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By the lake in the Sleeping Woods, near Swan's cabin. [Open to anyone]
When Mowgli woke up late morning, Swan was nowhere to be found. It didn't concern Mowgli too much; he merely assumed the other man had gone off to find breakfast, or bath by the lake, or something he may have been accustomed to doing well before Mowgli showed up. So the empty cabin didn't bother him. In fact, Mowgli went exploring the large room with its singular section courted off. Of course that didn't make for much exploration. It was one giant room after all.

Hours slowly slipped by and as they did, Mowgli grew concerned. He left the cabin searching the surrounding areas, but not once did he catch glimpse of the man he'd met the night before. Mid-afternoon found him at the lake, perturbed expression on his face, half-watching a cluster of swans in the water, like the same cluster as last night. He cocked his head. He hadn't gotten that good a look at them in the moonlight, but he felt certain there was one more today. He idly wondered where that one had been before, as he chewed on a piece of bread and some berries. Where had Swan gone? Would he return? He considered going to look for him again, but what if he returned while Mowgli was gone? He sat at the edge of the lake and gazed out across the water. If Swan wasn't back by nightfall, then Mowgli would look. But until then, he would wait.

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From: [info]_tama Date: 03/15/2007 16:47:39  

Tama licked her lips, finishing off her breakfast nearby, in the trees. She washed herself meticulously, cleaning the back of her ears with her forepaws; she was still muddy from wrestling around with the eight-pound eel which had been unfortunate enough to stick its head out of the water when she'd passed. The thing was now a four-pound eel carcass, mangled and stinking up the branches in the tree.
When she was done washing, she looked as good as almost-new, and she certainly didn't smell fishy anymore.
She glanced uninterestedly at the swans in the lake, and at the man sitting at the edge of the water. He looked harmless enough; maybe he would be up for a chat.

She carefully made her way down the tree-trunk and trotted up to him, meowing innocently like a kitten.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/15/2007 16:51:06  

Mowgli looked down immediately at the sound of the meow. He half expected to see Puss, but instead there was another cat, one with pretty brown and black markings. Mowgli smiled at the feline and immediately offered his had, with three bluberries still in his palm.

My but he did seem to attract cats, big or small.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/15/2007 17:07:04  

Tama sniffed the man's hand and purred, rubbing the side of her face against his fingers. He smelled nice, like the blueberries that he'd been eating. She walked around him and sat up next to his legs, twitching her tail.
She turned herself into her human form almost nonchalantly then, hoping the man wouldn't be too scared.
Maybe it would've been better if I'd just changed my form in the trees, she thought, but I would've gotten eel-juice all over my new dress...

"Such a nice day today, isn't it?"
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/15/2007 20:40:11  

One moment there was a cat and the next, a woman. A woman standing right next to him, right where the cat had been. To say Mowgli was surprise was an understatement.

Mowgli attempted to jump back, but squatting as he was, all it served to do was knock him onto his rear. He stared up at her in stunned shock, too taken aback to respond. He knew animals. He knew men. He never knew they could turn into each other.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/15/2007 21:06:25  

"It's okay, I won't bite," Tama said, smiling as reassuringly as she could. Yeah, it would've been better if she'd changed back in the trees. At least this guy didn't pull a sword on me, she thought. Or run away screaming.

"I'm Tama. What's your name?"
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/15/2007 22:03:09  

Okay. So it was strange, whatever she had just done. Strange and a little unbelievable, but at least she didn't seem threatening. Her smile was kind, the language of her body suggesting friendliness. He went back into a crouch and squinted up at her. "Mowgli," he responded, pointing to himself. And he looked at her as he sounded out her own name, perhaps on of the easier he'd ever learned. "Tama."
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/15/2007 22:39:07  

"Mowgli." What a strange name, Tama thought. "Nice to meet you."

She sat down next to Mowgli, tucking her legs neatly under herself. She could sense that something was different about this man -- he looked somewhat dissheveled, for one, but that didn't stand out as much as the look in his eyes. He didn't seem very...human, even if she was pretty sure he was from the way he smelled.

The shape-shifter swung her tail this way and that, brushing it lightly against Mowgli's arm. "Sorry for scaring you a bit earlier; I didn't mean to. I', not really that capable of speech as a cat, you see, so I thought it would be better for me to turn into a human." She decided to leave out the part about eel-juice getting on her dress.

