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Five Finger Discount [Sleeping Woods - open]
Gin had ruined his shirt. There was, of course, some room for argument over whether or not that particular bit of plant matter had intention of wrapping around him so tightly and tearing through the cloth, even though he had been the one to stumble into the growth; but that was really only because he was startled by the not-so-real appearance of something that made a growly noise.

Alright, so he was a foolish coward. This was something he was well aware of, in all regards. But, cowardice was keeping him alive.

Regardless of whether it was an accident, or if the bramble had meant him any harm or not, left Gin with a torn shirt and a bruised pride. Not that he had much pride to begin with, but one could not go around with tears in their shirts. It was... uncouth. Not that sneaking up to where someone was clearly hanging their own laundry and snatching it was 'couth.' It was just... practical for him. It was preferred over having to find someone who knew how to mend and ask them for assistance. Preference won over properness every time. What was proper didn't keep him alive... or in one piece. Proper would have left him in the belly of that fox... digested to death.

Be not seen, be not heard. He really had become quite the accomplished thief since his creation. Reaching forward and really trying to not draw attention to himself, as he didn't know where the owner of said fabric was, Gin's fingers caught a hold of the fabric and tugged. And tugged again. The blasted thing was just not coming free.

One more tug, a bit sharper this time, and free it came... but with obvious sign of its theft in both noise and movement.

Quick feet carried him away as quietly as he could manage, but perhaps not as quiet as he could have been. Perhaps not as cautious as he could and should have been. No matter, he had his new shirt in hand, regardless of who its owner may have been, or even its size.

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Tink was finding herself very comfortable in the Sleeping Woods. She had yet to run into Robin again, and neither had she seen hide nor hair of Peter Pan in a while, but she liked the woods. And right now, that's what thought filled her mind, with no room for anything else. No worry, no anger, no distress that Peter had probably forgotten her again, that she might have lost Robin, no that didn't really matter right now.

Tink zipped along the trees, a tiny ball of light zooming in and out, above and below branches, leaves, fruits and flowers. She was sitting in a tree above some plant growth when an interesting-looking person came by, doffed his shirt, perhaps to go take a bath. But he hadn't been gone long when another fellow came by, sneaky, stealthy - or at least tried to be, and stole the shirt. Not very smoothly though, and amused, Tink followed his retreat overhead, little tinkling bells of laughter sounding as she flew.
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Gin paused a bit in his flight from the scene of the crime to listen carefully. It certainly didn't sound like he was being followed, and yet, there was this sound. A sound that was coming from above. Looking up, he saw nothing suspicious, just some light coming in from the canopy. He had to be imagining things. Had to be.

Just to be safe, Gin continued moving along, not in the immediate direction of the safety of his tree-house. That might direct anything that could have been following him to his home and that would be very bad. Instead, he found a very climbable tree and moved high enough up that any passerby on the ground wouldn't see him without looking straight up.

Holding the shirt up once he found a comfortable spot, he was pleased to find it in very good condition and more than large enough to fit him. Tugging off the old, torn shirt, Gin set it aside and pulled the new one on. It could stand for a washing, if for no other reason than to get it's previous owner's scent off of it, but it was much better than the shoddy ripped one.
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Haha! Whoever he was, he looked right at Tink twice and had no idea she seemed to be following him. He was either an idiot or entirely unused to fairies. Or this forest in general. If that were the case he was lucky something hadn't tried to eat him yet. Like the Jabberwocky. Ooh that thing was scary. Tink forgot about the thief for a moment as she shivered in thrilling excitement, remembering her adventure with Robin and how they barely escaped from its jaws.

Tink looked down again, seemingly surprised to see a man below, shrugging on a shirt. Oh yes! The thief. She tinkled in laughter again, and this time dropped down from the trees, zipping around him in little circles. No way he could miss her now.

She was in a good mood now; it showed in the light-hearted tinkling sound that was her laughter. She stopped in front of him, her light fading to show the form of a not even eight inch tall fairy, dressed in ripped tights, combat boots, a tutu, and a bright pink tank top that nearly matched her hair. I saw you take that! Tink giggled and of course, it came out like the sound of bells, not like words at all.
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There was that sound again, like bells. Why was he hearing bells? That alone gave him pause again, but then there was this light from the canopy descending down toward him very quickly. At him!

