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Titania's bower. [Open to Peaseblossom]
Titania knew Oberon was moving through the woods again. She could feel his very presence, written upon the leaves and grass, leaving the indelible mark of the unseelie king upon each blade. She could sense the other magic too, the one that she now knew was Mabb's. She'd come upon each individually, but had yet to notice any mingling of the two, any hint that they had met and had been at all together.

Titania stepped from her bed and moved, sliently, gracefully to her pool, a pond-like body of water in which she bathed. Her inner court had again been dismissed, but only since last night. She was certain at least one of the four would come to look in on her soon; they always did. She was just as certain Mustardseed knew well more than she was letting on about the council's activities that led to their deaths. It was why the fairy was so hard to pin down for any sort of questioning. Titania's face was grim, and expression very unlike her. She had plans this day.

Today she would seek out either Oberon, Mabb or even both.

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Peaseblossom was all flustered, though she tried her best to keep it from showing. There were enough problems around without her adding to them! She did her best to keep herself busy, yet she couldn't manage to sit still for very long at all.

Perhaps that's why she went to check on her Queen. Even though the inner court had been dismissed, Peaseblossom couldn't stand to be terribly far away. This is her home, what she has known and loved for so long now. And it breaks her heart that so many have died.

She peeked her head into the bower first before she quietly made her way inside. She held a small basket in her arms, divided in half where one side had berries and the other flower petals. A soft, gentle smile came to her face as she bowed before her Queen. "Good evening, Queen Titania," Peaseblossom spoke in ever-soft tones, her eyes to the floor as she would wait until her Queen gave her any indication that she should make herself comfortable.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/10/2007 23:44:13  

Titania didn't need to look up to know to whom the voice belonged. "Good evening, Peaseblossom," she responded, her voice just as quiet, as one deep in thought. She was submersed in her pool to her shoulders, her red hair pinned atop her head, a few curls struggling to come loose.

She looked up then, at Peaseblossom, at the basket she carried. "Join me, dear one," Titania said, a gentle beckoning of hand to let her know she was welcome. A curl managed to escape, to slip down her neck and into the water. It didn't matter. Titania would soon be requesting her handmaiden wash her hair for her anyhow.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/10/2007 23:51:44  

A pleasant smile came to Peaseblossom's features when her Queen responded, and she had no doubt that current times were worrying her as much as everyone else in her court.

Her smile grew a bit before she nodded and set her basket down. After slipping out of her layers she slipped into the water beside her Queen. "I was out gathering berries and thought I should come and see how you are fairing," she offered an explanation gently, though she knows that she doesn't really need a reason to come and check on her Queen. It's one of her duties, after all...And even if it wasn't, she would still do so.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/10/2007 23:58:13  

"Ever the considerate one, Blossom," Titania said, affectionately. Curious though. Peaseblossom was rarely not in the company of Mustardseed. Interesting she should be here with Titania now, when the queen at least knew well that fey's life was in certain danger.

She shouldn't have dismissed them. Not all. If anything she should be questioning Mustardseed right now. "And how do your sisters fair?" Titania asked, reaching out to gently stroke Peaseblossom's hair. "Are they less able to stay away from me for too long than you?" It was a bit of a tease, but there was seriousness behind it.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/11/2007 00:12:41  

Blossom's features brightened at her Queen's words and she stretched her little legs out into the water and happily wiggled her toes as if nothing was the matter at all.

Her bright eyes shifted to Titania then, and her lashes fluttered just slightly. "They are off frolicking," she nodded gently, though a moment later she gave a near-pout. "All but Mustardseed, she has gone into hiding." Despite the soothing way the Queen was stroking her hair, Blossom very nearly looked like she would cry.

"I haven't seen my Mustardseed in days," she admits in softer tones, her full lower lip quivering just slightly. "You don't think..." She couldn't even say the words, but the fear of what could have happened to her best friend is easily known by now.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/11/2007 00:35:07  

Titania's thumb brushed over Peaseblossom's cheek. "Hush, dear. She is not harmed." not yet at least. "I would know the moment anything happened to her."

Titania turned and let her hair fall, magic loosing the pins which held it up in place. "Come. Wash my hair for me and we will speak." She leaned back a bit into Peaseblossom, idly creating water illusions as she let the seelie fey wash her hair.

"Do you know why it is Mustardseed hides?" She asked neutrally. She was curious to know how much Mustardseed may have told her.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/11/2007 00:45:35  

She reached up to rub at her right eye just slightly, but she nodded, knowing and trusting that if her Queen says that Mustardseed is fine, then she must be.

