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Let the Madness Begin [Sleeping Woods - Open]
Alice, was in by far the strangest place she'd ever seen. It wasn't her world for sure, and it wasn't Wonderland which slightly upset her. Had she fallen into another mirror or rabbit hole and found Unwonderland? Exwonderland? Nonwonderland? Nonland No Wonder? Alice shook out her long blond hair and wandered, Mary Jane shoes scuffing up some dirt. There was a lot of dirt. A lot of trees. A lot of flowers. Oooh Flowers! No roses. Hm. No silly Pencil birds, or Cheshire Cats to lead the way. Was wonderland even real? She'd asked herself so many times. The scars were real, the pain had been real. The queen, the rabbit, the cards, the chess.. it'd all been real. She couldn't IMAGINE it up. No no. Never.

Imaginations were not that real. Dreams were not that real. Alice immediately hugged her arms around herself and began humming a mildly creepy tune to herself as she wandered down the path. Flinch. Stop. Look. Move again. And so on every 20 paces down the long and winding road between wood and flowers and.. the sound of birds. Birds!


"Can I talk to birds? I can't remember? Do I remember? Memories? Talking isn't the proper word. I yelled really. Yelling is so fun!"

She spun in a circle and started back the way she came.

"Forward backwards, left and right. Birds can fly at the speed of light! Front and back, side to side, hurry little Alice or it'll be your hide." She sang to herself, she took side steps and walked at a funny angle, then plopped herself down in the middle of the path.

First she rolled over onto her tummy, and then she buried her face into the dirt.

"Smells like dirt." A lick. "Tastes like dirt." Spit. "Ew." She rolled back over laid her head on the ground and hummed.

"Myyyyy mouth now tastes of dirt! My mouth now tastes of dirt! All I'd like to do now is get rid of the diiiirt!" Alice pondered.

"I'd like some tea. or cake. or both. BOTH! TEA AND CAKE PLEASE!"

Was anyone listening?

How rude.

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From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/24/2007 04:09:15  

Tea and cake please!

Piper frowned. It was far away in the peculiar woods he had wandered into. He parted company with John Henry some time ago. They'd traveled together until Piper went off on one of his rat killing tirades, bringing a whole troop of the little bastards with him. He couldn't find his way back to John and ended up wandering by himself until he found the cooling trees of the Sleeping Woods. He'd been this way before, but never so deep and never so lost.

Where is my sense of direction? he wondered. Oh yes. In my ass.

"Hello?" he called out, hoping he might find the source of the voice screaming for tea and cake. "Is anyone there?"
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 07/24/2007 23:35:38  

Alice sat up swiftly, as she heard a voice. A Voice! Alice quickly climbed a tree and darted around the branches, tree to tree.. Until she was over the.

A man! A man!

"Hello Crocodile!" Alice swung out and latched her legs around the branch, hanging upside down.

"My what silly hair you have!"

She paused, looking again.

"Do you like riddles?"
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/26/2007 08:07:03  

"Uh... hello," he replied. What a strange creature hanging from the branches and looking at him. "I suppose it is silly," he said guardedly. "I can't say as though I'm a fan of riddles."
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 07/26/2007 15:37:43  

"Not a fan of riddles says he, as he stands below my tree! Does he not know of who he meets? Give the little girl some sweets!"

Alice suddenly let go of the branch and fell to the ground with a dull small thud. She was quickly back onto her feet, dusting dirt from her pretty blue dress.

"Sir I say, do you know the way? The way which leads to the mad? The people of Wonderland?" Bright blue eyes stared up into his soul.
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/27/2007 10:12:20  

"I'd say this whole place is a wonderland, but you're looking for something specific?" he asked quietly of her second riddle. He then smiled and dug in his bag. He did have some sweets he'd picked up since traveling on his own. "I have some penny candy, if you're still interested in sweets."
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 07/27/2007 15:51:32  

"Looking for the people who know me, people who enjoy a lot of tea. People who say off with their heads, people who only lay in their beds." Alice held out her hand for the sweets, but did not ask for them. She just held out her hand like a little girl bright do. The fact that Alice was no longer a child was lost on her at this time.

