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In the Sleeping Woods- Open to Titania, Puck, Oberon? .....the Sphynx?? Anyone magical
She had poofed out of Camlann just in time. The Guards were not buying her story of being a rouge fairy slayer. So Floradora had to do her best to create a diversion, and a diversion indeed was created. When the gaurds were escorting her to her prison cell she did a little charm causing all their armor to rebel against them. Which in turn caused the armor to strip itself off of each gaurd and run away. Leaving the gaurds naked and chasing after their chainmail.

Smiling Floradora did another teleportation spell. This time she hoped to get it right. It being summer her powers were in full swing as a Seelie Fairy. When she dissapeared in a cloud of thunderous violet smoke the guards were long gone. In fact no one noticed the sparkling teleportation. However something did on the other side. When Floradora emerged in a verdant green woods. She hadn't any time to enjoy her surroundings before she was set upon by a very large beast that made a noxious galumphing sound as it stomped it's way through the woods creating havoc and knocking down trees. It's eyes of flame caught sight of Floradora and galumphed towards her. She screamed and attempted to scare the creature away by shooting firey sparks at it. The beast opened it's jaws wide and swallowed the fire as if it was a lovely treacle tart.

Floradora decided that maybe running was a better choice to maybe save her hide. The creature snapped it's jaws repeatedly as it streached it's long scaly neck as far as it could in an attempt to catch Floradora. Floradora was in a tizzy attempting to fling spells at the creature while it breathed fire almost singing her dress.

"You bastard this is an expensive ballgown" she said as she shot a purple exploding pustule spell at the creature. It's claws were almost on her back when she got an idea. The creature seemed to be building up momentum and she couldn't run much longer. Grabbing ahold of her wand she poofed above the creature high in a tree where it wouldn't see her. All the while she created an illusion that she was still running in front of it.

In a moment it was gone further into the darkest part of the woods still chasing after her illusion form. While she was sitting comfortably like a large magical bird in a tree.

Sliding down the tree Floradora dusted herself off and smiled. She smelt Seelie fairies all about. The refreshing scent of Mollasses was a treat to her nose. She was bound to find some of her family here.

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By this point Titania was getting irritable. The trails of dark magic had either gone cold or were in an entirely different part of the woods. As for Oberon, he was nowhere to be found either, at least not in any of his usual haunts. Titania sent some of her court out, under safety of invisibly or some other such concealment, in hopes they'd find something, even a fairy council member.

But right now, she was at a dead end, and the lack of anything substantial to explain exactly what was going on was more than frustrating. She scowled as she moved through the woods, the plants moving around her as though trying to soothe away her irritation.
From: [info]floradora Date: 07/26/2007 19:27:51  

Floradora saw beneath her in the brush a familiar face. She smiled as she slid down from the tree..rather ungracefully falling into a pile of leaves.

" dear dear Titania" she said as she ran out to hug her.

"How have you been?'s been ages, eons really." She inquired. She didn't recall exactly how she was related to Titania, if at all but she still she considered herself Titania's aunt.

"You know you always were my faveourite neice. So much nicer to me than all those other fairy twats to call themselves my neices." She said without thinking, only to cover her mouth in surprise at the little venomous sentence she spat out.
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Oh by the seven hells. Titania didn't have to wonder who that was, not even for an instant. I had been long years since she''d last seen Floradora, the inept fairy godmother. She hadn't changed. For as long as Titania could remember, she'd always looked the same. Titania was certain that ages ago, when she was still young, when she'd first been born, Flordadora was already there, already old and already accidentally screwing up her blessings.

Titania gave her and awkward hug back, the kind of pat that one felt one had to do the be polite and hope the other person would hurry and let go. Her eyebrow quirked however at that vile little epithet she let out - rare was it that Floradora spoke thus. "My dear Floradora, how have you been? Has someone wronged you recently?"
From: [info]floradora Date: 07/30/2007 03:23:41  

Floradora pondered what Titania was talking about when she mentioned being wronged. When she noticed that she was quite sloppily dressed even for normal, and her dress was soiled and ripped after her attack by the Jabberwocky. She dusted herself off more. She wanted to look presentable for the queen of the Seelies even if it was her faveourite neice.

"No not resonably, a small Unseelie fae left me for dead in Camlann earlier this week but I expected as much from an Unseelie. Then again before I came to Pentamerone I was snubbed by the last fairy tea circle in existance..Lucky for them I was busy getting ready for the move to this world at the time" She said rambling on in gossip with Titania.. She hadn't seen her in so long, so she had much to tell.

"And how are you my dear? Have you snagged yourself a suitable man, someone who treats you better than that Oberon Gadabout...I swear Titania, I feel kind of funny around him and that Puck nusance...did you leave them behind in the old world?" She asked earnestly. She never really cared for Oberon and thought that Titania would fare better without him.
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Titania pat Floradora's shoulder in what could have been a sympathetic gesture. She patiently answered the woman's questions one after another.

