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Mehrdadstan (Enter the Drago...Howl)
Burning sands and blustering winds were all that greeted the great moving castle upon entering this strange new world. Storms of dirt and dust screamed around the towers and turrets of the castle tearing and ripping at the stone. For minutes sand and grit continuously trounced the brown/black walls, to the point of almost knocking over the precariously balanced edifice. Mechanical legs strained against the force of the storm. Swaying back and forth almost to the point of toppling, the castle stopped in its tracks and lowered to the ground. Had anyone been watching this strange sight, they might have admired the peculiar grace at which the shaitan and castle danced.

Out of a small almost unnoticeable door emerged a young man with blond hair dressed in a tan and white suit that nearly mimicked the color of the sand. The storm having no conscience descended upon the man. It swelled and swirled, twisted and writhed around him. With an intricate gesture of his hand the young man was surrounded by a shield of wind of his own creation.

"That wasn't nice. I wouldn't want anything to happen to this suit let alone my home," laughed the man lightly.

Arms stretched out wide, eyes glowing with power, the man inhaled deeply. Moments later he exhaled a great gale force wind that surrounded not only him but his entire castle protecting the area from the storm. Moments later the sandstorm passed and the wind shield was relaxed.

"What a strange new world I have come upon," remarked the man with almost a child like grin.

Upon re-entering the castle and shutting the small doorway, the castle reared up and continued its travels deeper into the desert.

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Senor Bluebeard had been having a lovely time in Mehrdadstan. The city was ripe for the taking and with his pirate's skill at cards and dice he'd made a small fortune in a matter of days. He didn't even need to pickpocket as he was usually wont to do.

The sandstorm had taken him a bit by surprise as he wander back out into the desert, on his way towards the Rajani jungle. He wanted to head to another city to see what it might offer. He'd heard many strange things about Ozland and found his curiosity peaked.

But first, the sandstorm. He'd ducked into a building standing oddly in the desert. It was not far from the where the moving castle had landed and an odd bit of luck for Bluebeard. He weather out the quick and terrifying storm before emerging, shaking the sand from his peculiarly colored beard.

He saw the walking castle and approached it with curiosity. Such a strange place, and so many strange things to witness here.
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No sooner did the door shut behind Howl, did he emit an ear piercing shriek. This was enough to send Sophie and Michael clamoring down the stairs practically tripping over one another to see what was wrong. Calcifer knowing Howl all too well, didn't pay him much mind and went back to concentrating on keeping the castle moving.

"Howl, whats wrong?" said Sophie in a concerned voice.

"My suit! Just look at it, its ruined! I thought I had put up my wind shield fast enough. Now its filthy. Do you know how difficult it is to get this sort of magical fabric cleaned?! Near impossible thats how."

With that exclamation the room started to grow frighteningly dark. Shadows from every corner of the room be them human or object stood straight up as if hearing Howls lament. They began to approach Howl and by proxy Sophie. As they moved closer they began to circle the pair, increasing in speed with each revolution. Sophie, still not used to such things but having an iron resolve screamed "GET OVER IT HOWL!" and smacked the pathetic looking wizard right across the face.

With that slap the shadows began to slow and eventually come to a halt. After a few moments they all rejoined the objects or humans to which they belonged.

"You hit me! I can't believe you hit me!" squeaked Howl.

"You deserved it. You know I care for you deeply but you have to understand certain things don't require such...melodrama. Plus magical or not there is no stain that I can't make disappear."

"Howl, Sophie, Calcifer over here. There is someone out in the desert walking behind the castle." Michael yelled, voice filled with excitement.

Sure enough upon looking out the window, Howl and Sophie saw a peculiarly dressed man with an even more peculiarly colored sand covered beard.

"Calcifer, stop and lower the castle. We may be receiving a guest." Howl commanded with even more boyish excitement than Michael. As per his order the castle stopped and lowered to the ground.

"Wait a moment Howl. Be careful, we barely know where we are let alone if this person is friendly or not."

Sophie's words fell on deaf ears as Howl was already bounding out of the castle back into the sandy desert. With a grand wave of his arm he beckoned the man closer to the castle.

"Hello stranger. Please come closer, rest your feet and tell me of your travels through this wonderous albeit hot and sand filled land we have come upon."
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He grinned as the castle stopped moving and lowered. An adventure. Or better... And practically beamed as Howl opened the door and approached him across the shifting sand. Now that's what I'm talking about.

This seemed like an invitation into royal treatment and Bluebeard had sourly missed the comforts of a nice home and someone to take care of him. "I don't mind if I do," he replied warmly. "What a delightful contraption you have. Is it transport and home all in one?"
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 04/24/2007 17:10:42  

"Why yes in fact it is. I usually keep my castle in one land but my doors in others." replied Howl mischievously.

