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(Thread) Friday in Estervale, Peter's current residence (open to Curly)
One of the few things Peter Pan liked about adulthood was that he could drink, get entirely soused and no one would bother him. So long as he kept to himself and didn't get too rowdy. The former Peter, the real Peter Pan, he thought sourly, would have been bouncing off the walls in drunken stupor. The new Peter sat glumly in a corner and didn't look up at anyone. He drank until he wanted to cry, beyond emo. The new Peter Pan was pathetic and alcohol seemed to be his only solace.

The day was too nice to be emo inside. He felt the need to spread his misery to his surroundings and brought his bottle of cheap red wine out onto the lawn, flopping onto the grass and slopping some wine down the front of his polo shirt. He made a little noise between amusement and disgust, the sudden adult in him distraught, the ever-child fighting to maintain amusement at all things.

Peter Pan, you are going insane.

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From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:05:15  

The taste of salt still fresh in his mouth, Curly appeared in a completely different place from Neverland. Quite panicked he looked around at his surroundings as he stood up quickly, "Tootles? Nibs?" He called out, "Where are you?" He asked, his voice shaking. "I'm not mad anymore, I won't yell at you!" But no one answered.

Walking down the street Curly looked around wide eyed, clearly scared and very lost.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:07:25  

Peter heard the yelling, but in his drunken state he couldn't be sure he wasn't hallucinating. He closed his eyes and opened them several times, looking around. He took another long swig of his wine.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:11:06  

Taking small steps down the unknown road, Curly looked around for a face. Anyone that looked like they would help a little boy like himself.

Coming across a man sitting on a lawn, Curly approached him with uncertainty. "Hi," He said under his voice.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:12:51  

"Do I know you?" Peter asked the boy. He felt really strange, like he had when he'd met Tinkerbell in Pentamerone. His memories were strange things now that he was an adult.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:18:00  

Curly looked at the man startled, "No," He said shortly. "Um, could you possibly help me? I was in the ocean and I was with everyone else. I think they're mad at me. I'm lost." Curly was overwhelmed and on the verge of tears.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:22:21  

Peter was suddenly very unsure of himself and rather felt like having a good cry with Curly. "Um..." He frowned. "Well, there's no ocean here. This is a magic place," he said suddenly cheerful. He gave a little laugh. "You're a lost boy!" he proclaimed, assuming that the boy wouldn't get the joke.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:25:03  

"W-what?" Curly said, "I... I..." He burst into tears. "Where is Neverland?" He wailed.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:29:34  

"Wait. What?" he asked. "Neverland." It sounded so very familiar, like a word he'd used, or perhaps a place he'd been. His memories were so jumbled together these days. He was trying not to get emotional with the kid. "This place is called Pentamerone."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:34:48  

Pentamerone? Curly thought to himself, I am really in for it this time.

"Well, could you..." He stumbled over his words, "I need a place to stay until they get here... or until I go back... tomorrow it will only be fourteen paces, we were going to have to leave soon anyways. Maybe they will come here... maybe we will have to live here now." The thought of this made Curly sob even stronger.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:40:31  

Peter reached out and gave the distraught boy an awkward pat on the back. "It'll be ok," he lied pluckily. Nothing had been ok since he'd grown up. "You can stay here I guess. I'm not much company these days. I used to be fun," he added with a playful little wink that could easily be misconstrued as something far more sinister than the actual innocent nature of the gesture.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:42:35  

"Well," Curly sniffled, "I suppose... I don't know anyone in Pennamore anyhow."
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:44:59  

Peter didn't bother to correct him. "I'm Peter," he said, offering his hand for a shake.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/22/2007 20:46:54  

"Curly," He responded putting his hand out in front of him like Peter had, yet not making contact with his hand. Curly smiled before putting his hand down at his side.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/22/2007 20:48:10  

Peter seemed satisfied with that. "Nice to meet you," he said, his words only mildly slurred. He laughed a little.
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/23/2007 21:18:01  

"Same to you," Curly lied. He watched the man closely not sure if he wanted the man's help anymore.

I can't believe, of all the parents that could be around, I ask this weird man for help. I can't believe I am talking to adults at all.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/24/2007 16:32:57  

Peter sat for a time in silence. Something about this boy was alarmingly familiar. "Are you sure I don't know you?" he asked, confusion marring his tone. "You seem... I don't know," he said oddly. "You seem like someone I used to know."
From: [info]foreverchildren Date: 06/24/2007 19:51:19  

Curly looked at him wide eyed, I think I would know if I knew you... clearly I could not mistake you for someone else. "I assure you, no." He said simply.
From: [info]thegreatpan Date: 06/25/2007 21:11:14  

"Ah well. Perhaps I'm mistaken," he said. But I'm sure I'm not. "Want to play pirates?" he asked suddenly. He knew he had this fascination with pirates and having fun. "I haven't played in ever such a long time."
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