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In the Rajani Jungle. [Open to Hunter]
It was nearly two hours after Hunter's return before he and Scheherazade had an opportunity to slip away. After a quick change out of her royal finery and into something more comfortable - and common - Scheherazade led Hunter from the palace through a long forgotten passage that let out of the palace keep and into the streets of the city.

She always felt relieved when she snuck away from her duties adn her finery, if onyl for a little while, and this time was no different. Well, except for the fact that the experience was made a little mroe thrilling by Hunter's company. She showed him, shared with him more than she ever had with anyone simply by allowing him to accompany her, and in fact, she was glad for it. The walk to the jungle seemed made shorter by conversation and companionship.

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Hunter was normally a very patient man. But even his patience was being tried at just how long it took to finally not be surrounded by Scheherazade's servants. He followed her eagerly as they slipped out, almost like a puppy though he'd never admit it, and likely shred the throat of any who dared suggest it, with very few exceptions.

Not to long later they were in the jungle, and Hunter's hand slipped from holding Scheherazade's arm down to twining in her fingers. He was unconsciously walking back to where they'd first met, and as he walked his nose twitched, idly picking her scent out from the myriad ones the jungle offered. "It's not easy for a queen to be alone, is it?"
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"On the contrary," Scheherazade replied as her fingers curled warmly in his. "I think a queen is alone even in a room full of people. Privacy, however..." She glanced over at him, lips curving slightly. "That's another matter entirely."

Like him, she was making her way back to the place they'd first met by instinct alone, and when they arrived she made no move to release his hand. "You know, you could get into a quite a bit of trouble for running off with a queen," she teased. "But I have no doubt you'll find yourself pardoned."
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His thumb moved slowly over the back over her hand as he tugged her down to the grass. Beneath the shade of the flowers again he sat, and his fingers twined in hers even more securely. He lifted her hand to kiss the back of it and replied, "Privacy will always be hard to get. But you needn't worry about being alone anymore."

He smiled at her tease and returned it in kind. "Would I really be in so much trouble if it was the queen's wish I run off with her?"
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"Oh, definitely," she said, a laugh in her voice. "There are laws, you know." But none she wouldn't mind him breaking if only to feel like this all the time: flushed, giddy, and alive with anticipation. And all because of a simple kiss to her hand, a gesture she'd received hundreds of times before. All because of him.

"It's getting dark," she said suddenly, the song of a night bird bringing the time to her attention. Not that she was indicating they should leave. If anything, she intended to linger as long as possible.
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"Laws I have every intention of bending," Hunter replied immediately, his grin wolfish and yet still charming. he gave her fingers a gentle squeeze and said, "It is. No matter. I see and smell just as well in the dark as in the light." Actually he could scent better in the dark. He wasn't ever certain why; he just did. "Unless you wanted to leave?" He didn't think she did, but he offered, just in case.
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Scheherazade was shaking her head before he'd even finished asking. "I love the Rajani at night. It's so much cooler and there's so much life here that hides during the day."

Her smile turned knowing as she shifted closer, dark eyes bright in the fading evening light. "Did you know that jasmine is a night-blooming flower? And that every single part of the plant is poisonous?"
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Hunter reached up and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. His hand lingered on her cheek. "Good, because I wasn't planning on escorting you home yet."

He leaned closer and she shifted toward him, his lips curving in small smile. He exaggerated the inhalation of her scent then, for her benefit rather than his own. "Considering I already associate jasmime with you, I find that very interesting. Though something tells me I'm not one who need fear your poison."

His fingers slowly moved down from her cheek, grazed her neck, pressing lightly as he spoke.
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Oh my. He was scenting her again. And touching her in ways that were far, far too familiar for one in the presence of a queen. And she couldn't deny just how much she enjoyed it. Her mind blanked for a moment, all thought fleeing at the warm press of fingers, breath shivering from parted lips.

Desire - she knew it for what is was now - had left her mouth dry and she had to lick her lips before she could speak. "No need to fear at all. No poison for you, just sweetness."

Her eyes went wide as soon as the words left her mouth, stunned with herself. Never had she been so forward! Scheherazade tried to recover, rising quickly as she pressed a hand to her chest to try to calm her fluttering heart. "Jasmine, you say," she said with forced lightness. "If my scent reminds you of the bloom so much, would you be able to tell the difference?"
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Hunter could smell how flustered he made her. He could smell it beneath her skin, and he liked it. He smiled at her words, the expression full of promise. He could practically hear her heart beating as she suddenly got to her feet, and he rose smoothly with her.

