out in front of himself and toward the boy's, though his and Puck's hand did not meet, like he had seen done once back in Neverland. "Nice to meet you Robin Goodfellow, the name's Slightly Soiled." He gleamed before taking his hand back to his side, "So friend, what should we do now?"
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 12/08/2007 00:26:15  

Puck arched a brow at the odd gesture - apparently the boy lacked even the most basic social graces - and gave him a bright, friendly smile. "Nice to meet you, Slightly. Since we're to be such good friends, I suppose I should show you my hideout."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 12/11/2007 23:10:36  

Slightly's eyes opened widely, "Please do!" He replied excitedly. There was something about his new friend that Slightly liked right off the bat.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 12/14/2007 16:49:14  

"Follow me, then!" Puck changed direction suddenly and moved swiftly through the trees, knowing every inch of the forest like the back of his hand from all the exploring he'd done lately.

He maybe should have slowed down to make it easier for Slightly to follow, but such considerations were beyond most fairies and Puck was no exception.

Puck drew deeper and deeper into the woods until he came to a short, squat oak tree, wedged snugly between two boulders. Puck's lair was actually under the old tree, cradled deep in the ground by the tree's roots. The entrance was almost completely hidden by a carpet of creeping vines. In fact, unless you know what you were looking for it was impossible to find.

He pulled the vines aside, revealing the dark, gaping maw that led down into what was the closest thing to a home for Puck. "Go on then. I'll be right behind you." He was unconcerned about revealing the location of his bower. If worse came to worse, he could always wipe the boy's memory.
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