"What brings a lone traveler like yourself into such a harsh place without any means of conveyance? More appropriately where are you coming from? My companions and I haven't yet found any signs of civilization other than yourself. On a side note please do tell me what magics you've used for such a lovely color beard. Were I to grow one I might consider such a shade." Inquired Howl.

With a flourish of his hand and a slight bow Howl stepped away from the door.

With a warm, yet playful smile Howl inquired "Would you like to come in and sit with me by the fire?"

From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 04/25/2007 00:19:40  

"Curiosity will bring a traveler many places," he replied like an old book spilling wisdom in proverbs, "and oftentimes with little or no means. Of late I am come from Mehrdadstan. Previously I seem to have forgotten. As for my beard," he answered ponderously, running his fingers lightly through the blue growth, "if it is magic I know not the device. It grows naturally so blue." He stepped in through the door. "I would greatly enjoy a chat by the fire. What a splendid retreat from the sand!" he exclaimed with a little clap of his hands like a small child at all the presents Christmas morning.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 04/26/2007 13:09:33  

Following Bluebeard into the castle, Howl closed the door gently behind them. Directly in front of them was a small stone staircase leading up to a cozy great room. This one room seemed to an amalgamation of four or five distinctly different rooms.

Off to the direct right was a very quaint looking beige tiled sink area with pots and pans hanging from the ceiling. In front of the sink was a girl of some 18 summers with fiery red hair washing some plates. "Hello" she said with a smile that was wary yet still inviting.

Directly in front of that, along the same wall was a large fireplace with a fire that seemed to diminish only as long as Bluebeard was watching it. The instant he would look away the fire roared back to life. "Calcifer, now you stop that and be nice to our guest." Chided Howl. With that the fire blazed a little brighter and what looked like eyes and mouth appeared. "Yes, Howl." said the fire sheepishly.

Past the fireplace was a staircase leading up to the left. At the bottom of the staircase was a closed door. To the right in the room was a long wooden table with a few plates and glasses. Further to the right was a workbench and numerous bookshelves laden with vials, books, and various objects of all shapes and sizes. At the desk was a young man of roughly 15 years, scribbling some notes with a quill into one of the books. "Hello, my name is Michael" said the young man quickly before returning to his writing.

"Welcome to my humble home, Monsieur...I don't believe I caught your name? I however am The Great Wizard Howl. That is my fiancee Sophie, my for some reason shy fire demon Calcifer and my young apprentice Michael." With a wave of his hand two of the chairs that were at the table with the plates slid over to the fireplace. With a second almost unseen gesture and a few whispered words the plain wooden chairs expanded and stretched and became covered in a deep red fabric. Where once there were kitchen chairs there were now plushly covered deep red velvet armchairs.

"Please do sit and put up your feet and regale us with your adventures, in where did you say Mehrdadstan?!" beamed Howl with eyes alight.
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"I don't believe I've ever had the honor of meeting a wizard before now," Bluebeard said as he took a seat. "I am most often known as Senor Bluebeard," here he stroked his beard again. "Fitting, no?"

He wasn't certain where to start. "My adventures here are hardly noteworthy compared to my adventures elsewhere. I don't that I should brag so openly, but I have been a skilled pirate in my day."
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"A pirate you say" mused Howl. I have always wanted to meet a true to life pirate! Being a pirate you must be a consummate adventurer, at least in your day as you say. Would you like to accompany me on a new adventure? You see I have these boots that I call the 7 league boots. They will enable us to travel roughly 25 miles per step we take. I would love to have a traveling companion while I explore this strange new world."

With that Howl got up from his chair and walked over to the door at the bottom of the stairs. From the now obvious closet Howl produced two pair of simple leather boots. "These are they" Howl beamed gleefully.

"Kingsbury door!" interrupted Calcifer. "Michael would you be so kind as to get that while I talk to our guest." asked Howl plaintively. "Of course Howl." Michael said firmly. Michael walked over and turned a dial on the door before opening it. Upon opening the door where the desert should have been was a thriving metropolis with old cars and giant intricately designed buildings. Standing in the doorway was a young girl looking quite uneasy.

With a smile on his face Michael asked "How may I help you?" The young girl replied " My mom sent me to the Wizard Pendragon to buy a spell to help increase business in our store." "I think Pendragon will be able to help you" Michael said gently. "Come back in two days time and we'll have something ready for you." The girl now slightly more at ease seeing normal humans instead of crazy demons and evil witches thanked Michael and ran back into the city. Michael closed the door and turned the dial back to a tan color.

"What do you say? Up for a new adventure? We can leave right away if you're game!" announced Howl excitedly.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 04/27/2007 14:58:50  

Blue was a touch distracted by the exchange at the door. He had nodded politely to the other inhabitants of this strange house, but he preferred to meet people through watching their interactions. He found he learned much more about people when he saw their reactions to other people more than himself.