Light was not supposed to travel in such a fashion. Nor was it suppose to spiral around a person to incite a brief bit of vertigo, leaving the one it was spiraling 'round to not be quite sure which direction was up and which direction was down. Or even what was going on for that matter. There had been whispers and tales, of course, of fairies and such things; but never had Gin met one. Which he assumed was for the best. Those were magical type beings... who could do horrible magic to him. Like force him back permanently into his gingerbread form where everyone would want to eat him again...

oh this was very bad.

Understandable then, when the fairy paused before him and made some form of speech that really just sounded like more bells ringing, that Gin jumped a bit in fright and tumbled from his perch in the tree to the ground with a loud resounding, 'oof,' followed by a few exclamations of 'ow' as he pulled himself from the small bet of pokey undergrowth.

So much for his new shirt.
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Tink couldn't help but giggle again. He was afraid! Of her! The thought was astounding and Tink shook with little peals of laughter as the man so much bigger than her fell out of the tree and down to the ground. It didn't occur to her to be concerned he may have hurt himself.

Instead she zoomed down after him and landed on his chest, wings fluttering as she stood arms akimbo. She looked a strange combination of cute and menacing. Who are you? she asked. There also was no room for the thought that not being a fairy, he probably wouldn't understand her at all. Are you really scared of me?
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Oh God! It was touching him! The little magical fairy thing was touching him!

She was smaller than he was now, which kind of made it a silly thing to be afraid of, but when in cookie shape she would be taller than he. Either way, she was magical and magical creatures (ignoring the fact that his own transformations made him, to an extent, magical himself) could be a threat. Gin partly wanted to swat her off his chest like one would an insect. Though, that risked enraging the magical thing and that wasn't a good idea at all.

Instead, he stared at her wide-eyed, trying to figure out if those little bell noises was her trying to talk to him... or something. Was that how fairies talked?

"Ge... get off of me." He said finally, with a bit of a stutter. "You made me ruin my new shirt." Now he had two torn shirts, one dangling from a branch above where it had snagged itself during his fall, the other still on his person, but complete with a few tears. "Ju... just don't curse me or anything.

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He really was scared of her! It was priceless! Tink had never inspired fear in anybody before, and her unseelie roots were showing deeply: she enjoyed it. Of course he needn't be - she was incapable of doing anything that he feared to him.

But it was clear he was afraid. And that he couldn't understand her. Tink flew up into his face peering at him closely for a moment and then drop to the ground next to him, clearing away a patch of dirt to write in. "It wasn't your shirt to begin with," she wrote, and looked back up at him, almost expectantly.
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At first, the second she was off of him, Gin contemplated running away. But as he sort of crab walk, sort of shuffled along the ground to back away from her, he realized she was writing something on the ground. Maybe it was a spell. Maybe she was going to turn him into something... unnatural.

Unfortunately, curiosity got the best of him and he was shuffling back toward the little fairy and peering at what she had written. Did she see him steal it? No... she couldn't have. No one had been around when he tugged it from the tree. Right?

“Finders keepers,” Gin answered, crossing his arms over his chest. He didn't steal the shirt, per say. He claimed what was left unattended. Wait. Was this little fairy-creature going to curse him for stealing? Or worse for lying? Could she even tell he was lying? “D... doesn't matter anyway. It's mine now.”
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Tink laughed again. He was so funny! So skittish, even of something that really couldn't hurt him. She idly wondered why he was so afraid of her and decided to satisfy her curiosity. "Why are you afraid of me?" Tink wrote and looked up at him again, clearly awaiting his answer.

The matter of the shirt had already been dropped for her. She didn't really care if he stole it or not. Hell, what unseelie wasn't a bit of a thief? She could by no means condemn him for being one, even if he wasn't fey.
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She... she didn't know why he was afraid of her? Wasn't it obvious that all magical creatures were to be feared? Perhaps not. Perhaps she wasn't accustomed to having others know what magical creatures were capable of.

