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Estervale- Open to Puss- Mulan- (and in a few moments possibly Kai as well)
The Snow Queen walked back to her sleigh. Holding the groceries she had bought with the money from selling one of the jewels on her sleigh. She sat silently waiting for Puss to come. The snow that followed her constantly was a cooling presence in the hot summer heat. She smiled as children played in the snow. Pentamerone had the strange effect of being both a warming place to melt the layers of ice that had frozen her heart for years. As well as a place to send chilling reminders of why she was always alone. Yet, here the Snow Queen found herself surrounded by new friends. She made friends with a dapper talking cat, and a young warrior both of whom found her to be an intruiging presence in their lives. For the first time since coming to Pentamerone the Snow Queen had forgot about the Devil's Mirror. The winds weren't howling as much as before (possibly because of the lack of a shard of the mirror in Estervale, but possibly also because the Snow Queen was experiencing happiness, an emotion that in recent years was all too alien to the monarch of winter.)

It was in this state that the Snow Queen waited for Puss. She knew he was out and about and it would take him a moment to find her. Yet, she was already feeling the cold bitter stab of fear that Puss had abandoned her.

"Where is he?" She said to no-one in particular, as she clutched the hatbox that kept the new hat she had bought for Puss, close to her chest.

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Puss had not abandoned his new friend, but instead found himself chasing butterflies in a field not far from where the Snow Queen was. He could probably have frolicked all day, and considering how very forgetful Puss usually was he might have. But he remembered his appointment with the Snow Queen and hastened out of the field to find her, bounding up to her with kitty enthusiasm. "Hello Lady Frost!" he called cheerfully. "I did not keep you waiting too long?"
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The Snow Queen positively beamed to see Puss.

"No my dear Puss, not long at all. I was just gathering some supplies for our travels. I also have a gift for you"

She said as she offered Puss the hatbox she clung to.

"I hope it's to your liking" She said as she took the lid off and removed the hat from the box.
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It was a cat, an actual cat, and it spoke to Lady Frost. Mulans face lit up and her eyes were filled with a sort of wonder. It was a quality she could have when she wasn't leading an army. She had helped the Snow Queen get her items to her Sled, which was itself, magnificent. She stayed quiet, waiting to be introduced, and forcing herself not to pick him up and pet and hug him. Seeing him at that moment she thought that the hat had been a very good choice to get for him
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The Snow Queen nodded to Mulan to step closer. Puss was a gentleman cat, and as such he needed propper introductions.

"May I present my dear friend Puss de Carabas, he has been my traveling companion for the past weeks. Puss, this is Hua Mulan. Mulan and I met in the Estervale Market, and she helped me pick this hat for you." She said admiring the hat she held in her hands.

The snow continued to fall. Yet, this time the snow fluttered as if playing with the persons present. An act that seemed as if it was the Snow reacting to the happy thoughts that welled within the Snow Queen causing her heart to warm.
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His big kitty eyes glistened and his little mouth split into a huge grin as his paws velveted over the finely made hat. It was rare that any one was able to buy Puss a gift he genuinely liked and though he supposed a plumed hat was an easy enough guess, the effort behind this gift really touched him. He took a momentary step back and proffered a bow for Mulan. "Greetings my lady," he said cordially. "It is an honor to receive a gift from women with such exquisite taste."

He couldn't wait any longer and gently pulled the hat from the Snow Queen's hands. He placed it upon his head, noting that he'd have to cut little holes for his ears later, but he'd wait until the new hat feeling was finally broken in. "Tell me I'm not the most dashing cat you've ever seen?" he asked, barely suppressing the sudden rush of ego that his new hat sent skidding over him.
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"But.. I think you are the most dashing cat I have ever seen .. Mr. De Carabas. I would not think of saying otherwise."

Oh what a marvel he was. She still wanted to pick him up and pet him, but he seemed to be not exactly a cat, but an individual, and she would no sooner grab and cuddle him than she would the Snow Queen. That thought made her look at him as he stood there, then look to the Queen, and then blush slightly.

