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Near Lake Raienia, and more than a little lost [Open!]
An angry little ball of light was zipping furiously in and around the trees and rocks on the shores of Lake Raienia. She was mostly angry with herself, that no matter how irritated she was about Peter having forgotten her, she still looked for him. He'd been here, sometime back, she could tell. And yet she hadn't found anyplace anything like Neverland, where he'd want to stay. She hadn't found anyone else who knew them: the Lost Boys, Hook, no one.

Frustrated now, she dropped to a rock, small hands cupping small face and frowned, an incredibly intense looking expression for one so small. She'd nearly forgotten about the fake little fairy she'd just met, but could probably call every intriguing detail of their conversation to mind if reminded. But there was no one to remind her, no one to talk to, no one at all.

In a shift so complete, anger was gone to be replaced by the sadness and depression she'd felt before, when she first realized she was completely alone. She hated it here, and if she couldn't find Peter, she was going to have to keep going someplace else, maybe find some real fairies. Somewhere she wouldn't have to be alone anymore.

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Peter couldn't experience loss. Couldn't recall meaningful death. Never missed anyone. The only one he had ever come to miss was Wendy, and that was strange and usually fleeting. Now, though, Peter was lonely. He had been alone before, but never quite so out of place. And he had never felt it. Not like this.
So Peter went flying. Flying always made him happy and surely it wouldn't fail this time. But it felt empty. He didn't even fly very high now. Just a low drift; lazy and and on his back, as he chewed a long bit of grass.

Peter had lost something. Perhaps even things. Why should anything bother the most wonderful boy that ever lived? The little twinkle of light by the lake seemed warm and familiar. A closer look would surely feel even better.
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Tink felt him before she saw him. It was the feeling she'd followed from fading Neverland, the smell of the carefree boy who never wanted to grow up. It wasn't as strong as his sudden nearness should have suggested, but she didn't notice. A flood of happiness pushed all negative thought away, only to be swiftly replaced again. That's right! She was supposed to be angry at him.

She stayed where she was and watched him come closer to her, an angry little fairy standing on a rcok.
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The boy came close and sat himself, cross-legged, in mid-air to hover there just above the water. Peter grinned wide, displaying his full mouth of perfect first-teeth like tiny pearls.

"Hello, fairy."
It had always puzzled him why other children could not simply speak to and understand the fairies. Whenever he would ponder over this, he would generally decide it was simply another way in which he was superior to most children. It did not occur to him that it had been because the little pixies had raised him from a babe. Such things never occurred to Peter, because he could never recall being any way but how he was in the moment.

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Tiny cool blue eyes regarded Peter frankly, and tiny nostrils flared at the salutation. Hello, Peter, Tink responded, still too full of anger to have any room for the hurt those two little words, confirmation that he really had forgotten her, might have brought. She zipped up to eye level and eyed him.

He did smell a little different. She wasn't sure why.
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For a moment, Peter almost felt something familiar about the pixie...but there was a terrible sting in thinking too much about it, and it left him again. He sat tall and proud, leaning his head back haughtily.

"It's good to see that even in strange places, all the pixies know Peter Pan!"
He let out a small crow of pride; partly for his obvious renown and partly in the continued effort to cheer himself.
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Tink stared at him, knowing she really shouldn't be so upset. This was Peter after all. This was his absolute nature who he was, the boy she loved for so long. He could forget something from moments ago or years ago with no discrimination, or suddenly remember it in months time with seemingly nothing to jog his memory.

But it had never applied to her. She had been constant. She could forgive him forgetting the Lost Boys. She could forgive him forgetting Hook, though that still she'd consider a little surprising. She wished with all her heart he would forget Wendy, and all the change she'd wrought. But how could he forget her?

All the pixies don't know Peter Pan. But I know you. And you don't remember me. Her tinkly little bell sounds were sad now.
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Why could the fairy not be happy? Why didn't she just want to have fun and go on adventures with him? Peter stared at her a moment or two, waiting for the tiny thing's fickle nature to change and for her to be more pleasant and amusing.