The smile returned to her features, and as soon as her Queen was settled, Peaseblossom would start to wash her hair. She even started to hum softly, at least until the question was asked.

"I believe she's frightened," she answered honestly. "We all are, because of...Well, the deaths?" She continued to gently wash her Queen's curls, apparently not bothered by the question. "We haven't spoken in quite some time, it feels like an eternity, but I'm quite sure that's why my Mustardseed is hiding."
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/11/2007 00:50:24  

"What does she know of the deaths, Peasblossom? And what do you?" At the very least they knew it was only council members being killed, seelie and unseelie alike. Mustardseed likely knew who was doing it. Titania however, wanted to know exactly how much Mustardseed had been involved. That was the one thing she was still unclear about. "Has she said anything to you?"
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/11/2007 01:09:02  

Peaseblossom's eyelashes fluttered at the questioning, but she wouldn't lie to her Queen. "I am unsure of what Mustardseed might know of the deaths, Your Majesty. As far as my knowledge goes, I am only aware that council members are being killed."

She frowned lightly and shook her head even though her Queen's back is to her. "No, my Queen...Mustardseed has not said anything to me about such things. I am only aware of the seelie and unseelie council members being killed...But for what reason, I know not. By whom I know not either." Worry was starting to lace in her tones, and she was trying hard to keep from panicking.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/11/2007 10:00:21  

Titania sent a watery bird to circle around Peaseblossom and settle on her shoulder. Though made entirely from water, it held its shape and perched on her, even twittering musically as a real bird would. She could hear the worry in Peaseblossom's voice and replied, "Think no more on it now, dear one. This is a matter I must attend to."

But it was clear Titania was disturbed. She wondered if everyone knew more than they were saying, or if vital parts of others' memory were just as missing as her own.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/11/2007 13:47:04  

Peaseblossom's fingers paused in washing her Queen's hair as she tilted her eyes up and followed the bird with her eyes. A slight smile returned to her features and it grew as the bird started to sing. She instantly felt better, as if nothing in the world was wrong.

That smile dimmed, however, with her Queen's words. "I am sorry that you are troubled," she offered gently, and truly wished that she had more information that could help with this particular situation. She wasn't sure what to do, what to say to make this better for her Queen.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 13:22:00  

"As am I," Titania murmured in response. "But I shall not sit in confusion and mistrust any longer. I will have my questions answered." Titania turned to look at her handmaiden. "Peaseblossom. Keep watch for Mustardseed. If she is smart she will hide where she cannot be found." Either by Mabb or herself. But Titania knew that there was nowhere Mustardseed could hide where she would not one day be found.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:01:28  

If there was one thing that Peaseblossom could not stand, it's being frightened. And right now, try as she might to keep from being frightened, it wasn't working. "You should not have to," she shook her head as her Queen turned to look at her.

Her eyes connected with her Queen's, and as per every other order she's given, Peaseblossom took it very seriously. She gave a nod of understanding. "As you wish, Queen Titania," she replied, just as she always did when she's told to do something. "If I find her, I will come to you straight away."
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:13:23  

"Good." Titania leaned back against Peaseblossom and hummed softly for a few moments. her illusory bird twittered a counterpoint, and continued when titania stopped to ask, "Peaseblossom, have you noticed anywhere in the wood what looks rather like a face in the leaves?" He tone had shifted from wary and concerned to merely curious.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:20:18  

The smile returned to Peaseblossom's mouth as her Queen started to hum, and she even gave a soft giggle as she looked over at the little bird again. The question stumped her, though, and she tilted her head just slightly. "Not that I can recall, no." She shook her head a little and ran her fingers through Titania's long hair. "I think I would certainly remember such a strange thing," she added as an after thought.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:29:33  

"Hmm," came Titania's response. She had seen the face made from leaves again the day before, and this time, eerily enough, it seemed as though it was watching her. The eyes didn't quite follow her, but it gave her the definite feeling of being watched. "Keep you eyes open for that too. I wonder if anyone else has seen it. Them."

It was such an odd feeling to see them. The magic that clearly emanated from them was one she was unfamiliar with. It was unlike Mabb's or Oberon's. It seemed more like seelie magic, and yet it was something entirely different. She had given it no thought due to the trouble with Mabb and the council. But now she found herself dividing her attention between the fairy deaths and this strange new magic.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:43:04  

"I certainly will," it was certainly something that she would keep her eyes open for. There were many strange things happening since they moved the court to The Sleeping Woods. Peaseblossom has been so caught up with the mysterious deaths that she hasn't even spied been around many mortals lately!