"Ah, an adventure," he finally answered. "I am always up for such things." He had no plans, no other ideas of things he could do until his memory returned. He laughed easily. "Shall we then?"
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 04/27/2007 18:07:45  

"Wonderful!" exclaimed Howl. "Calcifer, Michael, mind Sophie while I'm away. You know the trouble our former cleaning lady can get into while unattended." Howl said distractedly as he put a few things into his suit jacket pockets. Things that were far too big and plentiful to fit into any normal coat.

"Mind ME!" exploded Sophie. "If it wasn't for me you never would hav..." Sophie was trying to say before being cut off by an embrace and kiss from Howl. "I just don't want anything to happen to you my love. Remember to keep that necklace I gave you always near. It can do some wondrous things." Howl said lovingly.

"As for me I'm off. I shall hopefully return soon. Calcifer can get in touch with me if need be. My old friend I may find some new places for you to bind to the castle very soon. Senor Bluebeard a pair of 7 league boots for you." Howl said as he placed his feet into his own pair.

Without a moments thought Howl opened the door and stepped out into the once again present desert. He looked in all directions and remarked "Which way shall we go? Any suggestions Senor Bluebeard? All we need to do is pick a direction and step a few times. As long as we keep moving even water can be tread upon. Mind you we must step exactly in the same direction and as many times as the other lest we get inexorably lost or separated. Which direction tickles your fancy?
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 04/27/2007 18:50:55  

Bluebeard listened carefully to the instructions. "Yes, I should rather hope to not become inexorably lost." Not again, so soon. "I was heading east myself, though any direction seems like an adventure in this place."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 04/27/2007 19:02:58  

"What are your feelings on north?" inquired Howl. "Would you mind altering your course for a while? I am not dressed for "The East". Well if "The East" here is anything like "The East" of the world I am from" Howl said pensively.

"I suggest we take 4 steps toward the north and see where we end up. Only taking extra steps in the event we would be stopping in water etc. I'll race you. One, Two, Three, GO!" With a step Howl vanished toward the north with only a footprint in the sand where once he stood.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 04/27/2007 20:53:28  

He couldn't argue the point when Howl had taken the steps already. He didn't care either way and took four steps of average pace. "It seems you've bested me Howl," he said congenially as he found himself shoulder to shoulder with the wizard once again, out of the desert. They were surrounded by water on all sides, lucky to have landed on small island in the middle of the lake.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 04/30/2007 14:04:44  

"I wouldn't say bested my new friend. I merely have, lets say an impulse control problem as Sophie puts it" laughed Howl. "What do you make of this place? No longer are we in a hot desert but it seems we are destined to keep finding sand" Howl said scanning the beach of the island they landed upon. "Its quite humid isn't it" Remarked Howl more to himself than to Bluebeard. "Shall we explore this lovely island? Or shall we take a few more steps? If we chose in favor of the latter, remember to take off your boots before you start walking. I wouldn't want to lose you so soon."
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"I vote more steps," Bluebeard said. "I've seen islands aplenty in my day. I'm up for more interesting climates." He stood stock still in the boots, afraid even the tiniest movement would send him across the lake without his companion. "What do you say to four more steps north?"
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/02/2007 13:33:01  

"I agree whole-heartedly" smiled Howl charismatically. "On the count of three my friend...ONE, TWO, THREE!"

With that Howl and Bluebeard both took their first step which catapulted them into the air. The scenery flew by in a blur of color and form. "The impressionist painters of old could not have done better" mused Howl to himself. "Maybe I'll tell Bluebeard of my travels in Wales and all the wonders the future has to offer. Perhaps in time" thought Howl.

Steps two, three, and four raced by as fast as the first. In moments the pair landed, hair and beard a tad disheveled from the ride in the middle of a small field, bordered by trees to the west and a majestic city to the east. After a few moments of preening Howl stopped what he was doing and an expression of revelation seemed to cross his face.

"We seem to be surrounded by magic. In fact this area is redolent with energy. To the West I sense great natural magic radiating throughout the forest. To the East I feel a great many magics light and dark emanating from the city. Neither area frightens me but merely intrigues me. Howl said with an air of both truth and lie.

"Where would you like to explore first?"
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/02/2007 23:08:53  

As he looked towards the west he felt as if he couldn't step in that direction. A serious foreboding dropped into his stomach, slipping down like burning Tabasco. To the east he felt far more comfortable, almost welcomed by the dark magic pouring in waves from the city.

"East," he said simply. He had no desire to explore the west, not with the strong knot of fear building in his chest. It was peculiar, because the pirate feared very few things and rarely did it stop him in his tracks as it was doing now. However he didn't want to ponder it.