"What're you up to around here, if you don't mind me asking? I haven't seen anyone wandering about these areas except for a couple of hunters. And you certainly don't appear to be a hunter."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 10:45:49  

Mowgli watched her tail move, but didn't pull away when it brushed against his arm. It hadn't changed with her when she turned into a... what were the female man-people called again? Oh right. A woman. Mowgli idly wondered if she'd neglected to change it or if she could not.

He furrowed his brow as he looked at her. She was talking a lot, not particularly slowly, and it was hard to follow everything she just said. Mowgli managed to pick up the fact that she'd changed so she could talk to him better. Almost ironic. He probably would have understood her better as a cat.

The rest took a little longer to follow but he caught the gist of it as well. Responding was harder still. "Not hunter. Looking for Swan." By which he really meant to say, No, I'm not a hunter. I came here yesterday and met a man named Swan, who I'm looking for now. That didn't quite come across. Especially not when there was a small flock of swans right in the lake.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 12:54:09  

Tama cocked her head a little to the side at his response. Maybe he didn't speak the language.

"Oh, I see." She slowed her speech down a bit, and pointed out at the swans swimming in the lake. "The 'swan' you're looking for -- it's not one of those, right?"
That was probably a stupid question, she thought, and twitched her tail, a tad annoyed at herself.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 13:06:54  

Mowgli paused to look at the swans again, notably the new one that hadn't been there last night. Then he looked back at Tama and shook his head. "No, Swan is man, like me. Swan is his name... not... not what he is." He didn't realize he was only half right with that statement.

He stood then and looked down at Tama. "Why are you here?" He asked the question without preamble, full of curiousity. If it seemed odd he was there, was it not odd for her to be? Everything he said came out slow and measured as if he had to think before he spoke, which he did. It was less like he was unfamiliar with the language than being unfamiliar with spoken language at all.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 18:34:50  

Tama blinked. "I see..." A man named Swan? How odd, she thought.

"I'm here because -- well, I like to explore." She smiled a bit; the fact was, she had been forced to run away from the last town she was at because her client had discovered her tail (she should've been more careful) when she'd undressed for him and had run screaming from the room. "And, you know, most people aren't too understanding of beings like myself."
She added the last bit on there because she didn't like telling complete lies.

"Where am I, anyway? I've never traveled in these areas before."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 19:21:42  

"Oh." Wait what? Oh! Oh maybe she meant people didn't like her tail? That wasn't normal, Mowgli understood that. He didn't care though. He wasn't what men considered normal either. To her question he responded with a shurg. "I do not know these woods." Which he didn't. He had just walked until he found the lake. And Swan.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 19:41:47  

"Ah." Tama nodded. Mowgli wasn't much of a talker, but she liked that; she could take a break from slathering her words in sugar, or making meaningless conversation -- it felt refreshing. "Well...where did you come from? Anywhere near here?"
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 19:52:57  

Mowgli wouldn't have caught any of the sugar coating or sweet talk anyhow, so it was a good thing Tama wasn't making the effort. He shook his head again. "I do not think so. I walked for a very long time. Where did you come from?"
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 20:02:48  

"There was a small village up towards the north -- I was staying there for some time." She smiled. "I've been traveling for a while, too. I'm glad I followed the stream to this lake; the animals around here are much too clever for me to catch. The fish are quite clever as well, but not as much, apparently."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 20:10:24  

Mowgli pursed his lips. "Are you hungry? Do you need food?" Catching animals was easy for him. He usually stuck with small ones; big game was hard when you carried no weapons but a skinning knife. But if Tama wanted him to catch something, maybe a fish, he could do that.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 20:18:33  

"Oh no, I'm fine -- I just caught a eel for myself." Tama patted her stomach. "And it was good."
She pointed to the tree. "I still have half of it left, if you want some; I was thinking of roasting it for lunch. Maybe your...friend? can join us."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 20:26:13  

Mowgli wasn't hungry per se. He might have taken up her offer if she hadn't mentioned Swan again. His brow furrowed with confusion and worry. "I do not know where he is." It was getting late and he was getting worried. What if something had happened? "I was waiting... for him here. If he came back."
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/16/2007 20:59:46  

In truth, Swan hadn't really gone anywhere but to the lake, sneaking out before dawn, before Mowgli could wake and see him transform. The last thing he'd wanted was to scare off his new friend. Unfortunately that meant leaving him alone for the day.

