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Far Far Away- Open to anyone who can stand a cold woman
The Snow Queen wanted to leave the village where she found the poor child frozen far far behind her. It was days and days when she once again stopped. More for her reindeer's rest than for her own. As the Snow Queen would hardly tire or grow hungry. It wasn't in the nature of one not quite human to grow tired or hungry, that was for mere mortals. However, the reindeer that were rigged to her sleigh were mortals, enchanted yes, but still mortal. She no longer felt the need to run or hide, for the winds were no longer whispering to her, they no longer told her to find the next shard of glass. It was here that the Snow Queen decided to put up her camp. Here in the dark forest she found an enclave between two trees for her to take a few scattered bear furs and pitch a simple tent. She had been previously sleeping in her sleigh the nights before. Sleep wasn't exactly the word you'd call what she did. Her eyes closed yes, but she wasn't sleeping.

The Snow Queen didn't need to sleep. She would attempt to, as it made her feel a little closer to human, but she didn't sleep. In the only memories she still had, she would remember living in an icy palace. Now the sleigh and a few bear furs was her palace. She remembered a time when she had Kay to keep her company, now only her reindeer, who at the moment slumped in exhaustion together snoring loudly. She took out of her sleigh assorted greens she had found and fed them to her reindeer, all of whom gobbled it up heartily.
She sat herself back down in her sleigh, alone with only the constant frosty chill and flakes of snow that were her constant companions.

"You all are a blessing to have pulling my sleigh, but you all are not much for conversation." The Snow Queen said to Bae, the reindeer who led the team.

"Sometimes, I wish you would talk to me, of course that's a foolish wish, I fancy reindeer wouldn't be very articulate in conversations. What I wouldn't give for an intelligent conversation right now" The Snow Queen said pensively as she pulled the devil's mirror from the bag she carried it in. Looking at her reflection she noticed the she wasn't exactly alone with the reindeer.

"...and who pray tell are you?" she asked.

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Puck was wandering again. He did it often, but never quite this far as of late. However, with spring tightening it's grip on the Sleeping Woods and Oberon in the deepest mood Puck had ever seen him in, the green fey had decided to take to heel.

After hearing the Hunter's report regarding the goings-on in Camlann, he decided perhaps he should investigate himself and not worry Oberon with such matters. But the sheer amount of iron weapons prevalent had made even his usually tough skin crawl with unease and he quickly left the Northern kingdom to head further East. He found himself wandering into the the coniferous forests of the Koude Reizen mountain range, and he felt slightly more at ease there. There winter was reluctant to give way to spring just yet and the cold bite of frost in the air was reassuring.

Making his way through the trees, he was drawn to a clearing by the sound of a voice. A woman, and she was speaking to herself. Or rather, to her animals, he realized when he came close enough to spy her from a high branch. How odd she looked, with her sleigh and her accoutrements, but he knew immediately that this was no mortal. Something about her was...otherworldly.

He was about to move, about to slip closer for a better look, when he was spotted. Puck hesitated only a moment before dropping from an incredible height and landing with equally incredible grace on the forest floor. Standing, he skirted a bow. "Robin Goodfellow, milady," he answered easily. "Who might you be?"
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That question caught the Snow Queen off-guard. She had to think, to try to remember. Yet, she failed to remember who exactly she was. Turning to the intruder the Snow Queen coldly looked at her new companion.

"I'll have you know that I, I don't exactly remember who I am. So for now I think it wise if you just refer to me as 'milady'. It will save me much trouble." She said as she quickly put the devil's mirror away. Something about this newcomer made the Snow Queen feel that maybe he shouldn't get ahold of the devil's mirror.

"I have a little bread and cheese in my sleigh, if you're hungry I would be happy to let you have the last of it. I don't have much of an appetite." The Snow Queen said as she sat herself back down into the sleigh and gently patted the cushion next to her as if to entice this Robin Goodfellow to sit next to her. She was cautious of his arrival, but glad to have some non-reindeer companionship at the moment.

"If I may be so forward to ask, where exactly am I? I haven't a map, I just travel where the wind blows. Here is where the wind stopped, so I decided to stop myself."
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There were many things one didn't do in the presence of Puck, but the two most important things not to do, the Snow Queen had in fact just done. Her first mistake was revealing a weakness; a lack of memory left her open to suggestion, open to manipulation to those with few scruples and Puck had none to speak of. Her second mistake was hurrying to hide that mirror. Nothing piqued Puck's interest quite as surely as a secret to be found out, especially when said secret was being hidden from him. He was already getting ideas, mind turning shrewdly.

But none of this showed on his face, his expression one of carefully cultivated innocence. "Thank you, milady," he said with eager appreciation as he joined her on her sleigh. "Your generosity is great." He wasn't particularly hungry, but he took the offered food anyway. "I believe you'd found yourself in the Koude Reizen, a mountain range in the northeast of this world," he said between bites. "I am something of a wanderer as well and often find myself in unexpected places. How fortunate we should happen to meet in our wanderings."
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Yes, she had just shown weakness to her new companion. Yet, the Snow Queen's mind at that moment was churning out a wonderful little scheme. A scheme that if all goes according to plan, would let her regain her memories. The Snow Queen smiled at Puck a coy loving smile, the kind a mother would smile at her child as it stuffed it's fingers into the cookie jar. As she offered up to him the bread and cheese she patted him on the head.

