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Who: Piper and Jinn
When: Today
Where: Just outside of Camlann
What: Piper discovers a ring that houses the genie known as Jinn

The Pied Piper had been hanging around Camlann a lot recently. He'd done with his adventures in the Sleeping Woods for now, having met nothing but insane persons and troubling vegetation along his way.

He'd been staying in the land of iron among the people who seemed a little more sane, but a good deal less adventurous. He was still lacking in the one thing he truly desired: someone to talk to and travel with.

He was trying not to think on that fact while he worked his way along a back road in the city, heading towards the Koude Reizen Mountains. Not paying attention, his eyes wandering between the road and the scenery, something caught his eye.

It was such a strange thing, almost as if it had been placed there for him to find. On a branch sticking out from a bush he saw something glinting, a pretty silver ring with a deep red stone placed in it. He didn't notice the other bits of jewelry strewn under the bush, as if an attempted robbery failed or a cart laden with pretty things had overturned. He was so very focused on the ring, mesmerized by its peculiar placement and singular beauty.

He plucked it from the branch and held it in his hand as if it were the most precious thing he'd ever come across. It was clearly a man's ring, thick and set in masculine angles. He looked around him at the empty road as if someone might come and claim the ring before he could slide it onto his finger.

He laughed at himself before extending his ring finger on his right hand and moving the ring down the length to find that it was a perfect fit. "It was meant to be," he said, astonished. He brushed the fingers of his left hand over the stone in awe.

The Pied Piper was not aware that the ring now gracing his finger was a magic one and that locked inside was a djinn. Much to his surprise a woman sprang forth from the ring and stood before him, one hand on hip.

Her dress was peculiar, a long, red, off the shoulder gown that hugged her body. Her hair was long as well, black as night and hanging loosely over her shoulders. Adorning her bare arms were two silver bangles and he recognized them immediately as the shackles of a genie.

"Well?" she asked the red haired man (it helped soften her disposition a bit, as silly as it was; she loved all things red). "You called."

"I didn't know I was calling," he said lightly, looking between the ring and the woman.

Before he could ask she answered. "We're not all into lamps," she said. "You'd be surprised at the number of ordinary household objects that can serve as homes for the djinn."

He liked her voice, and the way she stood. "So you are a genie?"

She rolled her eyes, almost laughed. "You're no magician then," she commented in return. "I'm assuming you have no mastery over magic."

"That's a quick assumption," he replied with a devious smile. "But no, I'm not a magician."

"Ah well," she said in return. "You're my new master anyway," she added, pointing to the ring on his finger.

That was something of a surprise to hear. "Does that give me wishes?" he asked, not wanting to assume too much.

"Yeah," she replied vaguely. "And I'd suggest you keep the ring on. I have a tendency to get lost."

He laughed at that and looked again at the ring. "How do you get back in?" he asked, all full of questions now, happy to be thrust into this delightful new situation.

"When you have no more need of me," she said just as nonchalantly as proclaiming him as her new master. "You touch the stone to call me out."

"Can you stay out for a long time?" He was perfectly incapable of stemming his curiosity.

"I've been out of my ring for years at a time. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I guess I've been wishing for a companion all the time I've been in Pentamerone. And. Well. Here you are. It would be a shame to just toss you back in the ring."

She didn't have any questions of her own. She'd never had a need to know what was happening around her or where she was. So long as she had a master whose needs she could fulfill. "Then I will stay out and accompany you," she said and flashed him her first, big smile. This was where she was most comfortable and this task was so very simple. She could stay outside of the ring without wasting any magic. "Make a real wish," she goaded with a lighthearted laugh.

He grinned in return. "Ok. How about some dinner? Are you hungry?"

She laughed again. "Sure." She made a graceful motion with her arms and a whole set up appeared; two chairs, a wrought iron table, and a delicious spread of food stood where before there was only empty street.

"Wow," he breathed, astonished and incredibly pleased. Ever the gentleman, he pulled out a seat for her and pushed in gently as she sat. He took his own seat and smiled across the table at her. He wasn't sure what all the food was, but he was willing to try, just happy to have company tonight.

She couldn't be sure just yet, but there was something about this new master that pleased her. The old desire to serve and grow a bond was already present. "What shall I call you master?" she asked over the veritable buffet she had served.

"Ah. Mr. Piper," he said. "I'm the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Well," he though it over while pouring some of the white wine from a dark green glass bottle. "Just Piper is fine. What shall I call you?"

"Jinn," she answered. "Though you could call me Lujayn if you really wanted."

"Lujayn," he repeated, passing her the glass he poured and pouring another for himself. "Which do you prefer?"

She shrugged. "Whichever. It's not what I want. It's what you want. You're the master."

He frowned, his first quandary with his newfound friend. "Well, I think I'd like to call you Lujayn, since it's your real name. I'd rather not know you by what you are, more who you are."

Jinn didn't argue, merely nodded. Her new master was awfully polite, something she'd have to remember and work on. She wasn't used to working with people who cared about her own feelings. "Ok Piper," she said and began to eat. So long as he had the ring they could spend the rest of his life figuring this stuff out.

He wasn't thinking that far ahead, but he smiled just the same. "Ok Lujayn," he replied and dug into the feast before them.

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