So there Swan was, watching Mowgli from the lake, had been all morning. He wished he could have kept Mowgli from worrying - he could tell by how the man had searched for him earlier - but there really wasn't anything he could do. He hoped Mowgli wouldn't get...lonely?

If swans could frown, he would be doing so. Who was that woman? Where had she come from so suddenly? She was quite lovely - Swan had an eye for lovely things - and he couldn't help but wonder if Mowgli thought so as well. It was the swan's territorial instincts that had him swimming towards shore before he realized and waddling up the sandy bank towards the tow figures.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 22:55:01  

Tama noticed a movement in the water and looked towards the lake. She saw the swan approaching and smiled, wondering if it was tame. Something about the look in its eyes didn't seem too bird-like, though, and that bothered her a bit.
"Hello," she said, crouching down. "You're a pretty one."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 23:00:06  

It was that new swan, the one Mowgli had been looking at before, swimming right over to them. Mowgli crouched as well dropping into a squat. It was a very pretty swan, Tama was right about that.

It didn't matter if it was tame or not, Mowgli reached out for it. Wild animals - even wolves and big cats - could not stand up to his stare. But he was certain he had no need to stare down this beautiful bird. A bright smile spread across his face as he reached for the swan, the last of his blueberries in his hand.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/16/2007 23:12:36  

Swan paused in front of the woman; she really was very pretty...He was distracted by her for a moment and even stretched his wings a bit as if presenting himself to her.

But then Mowgli approached, smiling widely and offering berries and Swan was instantly diverted once more. If birds could smile, Swan would be. He waddled happily over to his new friend, gobbling down the berries. They weren't nearly as good as duckweed, but they were good nonetheless. He spread his wings again, flapping them in greeting.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/16/2007 23:27:12  

"He's acting like he knows you already!" Tama said, watching the bird eat out of Mowgli's hand. It was kind of odd; swans, even the tame ones, were usually not this friendly. "You must be very good with animals."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/16/2007 23:42:18  

Mowgli's grin only spread wider. "I was r-" What was that word? No, it was no good; he couldn't remember. He tried rewording instead. "I grew up with animals. I like them." he stroked the swan's neck, fingers sliding over soft feathers. Tama was right again though. This one was very, very friendly.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/17/2007 00:03:16  

Swan leaned into the petting eagerly, long elegant neck arching and curling and he nuzzled his bill into Mowgli's hand. So content was he, that he briefly forgot that there was another person there at all.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/17/2007 11:44:45  

"I see. Perhaps it would've been better if I'd remained in my cat form, then." Tama swung her tail amusedly as she watched the rather charming scene. "I wonder if this one's chosen a mate, yet. It looks sort of lonely, doesn't it?"
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/17/2007 11:53:14  

Mowgli looked back up at Tama for a moment, as if trying to find the right words. "I can talk to animals. Not as well people." He wasn't sure if what he said made much sense. Anytime he tried to tell someone that, they often looked at him in the same way, a look he didn't really understand.

That was part of the reason he liked animals better. They were easier to understand. As for the rest of Tama's question, Mowgli pursed his lips. "He looks like... he likes people. Maybe more than other swans." Mowgli cocked his head at the Swan, his body language seeming to say, Is that right? Are you lonely?
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/17/2007 13:16:16  

Swan ducked his head, a little shy and a little sad. Yes, I'm so lonely. He butted against Mowgli's hand then waddled about until he could settle against his side. The woman was right, Swan had chosen a mate before, but that hadn't turned out well at all. So now, as he had been for ages now, he was looking for another mate, one that wouldn't leave him.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/17/2007 14:00:32  

Tama sat back and relaxed, enjoying the moment. It was so quiet and serene, quite a contrast from the noise she was used to. "Ah, yes. Animals are much better companions; they rarely lie or cheat --" She smiled a little wistfully. "Unless they've been in the company of men for too long, like myself. Seems like things worked out totally differently for yourself. The animals you grew up with must have taught you well, as I see no trace of falsehood in your eyes."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/17/2007 14:11:14  