"No, dear Floradora, when I moved my court here, we moved the entire court, Seelie and Unseelie alike. Which means Oberon and Puck are both here, though Oberon and I have put an end to our marriage. I supposed we both thought it was high time. And I am in no way looking to snare another at the moment. At least not merely one." Dallying with a number of men, fey or mortal alike however, that sounded most appealing at the moment.

"What of you? What brings you to the wood? Seeking your own?"
From: [info]floradora Date: 07/30/2007 13:27:38  

Floradora smiled approvingly at Titania. Dallying with a number of men was what Floradora did best...or at least in her ancient mind she thought thats what she did best.

"I see, I see, It's best that you play the field as it were there are plenty of fish in the sea and all that nonsense" She said making her mind fall to the Mermaid Kai, she was going to check on her sooner or later.

She then answered Titania's question.

"The old world was becoming less enchanting as every day passed. So I decided to just pack my bags and find a new home. My teleportation spell brought me to Pentamerone. I wandered a bit looking for my kind, only to fix one stray transportation spell and landed here in the woods. Bless my lucky stars that I ran into you, these woods are dangerous. If I wasn't keen on doing Illusion spells a beast would have gobbled me up as soon as I came here."

She said pointing to the path of destruction leading from where the Jabberwocky had ran off.

"Titania, where is the rest of the court...I have family in it besides you, you know" She said excited at the prospect of finding more old friends.
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"Mmm," Titania responded noncommittally. "Yes the woods are very dangerous. Less so in our season, during the day, but still."

Titania gestured vaguely around, not at all giving a definitive direction. "They are all about, Floradora. You know best where seelie fey tend to gather. These woods are truly no different from where I last held court. I am certain you will find family with little effort."

She knew she wasn't exactly being very helpful, but she wasn't at all in the mood. She kept meeting all these people and fey alike, everyone except the two she was actively seeking. It was starting to make her a bit frustrated.
From: [info]floradora Date: 07/30/2007 18:14:11  

Floradora knew that Titania was distracted. She could tell that something was amiss with her faveourite neice, and Aunt Floradora wasn't going to stand for that.

"If you don't mind me asking...but is something the matter?" She said in a warm motherly tone.

"You seem, a little frustrated like me when I can't find my have that desperate searching kind of way about you"
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 07/30/2007 18:20:35  

"I am," Titania replied, her brow furrowed. "But I would rather not speak of it just yet, not until I know everything for certain. I am very close..." She trailed off and shook her head. "I am sorry, dear Floradora, but you have caught me at a busy time. Will you be staying the the Woods for some time, or will you be leaving again in short order?"
From: [info]floradora Date: 07/31/2007 02:33:34  

"I don't know where I'll be next Titania, but you know how to find me..." She said assuringly and lovingly.

Floradora looked around the woods as a deep chill went down her spine. She knew something wasn't right with the area.

"Whatever the problem that worries your beautiful head Titania. I know that you will find it, and be triumphant in dealing with it.." She said when another chill and a pricking of her thumb alerted her to the true nature of the threat. Malicious evil...something that threatened her serene and beautiful queen, something that threatened them all.

"Titania, there's something you aren't telling me" Floradora said in a tone of sincere fear that was so unlike her.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 07/31/2007 09:32:10  

Titania glanced at Floradora with a calmness she didn't feel. The fact that she was not with Peaseblossom, Moth, Cobweb or Mustardseed should really have been clue enough that yes something was in fact wrong. "Yes. Yes, there is. And as I said, I would rather not speak of it until I know everything. Suffice to say, there is danger that threatens, but keep careful, keep vigilant and likely you will be safe."

Titania couldn't remember, didn't think there'd be any reason for Mabb to hurt Floradora besides the fact she was seelie. Even then that wasn't a guarantee. Some of the council had been unseelie, and Mabb didn't spare them one whit. The best bet was just to keep away until everything was revealed.
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Floradora knew that the Sleeping Woods at the moment wasn't the best place to settle down. Yet, she couldn't leave her Titania in such a state.

"I offer my services if there's anything I can do to help."
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"Thank you. I will let you know if I need it." Titania didn't think it likely, but she wasn't going to outright say no. One never knew where one's help could come from, no matter how unexpected. "But for now, I must go. Pressing business needs my attention. I will see you soon again, Floradora." It wasn't really a question. Titania expected to see the other seelie fairy soon enough, especially if the other wished to know what was happening in the woods.
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"Thank you my dear. It's good to see a familiar face in this strange world" Floradora said as she lovingly hugged Titania kissing her gently on the forehead.

"I must be going too, these woods aren't quite safe for an elderly dame like me" Floradora said as she grabbed her magic wand and quickly muttered the teleportation spell. In a moment a flash of light and a puff of glittering magenta smoke that smelt much like freshly baked cookies heradled Floradora's departure.

"If you ever need me, you know how to find me" Floradora's voice echoed the area as she left.
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