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Lost in Ozland!- Open (preferably someone who isn't Puck or Tink)
The Snow Queen wandered aimlessly amongst the denizens of Ozland. As the night grew darker and the emerald lights of the city grew lighter. In the glow of the bulbs she was hopelessly lost. Her gathering snow was a delight for assorted munchkin ragamuffins who played gleefully in the frosted street. She looked and looked calling out for her sleigh but no reindeer arrived. Cardmen walked up making sure that she was not an insane beggar who had robbed a rich woman's winter wardrobe. She assured them she was a visitor here from another land. This caused the two cardmen to laugh and leave her be. She decided to sit on a bench and watched the people passing by. One was a woman wearing a hat that had numerous green dyed birds fluttering about attached by green ribbons to the peaked spire of the hat. This woman chuckled delighted at the gathering snow around the Snow Queen. She noticed an odd metallic creature that walked in large clunky steps as he looked around in his emerald glass eyes and smiling a wide brass smile as he ran of with a jarring "clunk clunk" and an ever present "Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock" sound as if a clock was wound too tight.

She called again for her sleigh, and once again there was no answer. A girl wearing a dress entirely made of patches tumbled by, as the Snow Queen looked closer she noticed the girl was also made entirely of patches. The Snow Queen began to become alarmed. She was alone in a land she wasn't familiar with, a land with strange creatures around. To add to the factors that made the Snow Queen at unease was the fact that her normally obedient reindeer, would not answer to her calls.

The snow began to come down in droves, the Snow Queen, who was normally a calm woman...was scared.

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"Ussomplussor, Ussomplussor!" Pippi called out as she skipped down the middle of the road.

She had a pot and a wooden spoon in her hands and she was smacking them together as she danced around, creating a loud clanking noise that echoed in the street. Much to the dismay of many of the Ozland pedestrians. But she was a child, after all. And what was a child to do but make noise and cause commotion? That was her job! Her duty! Well, except for her other jobs and such. Like being a princess and a pirate and an explorer and the strongest girl in the world!

"Wake up! Wake up! It's a beautiful day! Wake up! Listen to the music of the band! Here comes Pippi Longstocking!"

Clang, clang, clank!

Herr Nilsson the monkey scrambled along behind her covering his ears. When they reached the strange woman, they both paused. Was it snowing?! Pippi's mouth gaped open in shock.

"Holy smokes!"

Herr Nilsson made a chirpish noise.
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The Snow Queen was alarmed by the loud ringing of the pot being hit by the wooden spoon. A small girl with an ape were looking at her, more at the snow that fell around her.

"Hello there child, may I be of assistance to you" she said with a smile pressing through her look of concern for her status as being hopelessly lost.

"I fear I can't be of much help if you are lost, for I am a newcomer here myself" She added.

The child was altogether different than most children she had met in her countless years. She had an appearance of mischief, and childish joy. An innocence about her kept a smile on her lips, in spite of her being hopelessly lost. Maybe the child had seen her missing sleigh and reindeer. Of course in such a wondrous land as Ozland an enchanted sleigh being pulled through the streets in the middle of spring might be a common sight.
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Pippi paused, looking away from the snow, when the woman addressed her. Both Pippi and Herr Nilsson canted their heads to the side. They were quite the inquisitive pair. Both looking silly. A monkey with clothes (well, a vest and a little hat). And a girl with crazy red braids that stuck out on the sides of her head.

She dropped the pot and spoon on the ground and gave the woman a deep bow, showing off her tattered and patched stockings and panties to passerbys who thought she was a crazy child. They might have been right.

"You may be of assistance if I knew what sort of assistance was needing to be assisted. Alas! I do not! Do you, Herr Nilsson?"

The monkey shook his head.

"Well, I am never lost! Except when I am! But I'm not now. No, sirree, ma'am. I'm right here. And if I know I'm right here then I can't possibly be lost! I'm sorry you don't know where you are. But I think you're right there. So there! Now you know too! And no one is lost!"
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The Snow Queen scratched her head in puzzlement as Pippi rattled on. She pulled her furs aside to let Pippi and Herr Nilsson have room on the bench with her. The cold ever-present winds that were a calling card of the Snow Queen were howling as if in delight at the company of the strange little child the Snow Queen was keeping company with.

"I see that since you aren't lost, you would be a great friend to have around" the Snow Queen added.

"You see I came here earlier with a companion of mine, when I was called away for business and now I can't find either my companion, or the sleigh we came here on. You by chance haven't seen a polished silver sleigh with seven white reindeer pulling it have you not?"

