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(Thread) In Estervale (wide open)
The boy Curly hadn't been around in days. Peter didn't know where he'd wandered off to and it bothered him. He felt a connection with the boy, something undeniable though difficult to remember. His brain had grown so foggy as he'd gotten taller and older than he ever intended to be.

It was market day, something he could set his watch to. Every Saturday he strolled into town to buy goods, or at least browse through the market. He hadn't been using his imagination to make his own food. He'd been working for small wages in the fields and using his earnings to support his lifestyle (and his new habit of drinking whenever he had the chance).

This new lifestyle did not agree with Peter Pan. He didn't like being an adult and he knew the answer to that problem lay somewhere in this world. Somewhere there is someone who can fix me. Make me Peter Pan again. There has to be.

His thoughts had led him all the way through town and he stood at the edge of the market frowning. He was away from the noise and bustle of the townsfolk, but he was too distracted to enjoy the pretty surroundings and the moment of quietude. There was someone staring at him and he couldn't fathom the reason why.

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From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 07/30/2007 13:37:55  

The Snow Queen was alone at the moment. Her companion Puss had sensed danger lurking and she let him leave to visit his friend. She knew their paths would cross again soon, and she approved of his loyalty to his friends. She planned on leaving Estervale herself and fly to Shangdi and visit Mulan.

Her reindeer were getting restless and she knew they needed to travel. She knew that there were few slivers of glass from the Devil's Mirror about and that's why the chilling wind that usually led her about was silenced for a moment.

Then she saw him. He was on the other side of the market looking just as sullen and lonesome as she. She looked as he seemed to notice her. Of course it was hard not to notice a woman who brought chill and snow even to a crowded market in summer. The citizens of Estervale approved of the snow as it brought a chilly escape from the blistering heat. As witnessed by the crowd of children flocking to her side and making snowballs to lob at each other.

Yet, now her attention was drawn to the man across from her. She noticed something, almost inhuman about him. Like deep inside this ragged man was a flittering and spriteful soul just waiting to get out. She smiled at this thought. Maybe she herself had a flittering spriteful soul, but the years of solitude made her shutter it up. She decided to make contact.

"Sir, are you lost?" She said as she walked regally over to him to give assistance.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 07/30/2007 14:02:22  

"Maybe," he replied oddly. "Are you?" he asked, just a little rudely. He didn't particularly like being stared at; he figured a little impoliteness wasn't so far out of the way.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/01/2007 11:48:59  

The Snow Queen is not amused by ill manners. The snow around her managed to fall a little fiercely. Yet, the Snow Queen continued to show her most poised regal form.

"Maybe I am...Maybe we all are in this land." She said as she slowly and deliberately walked towards Peter Pan.

"Yet, sometimes. Some people need to rely on the help of their friends- even new friends they just barely met"

With that the Snow Queen bowed her head slightly in respect to Peter Pan.

"You may call me Lady Frost"
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/02/2007 08:15:23  

What makes you think I'd call you anything? The adult Peter was grateful that this unbidden thought did not come flying out of his mouth, but the child Peter resented it. "Peter Pan," he said, the confusion of his unspoken thoughts still apparent in his tone.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/02/2007 11:46:32  

The Snow Queen knew there was something about this man, something that she coudldn't quite place...could it be he was Kay..all grown up? No, no she knew that was unlikely, Kay had respect for the Snow Queen and this man seemed to have very little respect for her.

"Peter Pan it is then" She said adding "how long have you been in Pentamerone?" She knew that was the line that would reel in the fish.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/02/2007 12:00:24  

He shrugged. "Time doesn't matter to me," he said, though now that he was older it seemed like it was getting shorter. Especially in the outside world; in London time seemed the shortest it had ever done for him. He didn't keep track of days until he was an adult and then he knew Saturday was market day. He didn't mark them or count them, only knew that the days flowed endlessly and unless he could find a way to reverse his aging they might come to an end. "Do you often play twenty questions with strangers?"
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/02/2007 12:28:59  

The Snow Queen chuckled, this question amused her.

"Well Peter you obviously are bigger than a breadbox...So I guess I'll forget that question"

She was getting nowhere with this approach to Peter. So she decided to be a little more...abrupt.