"Does my cold not bother you, dear Fae child. How fortunate indeed we did meet here. Here I am, all alone in the world without a friend or companion to guide me through these alien terrains" She said as she purposely thought of cold winter, which caused nature around her to react by causing a flurry of Snow to fall on her and Puck.

"These mountains, they remind me much of home" She said letting the word "remind" have a large emphasis.

"I do remember my palace of Ice, how would you like that, to be a royal in a palace of ice." She said as she let the words "remember", "palace" and "royal" have a bit of a cool tempt.

"Yet, enough of that my Robin Goodfellow, where are you from?" She asked as she put the bag with the mirror in the folds of her fur coat with her hands covering the area.

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Puck paused mid-chew. She'd pat him on the head, like some child. No one pat Puck on the head in such a way, not even Oberon unless the mood struck the young faerie. His eyes narrowed minutely and inside he snarled at the condescending gesture, but his tone didn't change from one of guileless cheer when he spoke. "Cold is my favored clime, milady. My kind thrive in the winter chill." How funny that it should start to snow just then. Perhaps she had something to do with it; she certainly had magic coming off of her. But Puck figured it a minor thing.

Finishing off his small meal, Puck wondered what on earth she was going on about, but he gave her his best boyish smile. "I hail from the Sleeping Woods, milady, to the West, and before that, another world far from here." He paused, then went on, in a regretful tone, "Royalty and palace sound nice, indeed. Unfortunately, I'm but a servant who already has a master and there are no palaces for me in my future." Not that Puck really minded. Palaces meant a certain amount of responsibility that didn't suit him in the least.
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The Snow Queen smiled, she knew she had made Puck a little more than perturbed at her little affectionate pat on the head. This of course was all to her whim. She left her sleigh seat and went to her reindeer whom she started to brush.

"So, you have a master." she injected. "tell me a bit about him, and this Sleeping Woods you come from" she said as she watched the snow float down to the earth in droves now.
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Lounging back in the comfort of her sleigh, Puck took his time answering the Snow Queen, watching her every movement with deceptively drowsy eyes. "He is king of all fey," he said finally, tone seemingly bored. "And the Sleeping Woods are home to most of them." He wasn't being purposefully reticent - not at the moment anyway - he just wasn't keen on the subject just then. Not when he was, for all intents and purposes, trying to avoid it by traveling.
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The Snow Queen was tiring of these hills. The winds were starting to blow again and blow her delightful flurry of snow off of her and her new friend. Looking at the drowsy reindeer who were moving once again due to being roused by the snow, the Snow Queen decided it was about time for her to move on. These Sleeping Woods seemed like the place she'd like to move on to. Of course after traveling a bit further with her new companion. She wanted to get more information out of him. Yet, she wasn't going to show it very much. She was going to slowly seep it out of him.

"I see that my reindeer are a little rested, maybe it's time for us to move on. Tell me my dear Robin Goodfellow. Where would you like to travel to. The sky is the limit" She said mysteriously.

"As a lonely traveler it would do me good to have someone more versed in these lands than I, who have found myself here so recently. It's a dangerous place, that much I can tell." She said as she began to pack up her sleigh, keeping a firm hand on the devil's mirror hidden in the folds of her furs.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/08/2007 11:03:14  

Where would he like to go? Puck didn't have a particular destination in mind; he rarely did. So he shrugged a shoulder and tossed out flippantly, "I don't particularly care where we go, lady. Pick a direction and point your beasts that way." He smirked. "And it's only dangerous if you don't know what you're doing."
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The Snow Queen was enjoying Puck's company. It reminded her alot of Kay. With the sleigh all packed and the reindeer resigned to their team, the Snow Queen sat back in the sleigh regally.

"I say we travel west as far as we can." She said as she cracked a whip and the reindeer started off. They ran a bit first then picked up speed running faster, and faster still, until at just the right moment when it seemed like the Snow Queen and Puck would careen off the side of a ledge, that the cold winds that follow the Snow Queen seemed to pick her and the sleigh, and the reindeer et all, and carry them into the sky. Yes, they were flying. The reindeer continued to gallop at full force, their hooves hitting nonexistant ground while the sleigh soared high over the Koude Reizen mountains.

It was then that they were off. High above the world at the coldest points, where snowflakes form from percipitation. Back when the Snow Queen still ruled over winter this would be where the northern lights would greet her. Yet, she was far from her palace of ice in the wild northern tundra.

"From here we can see the entire lay of the lands." She said as she pointed to the mountains they just came from.

"So what is the Sleeping Woods like?" She asked. "Such a peculiar name, a sleeping wood, do the trees take a midafternoon nap every day?" She mused in a show of uncharacteristic humor.
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He wouldn't admit it, but Puck was impressed. He's never come across flying reindeer before and the almost hurtling off of a cliff like that appealed to his reckless nature. He'd never been this high up before, not that he could remember and he rather enjoyed the little squirm in his belly that it gave him. The only indication that he was enjoying himself was in the slight easing around his eyes; the rest of his face was patently disinterested.