The Snow Queen asked the child as the snow continued to dance in the winds around the queen. Snows which were collecting in the sidewalk and making crossing the street very hard for a patchwork girl who appeared to be riding a horse made of wood.

"I must say that this land is quite a sight to behold..such odd individuals, such beautiful sights, sounds...and smells" She added as she sniffed the air and smelled as a clockwork powered, wagon, foodstand rolled by, as the Quadling who worked it attempted to sell his wares.

"I wonder if they'll take the money I is from another kingdom." She added as she pulled out of her pocket a bag of gold coins acquired from selling one of the gems on her sleigh to a merchant in the village where she found the poor child selling matches.

"If you're hungry I'd gladly buy you something to eat" She said generously to the child. Something about this odd child's free spirit appealed to the Snow Queen. It gave her a flash of memory, a memory of visiting her Kay after he left her snowy castle, and watching as he played long into the night with Gerda. Pippi was entirely a different soul from Gerda, but she was another innocent child like Gerda and Kay were, an innocent child like the starving wretched match seller child who froze to death not to long ago. The Snow Queen longed to protect the innocent children.
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When the Snow Queen offered room on the bench to sit, Herr Nilsson hopped up beside her, but Pippi remained with her feet on the ground. Well, sort of. By the time the Snow Queen was telling the tale of how she came to be lost, Pippi was walking on her hands. She looked particularly silly with her oversized shoes waggling in the air and when the blood rushed to her face her skin turned the same color as her hair.

"Sleigh? Reindeer? Like Julnissan! Nope! No sleigh! No deer! But I have a horse! He's got spots on his skin!"

When Pippi's face started to get really red, she fell over and sat on the ground.

"Oh, you don't have to buy me anything! I've got a whole chest of pirate's gold. It works all over the place here! If you're hungry I can get you something! Like candy! Mmmm. I love candy! And pancakes!"

Herr Nilsson made a grumbly-burping noise at the sound of food.

"Where are you from, lady?"
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The Snow Queen was entertained by the antics of her new companion and her simian chum. The snow now fell slightly and flurried about in the wind in an almost playful dance. The child was not dressed for the snow at all, which caused the Snow Queen to feel some concern in her cold heart. Then the child asked her where she was from. Which caused the Snow Queen to be taken aback. She had no idea. It was a different land that was for sure. But, she didn't know where she was at. Let alone where she was from.

"I can't recall exactly my dear, You see I found myself in a land not to far from here a few months ago, I've been wandering about for a while with naught a memory of who I am, but I do remember I was a queen in the land I came from. Or at least I think I was. I lived in a castle made of ice, and had ice maidens to serve on me, and ice gaurds to protect me. Yet, as you see now, I am no longer a queen."

This melancholy statement made the Snow Queen look down in a somber mood. The snow abruptly stopped falling. The Snow Queen didn't want to see the snow falling, reminding her of all she didn't have, her memories, her powers, her kingdom. It was all lost. Now, her sleigh was lost too. It was as if the fates themselves grabbed the Snow Queen and stepped her underneath their boots.

The Snow Queen remembered that her companion was not dressed adequately for the Snow, or the chill that follows her insesantly. This brought her out of her depression and brought her back to her companion.

"Come here and wrap yourself in my coat, you look cold. While you do, tell me, where are you from dear child?" She asked.
From: [info]mackrelmint Date: 04/26/2007 17:45:01  

Pippi's mouth gaped open when the woman admitted that she was a queen. Or, at least, had been a queen once before. But in Pippi's mind that didn't change much of anything. If she was a queen once, then she must still be a queen now. She'd just lost her queendom is all. Because she was lost. Unlike Pippi, who knew exactly (more or less) where she was!

"Well, I'm a princess! What a coincidence that we should meet!"

A cannibal princess. Because her father was the cannibal king off in the south seas. Most people didn't believe Pippi when she told them this, but it was true. And when her fatehr came back, then everyone would know!

Pippi didn't want to sit down. Sure, it was getting colder. But she liked to be on her feet (or on her hands), dancing and prancing about. But the woman was insistent, so she thought she'd be polite. Like how she hadn't been at Tommy and Annika's mother's coffee party. So she hopped up onto the bench beside the Snow Queen.

"I'm from Villa Villekulla. That's the name of my house. It's around here somewhere. Old Man is watching it. He's my horse."

Herr Nilsson crawled under the queen's coat. Too cold for him!
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The Snow Queen was getting tired of sitting, her sleigh was out there somewhere in this large city, and now she wasn't alone. It would suit her more to look for her sleigh than to keep calling for it and hoping it would come to her.

