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In the Koude Reizen Mountains (open)
Puss wasn't having a good deal of luck helping Kai with her little problem.

He had returned to Carabosse's home to find her gone and no real indication when she'd come back with just as much explanation. He knew to lie lower than Mabb's radar if he didn't want to get frozen to death again. He could listen to the ancient voices, the old ways, but he didn't dare to tread in the Sleeping Woods where the spoke most freely.

The only place he hadn't been was the Koude Reizen Mountains. He knew it wasn't safe to travel until the summer. Since it was now that time of year he thought maybe now would be a good time to head in that direction. Perhaps there were dark well-springs of magic hidden by the gypsy tribes that lived in the mountains.

He picked his path carefully and mounted the path into the steep, cold mountains. He was thankful for his fur. Even though the snow and ice was mostly melted the wind was fierce and very nearly bone chilling. He was surprised to find that he wasn't alone on the path and stayed back at a curious distance.

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From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 05/29/2007 15:37:59  

After leaving the Sleeping Woods behind, possibly leaving behind a few large fragments of the devil's mirror, fragments that the Snow Queen had no intention of recapturing after her run in with the feral sprite, and recouperating from the pixies attack.

The Snow Queen didn't want to incur the wrath of the Faerie Queen, so she left the warm and dangerous woods, to the cooler mountains. Where she was free to let her snow fall. Free to set up her camp, and wait for her wounds to heal. She felt at home here in the mountains, the crisp cold air reminded her of her castle made of ice. One of the only memories she had. This memory she cherished. Petting Bae and the other reindeer she started a small fire. Not so much for her warmth. Yet, her reindeer were still reindeer, even though they were enchanted reindeer, and as we all know reindeer still need rest and warmth from the cold.

The Snow Queen was at home here in her camp. It was a warm and inviting scene to see her and her reindeer here. In her wounded state the Snow Queen didn't appear to be much of a threat.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/30/2007 01:47:09  

Curiosity and cats, a peculiar paradox. He wandered up to this stranger's camp with ease and sniffed around as if it were his right to do so. "Good afternoon," he said warmly. "I see you are traveling too," he added, eying the accouterments with which the Snow Queen traveled. Someone settled wouldn't carry such things. "I find these mountains most exciting. I have never been before."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 05/30/2007 11:56:48  

"I've been here once before, It seems like a place I'd settle down in. It has that home feeling. Reminds me of the cold homeland I used to rule over." The Snow Queen said not taking too much surpise in the fact that the newcomer was a talking cat. After all she had flying reindeer.

"I just came from the Sleeping Woods.Myself, Not my idea of an inviting area." She said as she tightened a bandage around her arm slightly yelping at the pain.

"Where have you come from?" She asked the talking cat.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/31/2007 03:53:26  

"Here and there," he replied vaguely. "I found my own visit to the Sleeping Woods unsatisfactory," he added. The chill that swept up his back had little to do with the temperature of the mountains and far more to do with the memory of being frozen to death. "What have you done to your arm?" he asked, all of his feline curiosity rising up.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 05/31/2007 11:33:16  

"I was attacked, nearly mauled by a feral sprite" She said as she pointed to the other scars on her. They were healing well, yet they still stung a bit and reminded the Snow Queen to be more cautious next trip into the Sleeping woods.

"I had no choice but to send said sprite to it's maker." She said as she pulled some dried meats and bread out of her sleigh.

"Are you hungry?" She asked as she offered puss some food, always the good hostess.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/31/2007 15:39:04  

"Why thank you," he said, finding a spot that wasn't too cold to sit. "I would be honored to dine with you."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 05/31/2007 19:22:45  

The Snow Queen was impressed with this feline's manners. Cutting the bread, cheese, and dried meats into small catsized portions, she placed them on a small wooden bowl from her sleigh and placed them near the cat.

"It's good to have conversation every now and again. It isn't like my reindeer here would start talking anytime soon." she said as she looked at her lead reindeer Bae.

"Might I ask as to what I shal call you?" She said to her new companion.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/02/2007 03:28:07  

"Ah me, where are my manners," he said, rising gallantly bowing cordially. "I am Puss de Carabus, though Puss will do. What may I call your fine person?" he asked politely.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/02/2007 11:49:43  

The Snow Queen smiled approvingly at Puss.

