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On to new adventures. Camlann. {Open}
Tink's adventure with Puck led them out of Ozland and into the Sleeping Woods, but not before Tink and managed to pilfer some small mushroom thing she'd seen a tiny creature eat and grow to human size. Thay could come in handy, being as large a Puck if she desired. And she could easily get whatever it was that could turn her small again. Maybe Puck could grow small like she and they could go off adventuring further! Their last nearly got them eaten, by a terrifyingly large creature Puck called the Jabberwocky. Flight on their side, they escaped with little issue, but it left Tink thirsting for more adventure.

Tink was filled with ideas, and true to her fairy nature, she acted upon them. She left Puck for a little while; she knew they'd meet up again. She shot high into the air, intending to head back to Ozland, but once that high something off to the North caught her eye. She zoomed back down to tell Puck she was going that way and was off before he had a chance to respond, zipping about at lightning speeds.

Not much later she was in a stern-looking city, one where the people were crawling with iron and it made her skin tingle. So this wasn't the best idea, sure, but danger just meant adventure. She should go back, get Puck. Had he been here before? Maybe he knew more about this place... But for now she was distracted by looking around, high up in the air, like a firefly in the sky.

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This time Floradora's teleportation spell worked a little too well. She blasted from Ozland far far away. This time spining high above Pentamerone and landing with a loud thud in Camlann.

"Well that wasn't too fun" She said as she dusted herself off and placed her hat back on her head.

Then she saw a small twinkling light, somewhat like a firefly darting around her head. The familiar smell of cinammon told her that not only was it a fae, but that it was an unseelie fae to boot.

"Why hello there you little thing" She said as she attempted to catch the fairy in her hand.
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To be called little was more than a bit obvious, to the point of near redundancy. Tink turned toward the odd voice just in time to spot a hand coming at her. She darted up higher, tinkling crossly. Hey! Who the hell are you and why the hell are you grabbing at me!? Her 'words' weren't words at all, but body language and tinkles of sound perfectly discernible to any faery as speech.
From: [info]floradora Date: 06/27/2007 23:46:04  

"Such language on such a small thing" She said as she pulled out her magic wand and began swatting at Tinkerbelle with it.

"I have right the mind to clobber you with this" She said as her magic wand started sprinkling magic to and fro in her attempts to swat Tinkerbelle down.
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You think that's fucking language, you ain't heard shit yet, you crazy bitch, Tink responded rudely and flew higher, well out of her reach. Who the hell was this fairy and why was she batting at Tink like that?

Ah the perils of being small and winged. Crazy people always try to treat you like a bug.
From: [info]floradora Date: 06/28/2007 11:32:08  

"Now get down here and act civilized you little Unseelie Twat" Floradora said flustered. Then she realized that she herself uttered a very foul word. Of course she had been known to curse like a sailor in the past at the moment she was trying to be matronly, and to her matronly fairies didn't call other fairies twats.

"I just want to talk to you." She said as she took her hat off and started jumping and using it like a butterfly net in a vain attempt to catch Tink.
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Fuck youuu, Tink tinkled and giggled in response. The fairy was flustered, Tink could tell, and she must have been seelie, the way she called Tink unseelie. Tink wasn't sure - it had been such a long time before she found Robin that she'd been in the company of fairies instead of the Lost Boys - she'd pretty much forgotten she was ever unseelie.

But spending time with Robin brought it back full force, and now she delighted in taunting this seelie creature. Why, Seelie? You can talk to me fine while I'm up here, can't you? Besides I like it far better up here than down there close to your ugly mug! She zoomed up a little higher, still just out of reach.
From: [info]floradora Date: 06/28/2007 12:26:29  

Floradora was outright shocked at the language coming out of this little fairy's mouth.

"At least come here so I don't have to yell, I'm getting some bizarre looks from the merchants" Floradora said trying to appeal to Tink. She was after all getting odd looks from the various vendors in the area. It might have more to do with the fact that she spun into Camlann just moments ago. Or maybe it was the fact that she had shot magic dust here and there in an attempt to capture Tinkerbell.

"Where are we? My little twinkling foul mouthed dear" She asked politely and inquisitively; in a voice that was so sugary sweet she was sure would appeal at least a bit to Tink.
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Merchants were the only ones giving them looks. Armed guards were doing the same, guards armed with iron weapons. Tink's eyes narrowed. There was a lot of iron around, now that she thought about it.

Fine I'll come closer. But you try to grab me and I'll bite you. Or worse. Tink promised, and flew closer so Floradora wouldn't have to yell. We're in Camlann, and I don't think they're fond of fairies here.
From: [info]floradora Date: 06/28/2007 12:44:29  

"Not fond of Fairies? Pish Tosh" she said agressively.

She noticed the guards and smelled the iron all around them. With a sudden yelp she realized that she was positively surrounded by iron.

"Well this isn't good. Last time I was this close to things forged of iron I ended up with hives for a week." She said as she began to scratch her arms consistantly and impulsively.

"How did you get here?" She said at first then remembered that Tink was one of those fairies gifted with flight.
"Oh yeah. You flew then didn't you?"
From: [info]insmallpackages Date: 06/28/2007 12:49:24  

We should move. Away from them. Tink suddenly seemed unconcerned that a moment ago she was at odds with Floradora. She only had room in her now for worry that all this iron could kill them both.

This way! And she arched up and away, low enough that Floradora could still see her, slow enough that she could follow. a trail of pixie dust followed.
From: [info]floradora Date: 06/28/2007 12:51:39  

Floradora was a bit unnerved by the fact that Tink was currently flying away. Yet, she was more unnerved by the guards. So she followed the small fairy coughing in an allergic fit to her Unseelie pixie dust.

"Where are we going?" She asked conspiratoriously.
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I don't know. Away. We'll see when we get there! but she was flying out of Camlann, back the way she'd come in. Maybe she'd go back to the Sleeping Woods. Or back to Lake Raienia. She didn't know where Peter was. She didn't know if Robin would be where she left him. And she didn't know why she offered for Floradora to follow her. Whatever. It was just another adventure. Maybe they'd get out of Calmann, away from all the iron safely. Maybe not. They'd just have to see.

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From: [info]floradora Date: 06/29/2007 01:20:14  

Floradora couldn't fly.In fact ths was having much trouble keeping up with the fluttering fae on her own two feet.

"I..Need...To..take..a...break..." She said straining between hacks and wheezes.

"I..Can't...Keep...RUUUUNNIINNNG" She finally said as she collapsed wheezing.
From: [info]insmallpackages Date: 07/11/2007 12:17:04  

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Tink had, predictably, forgotten anyone was following her. In fact, she barely heard the voice calling after her and kept right on flying, out of Camlann and back into the Sleeping Woods. She had Robin on her mind now, excited about telling him the danger and adventure that Camlann held.

The seelie fairy who'd try to swat her out of the sky was left behind and already forgotten.
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