Mowgli smiled as the swan pressed against him. I will be your friend. And he stroked the swan's feathers again, responding to Tama as he did so. "I do not tell falsehoods as men do." Mostly because he could not. It was something he had never learned to do, never wanted to do. The concept of lying was simply beyond him. Speaking of concepts beyond him... "How are you animal and woman?"
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/19/2007 13:09:09  

"I'm neither animal nor human," Tama said, looking down at the swan. "...If that makes sense. I probably started out as a cat, a long time ago -- but I've since forgotten what it was like to be totally feline."
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/19/2007 15:03:47  

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From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/19/2007 15:04:45  

Mowgli seemed confused. She began as a cat? How did she change into a human in the first place? No animal Mowgli knew could do that, and he'd been raised with many kinds. "I do not understand. How... how do you change?"

He idly kept stroking the swan as he talked, as if the action was unconscious. The swan seemed to enjoy it, leaning heavily against Mowgli's leg.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/20/2007 17:17:24  

"I wish there was a simple way to explain it," Tama said, looking out at the swans still swimming in the lake. "It just...happened, one day, and eventually I was able to make myself change at will. I've always thought it was because I've been living among humans for such a long time." And a long time, it definitely was -- a few centuries, in fact.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/21/2007 10:27:05  

The sun was slipping towards the horizon. It couldn't be more than an hour till sunset, probably closer to forty-five minutes. "That... does not happen much, does it?" Mowgli asked. It didn't seem likely. He had never seen an animal just 'become' human one day, or even the other way around, with no rhyme or reason.

Mowgli got a bit more comfortable, the swan still leaning against him, Mowgli still stroking its bright white feathers. With a tilt of his head, Mowgli asked - slowly, because the words took a while to remember again - "Are you going to stay? Or... explore?" - was that the right words, the one she ahd used? - "some more?"
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/24/2007 11:23:35  

"No, I believe not -- but there are others out there who can change as well, for one reason or another." The swans were starting to swim to the other side of the lake, probably to sleep on the bank. "I've never seen another change myself, but I can sometimes tell by looking at people on the streets. Even if one's outward appearance is perfectly human, if they started out as an animal, naturally there's going to be something awkward about them after they change."

Tama looked on to the sky, which was gradually beginning to change its color. "I think I will be traveling by night. I need to find a way out of this place and find a town. What about yourself? Are you travelling together with Swan, or will you be camping out here?"
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/24/2007 11:40:41  

Swan had been perfectly content to lie next to Mowgli, enjoying his friends gentle pets and open affection. He'd been so content, that he hadn't paid attention to the sun crossing the sky, the passing of time. He'd been almost dozing really and if it hadn't been for the cat-woman mentioning his name and drawing his attention, he wouldn't have noticed just how late it had actually gotten.

Distressed, he jerked himself out of Mowgli's grasp, pausing to but his arm as if in apology before hurrying - as much as a waddling water fowl could hurry - for the lake again. As he paddled across the smooth surface, he could feel the change coming as the sun dipped ever lower int he sky and he raced for a thatch of reeds to hide behind so as not to change in front of two witnesses - even if one was his friend and the other not quite human herself.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/24/2007 11:45:30  

Mowgli stared after the swan, surprised and saddened by his sudden departure. Something was distressing him, that was clear, but the apology was just as much so. He had somewhere he needed to be. Perhaps he'd be back again.

Mowgli answered Tama as his brow furrowed. "Swan has... house, near here. He let me stay. But I can't find him today." He stood and turned to Tama. "I need to find him still." The whole day had passed, and Mowgli had still seen no trace of him. Sunset was upon them now, and he'd promised himself to go look for his missing friend again if he didn't show up by sunset.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/24/2007 12:03:50  

Tama blinked as the swan left in distress, swimming quickly across the lake. There was no hostile presence around that she could sense, however.

"I'm happy to help if you need to look for him," she said, standing up as well. "I've still got some time until I need to leave, anyhow. I can see pretty well in the dark, too."
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/25/2007 08:25:07  

It was a near thing; Swan barely made it to the cluster of reeds before the change took hold and he sank beneath the water like a stone. An odd sight should anyone have been watching.