He had a feeling for the boots and his nautical knowledge certainly helped in ascertaining distance. "Two steps should get us there comfortably," he commented to his new friend. "Then perhaps we can cause some mischief."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/04/2007 13:54:09  

"Two steps ehhh?" Howl said one eyebrow slightly raised inquiringly. "You seem to have mastered the boots quite nicely Senor BlueBeard. After I created them it was more of a shot in the dark each time I used them. I've since learned my own wares" Howl remarked. "I agree two steps should put us right at the gate, provided they have one. Any further and we might risk landing on an unsuspecting person. Oh! As for mischief, I think you and I can arrange something special for this city."

Two steps and miles later Howl and Bluebeard landed lightly in front of a giant city, much to the surprise of the people entering and exiting the gate. After the initial shock of the landing wore off, the people seemed quite indifferent toward the pair and went on with their business as if nothing had happened.

"What a rather pathetic reaction." Howl said slightly perturbed. "One would hope that two people bounding out of the sky would illicit more emotion. This may just prove to be quite an interesting city." Howl remarked curiosity dripping from his words.

Howl looked at himself and then at Bluebeard noticing how disheveled they both looked from their brief yet far journey. With a flourish of his hands and a few words under his breath Howl cast a simple transmutation spell. His suit seemed to shrink in places and grow in others. From one breast to two, from nothing to tails, from small to large lapels, and from no tie to a cravat of an ice blue. A creeping black started to slowly ebb its way around his newly formed suit. It was as if he spilled an ink well all down his person and it was slowly seeping in. A moment later Howl stood there clad in a beautiful black suit wearing an ice blue cravat. With another whispered word, his hair mirrored the color of the suit while his eyes the cravat. Around him the air was suffused with the scent of vanilla and jasmine.

"Thats much better!" remarked Howl as he inspected himself. "As for you my friend." Howl said looking right at Bluebeard. No sooner did he lay his eyes on his companion than Bluebeards clothes also begin to shift and reform. After a moment or so where once stood a windblown still somewhat sandy Pirate Captain stood a man appointed in a beautiful dark blue suit with silver brocade and a white ruffled shirt. The coat coming down to his knees flared out ever so slightly. Out of each sleeve the shirt extended ending in a delicate silken ruffle. Atop his head a hat befitting an admiral appeared sporting a plume of the same shade as his beard and suit. The air around him now smelling of sandalwood, and bergamot.

"I apologize Senor Bluebeard if I have overstepped my bounds. I certainly hope I have not. I felt it might befit a great wizard and a Pirate of the stature to which I believe you are to slough off our traveling clothes in favor of something more appropriate to our standing." Said Howl smiling mischievously. "If the suit isn't to your approval I can make it whatever you would prefer." Howl smirked.

"Whenever you are ready, shall we enter and see what this city holds for us and what we hold for it."
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/04/2007 23:07:30  

"I am merely good with distance," Bluebeard said rather humbly.

He was a bit taken a back that Howl had used his magic to dress him up. He was not one to bother with the vanity of dressing up for outings. He felt out of place in these strange vestments but he smiled all the same. "It is fine," he said mildly. "I would be odd company covered in sand," he added. He slipped out of the boots carefully and plucked them up.

He stepped without speaking towards the gate. Standing before it he smiled back at his companion. "I imagine we hold a great deal for this place."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/07/2007 13:57:04  

"Welcome to Camlann" a golden placard affixed to the side of the gate read.

Without thinking Howl started to take a step but noticed Bluebeard taking off his seven league boots. Howl stopping in mid-step said "I almost forgot to take off the boots. That could have been quite disastrous. Who knows where I would have ended up." Having taken off his boots, he picked them up and placed them inside his suit jacket and they were gone.

Howl stopped for a moment looking quite pensive. After a moment or so he said "My slight lapse in memory however seems to have reminded me of something you said earlier. You seem to have forgotten your previous experiences? I meant to look into this sooner but with the excitement of our travels it must have slipped my mind. Perhaps we should find a tavern get some drinks and a good meal, and see if I can't be of some assistance in jogging your memory."
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/07/2007 23:47:54  

"Yes, I have," he replied of the question, though it hardly seemed like a question from Howl's mouth. "I wouldn't be opposed to a good drink. Or eight," he said laughing, though for some reason the number eight stuck out in the sentence and his mind.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/11/2007 13:07:44  

"Eight drinks! Well I surely will have to keep up! I don't know if my wizards constitution is capable of such a feat but I'll be damned if I'm not going to try! Howl said with a giant smile.

"We'll have to find a suitable tavern for the libation portion of our adventure. I also suggest we find lodgings if we are to explore this great magical city. Howl said looking around quite pleased with Bluebeard's choice of locales to investigate.

"I would also like to stop by a few shops to pick up some ingredients for a spell of revelation. It might help to pierce whatever is blocking your memories. I would suggest while I am collecting said ingredients we take a trip to the docks. Perhaps the sight and smell of the sea might trigger a latent memory.

"Speaking of the sea, you mentioned a piratical past but never did mention the rank you held? I would be curious to know if you remembered that? Any information may help my preparation for the spell. It also helps to slake mine own curiosity." Howl said matter-of-factly.

