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In the sleeping woods, in a copse of trees.
Well. She was here. Wherever the hell here was. Tink peeped out from her little hollow in the tree and stamped a small impatient foot. Where was Peter? Where was anyone? Oh she saw people sure, but no one worth it. Not magical. Not faeries. No one who could even understand her.

She was full of frustration right now, so she took to flight, tiny ball of glowing light zipping through the trees. She found herself shortly by a stream and dropped to its egde, kicking off diminutive black boots and sticking her toes in. A huff of frustration sent pinkish-pale hair up and back down over her forehead.

What the hell should she do now?

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And just down the stream, hidden from view by a rather large group of flowers sat Tiny. She was planted upon a smooth, wet stone, just the right size for her to sit and work. She had spent all morning gathering various thick grasses and reeds to weave baskets. The task of collecting had been hard for a creature of her size, but she had done it, and was quite proud of herself.

And now came the relaxing part of the job. The weaving was soothing and almost mindless, and she did it skillfully. And Tiny decided to hum, which then turned into singing, which turned into a song that she had once heard her human mother sing before.

"Early one morning, just as the sun was ri-ising. I heard a maiden si-in-ing in the va-a-lley below."
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Tink hadn't heard the humming, but when it turned to singing, she looked up from splashing water on her face. Who the hell was singing? She didn't see anyone there...

She got to her feet and then took off, flying in the direction of the humming. It sounded like it was coming from behind some flowers. She pushed a bulb aside, rather surprised to see a little fairy, smaller than her even weaving grass and singing.
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"Oh don't deceive me, Oh never leave could you-" and her voice cut short when she heard the slight rustling behind her. Tiny whirled around, and at first it was hard to see what caused the sound.

And then she saw the light pink hair and the fact that belonged to it. "Oh!" Her mouth created an O of surprise, and she lowered the basket she had been weaving. Someone as small as she! Well..bigger than she, but at least they weren't huge like that Puck fellow she had run into. But this one had wings, too...was she a fairy? Was she from the flower court? Oh god was she going to capture her and bring her back to that dreadful prince?
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Tink scrunched up her nose. It was a girl. Tink didn't like girls. Especially not if they were like that Wendy-girl. She didn't speak aloud but any fairy could and would understand her. Confident that this was a fairy, Tink had no compunctions about dropping down in front of her, wings folded against her back, and in her tinkly body language demanded rather rudely, Who are you?
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Tiny...blinked. She heard very pretty sounds, and at first she didn't quite understand where they were coming from. She blinked again and looked around, and then her eyes settled back on the pink-haired fairy. Were the little bells coming from her?

".......Uh." Tiny drew a knee to her chest, leaving the other leg stretched out along the stone. Her eyes were a mixture of suspicion and curoisity. "...How do you make that sound? It's pretty." Her eyes searched Tink's hands. No, no bells there...
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Tink scoffed. Didn't she understand? What kind of fairy was this? I'm talking to you, you twit. That's the sound! She rolled her eyes when it was clear the little fairy didn't understand and cleared away a section of dirt. Writing with a slender finger, Tink replied, "I'm talking. Don't you understand?"
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There was the sound again! Tiny's eyes lit up, and she tilted her head from side to side, trying to figure out the magic behind those wonderful sounds. When Tink began writing in the dirt, Tiny hopped down from her stone to get a closer look. She read the words, and then furrowed her brows in confusion. "...You are? I don't understand anything you're....well, saying."
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Tink stared at her in disbelief. "What kind of useless fairy are you? This is the language of fairies! We ALL know it!" The jingly sounds now were short and sharp, and anyone who understood who have clearly caught every little expletive she let out.

Clean language was not part of Tink's vocabulary.
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Tiny waited until the letters were written, and then her jaw dropped. Well, that was rude. And those pretty little jingle sounds sounded like little happy gunshots now.