Mulan had experienced the fantastic on a daily basis since she became a fixture in the world they were in, but she was still impressed and awed by each new thing she encountered.
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"My dear Puss, I am overjoyed that you enjoy my gift" the Snow Queen said as she put the groceries in her sleigh.

"Tell me, what adventures awaited our most dashing cat while I was away?"
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"Butterflies," he answered cheerfully, the sound an explosion of happiness. "Essentially," he added. There was mostly more wandering and begging for saucers of milk at back doors, something he'd become a right pro at.
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"Butterflies?" The Snow Queen said amazed. She expected Puss to be caught up in all manner of intruige. Or maybe that was all she should have expected. After all, even though he talked and had many matters of magic at his disposal, Puss was still a cat.
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He grinned and decided that he'd been standing here long enough to rub up against Mulan's leg. He arched up towards her fingers as if to say, yes please, pet me. It wasn't any trick of mind reading; it was simply that he wanted affection and Mulan was new and pretty.
From: [info]generalhua Date: 06/20/2007 23:40:18  

Mulan's eyes lit up. She had been wanting so to pet him, but was certain that would be wrong, or rude, or at least unwelcomed. The way he rubbed against her made it clear she was mistaken.

Mulan stooped straight down and scratched his chin and neck. She cooed slightly and spoke with a smile at him. "Who is a handsome Mr. De Carabas? You are, yes you are" It wasn't something she thought about saying, it just sort of came out.
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"You can call me Puss dear lady," he purred as he wound around her legs and arched into every little scratch and caress. "And may I call you Mulan?" he asked as he rubbed his little head fiercely against her knee. She smelled delightful and that was something Puss always adored about women; they always smelled better than men.
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The Snow Queen tried very hard to supress the chortle that was now finding it's way out of her mouth and nose. She was affectionate with Puss herself, but she had never resoreted to...babytalk?

She continued to hold her serene majestic presence, just barely.

"It was bustling at the market today. The summer heat made the villagers come out in droves. You should have seen it. Lucky for us, this meant that the merchants were out in droves too. Which means we got some good deals on eggs, and dried ham"

She said trying to change the subject.

The wind around her continued to blow a nice cool breeze as the snow fell in small clumps. In effect the Snow Queen was like air conditioning. Which must have been a comfort to Puss and Mulan on such a hot day.
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"I would like it if you called me that... yes I would.. oh yes I.. um I apologize. It is just you are so cute and fuzzy and pettable that I forget myself. Please forgive me Mr.. I mean Puss."

Meeting new people was an unexpected bonus to an already pleasan trip to the market. It was nice being around the Snow Queen. She had a regal air, but still seemed kind and approachable. She also seemed to have just lovely taste in friends.

"Yes, the market was very busy,I sort of like it when there is a crowd. I don't know why, but I find it easier to be lost in myself when there are a lot of people around." She continued skritching and petting her furry new friend.
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"I'd prefer not to get lost in myself, You never know when you can escape yourself again"

The Snow Queen said mysteriously. The mystery of who she is, and why she was in Pentamerone still haunted her. A small stab of pain hit her in the heart for a split second as she remembered the Devil's Mirror, the dark magical artifact still in her sleigh safe and sound. She imagined the dark magic seeping from it perverting Pentamerone, making it something dark and evil.

The stab of pain in her heart continued to hurt. Yet, she saw Puss and Mulan, and her freinds made her forget all that for a moment. She was, at the moment, Happy.
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Puss knew of what the ladies spoke and remained amply quiet on the subject. He had lost himself in good ways and bad. He smiled between them. "There is no need to forgive when no crime has been committed," he announced quietly. "You are too kind and gracious a lady."
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The Snow Queen was enjoying this day. Sure it wasn't her natural season of Winter, but she was amongst good friends and this made her glad.

"Puss, Mulan, It is such a lovely day. How do you two fancy we take a walk by the riverside. Perhaps we can share a meal together at the tavern, my treat" She said in a generous tone. The way the sun beat down on the river attracted her like it was lulling her in, drawing her aside and telling her to come in and bathe in it.