"I'm not really sure why it's called that," he said honestly. "But it's a wood, not really different from any other forest. Oh, except for the magics." The Sleeping Woods was rife with it - if you were attuned to such things and knew where to look. There was also the not-so-small matter of the Jabberwocky, but he failed to mention that wee beasty.
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The Snow Queen saw the sun setting close at hand, so she knew they were heading in the right direction. She had an innate sense of direction, it comes with being the ruler of winter, you need to know which areas to blanket with snow. Which surprisingly was happening now, as the flying sleigh made it's way west small flurries of unseasonal snow fell to the earth. These snow flurries were an innate calling card of the Snow Queen a way to tell where and when she went somewhere.

"I don't think you'd be too keen to returning to the Sleeping Woods anytime soon, so lets keep going westward, what kingdom lies to the west?" The Snow Queen inquired.
From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/10/2007 14:24:03  

"The Ozland lies West," Puck murmured as he watched the sun set. The Snow Queen didn't know, but Ozland bordered the Sleeping Woods and she was, in fact, taking him closer to where he'd come from rather than farther away. Damn. Well, so long as they didn't wander into the Sleeping Woods themselves, he'd be content enough. He wondered how long it would take for Oberon to miss him. Probably not long at all. Puck smiled at the thought.
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The Snow Queen looked deeply at Puck as they crossed the Sleeping Woods. The lights of Ozland met their eyes soon.

"I see we are just in time. Such a big beautiful land, perhaps we could easily get lost in the hoi palloi of the cities." She said as she cracked her whip and the reindeer started a dive towards landing.

"Hold on tight" she added.
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Puck felt the Snow Queen's eyes on him as they flew, and he wondered what she was looking for. No matter, he kept his eyes on the horizon, taking in the colors as the sun slipped away to allow evening it's dominion. He'd never seen a sunset from so far up before and he found it even more beautiful than he'd originally thought.

He was broken from his reverie by the Snow Queen's words and he wrinkled his nose a little. "I'm not too fond of cities." Though they offered a fair amount of targets for his mischief, there was also a great deal of iron about and it made his skin crawl. Shaking off his remembered unease, he didn't bother holding on to anything as they descended rapidly, enjoying the dipping sensation in his belly. He was a contrary fellow.
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They landed gracefully with a small thud as the rudders of the sleigh landed on the paved street.
"Did you enjoy my form of travel young fae?" She asked as she disembarked her sleigh.

"We traveled across this world in a few scant moments" She said as she breathed deep in. The air in the city was less clear as that of the mountaintops, or the village she found the girl who was infected by the devil's mirror. She felt no chill and so she knew there was no one about with a shard of the devil's mirror in them. She was lucky to find two places free of persons infected by the devil's mirror, and she cherished the break. For now she enjoyed travel with her Puck.
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"It was...different," was all he'd admit as he jumped down the sleigh, already distracted by the sights of this new place. It certainly was a strange-looking city, to be certain, unlike any city he'd been to before. He wondered what sort of people lived there and if they were terribly gullible. "So where do we go from here?" He wasn't really asking for a destination; he feet had already started wandering.
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The Snow Queen frankly didn't really know where they were heading. She just wandered about, letting her cold caress the people around her. People who were previously used to the warm spring that was beginning to come. She didn't quite know what awaited her here. Yet, she did get the ill at ease in her stomach, the feeling someone around her here was infected with a shard of the devil's mirror. So she looked. She looked high and low, letting her feelings lead her to what she needed to find. She didn't really place that Puck was still with her, as she was on a mission.

Soon she found it. A haggard Ozland denizen who was currently beating a gump that pulled her cart senseless.

"Stupid creature.." The Snow Queen could sense that the shard was inside of her eye, making her only see evil in the world, her hard working gump was the victim of her seeing it as a lazy beast. The Snow Queen grabbed the haggard woman's hand and sighed.

"Animals shouldn't be treated that way madame, you beat it half to death." She looked deep into the frightened woman's eye, and crying a bitter cold tear into it, removed the shard of glass from the eye.

"Hopefully now, you will see how hard of a working animal your gump truely is." She said as she took the piece she removed from the hag's eye and placed it in her sack with her mirror. It was a small shard, easily removed by just a cold tear of sympathy from the Snow Queen, since it hadn't settled long inside of her and festered. The woman cried over her half dead gump and kissed the Snow Queen on her cold beautiful cheek.

She walked away slowly. Still not paying much heed to Puck as she placed her bag with the mirror back in the folds of her coat, and kept her hand firmly on it.

From: [info]puckeredup Date: 04/15/2007 14:42:13  

It was just as well the Snow Queen wasn't paying much attention to Puck, because the young faerie had wondered off well before she'd found the old crone with the sliver of mirror in her eye. More's the pity; he would have been terribly interested in witnessing that.

But as it was, he was interested in other things, specifically the odd and wondrous sights to see in Ozland.
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