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Exploring Ozland. Open!
Well. This was a new place, Tink thought to herself. A new and really strange place. There were all kinds of fantastic and odd creatures here, things made of metal and running on wheels, things that looked like playing cards but full-sized, things that looked like animals but walked like people, odd bugs...

Well. If Peter wanted adventure, maybe this was a place to find it. There were certainly enough oddities her to be explored and discovered. She zipped through the air, idly racing a bread-and-butterfly before she lost interest. She landed on a rooftop, perched on its edge and stared down, curious about all the people and creatures there. Maybe she'd do some investigation of her own before heading back to find Peter.

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This was, by far, the strangest place Puck had ever been in his long life. That wasn't to say he didn't like it. On the contrary, with the exception of the odd metal creatures that he gave a wide berth - better safe than sorry - he was interested in everything!

Plucking a bread-and-butterfly from the air and biting absently into a wing, he chewed as he wandered about with wide, delighted eyes.
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Tink spied the blond head in the crowd with little effort. From her vantage point, he looked a great deal like Peter. Tink zoomed down and stooped a bit in front of him, already jingling and tinkling at him before she realized who she was speaking to. How did you get here so fast? I just left you back at Lake - Oh. You're not Peter!

And then she noticed the half-dead bread-and-butterfly in his hand, twitching limply as its wing was eaten. She looked at it, seeming mildly disturbed. But her distrubance only seemed to extend as far as the concerned question, Does that thing actually taste like regular bread? which she asked before she stopped to consider whether the-boy-who-wasn't-Peter could understand her.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/15/2007 17:31:59  

Puck came up short, a ball of tinkling light zooming in front of his face. It didn't take him long to realize it was a fairy, and she was mistaking him for someone else. He took another bite out of the poor bread-and-butterfly, putting it out of its misery, and continued to chew until she stopped yammering at him.

"Hm," he said finally. "No, I'm not your Peter. And yes, I suppose it does taste like actual bread and butter, though...a little off. Not too bad, though." The last was added after a moment of thoughtful chewing and ended with a shrug.
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Tink tilted her head at him. I wouldn't have thought to try eating one. Then again, her size, one bread-and-butterfly would have fed her for a week.

Sorry for mistaking you. But you did look a bit like him. Except you're a fairy, aren't you? By now the bread-and-butterfly had ceased fighting, and resigned itself to being eaten. Or died. Tink didn't know which.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/15/2007 18:21:30  

Munching on the last of the bread-and-butterfly's wings, Puck nodded. He swallowed as he tossed the unfortunate insect's carcass aside and said, "Indeed I am. And who might you be?" He was definitely curious; he'd never seen her around the Sleeping Woods before. But then, maybe this Ozland had its own fairies.
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I'm Tink. And you are? She was every bit as curious as he - maybe more so since right now that was all she could feel. She didn't seem to care one whit as he tossed aside the remanis of his snack - hey, if you were going to fly around tasting like bread and butter, it was a likely thing you were going to get eaten. Natural selection. She whizzed back and forth as she jingled at him in reply, ducking out of the way of a particularly low-flying odd-looking bird being chased by a monkey. A flying monkey. Do you live in this weird place?
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"I go by Robin, Tink. Pleased to meet you," he said cheerfully before ducking out of the way of the same bird - monkey. He snorted in response to her last question. "Not hardly. Mind you, this place is certainly interesting, but it's no home of mine." If you could really call anywhere home for the restless Puck. "I hail from the Sleeping Woods. What about you? I've never seen you around before."
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Oh, the Sleeping Woods! I was there. I'm not from there though. I came from the Neverland, but now it's fading away, and so I came here to find Peter. Are there more fairies in the Sleeping Woods? I only met a little fake one when I was there. She rested comfortably on Robin's shoulder, as it was getting tiring to continuously dodge the strange beasts in the air. Another card-fellow came hurrying by, the three of hearts, carrying what looked like a bucket of paint. Tink eyed him with mounting curiousity.
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"I met a little fake fairy, too!" Puck said with some excitement as he started walking once more, his new friend perched on his shoulder. "She was a right idiot, that one. But aside from her, yeah, there are bunches of fairies in the Sleeping Woods. The Summer and Winter Courts make their home there, seelie and unseelie." His tone made apparent just which kind of faerie he was.
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Must have been the same one. I'd hope so. I'd rather not think there was more than one stupid little fake fairy running away from her prince husband and the whole flower fairy court. Tink's reply, loaded with some information Tiny hadn't given Puck, sounded much like the hitherto unknown and unlikely sound of scoffing bells.

But ah, at least she knew know there were other fairies there in the woods. It had been so long since she'd been around her own kind; hell she didn't even remember what court she had once been a part of. But she well knew the difference and suspected, with her spiteful vindictive nature, she was far more likely to be unseelie than seelie. So why are you here in this odd place? I'm personally looking for an adventure!
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/22/2007 11:16:22  

Puck's brows went up at Tink's words and he smiled. "Yes, it does seem we ran into the same fake fairy. I wonder if the flower court has caught up to her yet." And he also wondered how he could use that bit of information as even more leverage against the tiny girl.

