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Traveling through the Water Kingdom. Open to Genkurō.
As arbitrarily as he did every year, Shūhei decided he wanted to celebrate his brthday soon. He usually gave Genkurō about a week's warning, because the kitsune so very often wished to do something to celebrate. This year, Genkurō had chosen to take Shūhei somewhere new. They arrived on a island in the middle of Lake Raienia, a warm tropical island verdant with growth. Shūhei was actually wearing his own face for once, something he hadn't done in a little while. He missed Genkurō's face as well - though he liked all the others, that one was his favorite.

Upon stepping onto sandy shores, Shūhei was immediately distracted by the sights. Brightly colored flowers were everywhere. People walked about or lay on the beach, basking in the sun, darkening their already brown skins. The island was beautiful, and if this was all Genkurō had planned, that alone would have been enough. The dazed and happy look on Shūhei's face was testament to that.

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This had been one of his better ideas, Genkurō thought as he watched Shūhei get immediately distracted by the new terrain of Modai. The tanuki was happy - that was plain on his face - and there was plenty on the island to keep him entertained. From the new foods to try, the exotic flowers and animals to encounter - not to mention the people - Shūhei would be well engaged. And Genkurō had even more in mind for his companion's birthday celebration. But that would come later. At the moment, he followed Shūhei down along the beach, trailing at a much more leisurely pace through the golden sands, a paper parasol over head to protect his skin from the strong sun.
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Shūhei paused, bent to remove his sandals, bare toes digging into white, soft sand. In that moment, when Genkurō drew closer, Shūhei' hand snuck out and slipped almost unconsciously into Genkurō's as they walked. He gave it a light squeeze before a pretty duo approached them, bright smiles on their faces and a necklace of exotic flowers in hand. Each draped one around Shūhei and Genkurō's necks, with a "Welcome to Modai" before moving on.

Shūhei beamed. "I think I like this place, Gen-chan."
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"I knew you would," Genkurō said with utter confidence. His hand went up to finger the lei of flowers. They clashed horribly with his kimono, but they smelled nice so he didn't mind so much. He returned attention to his companion, bright smile in place. "So, Shūhei, what would you like to do? This place is full of possibilities."
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"I want to look around some more," Shūhei responded immediately. He rather impulsively leaned over and kissed Genkurō's cheek, fingers squeezing his where their hands joined. It was a simple thing, bringing Shūhei to the island, but then, Shūhei often had simple desires. He could think of a few desires at the moment, but right now, he wanted to explore the island and see what it had to offer.

It didn't take much of a walk from the beach to find a nearby village. It was populated by many people looking and dressed similar to those on the beach. In fact, Shūhei and Genkurō in their hakama and kimono respectively were getting some interesting and curious looks. Shūhei was giving plenty of his own, already interested in the food and wares being sold in the small colorful marketplace.
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That little kiss startled a smile to the kitsune's lips and he belatedly squeezed Shūhei's hand in return as the tanuki led the way in their aimless wandering.

The village was a pleasant discovery, and Genkurō had to admit he was as curious about the natives as they were about them. And the marketplace was totally new to him, things on display he'd never seen before in his already long life.
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Shūhei's excitement was palpable, radiated from his face like a child in an amusement park. Shūhei wanted to see everything, touch everything, try everything. Food - exotic fruits, strange mixed drinks - that was number one. And everything new and different he brought to Genkurō to try with him, oblivious now to the people smiling at them both.

"Gen-chan! Try this! It's sweet but kind of tart at the same time! I don't know what it is, but it's good! Oh, look at her! How's she's wearing her clothes! I have to try that! Oh we have to go shopping!" the tanuki was practically bouncing with excitement. Were his tail free it would be curling and wagging in happiness.
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