The Snow Queen was apt to follow through with these orders. After all, she was wearing the same dirty furs since she came to Pentamerone. It was about time she took a bath.
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"That sounds delightful," Puss said cheerfully. "I would love to join you."
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"Then lets start off. Mulan, would you care to join Puss and I on a walk, and possibly a dip in the river this fine day?" She asked as she removed her fur coats, only a thin white dress beneath.

She was beginning to sweat, something that was strange and new to the Queen of Snow and Winter.
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"I would love to!" Mulan said happily and a bit too quickly. She didn't have anything on that was particularly appropriate for going in the river, but that thought was very tempting to her. Ther would be no issue in bathing with a lady present, but puss was male, wasn't he? She wasn't sure if that was proper or improper if he were to join them. A walk sounded nice regardless.
"Puss, are you from a wintery land such as the good lady is?"
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"No," he replied. "The ocean," he answered vaguely. It was so very long ago that it seemed impossible to remember. But it was perhaps that one thing he could never forget, even given his forgetful nature. "So a swim would be very nice," he said excitedly. "I'm not your typical cat," he said, though that much was obvious. "I love water!"
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"Then lets get to the river post haste" The Snow Queen said as she set off for the river. The air was cool and moist the closer she got to the river. Which appealed to the icy maiden of winter. Any cool repreive from this summer day was something the Snow Queen cherished. Which is why she was the first to enter the river, with a loud splash into the water.
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There had been a time when Mulan had to keep her gender a secret, when being in the water was not something she could do without careful planning and privacy. She shed her clothes down to what amounted to a sheer tanktop and shorts. They would not be much cover when they were wet, but at least it was something.

"You are no typical cat for certain! and we are no typical ladies making your company I assure you" She said, giving herself to whimsy and throwing herself into the river after the fair lady, not quite matching the splash she made.
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The Snow Queen smiled at Mulan as she splashed into the water. She was beginning to feel that her dress was becoming too bulky while wet, and so she gingerly peeled it off of her wet skin. She was stark naked in the water, which began to cool suddenly with her presence in the water.

"Now Puss, don't leave us two hanging"

She said as she splashed an icy cold splash of water at the feline.
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Puss gave a languid, lazy little swish of his tail into the water though his fur was dripping from the Snow Queen's splashing. He pattered around a bit like a real cat, debating if the refreshing cool was worth all the wetness that came with it. Then without need for further prompting he slid out of his boots, placed his new hat carefully on top of them, snaked his belt down his hips and dove into the river wearing only the charm his favorite mistress had left him so many years ago.
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Mulan blushed a little, unconsciously, when the queen took the rest of her clothes off. She tried her best not to stare too long at the woman. Mulan was mature, and had certainly been in communal bath settings with other women before, and even begrudgingly, and very carefully, with men for so many years. She touched the wet cloth that was plastered against her body, and looked at her companions. He was a cat and not a man...

Mulan dropped below the surface of the water and removed the last of her clothes. When she rose up again, they were clutched to her chest, and she worked to keep the majority of herself under water. It was crisp and refreshing. She felt certain it was getting cooler still. Getting her back between her friends and the shore she held up her undergarments and rung the water from them. She then flung her clothes to the shore. The spontanaity of this all made her giggle. It was fun just being a girl sometimes.
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The Snow Queen enjoyed spontaneous sometimes. Spontaneous things like swimming behind Mulan and playfully dunking her under the water. The Snow Queen submerged once again and quickly returned to the surface ringing water out of her hair and then spitting out a mouthful of water that quickly froze into an icicle and dropped with a sudden plop into the water.

Such summer days as this reminded the Snow Queen of something...of someone. A flash of memory, a woman with long green hair in a garden of eternal summer. A woman smiling at her, inviting the frigid Queen into her garden. She saw her face, saw her smile so familiar that it hurt her to try to remember.