He surfaced only a few moments later, however. Gone were his feathers and beak, his webbed feet and bird body. Swan emerged as a man, as he always did at sunset. And as he always did, he swam to shore. But this time, other than a change of clothes and a lonely cabin, he also had a friend waiting for him.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/25/2007 08:47:53  

Swan's hiding place had been just good enough. The angle Tama and Mowgli were at, across the lake, hid him well in the reeds. Mowgli turned back, and saw Swan swimming over, stepping onto the shore, and his face lit in a bright smile. "Swan!"

Mowgli didn't seem to mind Swan was naked. Completely naked, and still dripping wet. Other people may have been embarassed, averted eyes [or considering how attractive Swan was, stared harder], or gave a gently modest reminder that the blond man was, in fact, wearing nothing. Mowgli seemed not to notice. Instead, he met Swan halfway,and rested warm hands on both his shoulders, speaking without words. You were gone all day. I worried.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/28/2007 18:45:35  

Tama blinked. She was used to seeing naked men, yes -- a fair share of her income was made, to men (and sometimes women). However, she was not used to seeing a man quite this beautiful. His body reminded her of one of those western sculptures made of marble.

"...Hello," she said, after a few seconds' worth of a pause. "You must be Swan."
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/28/2007 19:07:22  

Swan's smile was bright and genuine when mowgli greeted him, dark eyes full of apology that he'd made his friend worry all day. He couldn't really explain, though, didn't have the words. He started to try anyway, started gesturing towards the lake, but Tama interrupted and he blinked. Swan had all but forgotten she was there. He grinned a greeting, an unconsciously charming curve of lips, and skirted an awkward bow, a bit inocuous given his lack of atire.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/28/2007 19:20:42  

Mowgli followed the glance and then gestured from Swan to Tama, pointing at each, and saying their names aloud for each other. He could read the apology in Swan's eyes, but it didn't need to be. Swan was unhurt, and he was here, and that made Mowgli happy.

After the brief introduction Mowgli said to said, eyes bright, "She can change." And clearer than he could form in words, his body language seemed to say, She was a cat and now she's a woman. He seemed surprised by it, not at all disturbed, and more than a little curious about it. And to Tama, "He found us, so we don't have to find him."
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/28/2007 19:54:19  

"That's good." Tama smiled at Swan -- he was mute, she figured, but Mowgli seemed to understand him fine, and it was as if they were having a conversation without words.
She looked up at the naked man, about to make a quip about how he could swim so fast through the cold water, when she spotted something peciliar stuck in his hair. It was something small and white and fluffy -- "looks like a swan feather," she said, and plucked it out of his hair for him, letting it float in the breeze.
It could've easily gotten in his hair while he was swimming, she thought, quickly dismissing the other thought she had.
"Well, since it's getting kind of dark out, I think I should head out..."
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/28/2007 21:23:15  

Swan's mouth opened as if to speak, as if drawing in breath for words. But nothing would come as he watched the feather Tama had plucked from his wet hair drift away. his brows furrowed slightly and he bit his lips, nervous as he looked between the two of them. And then he touched his chest, pointed across the lake, then touched his chest again. Me. That's me. It was an admission, one obviously not made without some qualms. Darks eyes watched Mowgli, wary of his reaction.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/28/2007 21:35:37  

Mowgli was about to respond to Tama, to wish her safe travel, and then... then that happened. The feather, and Swan's admission. It was perfectly clear what Swan was trying to say. It just didn't quite make sense at first, but Mowgli knew Swan was waiting for his reaction. To the fact that Swan was, well, a swan. Mowgli's eyes narrowed in thought. Was that you before? The pretty swan that just left?
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/28/2007 21:43:09  

Tama blinked -- she didn't know what was going on at first, but she soon realized what Swan was trying to say by the expression on Mowgli's face.
"So you can change, too?" She asked. She thought she'd be more surprised about the revelation, but it seemed to make more sense now that she thought about it.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/28/2007 22:01:27  

Looking between the two of them, Swan nodded hesitantly after a moment. Neither of them seemed particularly upset. Well, he didn't expect Tama to be; she could change as well after all. But Mowgli...Swan smiled, a shy, uncertain expression, dark eyes hopeful. That was me. You're not upset?
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/28/2007 22:10:03  

