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Estervale, mid-afternoon. Open to Peter.
Tink had flown a long ways. Well, first she'd flown back into Ozland and nicked herself some more of the strange mushroom that made her grow or shrink. She'd then decided, on a whim, that she wanted to explore more of the world, and instead of heading back to the Sleeping Woods, she flew straight east. She flew clear over Lake Raienia, pausing on two little islands before continuing on. She found herself someplace called Estervale, and here she remained small-sized for a while, before she could learn how people responded to magic here. They didn't seem to like fairies much in Camlann, but maybe Estervale was different.

After a little while, she grew bored, and the lure of being the size of a human was too good to pass up. She ate a piece of mushroom, and, out of sight, grew to larger size again. She nicked a cloak off someone's clothes line, and, wings folded carefully against her back, donned it, looking for all the world like a normal woman. Well. A normal 'mute' woman. There didn't seem to be many fairies or people who knew fairy language about who could understand her. Didn't matter. She could get by. Right now she was wandering the streets of Estervale, wide-eyed and curious.

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He was about town and it wasn't a Saturday. Today, Peter Pan was bored as hell. The usual adult habits just weren't interesting enough to keep him occupied. He needed distraction, or adventure, preferably both. He wandered aimlessly, looking for a familiar face and highly doubting he'd find one, especially in Estervale which was far too quiet a place for Peter to settle down in. The fact that the term "settle down" sprang into his thoughts was deeply disturbing. Then he caught a something he'd consider familiar in a grown face, much like his own. There's no way in hell, he thought. It looked like Tinkerbell only big, very big. He watched curiously, too afraid to say something and spook the strange lady away. Just seeing her felt like being home.
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It was probably not just her face which was familiar, but her manner. Even large-size, and on the ground instead of in the air, Tink was still flitting about from one thing to the next, finding something that would interest her, only to see something else more interesting somewhere else. She forgot she could hold more than one emotion at a time now in this size, and it sort of crept up on her.

She was holding a cup in one hand. Normally she'd be able to sit in it, but nwo she could drink from it. The stall owner was watching her as if wondering whether or not she would pay. Tink didn't talk to him - couldn't - be she did pay him mind even as she examined some of his other wares. And then the cup was replaced and she was off somewhere else, unaware she was being watched.
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He scrunched up his face watching her, folding his arms over his chest. The more he watched the more he was certain. Suddenly he was trying to figure out how this was possible. This was Pentamerone and stranger things had happened. Just the same, he was still hanging back and watching her with a wary eye.
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And predictably Tink was now bored, She turned around and started pushing her way through the crowd, rather rudely, clearly not apologizing to anyone. She wouldn't even if she could. but her abrupt change in direction brought her closer to her watcher, and her eyes even slid over him for a moment. He looked slightly familiar, but Tink couldn't figure out why. So with a shrug and a tinkle that would clearly translate to him as Whatever Tink kept moving, wondering what else was in Estervale.
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It is her, he thought, as if he needed confirmation. "Don't whatever me," he said, a rare smile on his adult face, as he turned in step to follow her.
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Tink turned around with a rude and immediate, I'll whatever whoever I want, and when I want before stopping to consider the fact that he probably wouldn't understand her.

Or rather to consider the fact that he did in fact understand her, something that was just starting to dawn on her. You understand me? she tinkled questioningly.

And why the fuck did he look so damned familiar?
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"I probably should," he said, "I did grow up with you. Or rather I didn't grow up with you." He laughed lightly, confusing himself. "I've been speaking bells since before I knew what it was."
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What the hell are you talking about? This man was weird, and confusing, because she really didn't think she knew him, and yet... Something about the way he spoke, and that laugh. That laugh was familiar, very familiar. It reminded her so much of... Peter?

But that didn't make any sense, it couldn't be Peter. Peter was a boy! This was a grown man. A grown-up. An adult! Peter would never never grow up! Would he? Tink eyed him in stunned surprise.
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"Yeah," he said abashedly. "It's me." He ran his hand through his hair. "Hi." He wasn't sure why he was embarrassed all of a sudden. He'd never been that way around Tink before, why was being a grown man bothering him?
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Tink's eye went wide. Peter? Peter what happened? You've grown up! You... You grew up. Her tinkling became accusatory, upset. How had he grown up so fast, and why? He was Peter Pan, the eternal child! How could this ever happen?
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"I was kind of hoping you could help me with that," he said, his explanations shelved for the moment. She wouldn't react well at the mention of Wendy Darling. While this wasn't her fault, it was certainly due in part to his obsession with her. He'd have to explain why he was in the real world for so long and why Neverland had died out. He couldn't explain that he was looking for the lost boys; Tink would see right through it. He sighed. "I've been a right mess Tink," he said. "How on earth did you get big?"
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Tink was well and properly distracted by that question. I found magic mushrooms! You eat some they make you big or small! Well it's not just the mushrooms. In this weird place across the lake, I think it's all Ozland, the food can be weird and make you change sizes. People have to be careful what they eat; I saw someone get stepped on. She didn't seem at all disturbed by the memory.