Her head was far too cloudy. The fact that years and years of her life seemed to be missing did not bother her, nor did she know they were missing at all.

From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/28/2007 09:53:26  

He dropped the candy into her palm and looked at her, his brows knit in consternation. What a peculiar creature to meet in the Sleeping Woods, a place he already knew to be strange. Should he warn her off of this dangerous place, or let her wander in her madness? The gentleman within the Pied Piper reared up and he smiled.

Making a sad attempt at a couplet: "Perhaps we could seek greener pastures. I don't think these woods have what you're after."
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 07/29/2007 14:17:46  

Alice eagerly unwrapped said candy and stuck it in her mouth. Mmm.. Sweet sweet sugary goodness. Alice watched him for a long time. Was he reciting poetry? What a simply insane man. And giving candies out to children.. Maybe he was one of those men her mother always warned her about.

"I am where I want to be, but you are not who I wish to see. I guess I'll wander on my own, until I find the scent of scone." She was sure the Hatter lived in the woods. He had in wonderland. Wasn't that what this was? And when she found him she'd fine the hare, the cat, the queen, and all the rest!

Maybe she'd find the rabbit first.

"Why do they call lamp shades lamp shades? When they do not shade anything? They simply redirect the light. So aren't they really light directors?"
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/29/2007 14:47:36  

"Uh..." he had no idea. "Listen," he said, "these woods are dangerous. Not a very good place to wander aimlessly." Though he had been doing just the thing he was warning her against.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 07/30/2007 15:29:46  

Alice walked around the man, and continued her way down the path. "I heard someone talking, maybe it was the birds. But I heard them say something of Ozland. Point me that way." She stopped, and looked over her shoulder.

Sometimes she could talk crazy, and this was one of those times. Maybe then he'd understand.
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 07/30/2007 15:35:35  

"Ozland," he said, wondering where this change of mind had come from. "Yes. I believe it's that way," he said, pointing towards the South. "I could escort you there until we're out of the woods," he offered, thinking he wouldn't be able to live it down as a gentleman if she didn't get out of the woods safely.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 08/03/2007 11:58:31  

Alice paused, looking at the man.

"You can only come if you tell me your name, this isn't just some silly game. People come and people go, and I am in this world to know. What ever happened to red white and green, blue pink and aquamarine?"

Alice waited.
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 08/05/2007 11:42:14  

"Mr. Piper," he replied, trying to think of an answer to the question of color and his mind, not bent in the creatively crazy way, just blanked. "I wish I knew," he answered simply when he could think of nothing else to say.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 08/09/2007 11:10:50  

"Mr. Piper." She nodded a few times then started down the path further.

"So you're a drug dealer. Interesting."
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 08/09/2007 15:22:03  

"No, no I've never dealt drugs," he said lightly. He wasn't terribly offended; this girl was nuts. "What do you do?" he asked curiously, not in a hurry to explain that he was a musician in the lightest sense of the word.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 08/10/2007 15:31:06  

"Then what's the pipe for? Why call you Mr Piper if you don't do drugs? Silly people." Alice turned around to face him, walking backwards blindly.

"What do I do? I do a great many things. I can breath you see?" She breathed in and out. "I do walk. I do talk. I do sing, I do dance." Alice shrugged.

"Mostly I read."
From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 08/10/2007 19:47:44  

"A librarian then," he teased, mildly amused now that they were heading out of the woods.
From: [info]sea_of_tears Date: 08/15/2007 15:53:50  

(I crack myself up)

Just then she got the whiff of... tea. And cakes. And scones.

"I MUST GO." Alice suddenly started off in that direction.

From: [info]piedandpiped Date: 08/16/2007 10:18:42  

(You're certainly crackers!)

He stood watching, torn between amusement and irritation. At least she was out of the woods and he didn't feel obligated to help her anymore. Really. She thought I was a drug dealer?
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