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To New Places, the Sleeping Woods...Open
The Snow Queen was glad for the company of Pippi and Herr Nillson. Yet, she realized her life was too dangerous to have a child lingering near her for too long. Even a child with strength such as Pippi's. In the streets of the Other Emerald city it was easy to lose Pippi. Somewhere in a swirling cloud of snow that followed the Snow Queen, and a market teeming with Munchkins selling assorted fruits and vegetables she had lost her. The Snow Queen was once again alone. Being alone suited the Snow Queen right now, although it caused her minor grief to leave the child unsupervised and alone, she decided it was for the best to leave her. Who knows maybe sometime in the near future the Snow Queen and Pippi would meet again.

What amazing happenstance it was that the Snow Queen did meet up with someone again. The crone that the Snow Queen removed the shard of the Devil's Mirror from her eye.

"Oh, It's you, my dearie" the Winkie woman said as she chuckled and flashed a wide toothless grin.

"I have been looking high and low for you. You remarkable woman you...I found your team of reindeer." She said as she put her hand on the Snow Queen's arm shuddering at the cold.

"Follow me, I have them in the stable with my Gump and team of rocking horses." The Snow Queen was overjoyed to hear this. She walked briskly with the Winkie Crone at her side, the woman continued to chatter away about nothing in particular and within moments the Snow Queen saw the snow white coat of fur on her reindeer, and the glittering silver of her bejeweled sleigh.

"They slept like babies all through the night, and ate with voracious appetites this morning. It's like you drive those reindeer to death. The poor dears. Look they seem happy to see you." The Winkie Crone said as the reindeer clamoured to see their master. The Snow Queen smiled, overjoyed to see her reindeer were not only alive, but well...and well taken care of.

"Bae, my dear dear Bae, It's so very good to see you" the Snow Queen said as she ran her fingers through her reindeer's fur.

"I'll be taking them now ma'am" the Snow Queen stated. "We have to continue traveling" she added, already she could feel the cold winds beconing to her, telling her that somewhere close was another shard of the Devil's Mirror. Placing her things in the sleigh and paying the Winkie Crone with a gold coin she got from selling a jewel off of her sleigh she set off from the stables.

Where to now? She thought to herself. Maybe she could return to the cold mountains she met the fae child at? That place seemed most like the home in the frozen north's the Snow Queen clung to as her last memory of the home she left. Then she had an idea..maybe..just maybe she could visit the forest the fae child mentioned as his home. She knew the Fae heald court there. Maybe these magical beings would know who she is..maybe they'd have an idea, a key, to unlock the door that holds back all the missing memories from the Snow Queens mind.

In moments the Snow Queen was off. Her Reindeer still too tired from the flight there to attempt to fly again made her resort to having her sleigh grounded. The Snow Queen's enchanted sleigh caused a thick layer of ice and snow to cover underit making it easy for the reindeer to pull it, and pull it fast. She drove her sleigh hard, faster, faster. She cracked her whip numerous times, in desperation. Desperately wanting to visit this "Sleeping Wood", desperately wanting to know, to remember..who she is.

Soon, the woods were visible to her. The reindeer shuttered as they entered the woods. Something about the area spooked them deeply. It was begining to be nightfall, and as such the Snow Queen could hardly see Bae at the lead of the team of reindeer. A mysterious laughing sound was heard. As if a small voice was giggling uncontrolably. Then she saw through the moonlight numerous dancing lights, lights that were really pixies dancing in a faerie ring. She saw a patch of black flowers by her sleigh. A tempting aroma wafted off of them to her nose. An aroma that put the Snow Queen to rest, her mind leaving thoughts of desperation. The Snow Queen was falling asleep. A sleep for a being who never needed sleep. A deep sleep.

The Snow soon gathered over the Queen in her slumber.

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Pieces were slowly falling into place, but the more they did, the more noticiable that missing part of Titania's memory was. The most pressing thought however was Mabb. Titania knew she had to find her before the entire council was slaughtered. She also had to find Oberon and see if there was anything he knew.

But before she could do either, she caught a trace of another new magic, a cold one that should have been akin to unseelie. Very cold. She followed it to its strength and found snow. Snow. In her woods. In spring. Oh she was not having that, not when her power was only on the rise, and this wood had never once seen snow. She waved her hand, and the earth seemed to rise a little. Flowers and grass grew thicker, larger, sucking the water from the snow, melting it until it was gone. Another wave and it stopped falling entirely.

Who dared to come into her wood and make it snow here? The source seemed to be concentrated around a body that had emerged when the snow melted, a woman or some kind of witch Titania had not met before. She lay as if in a deep sleep, not dead. Titania watched her, waiting to see if she would wake on her own or not.
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The Snow Queen was asleep for how long, she didn't know exactly. Yet, when the rays of warm spring sun hit her she awoke with a gasp. It was daylight, she could tell, which meant that at least it was another day. The black flowers of which intoxicating aromas lulled the sleepless Snow Queen to slumber were dead from the snow she brought. In front of her was a woman the Snow Queen did not recognize. A woman, or as she gathered, a fae, who was very unpleased with her bringing snow to her woods of perpetual spring.