"I just thought of something rather important. Being new to this world I don't seem to have the currency of the realm. I wonder how we may come by some means in such a big city?" A dark, playful look crossed Howl's eyes.

"A pirate and a wizard...I wonder indeed"
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/11/2007 23:42:27  

"You can keep up, surely a great wizard can magic himself back into sobriety," Bluebeard joked.

"Mayhaps we will find lodgings with a tavern attached. Two birds, one stone as I believe the old saying goes. We might even find a place with the ingredients you need nearby. I would imagine those sorts of things go hand in hand," he continued, observing their surroundings. "Probably near the center of this city."

He puffed up a bit when Howl mentioned his rank. "I was a captain of my own ship," he said proudly. "I worked from the bottom to the top in an impressive amount of time if I do say so myself."

He smiled again, even prouder. "As for money I was under the impression that the lands here are fair in exchange and I made myself quite the purse in Mehrdadstan."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/17/2007 10:28:55  

"A Captain! Fantastic! I knew you had an air of bearing and authority about you." Howl Beamed excitedly.

After some thought Howl looked toward the west, saw various being of all shapes and sizes moving in that direction and exclaimed "I do believe that way should take us toward the center of city." With that Howl accompanied by Bluebeard (who's inimitable sense of distance and direction seemed to agree with Howls assessment) started to enter deeper into the City of Camlann.

Shortly thereafter the pair wandered into what looked like a rather bustling marketplace. There were shops all along either side of what looked like a main thoroughfare. Spices, perfumes, vegetables, fruits, clothing, jewelry, anything one could imagine magical or mundane seemed to be at at least one of the stands.

"This is perfect! I should be able to find most of what I need right here." Howl said enthusiastically. "With these ingredients, my magics and you of course we might be able to return some or all of the memory you've lost. I only have one issue. I still don't have the currency of the realm. I would ask a loan if it suited you Captain."

"One more thing. Having spoken with some of the shopkeepers, I have been recommended an Inn/Tavern of sorts called "The Dancing Djinn". From what I hear it has quite the reputation. I suggest we head there. Some dinner, drink and debauchery are called for before such a serious spell...Wait what is that? Could it be?"

Having stopped in mid-sentence and mid-thought Howl just stood there staring. With a rather perplexed look on his face, he turned from side to side scanning the marketplace as if looking for something, someone.

Almost breathlessly Howl whispered "Is it even possible?"
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/17/2007 17:45:10  

"A loan," Bluebeard replied as if such a thing were not only welcome but expected. "I should not consider it a loan seeing as how all of these ingredients will be helping me in some form or another." He laughed heartily and passed a whole purse of coin to Howl. He had another lodged in his boot with even more currency. He really had done well in Mehrdadstan.

He browsed over the wares nearby, his fingers lingering here or there at an herb he found familiar or a pretty gold thing that reminded him of treasure. He grew a little melancholy as he found a gold wedding ring under a glass case. The merchants here were as much a flea market as a bazaar selling new and old alongside each other with a kind of panache Bluebeard missed. He liked the audacity of salesmen and hagglers, the struggle of commerce and fair deals.

He turned from the ring and answered Howl cheerfully, as if he wasn't just wandering into sadness. "Dancing Djinn? Sounds delightful. I'm always for drink and debauchery."

He watched Howl with interest. "What is it?" he asked, his own keen senses entirely unaware of whatever it was that Howl was focusing on.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/22/2007 13:50:27  

"Its something...a faint presence. Someone from my homeland. Well at least around the same area. Not necessarily the same time. A fellow countryman of sorts." Howl said more to himself than Bluebeard. With that the presence was gone.

Moments later Howl having realized the weight of the purse in his hand smiled and said "Thank you kind Captain. With this I'll be able to purchase the needed ingredients and perhaps procure some rooms at the Djinn. We'll pick up the ingredients along the way to the Djinn. Perhaps take in some of the sights. I've been told the Djinn is to the north almost in the center of the city."

Howl and Bluebeard walked further down the thoroughfare. Howl intermittently stopping and purchasing various pouches, vials and a book or two. After a while of shopping and sight-seeing they eventually came upon the center of the city.