"I'm not a fairy!" She said with slight exasperation. Geez, first Puck thought she was a fairy, and now this one did. It was times like this that she wished the wings weren't there, as much as she loved the things. "So you're speaking like a fairy. I don't know how to speak that way."
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What? You have fairy wings. How are you- Ugh! Tink made another sharp sound, eyes rolling, and started writing again. "You have fairy wings. How are you not a fairy?"
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Whoever this fairy was, she was one impatient girl. Tiny figured that since she hadn't been manhandled yet, Tink hadn't been sent to come and get her.

Tiny sighed. "They were a gift. I wasn't born with them. I'm just a girl." Well, a rather small girl, but a girl just the same.
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Tink let out an exasperated sounding jingle. "What's your name?" Because really otherwise, she would just call her Fake Fairy. If she were feeling generous.
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Well, at least Tink hadn't hit her over the head yet. She certainly looked like she wanted to. Tiny proudly smiled, and tucked a bit of her long hair back. "Tiny. What's yours?"
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Well that was a stupid name, Tink thought. All it did was describe her size. Tink, of course, neglected to remember her own name merely described the kind of fairy she was. "Tinkerbell." She scrathed out the last part. Few bothered to use her whole name. She certainly didn't.
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Thank goodness Tiny hadn't been able to hear the 'stupid' bit out loud. She was so defensive of her name, and she hated when people made fun of it.

"Tink!" She said with delight. "Like the sounds you make!"

Duh, george.
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Gods above she was simple. Tink gave her a fake little smile, feeling superior. "Yes. Exactly. So who gave you those wings?" What fairy gave away such a precious gift. Rather, Tink was nosy and wanted to know why she had gotten those wings.
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At least Tink was smiling at her now. Tiny was too dense and nice to notice that it was completely fake.

At Tink's question, Tiny hesitated. If Tink was a fairy, she might betray her trust. But..Tink didn't seem to be affiliated with the same fairies her "husband" was over. So Tiny decided to trust her.

Stupid girl.

"..Well..." She glanced around, and bit her lip nervously. "...From other fairies.."
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Tink cocked her head. This girl was certainly not a fairy. Any fairy would have been smart enough not to trust another. "Why did they give you wings?" This should be interesting.
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She hesitated again, and fiddled with the bottom of her skirt. "...It was a gift...becuase...becuase I got married."

But there was obviously more to the story, and Tiny was obviously very afraid to go further into it.
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Really now? Tink didn't seem to care that Tiny was reluctant. No she wanted the whole story. "So that was your wedding gift? Where's your husband now?"

Tink didn't have room to pretend to be compassionate. But she doubted tiny would notice her smile wasn't exactly as encouraging as it should have been.
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"...Um..." Suddenly the tips of her hair became far more interesting to Tiny, and she fiddled with those now. "..We're..not really together right now, I....I ran away."

She hadn't told anybody that since she did run away, and it felt surprisingly good to get out.
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Ran away? Tink forgot to write in her surprise. She blinked at Tiny and then wrote hurriedly, scrawled, "You ran away from him? Why?"
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Tiny was letting it all spill now, in her fit of careless passion. "Because!I didn't love him and he was so controlling! And then he talked about babies! I don't want to make babies for him! Just because he's a prince and he wanted an heir doesn't-"

Oh, hell. Tiny slapped her little hands over her mouth.
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Tink stared at Tiny and was unable to refrain herself from writins, "Why the fuck did you marry him if you didn't love him?" That was just stupid. Really, was the fake fairy so small she didn't have room for a brain? "Wait, he was a prince?"
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"I didn't want to!" Tiny clinched her fists at her sides. "They made me! They didn't even ask if I wanted to, but the fairies just...gave me these wings, and he took me away."

Ugh, she had heard the bit about him being a prince. Tiny's shoulders sagged. "Yes."
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"Did they threaten to kill you if you didn't? Did he use his power to force you?" Tink wrote faster now, irritation and superiority both replaced in turn by a dangerous kind of curiousity.
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KILL her?! Well, she was never openly threatened with death, but now she was very much terrified at the prospect. What if when they did find her, they WOULD kill her?!