"Yes, of course I can. It's different from jasmine. Warmer, golden with honey, and spice. I could pick it out anywhere." Even here in this jungle where the scents were nearly overwhelming.
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A little bit on steadier ground, Scheherazade smoothed down her skirt as she turned to take a few leisurely steps away from Hunter. "Really? You're so certain?" She glanced back at him over her shoulder, mischief in her smile. "Show me, then."

She turned towards him again, hands on her hips and a brow arched. "You close your eyes and I'll go hide while you count. And then you try to find me with that skilled nose of yours."
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A challenge. One Hunter would have no trouble meeting. His mischievous smile matched hers, and he leaned against the nearest tree. "All right. Go. I won't watch to see what direction you go off it. I'll give you a decent head-start even. And I'll find you with no trouble."

He had full confidence in his ability; Scheherazade had no idea just how strong his sense of smell was, even in his human form. He shut his eyes and even plugged his ears so he wouldn't know what direction she went in.
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Not that she really expected him to cheat, but Scheherazade couldn't resist waving a hand in front of his closed eyes to make sure. Content that he was blind for the moment, she hesitated for a moment then pressed a quick kiss to his cheek before turning and racing off into the jungle.

She was swift and silent, her path purposeful. She sought out places where she knew jasmine grew wild, their blossoms just opening for the night and releasing their scent. She'd give him a merry chase.
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The light brush of lips to his cheek had Hunter smiling, and he could feel a light breeze as Scheherazade turned and left. He waited until her scent had faded to a memory, and stood. Nostrils twitching, he set off with no hesitation in the direction she'd left.

Minutes later he was grinning. She was trying very hard to lose him. She was deliberately leading him through the thickest patches of jasmine, heading one way and double back. She almost confused him twice even, but he followed the trail still. She was leading him on a chase for certain, but he'd find her.
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The sun had sunk below the horizon by the time Scheherazade found a proper hiding spot. Following the single river that wound its way through the jungle, she found a spot she knew well, a respectable waterfall with a wide, but shallow pool beneath that led into an underground tributary; the flow of the river was sometimes hidden but never hindered. There was deep depression in the cliff behind the waterfall and it was just the place Scheherazade was looking for.

The cool mist was refreshing as she carefully made her way into the shallow cave, bare feet picking easily over slick rock. Finally, secreted behind the muted thunder of the waterfall, Scheherazade settled down to wait. Squeezing excess moisture from her hair and skirt, she couldn't help but grin with a certain giddy anticipation. She wasn't absolutely certain Garrett would find her, but she was certainly hopeful. She also hoped it didn't take too long.
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Hunter fully expected to find her. But he was incredibly impressed by the lengths she went to to hide and throw off her scent. He almost lost it along the river, had to backtrack again when he realized it didn't reemerge anywhere. He looked at the waterfall, and smiled in amusement.

He slipped behind the waterfall, hand along the wet cliff walls, It took only a few minutes to find the depression, to re-catch her scent tempting and teasing. He came around the bend, his own hair and clothes dripping the smile on his face entirely triumphant. "Found you."
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"Oh!" She was on her feet in an instant, a hand pressed to her racing heart. And the next instant she was beaming again, this time with a hint of shyness about the curve of her lips but the same gleam of excitement lit her dark eyes in the dim cave. "Well," she said, sweeping dark, damp hair over one shoulder, fingers toying with the ends. "It's seems my doubt in your ability was proven wrong. I'm very impressed." As well as a bevy of other emotions stirring her blood and her scent.
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Hunter could smell them all and he wanted more. He surged forward, nearly crowding her back into the depression. There was nowhere for her to go, no means of escape should she have sought it. His hand followed hers, teasing the ends of her hair before one dropped onto her neck and shoulder, the other trailing down her arms, slipping back into the crevice of her elbow like he had in her garden.

"As am I. You were very clever with how you tried to throw me off. It would have worked on a lesser man. And what is my reward, now that I've found you?" His gaze was intense, his face mere inches away from hers.
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The cave wasn't very large to begin with, and with the hunter's larger frame all but trapping her, it seemed even smaller. But she hardly minded. On the contrary, having him so close, touching her like that...her breath skittered out of her as she shivered, feeling flushed and restless. That desire again, and it made her bolder than she'd ever dared.