Howl looked around and said "Look there...its the Djinn". Down through an alley sure enough was a sign for "The Dancing Djinn". Howl and Bluebeard started down the alley. As soon as they came to almost dead center of the alley four rather large, somewhat swarthy, muscular men two on either side surrounded the pair. One of the men smiling evilly said "If you give us all your money, your deaths will be quick."
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/22/2007 22:22:04  

Bluebeard smirked. "Gentleman I offer this opportunity to you. Leave now and you might escape unscathed. You are not wise to challenge a wizard and a pirate lord." He stood waiting for any kind of reaction as the four thugs stood around them, apparently unimpressed by Bluebeard's warning.
From: [info]jashook313 Date: 05/25/2007 16:43:43  

"How about two pirate lords?" Hook smiled wickedly as he stepped form the shadows, "it is not often that one such as my self comes across men of similar ilk to the great Jas. Hook,I suggest you follow the gentleman's advice and leave, although I am more than willing to oblige you if you want a fight," Hook glanced at the two individuals he so uncharacteristically rushed to help, "Gentleman, we'll deal with pleasantries at another time, for now i'd rather shake 'hands' with these four.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/25/2007 20:14:19  

"Shake hands indeed," Blue said with a smug smile. "These fellows do not deserve such pleasantries." He was tired of talk and his sword was growing anxious for action. He drew it without hesitation and pointed it at one of the four brutes who thought to intimidate them. "Are we so brave now that the odds have been evened a bit?"
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/25/2007 20:44:20  

He's the one Howl thought to himself. The one I felt before. How could he have made it so close without me knowing it. The requires further thought. Perhaps I'll have Michael look into it later. As for now however.

"I do agree Captain. Or perhaps Captains?" His gaze switching from Bluebeard to this proclaimed Jas Hook. Howl not being the sort to carry a sword, with a flourish of his hand let loose a bold of bright blue crackling lighting. It flew from his outstretched arm crashing into one of the would be thieves. He was thrown straight back right out of the alley.

The other three blackguards charged into battle.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/25/2007 21:21:33  

Steel clashed and blade met flesh, tearing and ripping. He smiled viciously, this was his arena really. When not at sea and stuck on land, nothing revived the pirate within like a good fight. He pushed forward, hacking and slashing anything that came in his way.
From: [info]jashook313 Date: 05/25/2007 22:19:24  

Hook stood perfectly still as one of the would be muggers advanced upon him, "shouldn't have gotten involved cripple, we're desperate men who've done evil things" sneered his opponent.

"Oh, evil things?" Hook asked ironically, "Ha, you think your selves villains then, prepare ot meet thy doom at the hands of true scoundrel"

"alright then pretty, you really want this?

Hook grinned maliciously before drawing his sword. Then with a flourish he raised his gleaming iron hook ,"oh indeed sir, humor the hook!"

the man dashed at hook with his weapon, only to find himself doubled over in pain. Hook withdrew the now bleeding iron talon from his assailants gut, who dropped to the floor without a sound. Hook removed a silk handkerchief from his pocket and began to clean the filthy blood off of his hook.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 05/29/2007 13:21:24  

Having each dispatched a would be mugger, only one remained. His attention fell to the one of the trio that was unarmed and in his eye helpless. One would have assumed the lightning bolt that electrocuted his former companion only moments earlier, might have given him pause before he chose his next course of action. Apparentlyintelligence wasn't this ruffians strong point. He lunged at Howl.

The lunge came to an abrupt stop as the thief dropped his blade in mid-lunge and clutched at his chest. His breathing became shallow and all color left his face as he stared at Howl who was holding a spectral version of a heart in his hand. With an almost evil smile he clasped his hand shut over the heart and it was gone. No sooner did he do that than the blackguard drop to the ground dead.

"Now that that nasty bit of business is over. I believe proper introductions are in order. I am Howl and this is Captain Bluebeard. You are Jas Hook was it?" He smiled knowing all too well who his new companion was.
From: [info]jashook313 Date: 05/30/2007 16:51:34  

"James, actually" Hook replied. "Although I sign it 'Jas', Captain James T. Hook of the Jolly Roger, Eton graduate, and Pirate Lord of Neverland, at your most required service." Hook bowed low, keeping his hooked hand behind his back as he was trained. Curteously, he extened his good hand to-wards his new companions.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 05/31/2007 15:09:26  

Bluebeard could tell right away that he was a completely different class of pirate. Captain, yes, but not a lord (even though he had the title and the chateau to back it up). "A pleasure," he said, bowing as well and taking the extended hand. He could at least observe the politesse of the pirate lords; it had served him well in the past to know how every subset of pirate culture worked. "I am known most usually as Senor Bluebeard, however simply Bluebeard suits me just me as well."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 06/12/2007 14:58:07  

"Well my Lord Pirates. Shall we continue to our destination? Or well the Senor and mine at least. We were on our way to the Dancing Djinn Tavern which can now be seen right at the end of the alley way." Howl remarked motioning in the direction of the inn.