“You... you're magical... you could... cuh... curse me.” Gin wanted to shuffle away, then stand up and run, but part of him knew that would likely be futile. She had wings and could fly after him. She would follow him. “Just.... just don't turn me into anything... unnatural.”

As if he wasn't unnatural already, having a secondary form of a cookie. Something sweet and delicious that all creatures, magical and not, wanted to eat.
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Curse him? Was he serious? Tink couldn't help but burst out into peals of laughter once again, the bell-like sound loud and almost mocking. When she had stopped laughing long enough, she attempted to write again, but the letters came out squiggly from sporadic giggles. "What makes you think I'll curse you? Because you stole someone's shirt?"
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That was a valid question, wasn't it? Why should she curse him? The better question would probably be, why wouldn't she curse him? “Well.... um... why wouldn't you? Isn't that what your kind does?”

It figured that she would be laughing at him. Why not? He was plenty worthy of laughter, that Gin knew. What with his constant paranoia that someone, somewhere was out to get him... though, experience had taught him that was the case.
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Interesting. She neither confirmed nor denied his questions, and instead eyed him for a moment again. "Has someone cursed you before?" She stood up and took to the air again, buzzed around him again, lighting once on his shoulder, and then on his head before landing back in her patch of dirt and grass.
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Oh, he shouldn't tell her. Then she might be tempted to lure him somewhere where something would find him quite tasty and try to eat him up. Something that would pull him apart into pieces so that he couldn't fight from the inside and make his way out. No, he shouldn't tell her at all.

But what if she got angry. What if she really already knew the truth? Gin didn't now if faeries could just... know those things. Like see stuff in cauldrons and... wait.. no, that was witches not faeries. Crystal balls? No, that was also witches, he thought.

“Yes... no.... sort of.... maybe... not really.” Not a clear answer, because he wasn't quite sure what bit of magic had brought him into being. He was birthed out of cookie dough and an oven, that certainly had some kind of magic quality to it and maybe counted as a curse... right?
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"Yes or no. It isn't a hard question," Tink wrote and glared up at him. Anyone else would likely not have been perturbed by such a small creature glaring indignantly at someone so many times larger, but Tink felt rather certain she could use his fear to bully him into a straight answer. "What do you mean?"
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"Well... it's a much more complicated question than you think, little faery thing." Gin tucked his feet underneath him, just in case he needed to make a run for it. Though, as he had rationalized earlier, running from something that could fly was probably futile. "I... I don't always look like this."

He took a moment to look at his hands, which were thankfully still human in form and not the shapeless rounds they sometimes were. "Sometimes I look very different. Smaller... much, much smaller. And fragile."
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"That's not an answer. Did someone curse you to make you like that?" Tink was starting to get a little irritated. He was giving roundabout answers, and Tink had absolutely no patience. "And answer faster." Her arm was starting to get tired, all the writing in the dirt. And once again, her hand was filthy. Ugh, stupid mortals and their inability to understand fairy speech.
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Gin scooted away this time on his rear, arms and hands pressed out in front of him defensively. “I... I don't know! The lady that made me.... I.... I didn't wake up until she was decorating me and.... I was... she was.... they were going to eat me!!” Farther away he shuffled his feet, likely leaving dirt smudges on the rear of his trousers.

“Just don't curse me! And.... don't eat me!” Gin cowered, realizing the fleeing was a bad idea and buried his head into the knees that were quickly pulling themselves up.
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Decorating him? Wanting to eat him? What on earth was he babbling on about? Tink was alternately irritated and confused, unable to be more than one at a time. Finally she wrote, not at all attempting to soothe him in anyway, "You're not making any sense at all, you know. How can I eat you? You're bigger than I am..."

And that gave her a thought. He was bigger than her. For now. She still had hidden away those little cookie crumbs that she'd stolen in Ozland, the ones she saw made people grow big. A devious expression crossed her face, and she dusted off her hands, dug out a crumb, almost immediately forgetting she had company yet again. A minute later she'd eaten a cookie bit and was suddenly feeling incredibly dizzy as the ground shot away from her at an incredible speed.