"Do you think it's this place?" She asked softly with a frown. "I mean, the deaths and that face?" She sighed softly and wrapped her arms around the front of her Queen's shoulders before she rested her head against Titania's. "I worry for you...For you and my sisters," she admitted softly, barely above a whisper.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 20:50:26  

Titania's arms came up and circled around Peaseblossom. "I do not know enough about this place to say for certain as for those faces. That face... But the deaths, no, the deaths, I am certain those would have still happened, would continue to happen if I moved the court once again." Titania shook her head. "It has been long since we reveled, has it not, dear Blossom?" It was a sudden topic shift, and a change to a slightly wistful tone.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:14:22  

She felt comfortable -- and safe -- here in Titania's arms. Even while they talked of the deaths and odd face in the leaves. "Would they...Would it frighten me?" She wouldn't ask if it frightened Titania, of course. She gave a little pout to the answer about the deaths, but was certainly thankful for the topic change. "Yes, indeed." She nodded in agreement. "Perhaps we should? I mean, perhaps in a way of getting everyone's minds off of what has happened lately?"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:20:03  

"The faces in the leaves? No, dear, I don't think they will. I feel no danger from them, merely foreign magic and an almost curiosity, perhaps." Titania shook her head and smiled. "It is of no consequence for now. As for the revels, yeah, I think we should. Tonight perhaps."

Titania would have to be careful. Very careful. Any gathering of fey such as a revel would almost certainly draw attention. Perhaps Oberon's. Perhaps Mabb's. She wasn't entirely certain it was the best idea, but it was better than faint whispers and trails of magic leading to nowhere. Maybe she should try to draw them out.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:25:42  

She nodded as it was explained, and once more the smile returned to Peaseblossom's features. "Then I shall not worry." She shook her head a bit, though she wasn't sure how long she would be able to keep that promise. "That would be wonderful!" She clapped her hands and gave a giggle, her eyes dancing. "Should I go let the others know?"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:32:41  

Titania stroked Peaseblossom's cheek once more. "Yes. Please do. I shall begin to make ready. There shall be wine and dancing, revelry and song." The satyrs and fauns would know almost immediately. Titania swore all it took was the mention of revelry and they would show up, pipes playing wine flowing, chasing down fey left and right for liaisons in the woods. It was the kind the distraction everyone needed.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:42:40  

Peaseblossom's features lit up further as her cheek was stroked, and she gave a little wiggle in the water. "Yay! Everyone will be so happy! I just know it. This is exactly what we need to make things feel better." She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to Titania's cheek. "I'll go tell the others and get things ready." And with that, Peaseblossom slipped out of the water and began to dress so she could do as she said she would.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:50:38  

Titania couldn't help but smile at Peaseblossom's good humor. It was one of the reasons she kept the fey so close and held her dear. She easily pulled Titania out of moods that befell her from time to time, most often moods inflicted or inspired by Oberon.

She hadn't mentioned her separation for Oberon just yet. Perhaps she'd speak of that later. For now she watched as Peaseblossom got dressed. The little water bird fluttered around Peaseblossom as she dressed and then flew back toward Titania, diving beneath the water and returning to its home once again. "Thank you Peaseblossom," Titania said, and the two words held volumes. She would linger in her bath a bit longer and then dress to prepare.
From: [info]dreamy_fae Date: 08/12/2007 21:57:08  

As she got dressed, Peaseblossom whistled and twittered back with the bird, grinning and practically dancing as she pulled the fabrics back on. She twisted her hair a bit, braiding pieces before she suddenly stopped and turned back towards the bath.

Her smile grew quickly, and Peaseblossom looked truly pleased. "You're most welcome, my Queen." She gave a deep curtsy before she turned and fluttered out of the bower, happily taking on the challenge of letting the others know about the festivities that will take place tonight.
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Titania did linger in the pool a little longer, and then stood, water dripping from her skin as she reached for her clothes. She spied a clutch of leaves again, another of those faces, and she knew for certain it hadn't been there before. It was watching again, she was certain, and this time she could swear the eyes did follow her as she moved.

Her eyes narrowed just a bit, and yet her lips curved. Amused by the voyeuristic magic, she took her time dressing before she set about preparing for the night's revel. Perhaps sometime soon she'd discover the secret behind the green faces. For now, she was just happy enough her mind was off of Mabb, however briefly.
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