"You would certainly permit me to buy you a drink for your help and auspicious timing. Plus the magicks about you...interest me." Howl smiled bowing slightly. Turning right out of the bow Howl bounded down the alley toward the door to the inn. Within a moment he was gone inside.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 06/13/2007 14:32:06  

Blue grinned to Hook and followed Howl wordlessly. The drinking part of swashbuckling was probably his favorite and he didn't want to waste any more time in the alley. He ducked into the Dancing Djinn.
From: [info]jashook313 Date: 06/15/2007 17:21:40  

Hook considered his options. There was something about this Howl that he felt he could use, and it appeared that he had no qualm with pirates either. Hook began to follow his new companions into the tavern. On his way in, it came to him, why Howl seemed so familiar. It had been a long timew since he had been in his own world, and even longer than that since he had been to the reaches of his native lands empire, but if memory served him correctly, as Hook's memory alwayus does, thast Howl was most definatly Welsh.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 06/25/2007 13:29:29  

The interior of "The Dancing Djinn" looked like any other seedy, dive, filled with humans, elves, dwarves, and other various creatures of legend.

Looking around Howl saw drinking, games of chance, a brawl here and there and of course a bar. Behind the bar stood or well floated a Djinn. Howl walked over to the bar dodging a halfling that was thrown right past him.

The rather imposing bright red colored Djinn looked down at Howl and said in an already annoyed tone "If you ask about three wishes, I will shove my lamp up your ass."

"Oh no! I would never make such a faux pas. My companions and I would like three rooms not wishes for the evening. I assume you can grant me that request." Howl said dropping some gold pieces onto the bar smirking the entire time.

"That will most certainly cover the cost." The Djinn grinned greedily. "Ok you get this one for free. You want three rooms your wish is my command." The Djinn said with a wry smile. "Just go upstairs and your rooms are the last three on the right. Enjoy your stay at "The Dancing Djinn". No I don't dance by the way."

Howl waited a few moments to go upstairs until he saw Bluebeard and Hook enter the tavern. He waved and said "Mes Capitains, this way."
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 06/25/2007 21:43:45  

Blue smiled, taking in the atmosphere. It reminded him of his travels in the middle east. He had never met such a loopy Djinn, but it wasn't entirely surprised. Years stuck in their lamps would often drive them insane. He didn't muse on the thought for long, climbing the stairs and entering the long hallway which led to the three rooms Howl had booked for them. "Interesting," he commented vaguely on the decor and atmosphere.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 07/09/2007 12:36:30  

"My dear Captain Hook, Captain Bluebeard and I have some business to attend to this evening. We will be unavailable perhaps until tomorrow. I trust you will be able to entertain yourself until then. Try not to get into too much trouble. You and I need to have a talk at a later date." Smiled Howl with his more increasingly mischievoussmile.

Howl slightly bowed to Hook and turned and put his arm around Bluebeard's shoulders.

"Now my dear Captain. Hopefully after tonight your memory will be returned to you. Meet me in my room around eight this evening. Do not be late. Timing is everything in magic."

Howl smiled and winked at Bluebeard. A moment later he was gone having disappeared in a flash of light.

From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 07/12/2007 14:00:44  

Bluebeard raised an eyebrow at his quickly disappearing companion. "Shall I drink 'til then?" he called out, but Howl had already gone and Blue was left to make up his own mind. "Perhaps I should," he said to himself, "to ease the tension. Get the magic flowing," he added as headed back downstairs leaned over the bar. "Uno mas, por favor," though he couldn't have one more, since he hadn't had one to began with. He smiled vaguely all the same and poured down the strong drink the tender had poured, turning to enjoy the brawling taking place behind. "And fine entertainment for free. What a wonderful place this Dancing Djinn."
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 07/13/2007 12:35:14  

A few hours later there was a knock on the door to Howl's room. Howl opened the door and there stood Bluebeard. Behind Howl Bluebeard could see a circle of unlit candles surrounding a pentagram with symbols from a few different languages in each of the five points.

"Right on time Captain as I knew you would be. Shall we begin? Please go sit in the middle of the pentagram. Do be careful not to knock over any of the candles. I would ask you for your sword as well. It will connect me to your essence during the spell."

Howl paused for a moment to study Bluebeard's reaction to the room. He realized that this might seem a bit imposing to Bluebeard just to restore one's memory.

"When I first met you I thought that this would be a simple memory restoration spell. Upon our further travels I realized stronger magicks were needed to free your mind from its prison. Once I have your sword and you're sitting comfortably within the circle we can begin."

From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 07/19/2007 08:56:38  

Blue didn't say anything, only treaded carefully into the center of the pentagram. He was relaxed from his drinks at the bar and at ease about what was to come.

Curious and alert, he was aware of the strange magic he was about to participate in (or at the very least be the focus of). He remained quiet and attentive and listened carefully to Howl's ministrations.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 07/25/2007 12:58:21  

Once Bluebeard had handed over his sword and was settled within the pentagram, it was time to begin.

With a gesture of his hand the candles surrounding the star flared into existence. Howl sat down on the floor and crossed his legs. He sat with the sword resting in his upturned palms. He closed his eyes concentrated for a moment and began to float off the ground eventually coming to a halt about four feet up. He began to intone the required incantation.

A moment later he opened his eyes and his body including the sword was sheathed in a pulsating blue aura of energy. He continued to chant.