"I suppose I do when meeting new people. But tell me Pan..Are you of Fairy Blood? Becuase you aren't anything like the stragglers in this market..Something about you. Something unseen at the surface, I can't quite place my finger on it..Something almost...Magical?" She said as she pushed the cold winds towards Peter with the ensuing snows. She wanted to show Peter that she was quite the magical person herself.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/02/2007 14:32:51  

He frowned at this question and the demonstration that followed. "I'm Pan," he said as if that were a simple and logical explanation. In truth, he didn't know why he was so special or magical, could hardly remember his family to know that his mother was a faerie and he was born to magic, only to discover and harness his own in the world of make believe. "I have always been so."

He remembered when first meeting the Darlings and learning that they were not like him. They could not fly or make food from nothing. They could do none of the fantastic things Peter could do in his sleep. It wasn't so much a surprise to see regular people now but still, he didn't really think about being different.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/06/2007 17:51:28  

"Have you now?" the Snow Queen said as she grabbed a whistle from her coats and summoned her sleigh to her. Within moments the familiar sound of sleigh bells and the first glimpses of the white reindeer that pulled her sleigh rang out.

"And I suppose it's safe to say that I have always been so as well" She said as she began to climb into her silver sleigh.

"I have an appointment in the kingdom of the clouds...Would you like to join me Peter Pan?" The Snow Queen beckoned.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/08/2007 10:39:46  

Peter frowned. Before now adventure never came with such trepidation. He'd run off with any stranger offering a trip to the clouds. Yet the adult was already niggling him with detail after detail. What about your groceries? What about Curly? What about finding Tinkerbell?

The young Pan trapped inside an older man's body struggled and managed to shake off the older's doubts. It was almost like he was splitting his personality down the center; little cracks were forming where they disagreed. "Yeah," he said and jumped up into the sleigh with an almost faerie grace. "Sure. Why not?"
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/08/2007 11:33:50  

"That's the answer I was waiting for" The Snow Queen approvingly smiled as she climbed into the sleigh herself. Bae and the other reindeer snorted as she cracked her whip and they started to run.

Within moments the sleigh was picking up speed at the increasing gallup of the reindeer. With another crack of the whip the reindeer were no longer running on solid ground but rather on the sky itself like it was the most natural thing in the world.

"If you are cold Pan, you may take one of my cloaks and wrap yourself in it." She pointed to a pile of furs at their feet.

From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/09/2007 01:30:41  

He didn't want to admit that he was in fact a little cold. He hadn't been cold in all of his years as Peter Pan the boy wonder, but he'd lived in the temperatures he liked best when he had control of them. He didn't say anything however, and wrapped a bit of fur around his shoulders. It was strange sitting next to a woman and being as tall as she was. He was so used to be shorter and more temperamental.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/13/2007 18:32:27  

The Snow Queen enjoyed driving her sleigh higher and higher. The wind in these heights had grown colder and colder, something that brought a smile to her icey lips.

"Peter Pan, have you ever been this high in your life?" She asked ironically. A sudden gust of cold wind startled her reindeer and she had to crack her whip to regain control. This minature bump had the most disturbing effect of causing the velvet bag that she kept the Devil's Mirror in fall out.

It was a moment when the Snow Queen realized what had happened, and in desperation she gave the signal to her reindeer. They were descending as fast as possible. Trying ever hard to catch up with the falling mirror.

The Snow Queen grasped at air desperately trying to catch it in her grasp.

Within moments the mirror was in the Snow Queen's hands, although the Sleigh was too far out of control. In the second it took to make the Snow Queen scream in terror the reindeer had broken from their reigns and ran off...and the sleigh was plummeting to earth.

It was then that the last thing the Snow Queen saw was complete darkness.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/13/2007 21:23:08  

"I've been higher," he said without a trace of modesty. He'd been flying with the stars since before he could properly walk.

He didn't understand the sudden descent until he'd seen something falling through the air towards the ground. And here I was thinking I was insane.

His brain leapt back into boy mode and moved his body before they crashed into the ground. He forgot he was a man, with strength enough to grab the woman until just before she would have slammed whole body into the it. He caught her wrist and she dangled precariously beneath him as he floated above the ground before he lowered her. He was surprised she had fainted; she seemed so much tougher when he'd first met her.

