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Kai in Estervale - OPEN
Kai was in an explorative mood, especially since she hadn't yet seen her raccoon-boy-friend since the first time they met. She headed down the rivers, finding herself traveling down Sageflower river and ending up in Estervale. And she was immediately entranced by the city, peering over the top of the water at the tall church and the people walking by it. Though Kai wasn't overly fond of humans themselve, she still found their societies fascinating, and loved seeing the new things they created and possessed. And every once in a while, Kai managed to find some piece of lost or stray jewelry, coins, or childhood treasures at the bottom of the lakes and rivers she traveled.

Today was no exception. Kai watched as a mother tugged along her child, who clutched a ragged-looking doll. When the child spotted Kai and lunged to move closer, exclaiming excitedly, the mother yanked the child toward her, and the doll fell from the child's hands. The mother paid no mind to the child's howling, and soon they disappeared from view. Kai took the opportunity to snatch up the doll, and examine it. She tilted her head, pushing back yarn hair and running her fingers over button eyes.

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From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 04/17/2007 23:10:28  

Puss had been keeping a rather low profile since his run in with Mabb. He'd reported all he knew to Carabosse and took off, traveling away from the Sleeping Woods and his ire at being frozen to death. A few days walking, crossing the land with his lithe and quick cat body he found his way into Estervale.

He was just out for a bit of a snack when the child caught his attention. He spotted the girl in the water and pranced over to her curiously. "Hi," he said cheerfully as she stroked the doll.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 04/18/2007 00:03:30  

Kai nearly dropped her new treasure when she heard the voice, and she darted beneath the water, only peering up above the surface to examine the owner of the voice.


Kai bounced back up, water dripping from her hair and face, and excitedly grinned. She set her doll aside gingerly, and gave a hearty wave. First, talking Raccoon-boys, and now a talking cat! Kai was beginning to love the animals in this land. Oh, and poor Kai had little to no dirt to work with...there wasn't any soft sand like she used at the beaches, and she so badly wanted to tell the cat her name and ask if she could pet him.

Kai hesitated, and then pointed at Puss before stroking the back of her hand, head tilted.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 04/18/2007 00:11:00  

He could read the cues, reasonably enough. He assumed that she couldn't speak, or didn't want to speak aloud. Language barriers aside, he had known ancient mermaids in the earliest oceans and back then their voices were shrill when speaking and downright surreal in song. "I am Puss de Carabas," he said proudly. "And you're mermaid. I haven't seen one of your kind in a good long while."

He sauntered closer and brushed up against her hand. Puss was all about affection no matter where it came from.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 04/19/2007 19:41:08  

(so sorry, I didn't notice you'd replied!!)

She adored his name, and wished she could say it. Kai raised her eyebrows. Shuhei had said the same was sad, the way mermaids seemed to be so rare in this world. It made her miss her sisters even more, but Kai shook herself out of it, and smiled when she felt Puss's fur rubbing against her hand.

Kai happily obliged, and arched her fingers to award him with little skritches behind the ears. She sighed in a way to show that she thought him nice and soft. Damn if she didn't want to tell him her name...

Kai thought for a moment. What sounds like Kai? My? Lie?...Sky? Kai brightened, and pointed to herself before pointing upward.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 04/22/2007 13:48:57  

He arched into her little scratches, purring loudly as he usually did when getting so much affection. His tail puffed a little at the root and his paws spread outward in pleasure. He saw the gesture but he didn't get the meaning. "I'd like to fly too," he said cheerfully. It's been ages.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 04/23/2007 18:57:53  

Kai released a exhale of frustration. She had never flown a day in her life, and it was certainly hard to imagine the kitty here flying. Kai shook her head vehemently, and decided to try air-writing. Still keeping that hand scratching, her other finger pointed, and she wrote her three-lettered name slowly in the air. K. A. I. Then she pointed to herself.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 04/24/2007 08:33:35  

"Oh," Puss said as realization dawned and he felt silly about the flying thing. "I am sorry. A bit dense today." He laughed lightly and smiled. "It is nice to meet you Kai."
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 04/25/2007 20:38:41  

Kai brightened. He understood! She waved her hand to indicate that it was fine, she didn't blame him for not getting it. It was hard to communicate without talking or writing. She took a paw gently, shaking it...she remembered watching humans do this. Now she wanted to know how the cat was able to talk.