The flickering candle flames began to lean into the fire of the candle nearest forming a circle of fire around the pentagram. The circle began to rotate until it was spinning furiously. The faster Howl chanted, the faster the fire spun. The faster the fire spun the hotter the fire burned. Burning red, blue, white, until the circle of fire was replaced by a circle of crackling white lightning.

The time had come. Intermixed with his chanting Howl pronounced five distinct words in five different languages. With each word said one of the symbols that had been drawn in the pentagrams points glowed for a second and disappeared.

When all the symbols had vanished Howl stopped chanting. The circle of lightning began to slow until only a single candle directly in front of Bluebeard crackled with energy. Howl's eyes snapped open and a bolt of lightning fired from the candle directly into the center of Bluebeard's forehead.

Moments later Howl descended back to the floor, stood up and walked over to extend a hand to Bluebeard. After he had helped him up and handed him back his sword he asked with an exhausted smile "How do you feel? Do you remember the last time you had so much fun Captain?"
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 07/26/2007 08:03:44  

Bluebeard would not really consider the proceedings fun.

A lightning bolt to the middle of his forehead was a shock, and painful. He didn't realize that reinvigorating memories would require that kind of jolt.

A rushing sensation filled his ears and head, as if a horde of angry hornets were buzzing about his mind, restoring all those locked away memories. It was a lot to take in all at once and he sat on the floor dazed, unable to reply with more than just a little shrug.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 07/26/2007 15:22:34  

"I apologize Senor Bluebeard for the intensity of the spell. Your mental block was quite deep. The spell however should have cleared it up quite nicely." Howl smiled sincerely.

"I feel our journey is at its end. You have helped me to discover this new world and I have helped you to recover your lost memories. I feel it is time to part ways. Adventures await for us both in the upcoming days. I can feel it. At least we are now both better equipped to handle the journey ahead. Take this."

Howl handed Bluebeard a small ruby. "This is part of an amulet that I have created. It will let us speak to one another over great distances. If you need me just focus on the ruby and begin to speak. I will hear you and respond. Also please consider the 7 league boots a gift for helping me to enjoy such a wonderful adventure."

With a flourish of his hand and a slight grin Howl bowed slightly waiting to see if Bluebeard had anything left to say before they parted company.
From: [info]formerlyblue Date: 07/29/2007 14:10:47  

Blue did want to say something, perhaps only to express his gratitude but a troubling image kept coming back to him, an image that didn't seem that it should be so very important.

Standing on the deck of his ship and sailing the wide sea after the murder of his first wife (which was not by his hands, opposing to popular legend) the sky seemed infinitely vast. Little sparks of hopeful light from the stars burning above him were the only comfort for his broken heart, that and the empty jug of grog he'd just finished. The swill he'd swallowed was nothing compared to the lonely beauty of night and he sought his solace here, on the deck alone having sent all his other hands to their bunks.

It was then that a peculiar meteor shower began, all coming from one spot in the sky, bits of burning streaking out across the inky blackness of night. One such meteor arched out and approached him at fierce speed. He didn't believe what he was seeing was happening and he didn't think to get out of the way.

The meteor, which was in fact a broken shard of the devil's mirror pierced his flesh and entered his heart, lodging there with fierce magic. He felt an icy cold spread over and the pain and sorrow of Mercedes' passing was suddenly lifted with a stillness, a kind of calm he had never possessed in all his life.

He knew his purpose. He must marry again and if his new wife were to betray him he must punish her. Again and again, to teach them not to betray, as he should have done with Mercedes, that foolish silly woman.

He blinked. He wasn't on the deck of his ship. He was looking over at Howl and trying to decipher the meaning of this memory, lost to him even before his entrance in Pentamerone. He smiled, a little manically. I was chosen. I was given a mission. And I have fulfilled it to the very letter.

"Thank you," he said to Howl as he rose from his spot on the floor, wiping his clothing for the minimal amount of dust he'd collected from the pentagram. "It's all become very clear to me," he added. He was oddly satisfied and the lack of guilt over the murder of his wives came into stunning clarity. I am an instrument of God, he thought proudly. And they were merely foolish children who needed proper education. I must find her and teach her.
From: [info]howlsmovingemo Date: 08/07/2007 10:17:07  

Howl smiled, and gave a slight bow to Bluebeard. In a flash of light he was gone. Moments later he appeared downstairs in front of the bar. The djinn looked mildly impressed by the entrance.

"How may I help you?" The djinn asked more pleasantly than the first time they had encountered him. "I'm checking out. I would however like to leave these with one of the captains I was with; Captain Hook. The one without the blue beard. Howl handed over a pair of books and an envelope addressed to Hook.

He smiled at the Djinn, left a few more gold pieces to insure the boots and envelope made it to their desired recipient, and went outside to begin a new adventure.
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