Another thing caught her attention. It wasn't snowing. No matter where the Snow Queen went the snow followed. There was no snow, nor was there a cold billowing wind to remind her to seek out the devil's mirror. For the first time, the Snow Queen felt warm. Too warm in her furs.

Slipping out of said furs (while keeping a hand firmly grasping the velvet bag which heald the devil's mirror) the Snow Queen looked at her new companion. A fae of regal bearing. Perhaps the Snow Queen was amongst another royal like herself.

"In Whom's presence do I now stand?" The Snow Queen inquired. "I have come to seek out the royals of the Faerie court." She added. Perhaps this woman knew where she could find them. Or perhaps she was one of them herself.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/01/2007 13:41:42  

It hadn't been that long, otherwise Titania would have grown bored with waiting and taken matters into her own hands. She stood when the woman awoke, looking down at her with imperious experssion. A crown of flowers was wreathed in her red hair, the most obvious symbol of sovereignty she currently wore.

The black flowers were a stronger magic than Titania had realized. The snow likely would not have hurt them, not if they had a connection with Mabb; the unseelie thrived on cold. The waves of warmth emanating from the seelie queen might have wilted them, a direct opposite in power to them. And yet even now they slowly bloomed again, struggling against spring's warmth, so much like how she and Mabb struggled against in each, years ago, in memories still out of reach.

But again, that wasn't Titania's concern. This woman was. "Well. You have found one. I am queen of the seelie court, the lady Titania. And who are you?"
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This question, which was a running thread in the Snow Queen's life as of now, made the Snow Queen wonder. Who was she really? She was so much more than a woman, she already knew this. She was a royal in her own kingdom far far away. A kingdom of cold and ice. But, now she was a lowely peasant in the presence of the queen of Faeries.

"Your Majesty...I. I don't know who I am. This is why I seek your kind out. I am drawn to this place for some reason. I feel there are answers hidden here to tell me who I am, tell me what I am" She said as she bowed before Titania.

"This black bloom's scent lulled me to a slumber. If you hadn't have come by I would have probably remained in sleep." She said as trampled the flower underneath her foot.

"I am but a traveler from a far away kingdom of ice and snow. Lost here in this world, I mean you and your kind no harm, although I can tell not all of your kind mean us no harm."

She said as she pointed to the black flowers which bloomed all about.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/01/2007 15:43:31  

PS - the flowers aren't everywhere. Just a couple here and there. Puss planted them.

"And what do you know of our kind?" Titania asked, her eyes narrowed. "Have you met one before?" Titania was immediately concerned about the woman's loss of memory, not for the stranger's welfare, but rather for the fact that it seemed to be becoming common.

"The effect of one flower cannot tell you what fae mean you harm or good. What knowledge do you have of it that makes you assume it means you ill? This forest has its own agenda oftimes, with out without the tricks of fae. I'd advise you to be careful here. There are things living here that even some fae have yet to discover. Pehraps something here may even alleviate your memory loss."

Titania watched the woman as she spoke and continued. "As for why I came. I was drawn by your magic. It had not before touched these woods. I found snow. In my woods. In spring. That is something I will not allow."
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Oops my bad ;-)

The Snow Queen sat back in her sleigh.

"I was met a while back by a fae child, he called himself Robin Goodfellow, and told me he came from the Sleeping Wood, which I find has an apt name." She said as she concentrated to keep the Snow from falling, she didn't exactly want to have Titania mad at her.

"We traveled together to the Ozland, then parted ways. Yet, his mention of the Sleeping Woods stirred interest in me. You see the winds call to me, and they tell me where to find people, people infected by this"

She said as she did something she wasn't apt to do, she took out the devil's mirror, and showed Titania her own warped reflection in the cracked glass.

"I feel drawn to places and people, and when I touch them I can see how the shards of glass from this wicked looking glass have affected them. It brings tears to my eyes. Tears which can dislodge a shard of glass that is buried deep."

She trusted Titania, much more than the Fae child that called itself Robin Goodfellow. So she was apt to tell her this story.

"The winds drew me here, bekoning me to come. Of course these same winds led me to this spot, where hideous laughter alarmed me, and dazzling lights blinded me, before the scent of that bloom put me to sleep. You see this alarms me as I never sleep."

"As for the snow, I apologize. I know not why the snow follows me. Nor, if I have any control of it. It seems that the more I concentrate the less Snow will fall, or the more. Yet, it's taxing on me and drains me. It appears that in your presence the Snow doesn't fall."