....But it was a memory. A flash of memory as such brought joy to the Snow Queen. It could very well be that the Snow Queen being amongst these friends were bringing her memories back to her. This possibility the Snow Queen wasn't abject to denying. Of course being overtaken with memory left the Snow Queen unawares, a perfect time for Mulan to gain revenge for the sudden dunking earlier.
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Kai heard noises. She heard giggles and shrieks and splashes, and that had to mean people (or something , hell, nothing was as it seemed in this blasted world) were nearby. Maybe that idiot fairy was there, and Kai could give her what's for.

She made her way to the surface speedily, popping her head out and finding herself face-to-face with two nude women. Kai blinked, and then glanced about quickly, to see who else was here.

"GATO!!" She flailed, pointing in Puss's direction. "Oh, gato, por favor-" Oh, hell. The damn spanish. She skirted past the two women in impatience, and swam closer to Puss. Feeling utterly stupid and embarrassed, Kai had no choice but to sing to him to get him to understand her. She searched her head for a melody, and found one similar to Over the Rainbow.

" Sweet Puss, so nice to see right nooow. Please come, talk to me quickly, help me to break this spellll."

(Spanish translation: "Cat! Oh, cat, please-")
From: [info]generalhua Date: 06/26/2007 15:39:01  

Mulan had been surprised by the dunking, and at first embarrassed by the contact, but she was singularly compelled to retaliate. She had been carefully jockeying for position to make her move against the taller woman. She had switched modes and was no longer quite so bashful about seeing the woman's naked form. They were in a shallow enough area that Mulan would be able to plant her feet on the bottom and push off.

Setting herself up carefully, she shot under the water when the queen paused. She didn't see her face, couldn't tell the expression, or she wouldn't have done it. She planted her feet, and stood straight up out of the water, her hands under the Snow Queens frosty bottom and pushed up and out as she did so. Mulan was quite strong for her size, and despite the woman's height, it wasn't like she was terribly heavy either. This set her on a short trajectory toward slightly deeper water, and left Mulan shivering in the chilled water previously occupied by her new friend. She was immediately scared she had gone too far as it sunk into her mind that she had just put her hands on the naked rear of a near stranger.

She was startled as a new person, or creature? came out of the water, and seemed to be calling to Puss, then singing. She was unsure what to do next.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/26/2007 20:46:02  

The Snow Queen laughed as soon as she emerged from the water again. Taking the time to splash at Mulan again.

"Well you can't say I wasn't asking for it" she said as she swam closer to Mulan. She began to swim in circles around Mulan like a shark sizing up it's prey.

"I'll get you back Mulan, and when you least expect it" She said in a tone of mock threats.

The moment however was broken by the appearance of the mermaid who at first spoke in a language that was new to the Snow Queen's ears, and then began to sing in English.

"Puss I think this poor creature is trying to get your attention" the alarmed Snow Queen said to her feline companion.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/27/2007 19:38:26  

He looked at Kai appraisingly. "It seems you've found some magic without me," he said, mildly impressed. "What spell?" he asked, neither noting that she had to sing or admitting that he spoke Spanish and understood her previous shouting.
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Kai looked like she was about to burst into tears, and found none of this amusing. She continued her singing, keeping the same melody. " Sooome strange, cra-zy old wo-man came aloooong...and she said that she wanted me to sing her a sooong." She had no choice but to move into the fast refrain of the song, where normally she'd be singing about melting clouds and lemondrops or something. " And-so-she-said-she'd-give-my-voice-back-but-she-messed-it-up-and-now-I-caaan't taaaalk. "

Deep breath.

" Unless-I-speak-another-tongue-or-sing-my-words-within-a-song-" She broke the singing, frustrated. "Puss, ayúdeme por favor!" Kai buried her face in her hands.

("Please help me!")
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/27/2007 22:04:42  

The Snow Queen laughed loudly, then supressed the laughter quickly for fear of offending the mermaid.

"So am I to understand that a woman placed a spell on this poor child, making it so she can only speak in song..or in another language. That's fascinating" She said as she slowly approached the mermaid.