"Reward, you say?" she repeated with a coy dip of her lashes. "I dare say you certainly deserve one after that display of skill. So, Garrett," she said softly now as she met his gaze. "I give you my favor. And a kiss, if you would claim it."
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Hunter could feel the thrumming of her heartbeat, hear her quickened breath, and smell the rush of blood beneath her skin that had her scent surrounding him like the most pleasant cloud. "I am the luckiest man alive to gain such favor. And I will claim it." His lips hovered only an inch from hers as he spoke and then he closed the minute distance.

The hand resting between her neck and shoulder slid up to her jaw, and cupped it, fingers threading in damp hair. The first brush of his lips against her was gentle. Her lips were soft, softer still than Hunter expected them to be, and it had Hunter both wanting more now, and even more willing to take his time. He opted for the latter for now, keeping the press of his lips tender against hers, light nibbling kisses that still hinted at rising passion.
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It was an oddity to be sure that, given her age, given the fact that she had been married for more than six years, and not to mention the parade of suitors that had pursued her since her husband's death, this was Scheherazade's first kiss. Twenty-five and this was the first time and man's lips had touched her own - and she was glad.

As if she could have been satisfied with anyone but Hunter's lips against her own, so firm but surprisingly soft, and undoubtedly skilled. The light nibbles sent little flares of heat through her body, making her shift unconsciously closer, the rasp of dark stubble against her skin thrilling. Hunter's wasn't the only passion that was rising - so to speak. Unskilled, but rapidly losing her initial uncertainty, Scheherazade pressed her mouth more firmly to Hunter's, her hands coming to rest on his chest, fingers kneading restlessly.
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It was just the two of them now, no servants around. No loyal subjects begging for audiences with the queen, no one to interrupt them. That thought mingled with Scheherazade's rising scent had Hunter deepening the kiss. The pressure against her lips became firmer, and he slipped his tongue out to lick and tease her lower lip and the corners of her mouth.

He pressed against her, the hard length of his body pushing her back against the wet stone walls. His other hand slipped down to her waist, large palm smoothing over the exposed skin of her midriffs and sides. Never more had Hunter appreciated the style of dress of Mehrdadstan that right now. Skin was so readily accessible. Another tease of tongue, this time begging entry past her lips.
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Begging wasn't necessary; entry was granted immediately, Scheherazade's lips parting on a gasp elicited by the hands moving over bare skin. The touches of tongue were unlike anything she'd felt before and, curiosity and desire driving her equally, she was eager for more. Hands moving up from his chest, Scheherazade wound them in Hunter's dark, damp hair as she recklessly, boldly darted her tongue out to meet his. Just a test, a taste at first, but then more fervently when she decided that she liked that quite a great deal.
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Hunter's tongue was swift, slipping past Scheherazade's parted lips into the warm cavern of her mouth. He let her taste him first, encouraging those darts of tongue as best he could. And then he returned the favor.

His tongue flicked against hers, once, twice, a little tease, before curling around hers. He tilted his head, slanting his mouth across hers and deepening the kiss further still. The scent of her had him as giddy as one could apply the word to such a man, and he was losing the battle with himself to keep from taking more.

His hand slipped downward, and back, settling at the very base of her spine, gently kneading flesh and her own hand had started unconsciously doing at his shoulders.
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It was heady, this flood of new sensations, and she reveled in it. All her shy uncertainty was long gone now as she pressed herself fully against him, her body knowing better than her hazy mind what she craved instinctively.

Everything was warm touches and slick kisses. Unaware of Hunter's struggle for control, Scheherazade didn't help matters any with a throaty moan and widening her mouth to welcome more of that exciting thrust and parry of tongue. Her hands fisted in his hair, pulling him closer.
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Scheherazade's scent, her body, everything about her asked for, demanded more, and Hunter was entirely willing to give it to her. He threw caution to the wind - the queen would stop him if and when she desired, and he would give in to her whims - and pressed harder against her, one leg slipping between hers.

His hand slipped further, leaving bare skin to smooth over silky cloth-covered rear. A low sound, something akin to a growl rumbled in his throat, and he paused in kissing her long enough for them both to take a breath before diving in again. This time he only kissed her for a moment before trailing down to her neck. There he sucked and nibbled, finding a sweet spot under her jaw, all the while inhaling that intoxicating scent he attributed only to her.
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This was a new kind of invasion, the leg pressing between her thighs shocking and it jarred her out of the pleasant fuzziness, at least for a moment. She was about to break the kiss, to pull away and put a stop to this very improper behavior.