Kai gestured to Puss's mouth, then made talking motions with her hand before giving a questioning look and a shrug.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 04/26/2007 00:34:03  

Puss wasn't one for shaking paws, but he understood the gesture and as soon as his paw was released he bowed slightly, a much more familiar way for him to say hello, it is an honor. He grinned in his kitty cat way. "That my lady, is a well kept secret." He winked. "I would ask how you came to not speak, but I fear the answer would be far too brilliant a production for an audience of one."
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 04/30/2007 09:04:27  

Kai definitely was familiar with bowing, having been royalty back in her days. She gave a slight bow at the waist in return, spreading her arms and then raising her head. Ah, so his ability to speak was a secret? Kai sighed, and shrugged in an exagerrated manner as though to say "Oh, well, a secret's a secret."

She gave a rueful smile at his statement, and nodded to indicate that yes, it was quiet a story. A wistful sigh, and Kai expressed her desperate want for the return of her voice.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/01/2007 14:57:03  

"There are ways," Puss said slyly, "to regain things lost. I am familiar with very ancient magic." He wondered how she would react to such a statement, given that magic was surely the cause of her current predicament.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 05/04/2007 09:12:19  

Magic? Oh, that made her cautious, and Kai gave a wary look, drawing back a bit into the water. Her experiences with magic had definitely been less than desirable. But Kai was also very, very curious, and it showed through her cautious exterior.

She pointed to Puss, giving him a questioning look of "you could help me?"
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/04/2007 09:40:12  

"I could certainly try my lady. I shall look into it. Mind you, it may take some time. The workings of magic are no small thing to delve into." He figured she knew that at this point, but it could always bear repeating.
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 05/04/2007 16:37:44  

Hrm. She wondered just what sort of thing Puss would want in return. Kai learned long ago that people...or in this case, cats...didn't just give things away for free. Kai gestured to herself, and then spread her arms, before gesturing to Puss again with a questioning expression.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/04/2007 22:19:22  

He laughed lightly. "I haven't given to charity in such a long time," he said, amusement pouring into his tone. "It might be a nice change of pace. If I can help you I will ask nothing in return but the opportunity to hear your tale. And seeing as how you won't be able to tell me yourself with what I am certain is a lovely voice I will be bound by my curiosity to help you. Does that seem a fair deal?"
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 05/05/2007 14:09:29  

Well. That certainly SEEMED to decided whether or not the pretty orange cat was lying. Kai toyed with the ends of her hair, sending the same little strands through two fingers over and over, compulsively while she examined the cat with scrutinizing eyes.

Finally she nodded. Hell, it was worth anything to get her damned voice back. She hated being mute.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/06/2007 00:37:51  

He nodded his head lightly in respect. "I will do what I can," he said. "You know what they say about curiosity and cats."
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 05/06/2007 14:33:01  

She didn't know, but Kai didn't mind. She looked a little excited of the prospects that he might be able to help her. But still cautious...and she wasn't about to get her hopes up too much. Kai reached out again, scratching appreciatively behind Puss's ears. Good Kitty.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/07/2007 00:33:35  

He curled into her touches, purring again, his whiskers tingling with delight. "You are too kind," he whispered as his back arched high and his fur danced on end. "Truly Kai. I will do my best to aid you. As a good lady you deserve to have a voice with which to tell your story."
From: [info]lost_her_voice Date: 05/14/2007 16:39:35  

She gave a small smile. Kind...that was nice to hear. Of course, she generally didn't hear that from too many humans. It felt more special, though, to hear it from the mouth of a lovely cat. She placed a hand on her chest, over her heart, and bowed her head, her eyes closing for a moment. Her way to thank him.
From: [info]carabas_cat Date: 05/16/2007 17:46:43  

He smiled back, his lips curling strangely in his kitty face. "No thanks until I have found a way to help. I should be off," he said softly. "I will do better to help you if I begin my research as soon as possible."
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