"My dear child, what is your name? Can you describe the woman who did this to you?" She was preparing herself for another flurry of Spanish, or at least some sort of aria. The Snow Queen after all could be a cold woman when she wanted to. This mermaid's folly was a total moment of Shadenfruede for the Snow Queen, a moment that made the devil's mirror something far far from her mind.
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Mulan was mortified at what the new arrival was saying... or singing rather. She stood dumbfounded with her head tilted to the side for a moment. The situationstarted to seem wrong to her. She shouldn't be there like that. She shouldn't be naked like that around strangers.

"I should leave, I think. I should be getting back to my.. to.. I should be going home now. I have people expecting me."

It wasn't exactly a lie. She probably did have people expecting her. It was sort of a constant in her position. She felt very very naked at that moment and uncomfortably started to make her way to the bank
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/27/2007 23:41:46  

Puss too started swimming towards the bank. There wasn't much for it now. He'd have to explain a bit if he was going to be able to help Kai. He shook himself dry on the shore. He frowned. I promised to help. And I can. But then... He didn't want to reveal so much, not with Mulan and Frost here, though Mulan was surely going to leave as soon as her clothing was on and for some reason he didn't think his abilities would surprise Frost too much. "I can help," Puss said. "I had hoped it wouldn't resort to this."
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With Mulan and Puss leaving the water the Snow Queen followed as well.

"I suppose it best you leave Mulan, as much as I will miss your company I assure you I will see you again soon." She said with a smile as she bade farewell to her new friend. It wouldn't be too hard for her to find her way to the kingdom of the clouds, she did have a sleigh that flew did she not?

"How do you plan on helping this poor thing?"

The Snow Queen asked Puss.
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Kai whirled around to blink at the Snow Queen, and then impatiently pushed some of her wet hair out of her face before singing again. A different tune, this time.

"Kai, my name is Kai, and sheee...was shoort and fat and old and quite ug-lyyy." She said this with satisfaction, nodding once as though to punctuate it. Whether or not Floradora was truly ugly was beside the point..In Kai's eyes, after the atrocity that Floradora had laid upon her, she was a hideous beast who should have her magic taken away from her forever.

Kai whirled back around at Puss, her eyes lighting up, pleading for the gentlecat to help her. And as it dawned on her that Puss had understood what she said, she began to speak now, rapid Spanish spilling from her lips. "Qué, Puss?? Qué tiene usted hacer?"

("What Puss? What do you have to do?")
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/28/2007 00:04:03  

"I need blood," he said quietly, quite conspiratorial. "Just a few drops should do it," he added. Then he could transform into a witch, or perhaps a wizard. He hadn't been a two legged creature in such a long time.
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Attention was focused on the other girl. Mulan rushed to get her clothes back on. Her clothes clung to her fiercely. 'carpet' She said quietly to her clothing, and what had seemed to be a large piece of silk folded many times into a sort of belt snaked out and unfurled. She had her purchases with her and she quickly jumped on the magic carpet. She started to move quickly to exit the area. Her head was spinning with all manner of thoughts she was not comfortable with.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/28/2007 17:02:10  

He was sad to see Mulan go, but the situation was so bizarre; he couldn't blame her. He hung his head slightly. "It must be given willingly," for though he had broken the laws of his people to defeat the ogre, Puss still observed the old ways and would not break the laws again. He would not take blood by force, or from the unwilling. He waited patiently for an answer.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 06/29/2007 01:38:55  

Blood, he needed? Kai blinked for a few seconds, trying to rationalize that...but admittedly, she knew nothing of true magic, and only knew the magic that had been shown to her, both from the sea witch, and Floradora.

Well, if blood he needed, then blood he would get. Kai ducked under the water for a moment, tail splashing, and then re-emerged, holding a sharpened stone triumphantly. Without a second thought, she plunged it into the palm of her hand, and tore it across the pale skin.