Mowgli squeezed Swan's shoulder. Why would I be upset? I like you either way. Which was true. As a man or as a swan, Swan was just Swan. Mowgli glanced at Tama. "Now I know where he was today," he said, before he smiled at Swan again. No, he wasn't at all upset. In fact, Mowgli was pretty laid back about the whole thing. It seemed fortuitous that he'd seen Tama change before Swan's confession. It was less surprising that way.
From: [info]_tama Date: 03/28/2007 22:51:24  

Tama looked on at the mostly non-verbal exchange, sensing a true chemistry between the two men. "Well, this has certainly been a very interesting day..." She looked at both Swan and Mowgli, smiling softly at each of them. "Safe travels, the both of you. Maybe I'll run into you again sometime."
She quickly changed herself into feline form, and with a final meow at her new friends, trotted off into the trees to retreive her satchel.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/29/2007 11:21:03  

Swan followed Tama's retreating feline form for a few steps, a hand rising as if to stop her before dropping back down to his side. He had to say, he was disappointed to see her go. So few people stopped by his lake so he was always glad to meet new ones. Ah, well. Maybe she would come back someday soon.

Swan shivered then, reminded by the cool air on still-damp skin that it was heading into the evening and it was getting colder despite the emergence of early spring. Now that he was human again, he needed warmth. Arms wrapping around himself to stave off more of a chill, he looked to Mowgli, then nodded to the cabin. Clothes. I'm cold.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/29/2007 11:26:14  

Mowgli was sad to see her go as well. He called out a goodbye to her. Maybe they'd see her again sometime. He turned back to Swan in time to see him shiver, and didn't need any more explanation to know he was cold. He was naked after all.

Oh! Swan's clothes were still back at the cabin! Mowgli nodded and started to walk with him back to the shelter of the cabin, keeping close, one arm around the other man's shoulder, as if trying to share his own body warmth. It probably wasn't as successful as when Bahgeera or Baloo used to do the same for him as a body, but hopefully it would help some.
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 03/29/2007 13:04:37  

The warmth was welcome and Swan leaned into Mowgli slightly as they made the short trek up to the cabin. It was a relief to get inside and Swan immediately went for the neat pile of clothes he'd left by the door when he'd left before dawn that morning. In a few moments he was dressed in well-worn trousers and a loose white shirt. He glanced at Mowgli, touched his mouth. Are you hungry? Swan was sure he would be hungry soon.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 03/29/2007 13:09:26  

Mowgli watched Swan dress, not in any sort of suggestive way, just where else would he look but at Swan? He nodded at the question the othe man posed, though the grumble of his stomach answered well enough for him. He was definitely hungry. Had been for some time, but had gotten too worried to eat erlier, and then distracted by Tama, and then by Swan's sudden appearance to eat yet. I can get food. What do you like?
From: [info]cygnetsong Date: 04/05/2007 10:28:35  

Dressed now, Swan had a brief internal debate before gesturing with his hands. Fish? Duckweed was still on the top of his list, but it wasn't really an option as a human and he'd grown fond of fish. Though he'd rarely had the opportunity to dine on it; fishing wasn't exactly one of the skills the prince had deigned to teach him. He certainly hoped Mowgli was better at it than he was.
From: [info]man_cub Date: 04/05/2007 10:43:13  

Fish. Fish was easy. Fun was good. Mowgli was a great fisherman, and he seemed eager to show off. He could swim like a fish himself, and on more than one lazy morning had been shown by Baloo and Bagheera both how to snatch or tickle a fish right out of the water.

Excitement radiating, he tugged Swan back to the lake and waded right in, edges of his loincloth getting wet. He stood completely still, eyes flickering back and forth watching the lazy circles the creatures swam in. One hand, finger curled, slid into the water wiggling like a worm. It caught some decently sized fish's attention, and it swan over. Mowgli let his finger brush along its scales, once twice, several more times, until the fish seemed not at all concerned about the dark brown human it was attached to.

And then Mowgli moved, fast, snatching the fish out of the water, holding it while it suddenly writhed and struggled, surprised by its sudden inability to breathe. And in no time flat, Mowgli and Swan had their dinner.
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