She hadn't known how much she would grow. She wound up stopping somewhere between five and five and a half feet and a good deal closer in height to- Oh! Right. Him. She grinned at him; the expression probably didn't inspire any sort of comfort.
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She was growing! Proof that she was magical and scary and more than capable of doing something severely unnatural to him. The problem was the level of panic it inspired caused him to do the exact opposite of the faery. Gin was shrinking... fast. Suddenly his skin was brown, his body shorter and of considerably less dimension.

He didn't even want to explain. He didn't want to do anything other than get far far away from the evil scary faery lady who was certainly going to want to eat him now. Turning, Gin made a run for it. On foot, no one could catch him. But she had wings and magic... certainly if she really wanted to, she could follow him and catch him.

And... oh god! She'd eat him!
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Tink's eyes widened. It was odd enough suddenly being so large, big enough that her wings brushed stray branches as she flapped them. It was disconcerting to her however that she was suddenly overcome with an unusual sensation. The fact the there was more that one feeling running through her at once. Amusement. Curiosity. Understanding. Cunning. Emotions and though overlapping because suddenly her little fairy body was big enough to hold more than one at a time.

She stared after the man - no, COOKIE! - as he ran. A cookie! He'd turned into a cookie! She had to catch him; this was unbelievable! She rushed off after him, after a few moments awkwardly taking to the air. It wasn't quite as easy to fly this large. Branches she ducked under with ease now scraped and hit her as she flew past. She wasn't flying quite as fast as usual, but still fast. Hopefully fast enough to catch up.
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“Don't turn around, don't turn around,” Gin repeated this mantra as he ran, weaving around the undergrowth and dodging trees as best he could. But, contrary to this mantra, he turned and looked anyway. Outrunning her was not the hard part... if the faery thing had been running. But she was flying and that made it so much harder.

“Ah! Oh, why did I turn around?! Stupid, Gin, stupid!”

Up ahead was a thick bit of brush. Diving into it, since he was small enough to do so without getting hurt, and hoped that she wouldn't have seen him. Gin could only hope there weren't mice and things in the brush that would be trying to nibble on him.
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Tink probably could have caught up to him easily if she were still small. But she was getting accustomed to being so much larger, and weighing a good deal more, and not being able to fit through small spaces that she wasn't flying as fast as she could. She was still going quickly though, pixie dust streaming out behind her as she flew, and she was slowly catching up. She stretch out suddenly long arms to reach for him, more amused by his fear than anything else.

Anything else? That's right. She was feeling other things. Wonder at her new size. Curiosity as to what else she could do. Dozens of different thoughts and feelings at once. It was impossible! How did big people live this way?
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He thought he was safe in the brush, he really did. It was thick enough that he was certain he blended in nicely with the branches and the dirt. However, the best way to really blend in with the scenery in the brush was to lay low and to hide, as in lay face down to hide the bright colors of his candy buttons and frosting features. Which meant he couldn't watch carefully to see if she was on to him, not that seeing out the brush was all that easy anyway.

Gin just hoped she would keep moving, figure that he was ahead somewhere and not have seen him dive into the brush. He didn't want to be broken... or worse... eaten.
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It wasn't that she had forgotten Ginger, per se. Not like she might have if she were still eight inches tall. It was more the fact that suddenly being human-sized and able to feeling dozens of different things all at the same time was distracting her immensely. She needed to explore it, discover more, show people.

Robin! She should show Robin! And then almost immediately therafter: Peter. It had been so long since she'd even seen him. Was he still around?

She thought something rustled in the brush nearby right where she'd been reaching. She paused, staring into the bushes, right where the cookie-man hid. Much as she had questions for him, she had far too many about herself.

She arced upward, lancing up past the canopy of trees, relieved to be in the open air again. And then she shot off again, back in the direction she'd last seen Robin in. If she couldn't find him, then she'd go look for Peter. Hopefully she'd find at least one of them.
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