As for why he was in Ozland...Puck shrugged. "I'd gone wandering," he started to explain. "In the mountains to the northeast I came upon a strange lady with a predilection for snow and keeping secrets. She flew us over here in her sleigh and we've since parted ways." His eyes narrowed slightly. "She has something I want, though. I don't know what it is, but she made a great show of keeping it hidden from me." In fact, it didn't really matter at all what it was. If it was worth keeping secret, it was worth Puck having in his estimation.
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Hmm came Tink's near noncommital reply, as she got briefly distracted by a strange little person who was eating a mushroom and suddenly became a relatively large person. That was interesting. And then the rest of Puck's words filtered in and she looked up at him, all curious again. Oh. It must be a secret, something she doesn't want others to know. Ooh I wonder if it's something powerful or magical, or expensive! And flying in a sleigh? What's that like? I've only ever flown on my own; I think a cart or carriage that flies would be weird!
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"Flying in the sleigh was strange and terrifying. I loved it." His eyes actually lit up a little when he spoke, revealing to the fairy what he hadn't to the Snow Queen. "I'd never really been up that high before. I, unfortunately, wasn't one of those fairies blessed with wings or the magic to fly on my own." That last was said a bit ruefully as he watched someone drink a liquid and suddenly shrink to about the size of a large beetle. Hmm. That could be useful, he thought as he absently stepped on said someone without a qualm.
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Tink cocked her head at him. You can't fly on your own either? That's not fair, especially if you like it that much. She watched the unfortunate person shrink and immediately learn it didn't often pay to be so small. She was momentarily distracted from her previous line of thought. Maybe it is. If people are more careful than that twit. But the reverse would be too. I could eat or drink something and be as big as you! Now that would be interesting and probably very, very useful.

Tink didn't really seem to care much that Puck had effectively just murdered a likely innocent ableit stupid person. In fact she'd already shifted thoughts back to flying. You know, I can make people fly. So long as you can think one happy thought, I can make you fly. It was the first time in a very long time Tink had made the offer herself. The last few times, Peter'd volunteered her, or even grabbed her without warning and shook her fairy dust all over his intended flying companions.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 05/06/2007 12:05:47  

"Fair is a four-letter word, dear Tink," Puck said with a wry smile as he glanced at the fairy on his shoulder. "If everything were fair in this world, I think it would be a bit boring, don't you?" He started to add something about being able to taken advantage of that unfairness, but the thought was obliterated by Tink's revelation and Puck's pale eyes went wide. "You can make me fly?" his interest was immediately replaced by suspicion; he was talking to another of his own kind after all. "How? And what would you want in exchange?"
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Of course I can. that's what I do. Well, one of the things I can do. Tink took to the air again, zipping around Puck in wide circles. What do I want in exchange...? She took a moment to ponder it; really, what did she want? What could she get from Puck in exchange? Making him fly was such a little thing on her part. What would he be willing to give for it?

I'll tell you how I can do it after we decide what I get. She paused in front of him, small face triumphant. Adventure. Take me on an adventure. Something exciting and thrilling. And I'll make you fly. But it'll wear off after a while. If you want to fly again, then we can pick something else next time.

So Tink didn't want much, not yet. But if Robin really liked flying, maybe later she'd ask for something else.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 05/10/2007 13:15:10  

"An adventure?" Was that really all she wanted? It seemed such a trivial thing to Puck, but then his kind were as much amused by the trivial as they were by the profound. His lips quirked up slightly and he held out a finger. "If it's adventure you want, it's adventure you'll get," he said with a spark of mischief in his eyes. "Let's shake on it and seal our deal."

In truth, he already had an inkling of what they might do for an adventure. He only hoped they wouldn't get themselves killed in the process. But then, that's what made it an adventure, didn't it?
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That's all I want this time. Tink extended her arm and wrapped a full hand around his finger to shake. Excitement already gleamed in bright eyes as she flew in a little circle around him. I'll tell you how I do it. You just find a happy thought, one you can really hold on to, and then I sprinkle you. Her entire body gave a little shake, sparks of pink and gold dust flying everywhere. See? And then your happy thoughts lift you right off the ground! You ready to try?
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 05/11/2007 08:06:30  

"Yes, I'm ready," Puck said almost breathlessly, excited by the actual prospect of flying on his own. Sort of. But...Find a happy thought? Hmm, that would be the hard part. Thoughts of Oberon were happy enough, but they tended up drifting to their last parting and that most definitely wasn't a happy memory. His brow furrowed as he thought harder, then it cleared as he found the perfect thought: fooling that tiny fake faerie so completely. He grinned up at Tink. "Got one!"
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Tink zoomed up over his head, tiny body full of nothing but glee. She shook, showering him with pixie dust, glittery droves of pink-white-gold that felt like the softest of touches on skin. When he was covered to her satisfaction, she flew up higher. Come fly with me, Robin! Tink called, and waited for him to follow.
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No sooner had the glittering dust fallen upon him, fading into him on contact, than Puck was floating. He drifted up slowly, hovering a good ten feet above the ground and a huge grin spread across his face. "I'm flying...I'm flying!" He spun, arms outstretched, then stopped, that mischievous gleam back in his eyes as he looked at Tink - or perhaps only brighter. "Race ya." And he was off, rocketing up into the sky with a whoop of glee.
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Oh if it was a race he wanted, a race he'd get. Tink zoomed after him, her speed such that she was a blinding ball of light again. She'd been flying for ages, and racing was one of her favorite things. She let out a loud tinkling sound, what would have been a holler of joy were it aloud. In seconds, she had caught up. She could fly very fast, but being so small, it meant it took her longer to cover long distances. It was why she and Peter were often even matched when they flew.

She sped up, dove under Robin and turned grinning up at his gleeful face before zipping up next to him again, all the while keeping pace. Where they were going didn't matter. It was getting there that was the fun.
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