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(Log) The Fading of Neverland
Who: All six of the Lost boys
Where: Neverland
When: June 22nd, 2007 (Friday morning)

In the land of Neverland (or what is left of it) Peter Pan has been gone for years, as well as Tinkerbell. Captain Hook disappeared somewhere along the way and the Indians that dwelt deep in the forests were nowhere to be found. The Lost boys would think this odd, that something was off, but since Peter had left, holding onto their memories had become even more difficult.

Neverland was slowly vanishing and the ocean was growing. Every happy memory that existed in this ageless land was fading and the Lost boys only had themselves to rely on.

"I'm sure of it this time!" Curly, the youngest of the Lost boys, bellowed. "It is definitely only fifteen today. Yesterday it was sixteen and tomorrow it will be fourteen I'm sure of it!" Curly was standing at the ocean's edge yelling to his comrades back at their shelter. Curly was convinced that the ocean had been getting closer and closer to their shelter; every morning he counted how many paces it took him to get from their front door to the water's edge.

"What is he going on about now?" Slightly said annoyed as he peered out at Curly down on the beach.

The question asked to the oldest, Nibs, replied quickly, "Curly thinks the ocean is getting closer to our house."

"That is completely insane!" Slightly spat. "He is surely off his rocker!"

Nibs turned to Slightly with a bedazzled expression transfixed on his face, "He's off his what?" He asked queerly.

At this point Tootles had joined the two in looking down at Curly. "What's going on?" He asked slowly.

"Nevermind," Slightly said rolling his eyes, "Curly!" Slightly called out with a raised voice, "The only thing getting bigger is the empty space between your ears!"

Curly, still down at the ocean, kicked at the water, "Oh piss off!" He shouted.

The twins, sitting in the shelter scarfing down some food, heard Curly and burst out into laughter simultaneously. Jumping from their seats instantly, the two ran over to where the other three stood so they could watch Curly; they loved watching Curly when he was in one of his moods.

"Just because I am the littlest doesn't mean I don't know what I am talking about!" Curly screeched.

Slightly guffawed at hearing Curly's raised voice.

Nibs huffed, "Now look what you've started!" He said trying to act responsible, while trying to hold back his laughter.

The twins laughed maniacally, "You cannot deny how funny this is!" They said in unison to Nibs.

"I still don't know what's going on," Tootles said in all honesty which only caused the others to erupt in even more laughter.

"I hate all of you! I wish I didn't know any of you chumps!" Curly said stomping his feet in the sand. The five watched Curly as he continued his tantrum, "This could be serious and you-" Curly's voice was cut off as he lost his footing and fell face first into the salty water.

All five, enraged with laughter, fell to the ground at the sight of this.

Slightly, in between laughs, called down to Curly, "Have-you-finished-yet?" He asked sarcastically as he hooted a few more times.

Only when Curly didn't answer did the five discontinue their laughter and stood from where they were rolling around on the ground from laughter.

"Where'd he go?" Tootles asked stupidly.

"Obviously we don't know," Slightly snapped back at him before hustling down toward the water. The others followed closely and looked around in amazement at the unexplainable disappearance of Curly.

Nibs looked up and down the beach, "Curly?" He said in a shaky tone. The five looked at each other confused and bewildered for Curly was nowhere to be seen. Searching for hours up and down the beach, the boys eventually gave up when they realized they had forgotten what they had been looking for in the first place.

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