"W-Well...not openly, but...they did tell me that I was not to leave, and that I had to do what he told me to, as his wife, and as the princess. But...I ran away, anyway." Tiny was pale now, and sat down hard upon the ground.
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Tink scoffed again. "If they didn't try to kill you, they how could they MAKE you marry him. You could have said no and left."

Common sense, pure and simple. Then again maybe she was lacking that too.

Ugh, her fingers were getting tired and so dirty.
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"Becuase I had no where else to go, and I had no idea where I was. And they promised to help me find my mother, but they never did." Tiny said this bitterly, and her anger flashed in her eyes.

"They lied to me, and only wanted me there to make his babies. And so I left."
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Tink sat back, curiousity gone. Her moods flashed by so fast - they had to, with room for only one at a time. Now she had gone straight to scheming. "So you ran away from them. Won't they be angry?" She wrote slower now, an almost lazy kind of scrawl.
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"Probably." Tiny murmured, and she traced her own finger in the dirt, but just as a distraction. "...That's why I came here. So they don't find me."
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Well. That was useful. One more thing... "Who are they? The ones who gave you the wings?" Tink had to be thorough after all. Every piece of information was vital for future use.
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Tiny looked up now, and her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "...What if you're a part of them? You don't look like you are, but...I don't want to go back. I don't!" She said the last two words with a sure firmness, and smacked her palm into the dirt to emphasize them.
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Tink laughed. "How can I be a part of them when I don't even know who they are?" She seemed unaffected by Tiny's vehemence. She didn't really care whether Tiny stayed or went back, or hell, was dragged back. But she did want to know who might be doing the dragging.
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"...Well, that's a good point." She murmured, feeling stupid. Of course, it didn't occur to the simple-minded girl that Tink could just be lying about not knowing who they were. But poor Tiny was so desperate for a friend, or at the very least, someone to confide in.

"The Flower Fairy Court."

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Tink hadn't been lying. She certainly wasn't part of the Flower Fairy Court. Or any really. In fact she'd been in Neverland with Peter so long, so far removed from her own kind that she held no loyalties to any court at all. She shrugged. "You think they'll come after you?"
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Think? Hell, she knew. "Yes. I know they will, because they threatened me once before that if I ran away, they'd find me." Tiny sighed, and picked up the basket she had dropped before, trying to fix the reed she had interuppted.
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"Hmm. Pretty shitty situation you got yourself into there," Tink wrote, and she tinkled flippantly as she did. The whole situation was rather ridiculous; there was no reason for Tiny to have had to run off. She shouldn't have married him in the first place, Tink thought, and her conviction of that was firm. So firm that she'd already decided there was no helping Tiny.

Assuming she'd even considered doing that in the first place.
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"It's okay, though." Tiny brightened in her optimistic way. "I'll be with my mother, soon. Someone promised to help me, and he should be back any day now. And once I'm with her again, everything will be okay."

She fixed her basket with satisfaction.
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Tink idly stretched out her legs, pulling her boots back on. "Really. And who said he'd help you?" She squatted again, incredibly unladylike in her ripped tight and skirt, fanning her wings in the air.
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"Why, a Mr. Goodfellow. Robin Goodfellow, he said his name was!" She was smiling happily now, weaving reeds in and out methodically. "And he said he could bring me to my mother."
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The name meant nothing to Tink but it was good to know. She got back to her feet again, and fluttered her wings, lifting off into the air. "Well. I guess you'll see just how good a fellow he is. Bye, Tiny." There was no lead in to her sudden desire for departure. She'd just decided she'd had enough with the conversation for now.
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"I guess I will." Tiny said stubbornly, looking up at Tink as she began to depart. "Good bye, Tink." That was...quick and sudden. But no matter. At least Tink wasn't a Flower Fairy. That was always a relief for Tiny.

Tiny turned her attention back to her basket-making, and it wasn't long before her voice lifted back into song.
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