The tiny thing remained sad, though, and Peter's brow furrowed. He moved to sit next to her on the rocks of the lake shore.

"All the pixies of the Neverland know me!" He looked at her, trying to be proud and sure, but and found it made his heart ache. There had been a pixie with a soft bell and a sharp nature like this before, hadn't there? He missed her...
"...I'm sorry."
It wasn't a thing he ever said. He was never sorry. But it felt like the right thing to say.
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...What? Did Peter just apologize? Did he really say he was sorry? Forgetful or not, Peter Pan never said those words. He never felt at fault and never excused his behavior. Never.

Tink blinked. You're sorry? Peter, you're never sorry. Peter how much have you forgotten? Sadness was gone now, replaced by confusion, a suprised sort of disbelief. What was happening here?
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"Nothing important! If it was important, I wouldn't forget it."
For so great was Pan that he could surely not be so flawed. Why would the the most wonderful boy in the world forget things that mattered? Or forget at all? Usually, Peter was so oblivious to the things that he would forget that it would never even occur to him. This time, however, Peter was noticing the things that he'd lost..and he was missing them.

He picked the tiny girl up, for she was small and couldn't stop him. Peter held Tink up close to his face and squinted at her, struggling for better recognition.
"...You lived with me in the home underground! You and....and...there were others as well, weren't there?"
He pouts, laying back and sitting Tink down on his chest.
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Tink almost buzzed around him in a huff at the sudden flash of anger that statement brought. Her? Not important? But then he'd picked her up, like he'd done so often, and she stared right back at him, holding her breath as he grew so close to remembering.

The Lost Boys. Peter, do you remember them? Do you remember me? She sat on his chest, leaning forward, full of expectation and hope.
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"You are a wicked little fairy." His expression lifted with a little smirk because he knew he was right. "A naughty thing. But you are my fairy. ..." Another short twist to his face as he thought deeply and it came to him. "Tinkerbell!"

This was good to remember, and he hoped it was enough, because he could not recall all of his loyal Lost Boys.
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She couldn't help it. Tink let out a series of jingles and bell-like sounds that could only be recognized as sheer joy. She took to the air, zipping back and forth around Peter, a tiny ball of light. You remembered!

She was full of happiness, the sheer bright joy Peter wished her have. There wasn't any room for anger or hurt now, not now that Peter had remembered.
From: [info]wonderful_boy Date: 03/31/2007 20:56:52  

Peter laughed that child's first laugh that he always had. He clapped his hands and watched her fly over him. It felt good not to be alone. He never thought about feeling badly, but he was suddenly aware of feeling better.

"This place is strange, Tink. It isn't any fun. "
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Tink perched on Peter's shoulder, booted feet crossed, sullen pout on her face. No it isn't. I was flying for days before I saw anyone, and then it was this silly little fake fairy, and then it took even longer to find you, and there's nobody fun around!
From: [info]wonderful_boy Date: 04/01/2007 21:49:15  

"I'm bored."
The words were spoken as if no greater tragedy had ever befallen man. Surely, boredom was what had Peter down. It was the nagging thing plaguing him and making him feel so odd.

"There must be something here more fun than false fairies. I spotted pirates once! Familiar ones!" His smile was a wicked thing. It was curled with the pure innocent malice of a child who had killed James Hook once and would feel no remorse or concern in doing it again.
"But, I lost them again... Surely there are more pirates here? Or indians?"
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It was just like a fairy to forget anything that wasn't the here and now, and honestly Tink shouldn't have blamed him for forgetting her. Hell, she'd momentarily forgotten that he'd forgotten her! Adventure, Peter, we need an adventure! Maybe there's something here even better than pirates. Or indians! There's magic in the woods to the northwest; maybe something's there.
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