She winced, but held out her hand with a pleased expression, the crimson slowly making its way down her wrist. She did, after all, have a pretty high threshhold for pain...considering that when the sea witch gave her legs, every step felt like knives.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/29/2007 01:47:48  

He reached out, closing his eyes and bowing his head to her palm. He licked tentatively at the little bit of blood pooling in her hand. He lapped a little more than he needed, just to be sure the transformation would be complete. He took a deep breath and concentrated on the swirling darkness that appeared before him. This was the magic of the ancients, the old shape-shifters who could become anything they wanted at the merest drop of blood. He turned and opened his eyes, not those of a cat, but a witch standing pale and naked with long red hair. She smiled and revealed long, pointed canine teeth. She still had some of Puss' catlike features. The witch grinned serenely down upon Kai. She spoke soft words in the ancient tongue, the sort of words that had never been written down, could only be passed from witch to witch.

She stepped back from the shore and grinned to Kai. "It should work," she said in a strangely high voice, the tone so unfamiliar to Puss. "You should be able to speak clearly now, in any language you happen to know." She allowed herself a little laugh before the worry set in about what he'd just done.
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"Puss??" The Snow Queen asked the woman who stood before her.

"What have you done to Puss??" She began to cry. This transformation was too strange and unknown to the Snow Queen. She had no idea what was occuring, only that the cat that was previously one of her only links to friendship in Pentamerone was now someone else entirely. Someone...familiar?

Her eyes flashed with memory again. This time a haggard emancipated crone, leader of a pack of bandits. She held the reigns to a reindeer. As she struggled to remember she saw him. It was Bae, the lead reindeer of her group. The bandits beat him. She saw a girl save him, and fly him to her castle. She saw this crone with her and the woman with long green hair in the summery garden sharing tea.

"Puss?" She asked again as tears welled in her eyes.

"Where are you Puss?" She said as she fainted in the struggle with her own memories.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 06/30/2007 14:05:29  

Kai's eyes widened at the transformation, and she looked nothing short of terrified herself. This was indeed magic...even she recognized that much. But to watch Puss, the lovely cat she considered a friend, turn into a woman, a human witch, no was too much.

She whimpered when Puss the Woman spoke at her in an unrecognizable tongue, and squeezed her eyes shut. The Snow Queen was crying, Kai heard, and then Puss the Woman said Kai could speak now. She barely heard that, her only thought was responding to the Snow Queen, who she wished would shut up because it was already too much without having to hear her sob.

"I didn't do anything!" She cried out finally at the Snow Queen's question, and then blinked, her eyes flying open. Her lips remained parted, and the shock that she could speak again, speak normally , struck her dumb. Well, at least she got her wish. The Snow Queen had fainted, therefore shutting up.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/30/2007 22:27:30  

"Oh my," said Puss whose pretty female face frowned. "I suppose I should have given some warning. I forget how very startling it can be, especially for one who's never seen it before. It's so second nature to me." She sighed, now identifying herself as a woman, though at the core she was still the cat Puss.

She reached down and pet the snow queen gently. "I am such a clod sometimes," she said, her self abashed sense of humor finding her in new form. "I don't suppose she'd mind if I stole a fur to wrap up in?" she asked Kai, though she was certain she wouldn't get an answer before she had the nicked fur wrapped around her lithe frame.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 07/02/2007 11:28:05  

Kai stared at the woman open-mouthed, in complete awe of what she was seeing. It took a moment, but she finally brought herself to speak again, swallowing a few times before her voice began to crack with words. "..Y-You're...really a person? A woman? B-But...Puss..." Poor Kai looked like she might cry now. How could the nice kitty she had met be a person? A woman, at that.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 07/02/2007 17:54:54  

"Actually," Puss said slowly. "I'm neither." The girl sat on the bank, newly dressed in a borrowed fur. "I'll change back if you want," she offered; though the transformation had been refreshing the distress of her friends was trying. She hadn't changed in so long that she'd forgotten all of the drama that went with it. "You have to tell me to change back though. It was your blood that let me change in the first place."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 07/02/2007 21:21:51  

"Tell him to change back" The Snow Queen demanded coldly of Kai. She had just reawoken and was still somewhat frightened with the familiarity of this form to the flash of memory the Snow Queen just had.

