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I'm going your way, anyway [Sleeping Woods-- open!]
There's a girl in the woods! In the woods, there is a girl. More precisely, a young copper-haired woman, not yet out of her teens, in a little red hoodie. Today, Red happens to be walking through the forest picking wildflowers to make flower-crowns out of. Since arriving in Pentamerone, she'd done practically nothing but wander through the Sleeping Woods looking for her family, or for that matter, any human companionship whatsoever. She'd managed to meet one person in several days, but the poor thing wasn't much for conversation, being a mute and all, and while Red was glad to have met a friend (and such an affectionate, shirtless one!), she longed desperately to have someone to talk to.

Thus it was with a bit of apprehension, a half-eaten apple, and about twelve daisy-crowns more than she really could ever need that Red decided that if she was really going to get anywhere, she'd have to make her way out of her familiar, lovely forest and get to a place of civilization. The only problem with this course of action is, naturally, that Red has absolutely no idea where they are. Thankfully, the little redhead has as much determination as she does pluck, and after closing her eyes, spinning in a circle and pointing, she picked a direction entirely at random, and started out thataways. Clearly the forest couldn't go on forever, could it? Eventually she'd have to run into someone willing to have a chat and help out a Little Girl Lost, wouldn't she?

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From: [info]whos_afraid Date: 02/14/2007 11:18:04  

Back in the woods at last, Hunter breathed a sigh of relief. After their 'adventure,' it had been hard to explain that he needed to return to the woods to hunt. He finally had to promise his new younger red-headed friend [however did they become friends?] that he would return to visit and play again soon before he finally left for the Sleeping Woods.

He had those orders from Camlann backing up; he needed to hunt. And he did, trapping enough animals to fill four of his pending orders, plus extras to sell. Specific furs would take another day or two, but he'd probably be back to Camlann all told by week's end.

And then suddenly there came a familiar scent. The wolf in him pricked up, heightening his senses, and he didn't have to take the scrap of red cloth from his pocket to know exactly what that scent was. Red. She was here. Close. His expression became purely predatory and he gave up the rest of his hunting to follow her trail.

In moments he saw her, and it was all he could do not to let the wolf howl in triumph. Instead, he exhaled softly, stepped out from the treelines and said quietly, "it's been a long time, hasn't it, Red?"
From: [info]lil_red_hoodie Date: 02/14/2007 16:35:25  

It wasn't hard for them to have become friends. Everyone Red meets is her friend, whether they like it or not, immediately. The fact that this hunter saved her and her beloved Gran from getting wolf-et was just an added plus.

She nearly jumps a foot in the air when he appears from the treeline-- she'd had her back turned, and all of a sudden to have someone from behind her speak, and know her name, was admittedly a little startling. Once she saw who it was, though, a large grin spread across her face.

"My Hunter! Is that you? What are you doing in these woods? Did you come here too, after everything disappeared? Everyone's gone back home, even my Gran. I've been looking for them but I haven't found anyone, anyone at all! Well, that's not true, I found a new friend, but he can't speak and I didn't know him before. Maybe you saw him! He didn't have any shoes, the poor thing. Very sweet though. He held my hand so we didn't have to be alone while we found his way home. I'm looking to find more people now. There are kingdoms and cities here, aren't there? Do you know how to get there? I'm a little nervous about going to see so many people but I'm sure it won't be a problem! Don't you think?"

From: [info]whos_afraid Date: 02/14/2007 18:24:07  

Hunter watched and listened while she spoke, reveling in the scent that was so essentially Red. He waited while she spoke, ready to agree that everything had started disappearing for some strange reason, until she mentioned this stranger and his eyes narrowed. "You met someone? Where, in these woods?" his eyes glittered a little; his jaw set. Who was this person? Her other questions could wait.
From: [info]lil_red_hoodie Date: 02/15/2007 16:12:54  

Red rolls her eyes. Duh! Keep up! "Of course, in the woods. I haven't been anywhere else! He was really very sweet. He's my new friend! He lives by the big lake. I wish he could have told me his name but he can't speak, poor thing." She bounces around as she talks. It's near impossible for Red to stand still.
From: [info]whos_afraid Date: 02/16/2007 07:16:27  

By the lake, and couldn't talk? No worries, Hunter could get answers out of him. He backtracked a little, a not-quite-smile on his face. "You're looking for kingdoms and cities, hmm? Well, there's Ozland, and there's Camlann, both nearby. I'll be heading back to Camlann soon, if you'd like me to show you the way." First though, he'd have to check out this lake, see if he could find this silent "friend" of Red's. "Oh, what did your... friend... look like?" Anyone else could have made the question purely curious and friendly. Not Hunter.
From: [info]lil_red_hoodie Date: 02/20/2007 01:07:38  

Red beams at the mention of her new friend. She's thrilled to talk about him, at great length, to anyone she comes across, whether they want her to or not. That the Hunter keeps asking her about him only makes her happier! Clearly this can only bode well!! ...Right?

"He's very fair! Oh, fair, indeed. Blondish hair and brownish eyes, and he has no shirt or shoes, poor thing. He's tall, too! Taller than me, for sure. And he is quite beautiful, in a way, if you like that sort of thing." Red giggles and picks at the cuff of her sleeve. "He held my hand, he did. I think he likes me quite a bit, to be my friend so soon! Don't you think so?"

That's... probably the wrong question to ask, there, Red.
From: [info]whos_afraid Date: 02/20/2007 12:42:22  

Hunter could feel it. The anger, the jealousy, the wolf creeping under his skin, growing stronger. The scent of her doubled in his nostrils, sure sign the wolf would take over soon. Eyes already going a little feral, Hunter stepped back, loathe to turn in front of her. His voice was gruff when he repsonded. "I... must go. Red, I'll look for you, tomorrow, if you still need an escort to Camlann. I. Have to go." And he turned, melting back into the trees from whence he'd come.

In minutes he'd have turned, clothes and all, changing into the grey wolf. It was never a pleasant change. It hurt. The wolf ripped out of him, claws and fangs through skin. It did some to appease his jealousy, but not enough.

And so he ran, towards the lake, past a solitary black flower he'd never come across before, not even here in this strange wood. They might have caught his attention longer were the wolf not so strong, but the scent of them stayed with him as he ran, sweet, but with a strange edge of cold ice.

And he ran, looking for the fair 'friend' of Red's. Something needed to be done.
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