She had been with Robin then. Oh, Robin! She hadn't seen him in a while either...
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"Then that probably won't work for me," he said, a little glumly and not at all like the adult face he was wearing. "You'd think in a land full of make-believe and magic that solving problems of this nature would be a good deal easier."
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Tink frowned. What happened? What made you grow up? Maybe we can find a way to make you a kid again! They are bunches of places I haven't explore yet! Something might be there...
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He smiled a bit, reminded of all the silly little reasons he had always stuck with Tink. "I stayed in London too long," he said sadly and left it at that. There would be time for more explanations. "I was away from the magic for too long. I guess," he said, though in truth it was a mite more complicated.
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Tink made a noise that sounded a great deal like a jingly chiding scoff. That's what you get for going off without me. Her tone was torn between offended and teasing, something she couldn't have manged in tiny form. Maybe you should come to the Sleeping Woods. There's magic everywhere! It's not just like Neverland, but it's the closest I've seen so far here.
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He took a steadying breath. Fear was an adult emotion he'd experienced a lot and the mention of a new place was overwhelming in light of finding Tinkerbell and reigniting his hopes to become a boy again. "I am sorry," he said. "I... I don't know about other places. I finally got used to Estervale."
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Tink gave him another look and grabbed his arm, yanking him out of the main thoroughfare. Without another sound she doffed her cloak and dug in her pockets and popped something into her mouth. And shrunk immediately back down to her usual size. What's the matter with you, Peter? Got used to it? The Peter I know would never say that! He'd want to strike out for a new adventure immediately! Places unknown! Have you really... really grown past all that?

Her tone switched from confusion to anger to sadness with lightning speed, one emotion at at time.
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He sighed heavily. "I dunno Tink," he replied, the most sullen he'd been all day. "The urge is still there, but it's like I'm too tired, or too scared. Being an adult is awful."
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And now Tink was full of worry. Peter.... Peter I don't like this. I don't like you like this, all grown up and scared, and boring and I want my old Peter back. Her tinkling sound grew louder and forceful, full of the emotion she couldn't express verbally.
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"I couldn't agree more Tink, but I don't know what to do." He frowned, rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. I've never been like this before and I think it's getting worse. He didn't want to voice that thought aloud lest it come true.
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Standing there being a scared adult isn't going to help. This place is too grown up, Peter. Come to the woods. It's not the same as Neverland, but maybe it'll be enough... Maybe you can be you again. You have to try! Because the thought of Peter not being the Boy Who Never Grew Up was breaking Tink's tiny heart.
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"All right," he said softly. "Let's go then." He didn't argue with Tinkerbell and that was something new as well. When he had reason to he usually put up a good fight with the little fairy.
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Tink frowned at Peter for a moment. That also was unlike him. They used to have spirited arguments, ending with one or both of them flying off in a huff, only to completely forget about it later and be fine again. And then a dreadful thought occurred to Tink and her eyes grew wide as she asked, Peter? Tell me you can still fly?
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"I could fly?" he asked with a big smile. There were still a measure of things he forgot, the faces of his lost boys, some of the wonderful magic he could do. His amazement at that discovery pushed the fear away and brought him back to his usual curious and cheerful self.
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Tink's face fell again. Oh Peter you don't remember flying? That was a tough blow, almost as bad as when he forgot her, something she herself hadn't forgotten. But then she heard the cheer in his voice, saw the look on his face that was pure Peter Pan, and hope surged. Yes, Peter you could fly, better and faster than anyone in Neverland! All you need to do, is remember. think of the bestest most happiest though you can ever ever think of, and just hold onto it tight. She flew up and circled around him, shaking down as much pixie dust as she could. The rest now was all up to him.
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He struggled to come up with a happy memory, but his recent memory was filled with terror and then monotony. There was nothing happy to even remind him of being a kid. "Problem Tink," he said softly. "I don't even remember a happy memory."
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Tink was crestfallen. Absolutely and completely heartbroken. Her wings drooped and the tiniest of tears filled little blue eyes. Peter... Peter you can't be- No you have to remember something, anything! Neverland! Fighting Hook, the Lost Boys! A pause and then in a tinkle that sounded as though she were afraid to say, Me? Am I not even a happy enough memory for you anymore?
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"Oh my god," he said, hands flying to his temples as if he were such an idiot for saying anything about it. It wasn't that she wasn't a happy memory for him; it was the recent traumas he faced clouding his ability to remember anything good. "No Tink, you're wonderful. It's just... I'm so confused and nothing has gone right since I left Neverland." Since I killed Neverland. "I'm not sure I could fly even with happy memories. The fact that I can't even remember flying..." he faded off into quiet. How in the hell am I going to get myself out of this mess?
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Flattery was one of the best things to offer a fairy, especially as part of apology, and Tink flashed to pleased before zipping right back to worried. Follow me, Peter. There's magic in the Sleeping Woods. I found other fairies there and everything! Maybe... well maybe if you stay there awhile... maybe it'll be like Neverland. Maybe the woods need you, and then maybe you can be like before? She was practically begging, and it was a tone she'd never used. You can walk. It'll talk longer, but I'll stay right with you. Like before. Like always. Please?

Tink had no idea if her plan could actually work, but standing there in Estervale wasn't helping, obviously. Maybe Robin knew something that could help...
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He nodded, a very small smile on his face. As least she had calmed down some and she had a better plan of action then any he had come up with. "Lead the way Tink. I'll follow you wherever you think I should go."
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