"I can't bare to see him like sister" She said shocked with the very words that uttered from her mouth.

From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 07/02/2007 21:30:25  

Kai glared just as coldly at the Snow Bitch. "Are you stupid? Obviously, I'm just as scared by the transformation as you." She turned to Puss, her voice much kinder, as she considered Puss her friend. She didn't know this naked, demanding bitch who was ordering her around.

"Please, Puss, change back. Change back to the cat, back to my friend? I'm grateful for what you've done for me...but please, change back."
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 07/02/2007 21:58:12  

Puss obliged as he was bound by the offering of her blood to take the form she asked. He was small and orange and sitting on fur he'd borrowed to dress his naked form moments again. "I deeply apologize ladies," he said presently, a touch agitated. Had the Miller reacted so horribly when he saw Puss' transformation? Of course he had. The cat sighed audibly. It had been nice after all, for two legs and immeasurable magic at his finger tips. Ah well. Perhaps now knowing they'll offer me libations once they've become accustomed to the idea. It wasn't as if he'd go around asking for blood offers. "I have not been altered in a good long while. I always forget how awful it must be for those watching." I only ever remember how wonderful it feels to be something new.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 07/02/2007 22:18:09  

"thank you puss" The Snow Queen said as she put the furs back on suddenly. This whole experience was draining for her at the most. She was glad Mulan was gone, she would react horribly too to this transformation.

"I think it's time for me to leave" She said as she began to collect her things to return to her sleigh. Suddenly the snow was cold and bitter around her again. Large clumps of snow fell in flurries, matching her sullen attitude at being reminded of her sister. A memory she was blessed to not have. Suddenly recovering her memories seemed like less than a thrilling idea to her.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 07/03/2007 01:30:21  

Kai sighed with relief, and then shook her head before coming toward Puss, scratching his head tentatively. "It's...It's just a shock, Puss, please...I-I don't trust humans to begin with, and so..." Her voice trailed as she heard the Snow Queen speak, and Kai fell silent, watching the woman gather her things.

And then she could barely contain the joy she felt growing in her stomach. She could speak again! It felt wonderful, and it was a pity she couldn't celebrate just yet. Even she recognized it would be inappropriate to start wooping and cheering at such a moment. And so the mermaid bit back her joy for now, simply watching the cat and the woman.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 07/03/2007 11:22:33  

Puss felt his own good mood diminish quickly. "I never intended to mislead you, or anyone else," he said presently. "I'm most comfortable as Puss the cat. It's who I've been for such a long time." He looked out over the water, ancient and inviting. All of the waters in Pentamerone reminded him of home. "I am most certainly not human," he whispered for her benefit.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 07/07/2007 11:43:37  

(sorry, I didn't see the reply!)

"...I know you didn't, Puss." Kai finally answered softly, looking a bit abashed for having been so hysterical earlier. "...Magic as a whole terrifies me...especially since my last two encounters were not good. But you have done only good for me, Puss, and..." She leaned forward, kissing Puss lightly on the top of his head. "...Thank you."
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 07/11/2007 21:43:17  

"You're welcome," he replied quietly. He was tired from the change and the immediate change back. He didn't have much else to say.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 07/18/2007 22:36:27  

The Snow Queen looked back coldly at the scene she made. She normally had such a reserved way that she held herself. Seeing Puss transform into a hag that was very similar to the one that just flashed in her memory was very jarring.

"I apologize Puss, I didn't mean to react that way. Something about that form was so disturbing to me" She said as she apologized, much like a cat with her tail between her legs.

"Can you forgive me?" She asked her friend.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 07/19/2007 09:14:32  

"Of course my dear lady," he said softly. "I am oft a fool when I make such grand gestures without warning. I must beg your forgiveness too and also beg your silence. My nature is a secret shared among very few and I trust both of you dearly to keep it so."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 07/19/2007 11:37:13  

She bent close to Puss and kissed him gently on the head.

"My dear Puss, You have my word as a lady that no one will ever know"

Although in her mind plans were already beginning to form. With Puss's powers she could possibly regain her memories.
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