"So my little Princess. If I regain my throne in my palace I would gladly take you under my wing as a princess in my kingdom." She said in a motherly tone.

"But for now I suggest we look for my sleigh, I think we've caused enough snow in this area for now, and besides if I keep sitting around and moping on this bench then we're never going to find it." She said as she let the small monkey crawl into the folds of her furs and slowly got up so as not to startle the ape.

When she felt the cold winds calling to her again, someone nearbye was infected by a shard of the devil's mirror. As she looked she could see a man with adroit skill pick a Quadling woman's pocket.

"Pippi...that man is stealing from that woman..look, we can't let him get away" She said with concern. Yes, they didn't want to see the Quadling woman get robbed..but also the Snow Queen didn't want to let another person infected by the devil's mirror get away.
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"Oh, you don't have to do that. When my father comes back from his rule, he will take me to his kingdom and then I will be a princess in the South Seas. But that is very nice of you anyway. I will be sure to come and visit you as soon as you find your way back to your palace! And maybe when my father comes you two can talk about royalty and stuff!"

Though, Pippi's view of Kings and Queens and Princesses was probably not nearly the same view as the one the Snow Queen had. But it would be interesting, just the same.

When the Snow Queen began to stand, Pippi immediately hopped to her feet. Herr Nilsson kept close to the warm furs, however, as he was not quite as brave in the cold weather.

Pippi blinked and glanced over at the man picking the lady's pocket. Then she picked up her wooden spoon and hurled it at the thief's head, smacking him in the nose and causing him to drop the wallet. It covered quite the distance to hit him, but Pippi was the strongest girl in the world. And her aim was quite good. That should have stopped him.

"Bad man!" She called from across the way. "Grrr! I really don't like that! ARE YOU OKAY, MISS LADY MA'AM?!"
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The Quadling woman was obviously overcome by fear by being robbed, then being saved by a freckle faced red haired girl hurling a spoon at her theif. The woman quickly fainted.

Yet, this was no concern to the Snow Queen, she huddled over the man who was previously attempting to steal from the woman, as her hands touched him her eyes flooded with images of his life after he was infected by the shard of the devil's mirror.

She saw as he was overcome with rage at the world, as he left his home with the Munchkins and lived a life on the streets, stealing to survive, stealing to fill a void in his heart where the shard of the devil's mirror had peirced. She began to cry, and when her cold tears hit the assailant's chest the shard of devil's glass began to emerge. Taking no chances for a mistake the Snow Queen gently removed the shard and placed it in the mirror frame. Of course this was quite the sight for Pippi and Herr Nilsson.

The Snow Queen, hiding the devil's mirror turned to Pippi and said "Well, wasn't that quite the adventure" As she gave Pippi back her wooden spoon.
From: [info]mackrelmint Date: 04/30/2007 23:26:44  

Pippi, for probably the first time in her life since she was born, was speechless! Both she and Herr Nilsson watched as the Snow Queen removed a shard of glass from the thief and placed it into a frame. How strange! How odd! How peculiar! How cool! Pippi thought. But she was crying too, the poor Snow Queen. Did she know this man? Maybe he stole part of her mirror and she was just getting it back. Either way it was an interesting sight and it made Pippi very excited.

Herr Nilsson, for his part, was rather disturbed by the whole thing. And when the Snow Queen turned back to them he made a very loud chattering noise.

"Hush, hush, Herr Nilsson! Or you'll have to sleep outside with Old Man!"

Pippi took the spoon back and gave a very overdone curtsy, almost tripping over her big shoes in the process.

"Thank you kindly, ma'am majesty ma'am!"
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The Snow Queen realized that Pippi was watching her at that moment.

"I'm so sorry you had to witness that my dear Pippi, the worl we live in is a very dark and evil place at times. To evil for a child such as you to wander about in sometimes I fear" She said as she took Pippi by the hand.

"Come let's continue walking" She said as she gently led Pippi through the streets as tears continued to fall from her eyes.

They walked for a while, until they came to a market bustling with Quadling, Munchkin, Gillikin, Evese, Goblin, Tiktok, Cardmen, and Gnome alike all selling their wares. It was a bustling place full of people... a place that one could easily get lost in.

And that was the Snow Queen's purpose. She gently let go of Pippi's hand, and in seconds she was gone. The world was indeed a dark and evil place. Especially the world the Snow Queen lived in, with her constant quest to find the last slivers of glass from the devil's mirror.

All that remained for Pippi to see of the Snow Queen was a few remaining snowflakes dancing in the wind.
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