But then Hunter made that sound, a sound that shot right to the core of her and made her insides feel like warm honey. she hesitated when he released her mouth so they could draw much-needed breath. Then, after that tease of a kiss, his mouth found her throat and she surrendered completely, moaning again, louder. How could she not? Never had she suspected there could be sensations such as these. That the hot press of a man's mouth against her throat, the scrape of his whiskers against her skin should feel so good had never crossed her mind before. Never before meeting Hunter.
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Hunter sensed that brief hesitation, that interruption in her scent, and then it overwhelmed him again. The sounds she made encouraged him just as much. It took him a long time to notice, but he was starting to realize it now.

There was an interesting undercurrent to her scent. Beneath the warm honey-jasmine-spice smell there was something like vanilla. Something light, something sweet. Something... pure. His brow furrowed for a moment. He knew that scent. But it made no sense to smell it here, now, on her.

He didn't pause. He licked and sucked a warm patch on her neck, the hand tangled in her hair moving back to her shoulder tracing patterns over bared skin. And he kept pressed firm against her, her warmth pressed against his.
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"Ah...Oh!" The sounds Hunter coaxed from Scheherazade surprised her, would have embarrassed her if she weren't enjoying herself, enjoying what he was doing so much. She bared her throat in further invitation, clutched at his shoulders as her hips moved against him as if they had a mind of their own. It wrung another sharp cry from her, something building, tightening inside her. It was a little frightening how fast things were happening, how intense everything felt, but Scheherazade couldn't seem to stem the onslaught. She wasn't sure she even wanted to.
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That teasing innocent scent was temporarily forgotten at that. Hunter couldn't help his response. He growled again, against her throat before taking in between teeth and biting, a catch of teeth just shy of hard. His moved against her, feeling, smelling the building waves, and only wanting to encourage it. He pressed hard between her legs, holding her against him, hips against hips, moving fast as she moved, waiting until the moment he felt it break over her, when he'd lift his head and watch her.
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It was hard to tell what triggered it. It could have been that strange, animal growl, the sudden sharp clamp of teeth, or the way he moved against her, grinding them together tight and hard and she'd never in her life been so close to a man before. It was frightening and thrilling and incredible, and she'd barely had the thought that she very much liked it before that tight coil of heat curling inside her broke. It's snapped through her body, a hot slice of sweet fire that had her tensing and shaking, body arching as she cried out, "Garrett!" The name resounded through the small cave.
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Hunter didn't want to pull away, to break contact, but he wanted to see her when she came. He could smell the heady rush of female scent and pheromones, could feel her shaking against him, but he had to see the rapturous expression on her face. It almost, almost distracted him from that odd little hiccup in her scent, a sharp tang that smelled remarkably like fear. It confused him for the briefest of moments, as much as that innocent-smelling vanilla had.

But it was left alone for the moment at the sound of his name on her lips, echoing around them, to be bounced around and multiplied by wet stone walls. He stroked her skin through her release, sky-blue eyes watched her as she struggled to catch her breath and slow her racing heart.
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It took quite a while for her body to calm, for her mind to return to some semblance of coherency, but her bones felt about as solid as water and she was draped against Hunter, breath puffing softly against his throat. Merciful Allah, what was that? For all she'd learned in her studies, her quest for knowledge, she could not bring to mind anything that she'd read that could explain what had just happened to her. Perhaps this hunter was not as he seemed. Perhaps he had bewitched her somehow. If that was the case, though, well. She didn't mind at all.
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Hunter's smile was almost tangible, a curve of lip he pressed against her neck as he inhaled her scent, richer now after her release. He waited until her heartbeat had slowed again, until the breath puffing against him was slow and even again, before asking, "Are you all right?" His voice was low and rough, his hand smoothing her skin is slow, gentle strokes.
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Was she all right? Quite the silly question, she thought, but when she could speak again, she replied with great relish, "Never better." Never better indeed. Her blood still sang with remembered pleasure and she smiled against his throat, cheeks flushed. "Tell me, Garrett," she began as she lifted her head slowly to peek at him from beneath sooty lashes. "Have you...bewitched me some how? Because surely that was some kind of magic you performed on me just now."
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Hunter would has grinned in an entirely wolfish way at the comment, taking it for bold compliment had he not caught that scent again. That almost misplaced scent of vanilla, of pale white innocence. he was suddenly well aware of what that scent was, but it made no sense at all for it to be coming off Scheherazade. Did it?

Hunter's brows met again. "I know of no stronger or more primal a magic than the touch of man's hands on woman's body," he responded, lifting her chin to press a kiss to her lips. His eye searched hers for a moment, lingering in dark brown pools before asking, "Is this a magic you're unfamiliar with?"