He stood over her, surveying the wreckage and the mirror that was amazingly still grasped in between the Snow Queen's fingers. How curious, he thought.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/14/2007 02:20:21  

It didn't take very long for the Snow Queen to regain conciousness. When she did she immediately recognized the landscape. The twisted trees, gnarled and warped, with their canopy of leaves blocking every possible glint of sunlight reminded her of months ago when she fought tooth and nail with a feral pixie for a shard of the Devil's Mirror. She was once again in the Sleeping Woods. The cold biting winds were mocking her, reminding her that there was still shards of the Devil's Mirror missing, her mission was still incomplete.

She realized that her reindeer had run off. Possibly never to return to her. She saw her silver sleigh. Crashed, broken, in many pieces, like the broken mirror she now clung to in her hand with a deathlike grip.

Seeing Peter eyeing the Mirror the Snow Queen in fear flung it back into it's bag and attempted to hide it once again.

She dejectedly fell to her knees and started weeping a bit. It was as if cursed, the Snow Queen would never find happiness as long as this mirror existed.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/16/2007 10:22:37  

He looked away from the mirror, feeling deeply self-conscious about it. He stood awkwardly near her. "Um. Sorry," he said. "You're carriage is kinda... Wreaked. Your reindeer took off. I could catch them maybe," he offered wanly. He could easily catch them if he could pick up the trail of their scent. He'd always been good with animals. "You ok?" he asked finally as she continued to cry.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/16/2007 11:38:14  

The Snow Queen looked up and sniffled patheticly.

"Yes, I'll be fine." She said meekly as she grasped the Devil's Mirror in her hand. The one object that seemed to curse her very happiness. It was still there in her hands..All the work she had in regaining the broken shards was not in vain. Eventually her reindeer would return to her. They always seemed to somehow. She began to feel a little better about her situation. At least she wasn't alone in the Sleeping Woods. Peter Pan was there with her incase any great creature attacked.

"Could you help me up?" She asked Peter.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/21/2007 15:20:38  

"Sure," he said, though any concern he had washed away when she said she'd be fine. He wasn't one to fuss when there was clearly no reason for it. He reached down an offered hand. "Haven't been here before," he commented on the change of scenery.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/23/2007 12:35:42  

When she was back on her feet the hot summer sun blared down on her. Yet, there was an ever present cold wind that howled in her ears. She knew exactly what it meant. In her hand she carried the velvet bag that had one of the world's most evil artifacts hidden away in it. The shattered Devil's Mirror. Somewhere in these woods was some of the glass that would repair this mirror, and possibly repair the broken Snow Queen. In her mind devious plans were being hatched..while her face showed no change in emotion. The Snow Queen continued to show fear of these woods, as her mind worked a mile a minute brewing plans.

Plans that would do well with someone expendible and rash to go into battle as Peter Pan was.

"We are in the Sleeping Woods, a dangerous place to travel: full of robbers, vicious fairies, venomous plants, dark wizards, snakes, spiders, other deadly beasts of the sort...exactly the place to have a wonderous adventure" She said in both fear and reverence and then in the end mysterious glee.

She would have the shards of the devil's mirror that were hidden here even if it killed Peter Pan to get them.

As she looked at the wreckage of her sleigh she sighed a bit. Maybe Puss had some magic to fix it..she would call to Puss soon enough. The less time she spent in these woods the better.

From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/28/2007 07:50:03  

sorry, I've been out of it lately

He shrugged. Danger didn't exactly phase him. "Are we wandering then?" he asked. He could do with some exploring in new places. It might refresh him a bit.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 08/28/2007 13:14:31  

No Problem I've been out of it too!

The Snow Queen started gathering her things from the wrecked sleigh. Perhaps Peter Pan would catch the clue and start helping her.

"First we collect what remains from here and set camp" she said as she pointed with her free hand to the opening of a cave a bit away.

"Then we can wander" She added

From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 08/29/2007 09:02:34  

"Sure," Peter said, grabbing a piece here and there, not putting much effort behind his actions. He hardly liked cleaning up after himself, let alone someone he didn't know who was careless enough to crash her sled.
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