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The Rajani Jungle - OPEN
Amalthea moved over, under, around and through the assorted plant matter that was here and there on the ground (and above) of this jungle. She had selected a walking stick when she first entered this land, and was quite glad of it now. Using it for a bit of leverage, she vaulted over a particularly large exposed tree root with ease.

After maybe an hour, she started looking for a place to stop and take a rest. Even with the walking stick this was tough work. Her feet were still sore, her hands were beginning to get blistered, and she was tired. And hungry. And very dirty. She spotted a seemingly good resting place off in the distance and went over for a closer inspection.

She couldn't help giving a small sound of delight when she came up close to this little grove. There was a small stream running here, supplying fresh, cool, water to any who might stop in for a rest. Also, there were an assortment of tree roots that were exposed and were the perfect height for sitting and resting. she thoguht as she set her small pack down, and began to get supplies out.

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From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/25/2007 10:52:01  

The memory loss, the deaths of the fairy council members, Carabosse's revelations, Mabb's emergence. The council had deliberately done something, made Titania - and likely Oberon as well - forget something important. Mabb. And now she was taking revenge. Titania needed answers, and whether that meant speaking with Oberon, with the fairy council, or finding Mabb herself, she needed answers now.

But she was finding none in the Sleeping Woods, not right now. Perhaps it was time she branched out. The woods were not the only home of the fey. She refused to enter Camlann, and instead headed southwest, and entered the Rajani Jungle. She had not been here before, so its magic was new, pulsing with verdant life.

And then she sensed a very particular kind of magic. Light. Pure.. Pristine. It didn't seem to belong. She followed it to its source and found a woman there, resting as if on a journey. And the magic came from her. Titania watching her long before stepping forward and speaking. "Good day to you."
From: [info]booksby_rabbits Date: 05/25/2007 19:12:53  

Startled by the voice, Amalthea very nearly fell off the root she was sitting on.

"Goodness! I didn't realize anyone else... was..."

She took a good look a the woman and almost immediately recognized her as High Fae. There was no real way for Amalthea to tell who she was, but she was certainly regal in bearing, and courteous. Not having much in the way of dealing with fae, Amalthea decided to act with caution. She stood up as gracefully as she could manage.

"...uh, here, my Lady. Are these your woods? I don't mean to trespass. Merely going from one place to another. I didn't mean to intrude."

SHe hoped that was courteous enough. How does one act with the fae? There weren't many in Her Woods, except for a few wood sprites every now and again. She hoped she wasn't trespassing either. Amalthea had heard that the fae could be as dangerous as they were beautiful.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/25/2007 19:24:15  

A very small smile curved Titania's lips at that. Well. This 'woman' certainly knew how to speak to fae, to royalty. It cemented Titania's belief that she was far more than what she seemed. "These are not my woods. My woods are further north, so there is no intrusion."

Titania moved closer. "This is not your home either? Where are you coming from and traveling to, if you are moving from one place to another?"
From: [info]booksby_rabbits Date: 05/26/2007 02:40:11  

"Oh." Feeling much relieved that she was not trespassing on this Faerie's Woods, Amalthea relaxed. Slightly.

"No this is not my home. I don't know that I really have one anymore. I am coming from the desert, and traveling to... some friends who I have not seen in many moons. I am not sure as to where they are exactly in this strange world, but I mean to find them."

Amalthea knew for certain now that this was one of the Fae Queens, for she spoke of her woods, and meant it. The woods to the north were hers. She should probably ask permission to go through them...

"I mean no disrespect, Lady, but by what name may I call you? I am not from around here..." Amalthea let the word trail off, and hoped that she didn't sound too needy, nor to servile.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/30/2007 22:12:10  

Titania listened to her speak, the barest of smiles on her lips. "You may call me Titania, my dear. And what may I call you?" Titania moved to stand close to her, eyes measuring. "You are not what you seem."

Her eyes focused on the faint marking on her forehead, widened, and narrowed again this time in recognition. "Well then. it has been quite some time since I've seen your kind anywhere. How is it you've come by this place?"
From: [info]booksby_rabbits Date: 06/04/2007 01:13:00  

Queen of the Seelie Court... "I am very pleased to make your aquaintence Lady. I am called by the name Amalthea." With that, she gave the Fae Queen a curtsey. When she stood up, she gave Titania asomewhat startled look, then remembered who and what this woman was and gave a small smile.

