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Finally back at Swan's Lake. [Open to Swan]
It had taken well over a week. Mowgli had gone to Estervale, set up a booth, traded and sold for goods, bought passage on a boat, and finally, finally made his way back through the Sleeping Woods to Swan's Lake. The sun was near setting, and Mowgli had dumped all the supplies in the cabin before hurrying down to the lake. He scanned the water now, searching for that one swan that stood out, wanting to see his transformation back into man-shaped Swan.

He said nothing to announce his presence just yet. If Swan saw him before he changed, that was just as well too. Mowgli was just happy to be back and to see him again.

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From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 05/21/2007 11:26:06  

Swan was unaware of Mowgli's return and never had he been more glum. He'd decided yesterday that the man had in fact left him for good and he wasn't coming back. To say he was depressed was an understatement.

He swam slowly to and fro in the calm waters of the lake, head bowed, just waiting for the sun to sink beneath the horizon so he could spend another night alone.

He didn't have to wait long. A few moment later and he was sinking beneath the surface, the transformation taking hold.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 05/21/2007 11:35:33  

Mowgli moved from his haunches when the swan dove beneath the waves; he went straight into the water, heedless of the sudden chill. He could see how sad Swan had seemed, and wanted to be right there when he emerged. In fact, he ducked beneath the waves, wondering if he could catch a glimpse of just how he went from bird to man.
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Swan was curious about the process himself, but he hardly knew how it happened. It happened so fast, in a painless flurry of bubbles and feathers, and suddenly he was human.

Such was the case now, as it had been every night for years, and in no time, Swan was swimming for the surface with two arms and two legs - until he bumped into something with too much mass to be a fish or another water fowl. Sputtering, he broke the surface and looking around to see what it was he'd hit.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 05/21/2007 12:13:58  

There were too many bubbles to see anything. And whatever had happened had happened so fast, it was near over before Mowgli even gotten all the way under water. Which was why he hadn't surfaced or gotten out of the way before Swan bumped right into him. He came up then, water dripping off his hair and shoulders down into the water; a rather cheeky-looking grin was on his face. It was an unnecessary thing to say, and so he didn't, but it still came across. I'm back.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 05/21/2007 12:31:11  

It was Mowgli. Swan blinked, disbelieving. It was Mowgli.

A huge smile, the first real smile he'd had in days, spread across his face right before he flung himself at the other man, arms wrapping around him in an enthusiastic hug. They bobbed beneath the surface briefly, but Swan didn't care. Mowgli was back!
From: [info]man_cub Date: 05/21/2007 12:40:16  

Mowgli was expecting Swan to be happy to see him, but he was surprised by the enthusiastic hug. He was thrown off balance, but he didn't really care; the happy smile on Swan's face made it worth it. Mowgli hugged him right back, rather uncaring that they were half-naked - well, fully naked in Swan's case - in the middle of the lake. "Sorry I took so long," Mowgli said aloud, unable to express himself wordlessly without having to let Swan go.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 06/12/2007 02:37:51  

It was just as well; Swan wasn't letting go anytime soon. He'd missed Mowgli so much more than he'd expected to, had thought him gone for good. So his sudden return had Swan's heart full to bursting and he clung to Mowgli fiercely, as if afraid he'd disappear if he let go.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 06/12/2007 09:52:03  

Mowgli couldn't remember anyone ever being so excited to see him before. Not a human, most definitely. And it had been far too long since he'd had companionship to a degree where he so sorely miss having the other person with him. It stunned him to feel it, and more so to think it was mutual.

He wanted to explain what took him so long, how he'd had to go as far as Estervale, how he had to make money to buy a ride back in a boat to save time. He wanted to tell Swan his whole adventure, but Swan didn't seem to want to let go just yet, and mowgli was by no means going to push him away to talk. So instead, arms still tight around him, he simply said, "I tried to come back, fast as I could. It wasn't fast enough."
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Just then, swan didn't care how long Mowgli had been gone, just that he'd come back. He squeezed his friend a bit tighter then working on impulse, pulled away just enough so he could press his mouth to Mowgli's. It was brief but heartfelt and Swan was beaming afterwards.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 06/26/2007 16:19:30  

It was short and quick, but there wasn't any mistaking that press of lip to lip. It left Swan smiling, but Mowgli nothing short of confused. What- was that a kiss? He'd seen men-people and women-people do that to each other before, but it was usually long, and always between a man and woman. Best he could figure it was something people did to show deep affection.

Did Swan feel that deep affection for him? That would explain why he was so happy to see him back, right? So then, if Mowgli felt the same he should kiss back right? As at a loss for words as he'd ever been, Mowgli let go, with just one hand, to press curious fingers to his own lips. They still felt the same.

He cocked his head at Swan, words finally coming to him, because he wasn't sure how to express himself in body language alone. "That was a kiss, yes?" And before Swan could answer, he added, "Do you want one back?"
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 07/22/2007 13:50:07  

The long silence that followed had left Swan unsure, his smile slowly fading and a tight ball of tension forming in his chest as it took Mowgli longer and longer to respond in some way. Any way. But then he did speak and Swan blinked. Did he want...?

Swan nodded eagerly, that bright, oddly innocent smile blooming once more. That first kiss had been impulsive, but now that he was thinking about it, he would certainly like another one from Mowgli.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 07/22/2007 14:20:30  

Mowgli didn't mean to make Swan worry; he was just very uncertain and confused himself. His mouth worked, a worried little motion that, small as it was, went a long way in expressing more uncertainty. Finally he said, "I have not done this before," but that wasn't going to stop him from trying.

People seemed to enjoy this kissing them he'd seen them do. There had to be a reason why, and he wanted to know. And Swan looked so eager, he must have wanted it just as much. A little smile on his lips now, Mowgli leaned back in and brushed curious lips against Swan's.
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