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Amalthea in Mehrdadstan - Open to Scheherazade
Well, they're not here... Amalthea thought as she walked through the less-crowded city. At just the right times of day, the press of the crowds was lessened slightly, but it was just enough that she could walk without getting nervous and anxious.

A week she had been in this strange place already. No signs of either of them yet, which may have been a good thing. She was not in the best of shape at this point, being weary of the noise of the crowd, the scent of unwashed masses, the feeling of so many bodies pressed up against eachother. They were not here, and so, after meeting the ruler of this place (both as a courtesy and a useful person for getting information), she could go back out into the open lands and continue her search.

She walked up to the doors of the palace, and inquired of the guard as to when there would be an audience with the ruler of this place. He told her that it would be a few minutes wait, if she could wait her turn in the moderate line. Taking her place in queue, she steeled her nerves to wait.

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The audiences weren't so bad today; less petty disputes and more actual problems should could help solve to the best of her ability. There were also a few merchants from other lands that wished to set up shop and she had been more than happy to grant them permission.

Now, the person she was to see next, she wasn't aware of what trouble this - Lady Amalthea, her vizier informed her - had, but she'd do her best to ease it. The lady in question was called forth and announced by a guard and Scheherazade waited for her to approach the dais.
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When the man called her name, Amalthea sighed quietly with relief. As she approached the dais, she was trying to formulate the words in her mind so that she didn't sound like a babbling idiot to this ruling monarch. She was also very happy she dressed for the occasion. Everything here was so beautiful!

"Magesty," She said with a deep, respectful curtsey when she was an appropriate distance from the dais, "I have no quarrel with anyone in your city. I am not here to have a dispute settled. I am here meerly to present myself to you in greeting, and ask if you know of two people. If this is not the place, nor the protocall, I humbly beg your forgiveness."
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It took a moment for Scheherazade to find her voice; never had she seen someone so ghostly pale! The initial shock quickly passed, however, and she held herself with all her regal bearing, though there was the smallest smile on her face as she spoke.

"Rise, Lady. There is nothing to be forgiven. All within my kingdom have the right to seek my council. Speak, ask me hat you will and, if it pleases me to do so, I will do my best to grant it."
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"Your Majesty is as kind as she is beautiful." As she rose gracefully, she thought of what she was going to say next. Amalthea caught the smile, and returned it with one of her own as she spoke.

"I am seeking two people from my past, with hopes that they will answer some questions, and perhaps re-connect with them. One is a man; tall, unruly dark hair and green eyes who is called Schmendrick the Magician. The other is a woman named Molly Grue. If you have any information about them, I would appreciate it very much."
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Her smile widened slightly at the compliment, dark eyes pleased. Her expression grew a little more serious though as she listened to Amalthea's request.

Her brow furrowed slightly in thought. "I seem to remember hearing of a magician by that name a little while ago. But I don't recall any details aside from the name you mentioned and that he was rather gifted. I don't know where he is, however, nor do I know of this Molly Grue." Her smile returned, sympathetic now. "I do wish I could be of more service to you."
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The disappointment though painful, merely imprinted itself upon her eyes. Amalthea then spoke, with no hint of the frustration she felt in her voice.

"Just knowing that you have heard of one of them is enough comfort for me, Majesty. Now knowing that you have heard of one in this strange world, gives me hope that I may yet find both of them. My thanks both for your knowledge, and for the opportunity to speak to you. May you live a full life."

She curtsied again, and waited to be dismissed by this beautiful queen.
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It troubled Scheherazade that she was of such little help to Amalthea, her concern plain on her face. "Before you go, Lady, might I offer some advice and some aid? It would be the least I could do." She getured to one of her viziers to approach. "Please provide the lady with a map of Pentamerone and a hundred gold pieces." While the vizier hurried off to do the queen's bidding, she smiled at Amalthea. "The map will at least help you from straying too far into dangerous territory as you search for your friends. I suggest heading north and trying the other lands to see if anyone has seen or heard of your friends."
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Stunned for a moment after the Queen spoke, Amalthea changed her assumptions that all rulers were callous and foolhearty. This woman was kind, and actually cared about her people. It was not a facad, not a game. She was really this loving of her people, and those who pass through her lands.

As she took the map from the vizir when he hurried back, she smiled and said, "Your majesty is too kind, for the map, for the money, and for the care you have shown me. For this, I cannot thank you enough. Your majesty, you have done me a great service. My most humble of thanks."

And from there, smiled, and curtsied again, this time much happier than she had been. She could now know what the layout of the land was, what a treck North would mean, what was East of here, what other places there were in this strange world.

"If your majesty wouldn't mind, I would, with these new aides, like to get started on my search for them. North seems a most excellent direction. That would be," she consulted the map quickly, "the Rajani Jungle next then? I have... somewhat of a fear of ships, so I will be traveling across land unless I cannot help it."
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"It's no less than I would do for any of my subjects," Scheherazade said with a warm smile. "I hope you find your friends soon. Oh, but do take care in the jungle," she added before Amalthea could leave. "There are many strange beasts there and the jungle itself sometimes does not take kindly to strangers." She was sure Amalthea would find her way through Rajani with no trouble, but it was never a poor idea to be cautious.
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Just to finish this up

"My thanks again, Majesty. I will be sure and take care in the jungle, but I think it will do better for me than your... ah, shall we say, bright land. I am not one to linger much in the sunlight, as I am sure you can see. I will leave you to deal with your subjects, and hope that their problems are as easy to fix."

And with that, Amalthea made a final, formal bow, and walked from the dais to the exit, filled with wonder and newfound curiosity of this strange world that she was now in.
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