"So you have seen others like me. I was afriad I would have to change my form to explain." She thought for a moment before answering the last question posed to her.

"I have come to these lands, though I know not how initially. I am here to find some people that I knew a long time ago. I have recently come from the desert where I met some very interresting people, but not the ones I am looking for. If I may ask, why have you left your woods? I do not know much of the Fae, and am curious to learn about you and your people if you do not mind."
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 06/04/2007 08:56:11  

"I have, though as I said, it has been quite some time." Titania listened to Amalthea's tale, and answered her question before posing her own. "This is a new world to many. Beyond the borders of my woods are lands I know not well. One should well know one's neighbors."

That was only partial truth. Titania did want to know what other lands exited in this realm, what people or creatures might live there, especially if any posed any danger to her woods, but her focus was still her own: Mabb, her own memories, and the deeds of the fairy council. But there was no reason to mention that to Amalthea.

"And who are these people whom you seek?"
From: [info]booksby_rabbits Date: 06/05/2007 00:46:31  

"I seek a wizard known as Schmendrick, and a woman known as Molly Grue. It was my hope to meet them in these strange lands, and to perhaps re-kindle a friendship. There are things I wish to say to them that I never got the chance to before."

Amalthea hung here head slightly, then said, "I did not mean to babble, only I have been confused a great deal by the places through which I have traveled."

Almost as an afterthought, her eyes widened and she paled - if such a thing were possible for her. "Forgive my lack of courtesy, Lady, but would you like to sit and take some refreshment with me?" She hoped that the Queen was not waiting for her to say something to that effect.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 06/05/2007 12:49:40  

Well now, that was interesting. "Schmendrick? You are his friend? I know him. The woman I have not met, nor heard of." Which might seem odd to Amalthea. She knew Schmendrick, but not Molly? His love? Shouldn't she be with him?

Titania smiled at her again. "Rest and relax, my dear. I am not of the mind to punish you for neglecting to offer me refreshment. Rather I am curious as to your friendship with the traveling magician." She did however come to rest beside her, sitting comfortably in the grass, rather unlike a queen.
From: [info]booksby_rabbits Date: 06/07/2007 01:43:41  

"Well, I... You have? Truly? This is quite fortuitous that we have met then! But you have not heard of Molly Grue? Well, surely where one is the other can not be too far behind!"

Amalthea thought very quickly about why Molly would not be with Schmendrick, and was not comfortable with some of the alternatives, but comforted herself with the knowledge that at least one of them was well known here in this strange place. This place that was becoming more familiar with each passing moment that she spent here with these people.

Amalthea watched the queen sit, then sat a polite distance away, so as to give the queen space.

"Schmendrick was a dear person who... helped me a very long time ago. I was hoping to see him again, and see how he has been faring these past few years. He and Molly Grue parted my company together and went off, oh, seeking other adventure. This was after he finally became a true magician. It was he who had first, er... shown me how to change form."

She was not certain what else the queen would be interested in about how she knew Schmendrick, and was also uncertain as to how much she would want to tell her Majesty about it.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 06/08/2007 11:25:17  

"Is that so?" Titania murmured in response. She hadn't asked for much information, and was pleased at how much Amalthea had offered. The knowledge might come in handy someday. "Well, where Schmendrick is now, I am not certain I can say. But he will no doubt be returning to my woods when he has occasion to. I am expecting him, in fact." Titania eyed Amalthea again. "In this season, in spring and summer, in the height of the Seelie court, my woods would be a welcome place for you. True there are creatures to be wary of, but I'm certain you would be well advised as to which you should keep well away from."

She gestured at Amalthea's feet create the image of white and palest lavender flowers. Again it was merely an illusion, but one so perfect it seemed real. Real enough to pick the flowers and hand them to the unicorn in human form. They suited her rather well, Titania thought. "Perhaps sometime I shall see your other form." It wasn't a request, or an order, merely a idle thought, even a fleeting wish.
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