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(Log) Extinction
Who: the Lost boys (with the exception of Curly)
Where: Neverland
When: Friday Evening

Day by day it was disappearing. Taking it's last gasps of breath; Neverland struggled for it's life, it struggled for existence. The Lost boys were the only ones left in this timeless land. Confined to their cabin, the ocean had swallowed up all the rest of the land. Stepping out the front door, their feet would be met by cold, salty water.

"I had a dream this past night," Marmaduke said as he rolled off his bed.

Binky shook his head in agreement, "As did I." Binky said from his seat at the wooden table in the center of the room. He was sitting at the table with the other three Lost boys, Nibs, Tootles, and Slightly.

Marmaduke quickly joined them. Looking at the empty table he closed his eyes. When he opened them food had appeared before him and he instantly began mowing it down.

Slightly looked at him with a perched brow, "Well?" He said as he watched Marmaduke eat his food like a hog.

Looking up, he glanced at Slightly confused, "What?" He asked.

"Well, aren't you going to tell us of your dream?" Slightly replied with a question.

Forcing some food down, he looked around the table and when his throat was clear he laughed. "Sorry, I forgot I had said anything about it."

Binky smiled, "I had a dream last night as well."

"Yes Binky, you have already told us." Slightly said annoyed.

Binky looked to Slightly, "Oh, I must've forgotten."

"Anyhow," Marmaduke said over his brother, "It was about some boy. A right fireball of anger, fell right on his face into some water." He scratched at his head, "It actually looked a lot like the water 'round here." Still scratching he laughed, "Come to think of it, the boy seemed familiar on top of that." The rest of them just looked at him blankly, "Well, I guess you had to see it to get a laugh out of it. Fell right on his face I tell you," He repeated before his words trailed off into more laughter.

The rest of them all shrugged their shoulders. At this point, after just sitting and watching Marmaduke eat, they had also brought about some food for them to snack on as well.

"Well, I dreamt of sweets." Binky spoke up. "Mountains of chocolate and-"

"What did he look like?" Slightly asked Marmaduke, cutting Binky off.

Marmaduke huffed, "Who cares?"

"I do!" Slightly exclaimed, "I can't ever remember anything. I don't even remember yesterday, every day I wake up and don't know who I am!"

The other four just looked at Slightly wide-eyed. "Erm..." Marmaduke began, "Well I suppose he was loud... short... big eyes..." He said trying to recall, "Big eyes like a bug," He added, "Oh, and ears much too large for his little head."

"CURLY!" Slightly bellowed.

"Curly?" Nibs repeated.

"We have forgotten our friend Curly," Slightly said almost disturbed, "You guys, don't you remember Curly?"

"I don't even remember what we were even talking about," Tootles said dumbly.

Slightly rolled his eyes, "Duke, your dream... the boy, Curly, that fell into the water really happened."

Binky shook his head in disbelief, "I don't know Slightly, I don't remember anyone but just the five of us."

Slightly groaned, "He was here! He was one of us! He fell and we all laughed..." Slightly's voice broke off as he recounted the incident, "And then he disappeared," He said to himself, too quietly for the rest to hear him.

"What I don't get is," Nibs began, "Is what happened to this Curly fellow? Where is he?"

"He disappeared." Slightly said looking down puzzled.

"You can't disappear!" Said Tootles loudly, "That's impossible! Even I know that."

"He did. I remember. I swear he fell into the water and disappeared... we looked for him and never found him." Slightly said looking at all of them.

Marmaduke scratched at his head again, "Slightly... that doesn't make any sense. There is no way that could happen."

"How do you know?" Slightly said, surprising even himself.

Marmaduke looked over at Binky. The two stood up, obviously with the same idea and replied in unison, "We will prove it to you." Making their way to the door, Binky opened it without hesitation. The other three stood from their seats and walked close to the door. The twins stepped out the door into the blue water. "Look," Marmaduke said, "Still here." He said as the two splashed around in the water.

"Well..." Slightly said even more confused. He too stepped out into the water, Nibs and Tootles following; Tootles closing the door behind them.

The five, in spite of their confusion and frustration, all broke out in a water fight. Splashing and attacking each other, the Lost boys played in the mysterious, endless ocean.

Some time had passed and the sun was setting. Nibs suggested that they go back into the cabin before it got too dark.

Trudging through the shallow water, they made their way back to the cabin and Slightly apologized for his incident earlier. "I don't know where that all came from," He said. "Curly must just be a figment of my imagination."

"Clearly," The twins said together.

Nibs nodded in agreement as he reached out to open the door, he standing before it. Walking in, followed by the rest, Nibs as well as the others continued laughing about how crazy Slightly had seemed. Suddenly, though, their laughter died when they realized that they were not standing in their cabin. They were standing in a tavern in a place very, very far away from home.

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