"I don't exactly know my true name, my dear Puss de Carabas. Yet, in the time I've been here I have been called by the name of Frost." she said as she looked up at the Snow, which fell in droves now
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/03/2007 17:06:37  

"Frost," he mused. "It suits you," he said cheerfully. "I have never been so glad for my fur coat," he added as a little shiver thrilled up his spine. Frost indeed. Your magic makes it colder. He wondered if this woman knew her strength and the nature of her magic if she did not know her name, but he did not question, merely smiled over at her and enjoyed the fine meal she offered him.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/04/2007 12:28:52  

"If you would like, I would gladly share some of my furs with you" she said as she took off a stole made of polar bear skin and fur and laid it on the ground next to Puss.

"I am not bothered by the cold. It suits me." she said as she smiled approvingly at Puss.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/04/2007 15:12:10  

He rolled onto the bear skin, lazy luxury in all of his movements. It was decadent, almost dirty to roll around in the skin of another animal and yet it was something that Puss enjoyed. Almost like sliding under the skin of an old lover. "Lovely," he purred. He rather liked this one. Even though she could just as easily freeze him to death he had a feeling that she wouldn't, or at least a hope. Puss trusted to his hopes.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/04/2007 17:45:40  

The Snow Queen was loving Puss's company. The conversation with Puss made her totally forget the devil's mirror, and the pain of the scrathes from the sprite's attack. She stoked the fire a bit as she sat next to Puss.

"I hope you don't mind if I pet you..I would love to run my fingers through your fur" she said as she took out a silver brush, one that she had only used a few times before on her long blonde hair.

"It's quite a lovely evening." She said as she attempted to will the snow stop it's fall. In moments the snowflakes stopped their dance, and Puss and the Snow Queen were able to see a clear veiw of the stars, each one sparkling like a million shining diamonds high in the inky black sky.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/04/2007 18:16:16  

"I don't mind in the least. I rather welcome a nice grooming session," he added. "It is a lovely night. I haven't learned all of the stars here. Strange to think that there's a part of the universe where I know none of the stars." It was a vague thought that, sneaking into the conversation so subtle. "The constellations must not all have been named. I would like to call that one Sir Puss," he said, stretching his paw heavenward and pointing to a set of stars that very nearly looked like a cat in a big plumed hat.
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/04/2007 18:28:08  

The Snow Queen started to brush the fur on Puss, enjoying the feeling of his soft fur on her fingers and making sure he was enjoying the brushing. Looking at the stars she smiled when Puss started naming constellations.

"Well it appears that Sir Puss has a starry companion himself." She said when she pointed at a cluster of stars that looked like a sleigh.

"I think my sleigh must come from the heavens themselves" she said, then she pointed at one that looked like a galloping reindeer.

"That one I'll call Bae, after my lead reindeer. It appears he's running from the sleigh"

The Snow Queen continued to brush Puss. Pointing back up she added.

"If you squint, that area there looks like a woman sitting on a throne. I shal call that one Frost, after myself"

From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/04/2007 21:14:40  

"We are not humble to name stars after us," Puss said with humor. "Though perhaps no less deserving."

He smiled up into the cold night. "May I rest this evening with you my lady Frost? I have no proper destination as yet and I would hate to fare this night alone."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/04/2007 21:32:51  

The Snow Queen chuckled at Puss's comment. This talking cat had melted the Snow Queen's icy demeanor, and revealed the woman beneath. She needed a friend in this strange land. As strange as it may seem this talking feline was close enough to being a friend to her.

"My dear Puss De Carabas, you may most certainly spend the evening under the stars with me and my reindeer. If you would like you may travel with me after this night as well. I would absolutely adore having you as a traveling companion."

She said to puss as she set out some pillows for them to rest on.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/04/2007 21:52:16  

"I should certainly enjoy the company," he replied cheerfully, his kitty features picking up and reflecting just how wonderful the idea seemed to him. "I would very much like to travel with you for a time."
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 06/04/2007 21:56:40  

"Then, my dear Puss de Carabas, you and I shal explore this vast dangerous world together" She said as she laid down letting her long blonde hair flow freely down her back. It was after all...a lovely evening.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 06/05/2007 16:13:23  

He smiled in his kitty way, whiskers turning up and little fangs showing out from his mouth. "That sounds like a plan," he said cheerfully, snuggling into the blankets she offered.
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