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(Log) Tuesday Evening, the Sleeping Woods
Who: the Lost boys (except for Curly)
Where: Their new home in the Sleeping Woods
When: Tuesday Evening
What: The five converse and fight (as usual)

Since the five, of the six, Lost boys arrived in Pentamerone they quickly found out that they were no longer in Neverland nor could they ever go back. It took them some time to get used to the idea of never returning to their home, but nothing set them at ease more than their discovery of the Sleeping Woods.

The Sleeping Woods reminded them so much of their home deep in the woods of Neverland. Also, their memories began sticking with them now and their inability to find Curly made them nervous. They liked being able to remember things now but it seemed as though their memories came at a price.

"I can't stop thinking about Curly," Tootles muttered. He was sitting near the table that lied in the middle of their new home. The five had built a large treehouse high up in the trees of the Sleeping Woods. Doing their best to make their new home resemble their old one, the five found comfort in tricking themselves into thinking they still lived in Neverland.

"Me too," Nibs replied, "Where could he be?" Nibs was sitting across from Tootles and was playing with his hair.

Sitting next to Nibs was Slightly whom was tapping his fingers onto the table. "I'm sure he will turn up. He must be here somewhere."

"You think so?" Tootles asked in a childish tone.

Slightly shook his head, "No, I take that back. We will have to find him, he is too little and foolish to ever actually find us on his own."

"Oh come off it," Nibs said shoving Slightly, "He isn't even here and you are making fun."

"Piss off, you know it's true!" Slightly exclaimed.

Slightly's raised voice stirred Marmaduke out of sleep. The twins seemed to sleep more than they were awake. "What's all the fuss about?" Marmaduke asked annoyed.

"Oh, it's nothing," Nibs said before Slightly could make another sarcastic remark.

"Nothing!" Slightly said even louder, "I'm just saying that if we ever want to see him again we will have to look for him ourselves."

Tootles shook his head vigorously in agreement, his hair flopping over his eyes.

Marmaduke huffed, "Alright, alright... we will go look for him." He responded, "I will wake Binky then... but he's not going to be very happy."

Slightly rolled his eyes, "I don't see why, the two of you have been asleep for days."

Marmaduke shrugged his shoulders at Slightly's remark. Taking the few steps it takes for him to reach Binky's bed from his own, Marmaduke tapped on Binky's side shaking his brother's body.

Stirring awake, Binky's eyes barely opened; they were like slits in his head. Binky let out a cough and looked up at his brother when he caught his breath, "Suttin's not right Duke," He said in a low voice.

Nibs and Slightly had jumped up from their seats and walked over to Marmaduke's side. All three stood over Binky and Marmaduke spoke up in response, "What's wrong Binks?"

Binky shook his head, "My body hurts and I'm cold and my head is ringing and... and... worst of all, the thought of food makes me sick!"

The three gasped.

"Woah," Tootles responded as he sat at the table still.

"I don't know what's wrong with me..." Binky said faintly.

"You are sick!" Slightly said backing away from Binky. "And we could catch it too!"

"Sick?" Marmaduke exclaimed, "What's that?"

"It's when your body catches germs," Slightly responded, "Don't you remember getting sick? You know, before Neverland."

They all shook their heads 'no.'

"Is... is it bad?" Nibs asked.

"Sometimes," Slightly said, "Sometimes you don't get better."

Marmaduke's eyes glared at Slightly, "No! He will get better! You don't know what you are talking about." Marmaduke turned his back to Slightly, "Don't listen to that bafoon." Marmaduke gave his attention to his brother and didn't bother feeding into Slightly's (what seemed) bazaar accusations. This was the first time one of the twins actually showed some sort of emotion other than their usual lazy, easygoing personality.

The rest of the night Nibs and Marmaduke tried consoling Binky as Tootles still sat at the table, now, picking his nose. Slightly paced back and forth on the other side of the treehouse, "I wish I didn't know what I was talking about... but it's true... he is sick... I didn't think we could... I thought this place was magical... this place isn't anything like Neverland..." Slightly went on for a few hours that night pacing back and forth talking to himself with his worried thoughts.

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