She had been married. It made little sense. Hunter did recall she said she hadn't let the king touch her, but that was years ago. It couldn't bet, and yet Hunter was almost positive. Previously married or not, Scheherazade was a virgin.
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"It is," Scheherazade admitted, a little bemused smile curving her lips. "Have I not already told you that my marriage was never consummated?" When she realized he was still confused, her smile slipped and her brows furrowed. "I...would you think me such woman to stray from her vows?" Surely he didn't. She couldn't bare it if he did.
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Hunter's brows were still furrowed. "You did. Certainly I would not think you such a woman." No that hadn't crossed his mind one whit. "Understandably within the years you were married, you didn't..." He trailed off and shook his head. "But you also said your husband died, several years ago. You mean to say, even in that time...?" His thumb stroked over her cheek again, his lips curving slightly. And he couldn't help it: his eyes took on a more predatory gleam and he bent to kiss her again, mouth trailing up to her ear. "You know that only makes me want you more."
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Her mouth opened to confirm his thought, to tell him that, yes, in all the time since her husband's death she had not once sought a man to warm her bed. But he cut her words short, the kiss halting them in her throat, and then that scandalous statement stole them away completely. She sought his mouth instinctively, her kiss nowhere near awkward as the first time and she had him to thank for teaching her so well.

Finally breaking the kiss to draw much-needed breath, she smiled against his cheek. "You will have me, Garrett, never doubt that." She leaned back slightly so she could look up at him, fingers lightly tracing his jaw, dark eyes taking on a familiar gleam. "But not tonight."

And night it was, the jungle beyond the waterfall grown dark. Scheherazade would be missed at the palace soon.
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Hunter could only return that kiss, a satisfied sound in his throat. Well. Somewhat satisfied. He wasn't surprised at her answer; he would have been only had she said the opposite and taken him straight back to her bedchamber. He smiled, giving a quiet sort of chuckle, "As always, you keep me waiting, and wanting." He lifted her hand, and pressed his lips to it. "I'll wait as long as it takes." And he was certain his want for her would not lessen. "Shall I escort you back? It is getting late."
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"It would please me greatly if you did," she said, words as soft as her smile. "And I only keep you wanting so you come back to me." It was a truth she was only just realizing herself. While she was certain of the desire they shared for each other, she'd known how her husband had been, wanting what he couldn't have, then growing tired of it once he had it. She wasn't sure if that was the way of all men, so she was wary in some respects, of this growing thing between them.
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Hunter offered her his arm again, unaware of where he thoughts had taken her. He merely responded to her comment with a perfectly truthful, "I may keep going away, but I will keep coming back to you." He kissed her again and started leading her back the way they came, back out from their alcove behind the water fall, back out into the jungle.
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"You promise?" The words were light as she wiped water spray from her face and bounded across the slippery rocks back to firm ground. but she she looked at him, there was something else in her dark eyes, an almost innocent desire to believe his words at face value.
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That sweet gentle scent came at him again, underlying the golden spice and jasmine. He paused and looked down at her, eyes locking with hers. "Yes. I promise. I will always come back to you, so long as I have the will and power to do so and I will always want to come back to you. No matter how far I may journey, half of the distance I roam will be the half that takes me back to you."

His words surprised him, he had to admit. He'd never said anything - felt anything - like that before, and he knew he meant it. Of course, now that just posed the issue of how to explain his lupine problem to her, because that certainly wasn't a secret he could keep for long.
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Her smile was genuine and bright in the evening darkness, growing slowly like the night-blooming jasmine. "Were any other man to gift me with such pretty words, I would think him a liar," she began with a hint of humor. "But coming from you...You make my heart ache, Garrett, in a way that is too sweet for words." At least at the moment. She knew there were words there; she just needed the time to find them. For the moment, a kiss would suffice, and she did so, pressing her lips to his for a lingering moment, before pulling away and taking his hand. "Home, then. Before they decide you've stolen me away."
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"Lying is something I neither do nor condone," Hunter replied just as honestly, lips curving in the wake of that lingering kiss. Her words had struck him in a way he knew how to explain, knew what was growing, knew the words she'd later seek to say. And it quite nearly stunned him into silence. So it was in a comfortable silence he started leading her back through the jungle, back across the desert, back into Mehrdadstan.

It was going to get harder and harder to continue his trade and keep leaving at this rate, and he well knew it. But he hold told her the truth - he would keep coming back to her.

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