Of course the Snow Queen didn't mention that she was afraid of letting the snow fall in fear that it'd offend her gracious host.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/01/2007 16:14:25  

No worries!! :-)

Titania listened as the woman spoke, eyebrows slightly raised. She was volunteering quite a bit of information. So. She had already met Puck. Where had that little unseelie gone to anyway? Though Titania didn't much care to know where Puck was except to know where his mischief was being caused.

But this mirror was intriguing, as was the woman's story of it. "How have you come by this strange mirror and how did it come to be broken?" Titania offered nothing more of the flowers; the woman had no need to know of Mabb and the details Titania herself needed to put together.

"And I am doing nothing to stop the snow from falling." She wasn't any longer, not since the woman awoke. "I could, were you not already doing so yourself." The pulse of magic about her was clear. Why she chose not to say she was stopping the snow Titania didn't ask. But one could not hide the use of magic from the seelie queen, not right in front of her like that.
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Like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar the Snow Queen sighed and the snow once again fell. Putting the devil's mirror back in the velvet bag she kept it in she replied.

"The mirror has always been a possesion of mine, or at least it has been since I found myself here. I think the shattering of this mirror brought me to this world. As I can see there are people infected by the shards of this glass all about the kingdoms." She said as she looked plaintivly in Titania's eye.

The Snow Queen remembered the little beggar girl patheticly trying to sell her matches.
"In a village in Camlann a poor beggar child was cursed to be put through incredible hardships because her arm was peirced by a peice. In Ozland a crone who would normally be a loving caretaker to her animals was peirced by the devil's glass in the eye and all she could see in her animals were laziness and being good for nothings.

Later I found a man who's heart was peirced by the devil's mirror and it caused him to become a violent heartless theif. I fear the shards are all about your majesty. In face I think a few large peices of the mirror are here in this very forest."

She said as she looked about, this forest seemed very dark now. Not like the place she imagined it would be.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/01/2007 16:31:15  

The moment the snow started to fall, Titania lifted a hand and sent out a series of waves of magic. They might have felt like waves of warmth, but they very effectively stopped the falling snow. It didn't seem to take much effort from her; that was one of the things that came easist: keeping weather around her warm.

Titania considered her words. "is it your mission then to collect the pieces and return the mirror to whole? Have you considered what effect that would have?"

It seemed clear taking the shards of out people did them well. but what would happen if the mirror were complete? "And have you felt or seen any here yet?"
From: [info]smash_themirror Date: 05/01/2007 16:44:27  

The Snow Queen basked in the warmth. It was a new feeling for her, since she always lived for the cold.

"I do not know what would happen if the mirror were complete. Yet, I feel it would do a whole lot towards making Me complete" The Snow Queen said with affirmations, this was her goal since she started collecting the pieces again.

"I feel there are some rather large pieces about here. Large pieces that may not necisarily be inside of people. Pieces that may be used for magic, or perhaps for dark purposes. After all this mirror has a very dark fell to it, a very powerful, yet very dark feel." She said with a shudder.

She felt the evil magic of the mirror each time she removes a shard of glass from someone. Evil magic that killed that poor match seller, evil magic that caused an innocent man to turn to crime. Evil magic that almost consumed her Kay.
From: [info]no_common_fae Date: 05/02/2007 22:55:58  

"I have not sensed any such magic as that here before. If the pieces are as large as you say, I doubt it would have gone unnoticed," Titania responded. "The magic coming from that small thing is strong enough; it would not be hard to find more. If it is as evil as you say, I do not want it in my wood."

Titania idly cast an illusion as she spoke, seeming to create between her hands a small and colorful butterfly. It seemed real - her illusions almost always did. "If it is your plan to find your mirror pieces in this wood, I caution you to be wary. Do not stray off paths. Do not linger after dark. Some of the fey within the wood are more capricious than others, and I cannot say what wilder magics would do." She left of many warnings that one should know when dealing with fey, or when traveling in unknown magical realms. If the woman had common sense, she should figure them out. Though she'd made at least one mistake already.

She left the butterfly go and it fluttered above her head. "If you do find any shards here, I wish to be informed." Who knew; those mirror pieces might have something to do with what was happening in the woods, though Titania doubted it. The feel of the magic was vastly different. "If you have need of me, look for this butterfly. It will lead you to me." Assuming Titania wished to be found, but she didn't let that part be said aloud. "By what name do you wish to be called?"
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The Snow Queen thought. A name seemed familiar, as if a memory held at the tip of her tounge. She looked as the butterfly fluttered off. Thinking hard of what she wished to be called she said the first word that came to her mouth.

"Frost, you may call me FrostIt seems fitting for me, at least for now, until I remember what I was called in my old kingdom" She said as she bowed respectfully at her hostess Titania.
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"Well then, Frost," Titania replied, "If that is all you had need to speak of with a royal of the Faerie Court, I will take my leave of you. Mind you, take care you do not let your snow fall in these woods. I do not wish to need to return and banish it again."

Ah, if only it were summer already. Her power would be so strong so much at it's height that surpressing the cold would be almost a free action, one that took no concentration or effort at all.
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